Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 525 - Are All of You Idiots

Chapter 525: Are All of You Idiots

Yun City.

Jiang Tingxu had already gotten off work. As there was a review today, the time to get off work had been pushed back by about two hours. It was already past ten o’clock.

Before she could walk out of the emergency room, she was stopped by the head nurse:

“Dr. Jiang, wait, wait.”

Jiang Tingxu stopped:

“Is there anything else?”

The head nurse laughed:

“The department is having a lunch today. Don’t forget. I’ll send you a message on Wechat after the location is confirmed.”

The department’s lunch?

Jiang Tingxu was stunned:

“When was this decided?”

She hadn’t heard anything about it earlier.

The head nurse shrugged:

“Just now.”

So, they hadn’t even confirmed the location yet.

Of course, Jiang Tingxu wouldn’t refuse:

“Okay, see you at noon. I’ll go back and take a nap first.”

“Okay, okay. See you at noon.”

Jiang Tingxu walked out of the hospital gate and saw a familiar car parked not far away.

She got in the car:

“Let’s go to Zichen Mountain.”

“Yes, Madam.”

She couldn’t go back to the home at Cloud region now. It had long been surrounded by paparazzi.

Back at the old mansion, her son had already flown abroad with Father Mo and Mother Mo. If it were any other day, she would definitely go back to look for her beloved son.

Coincidentally, there was a gathering at noon in the department. Zichen Mountain was closer to the city than the old mansion, so she went back to Zichen Mountain Mansion to rest for a while. When it is time, it would be faster and more convenient to go to the gathering place.

Sitting in the car, Jiang Tingxu browsed through the gossip online.

Of course, most of it was about her.

She didn’t know if the masses were too relaxed. They had already removed all the trending topics in the morning, but now there were two new topics about her.

Opening it to take a look, Jiang Tingxu suddenly laughed coldly.

Undoubtedly, they were all scolding her for not being worthy of their idol!

This was one way of saying it. Another way of saying it was that they suspected that she was not liked by the Mo family, yet she shamelessly stayed in the Mo family and did not leave.

Wait a minute, there was actually a comment below that had been liked more than 10,000 times.

No matter how Jiang Tingxu looked at it, she felt that the person behind the internet was not a stranger.

Whether it was from the tone of the other party’s words or the words he said, she could tell.

The original words were a short composition that was neither too long nor too short:

The cousin of my third great aunt’s daughter-in-law worked as a servant in the X family. The Crown Princess had lived in the Mo family since she was very young and had always been supported by the Mo family.

It was unknown what kind of voodoo the Crown Princess had given to the Mo family’s Old Master. The Old Master pampered the Crown Princess more than he pampered his own grandson.

After that, he forced the two of them to get married.

Back then, the Crown Prince wasn’t willing. It was Old Master Mo who had ordered people to tie up Emperor Mo and bring him to the Civil Affairs Bureau!

TSK TSK, one can only imagine how much Emperor Mo disliked his wife!

The things that happened before were just to protect the family’s reputation and face.

He had accidentally said too much and tried to cover it up.

If this wasn’t an acquaintance, his head would be plucked off and kicked like a ball!

Although Jiang Tingxu didn’t seem to care, she still felt uncomfortable.

Under that comment, thousands of comments were basically all scolding the Crown Princess for being shameless.

No one would be happy to see that.

At this moment, Su Muxue called. Jiang Tingxu had just picked up the call, and the people on the other side instantly exploded:

“F * CK, F * CK, are those netizens all idiots? I’ve already explained it many times, but those idiots were still led on by someone who blindly led them astray!”

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