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Chapter 526 - Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later

Chapter 526: Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later

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Jiang Tingxu was stunned when she heard it:

“Are you quarreling with someone online?”


Of course, they were quarreling fiercely!

“It’s an explanation, an explanation. Little Tingting, I fought for you all night, and I haven’t even closed my eyes to rest for a while.”

So, was Su Muxue quarreling with those netizens and fans online because of her?


For a moment, she didn’t know what to say. Should she say it was childish?

But Su Muxue was arguing with others because of her. Of course, she was more touched.

“Don’t argue with those people. I don’t care. Why are you so agitated?”

At the next moment, Su Muxue’s explosive voice sounded again:

“Scram. It’s because you’re so soft that you don’t say anything and don’t refute them. You’re encouraging those people to be arrogant!

I just can’t stand it anymore. What’s wrong?”

Everyone around knew how great Little Tingting was. How could they allow those netizens to gossip?

It wasn’t just Su Muxue. People in the circle who usually had a good relationship with Su Muxue and Jiang Tingxu had argued with others online these two days. It was just that the others weren’t as persistent as Su Muxue.

What else could Jiang Tingxu say?

“Alright, alright. I know you’re doing this for me. Can you not be so angry? Being angry is bad for your health.”

“How can I not know that being angry is bad for your health? Little Tingting, why don’t you just scold them a little?”

Scold those netizens?

Jiang Tingxu thought about it and shook her head:

“Forget it, forget it. I don’t want to be found out.”

“TSK TSK, how long do you think you can keep this a secret?”

Su Muxue’s words were indeed correct.

Jiang Tingxu’s identity would be exposed sooner or later. After all, the Young Madam of the Mo family couldn’t possibly be kept hidden from the public for the rest of her life.

It was also because the Mo family hadn’t announced Jiang Tingxu’s identity to the public in the past few years. Therefore, many netizens and fans on the internet were now fighting over this matter.

If the Mo family did not announce it to the public, the people on the outside could imagine a thousand or ten thousand possibilities.

However, who would have thought that the wife of the Crown Prince would treat patients and save people in the hospital every day?

And the Mo family had always respected Jiang Tingxu’s wishes, so they had also been dragging this matter out.

However, after dragging it out for so many years, until now, it seemed that they really could not hold on any longer.

Jiang Tingxu also understands that as long as she does not divorce Mo Boyuan, this sooner or later is inevitable!

But the Jiang Tingxu now although thought through and explained many things, but the bottom of the heart is a hurdle is not over, it’s only a step away.

Just as Jiang Tingxu thought about these things, on the other side of the phone, Su Muxue once again threw her head back and let out a long howl:

“Holy shit! Holy shit!

You motherfuckers, I’m gonna kill you!

Little Tingting, that’s it. I’m hanging up.”

Not allowing Jiang Tingxu to say anything else, she directly hung up the phone.


Jiang Tingxu started to sweat profusely. Fortunately, the car had arrived at Zichen Mountain Villa:

“Madam, we have arrived.”

Jiang Tingxu came back to her senses and got off the car.

Uncle Mu was trimming the flowers and plants in the courtyard. When he saw Jiang Tingxu get out of the car, he hurriedly put down the tools in his hands:

“Young Madam is back?”

“Uncle Mu.”

“Eh, has Young Madam eaten breakfast yet?”

“Yes, I’ve eaten. I’m going upstairs to take a nap first. I won’t be eating at home at noon. There’s a gathering in the department and I’m going out to eat, so there’s no need to prepare mine.”

Uncle Mu nodded:


When Jiang Tingxu went upstairs to take a quick shower and lay down on the bed, it was already eleven o’clock.

It seemed that she could only sleep for an hour at most.

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