Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

Chapter 790 (END) - Perfect Ending

Chapter 790: Perfect Ending (Finale – 2 for 1 Chapter)

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-Five years later-

Hao Ren, the world-famous architect, got married.

The wedding was held in East Ocean University’s brand-new great hall which Hao Ren had designed himself. It was put in use for the first time today, and it looked like a huge flying dragon. Everything in the building from the glass to the tiles was in a celebratory red.

After graduation, Hao Ren entered LOM Studio. Under the guidance of the top architect Zhao Hongyu, he had taken over the management of the renowned studio with his extraordinary design abilities, becoming a rising star in the architect circle.

In a global ranking released recently, the studio ranked 16th in the world.

This was why there were many seniors from the architect circle in the great hall which was said to be specially designed by Hao Ren for his own wedding. Even some top architects flew in from New York, Paris, and London to attend the wedding.

In his black tuxedo suit, Hao Ren was busy receiving guests. The great hall that had an area of thousands of square meters looked a bit tight for the crowd.

His buddies from the university such as Zhao Jiayi, Zhou Liren, Cao Ronghua, Yu Rong, and Gu Jiadong came to the entrance of the great hall and looked up at the magnificent building, feeling emotional.

It was the first time that they returned to East Ocean University after graduation. To their surprise, this elegant great hall had risen on campus in one year.

It was said that Mingri Group funded the construction of the great hall which cost hundreds of millions of yuan. It had become a symbol of East Ocean University and even East Ocean City, and it had been printed on postcards that represented the image of East Ocean City.

“Damn it! He’s doing even better now!” Yu Rong cussed jokingly while he dug out the invitation to show it to the pretty receptionists at the entrance before following Zhao Jiayi and the others into the great hall.

The buddies in the dorm room had gone their own ways after graduation, but they had benefited from their good relationship with Hao Ren one way or another.

Zhao Jiayi was now the head coach of the basketball team in East Ocean City and often appeared on the sports channel. Finding no job that he liked, Zhou Liren had come to work as a project manager in Mingri Group which Hao Ren had shares in, and his monthly salary was tens of thousands of yuan. Cao Ronghua had gone to his hometown to do business. When he needed investment, Hao Ren had loaned him two million yuan, which made him a small local business owner.

Everyone was doing well despite their poor performance in school. They all got stable jobs and a happy family. Even Zhou Liren whose eyes would lit up whenever he saw beautiful girls had married a sweet and cute girl and lived as a happy family man.

The old classmates of Hao Ren had been wondering why he hadn’t gotten married as his career was booming. Then, they received the invitations three months ago.

Since the Great Hall was open to the public for the first time today, Zhao Jiayi and the others and got stunned by the magnificence decorations.

Looking at the giant chandelier with flashing golden lights in the center, Zhao Jiayi even suspected that it was made of pure gold! However, the truth was that it was only gilded with gold!

While working at Mingri Group, Zhou Liren often went to see clients, but he had never seen such a grand venue, which was why he walked closer to Zhao Jiayi subconsciously.

They had agreed not to bring their wives this time since they had wanted to experience the Crazy Day for Men – playing games in the internet cafe outside the school for the whole night.

“Ma Lina! Ma Lina!”

Standing on his tiptoes, Zhou Liren spotted their classmate Ma Lina in the crowd and immediately yelled and beckoned to her.


Zhao Jiayi slapped Zhou Liren’s head.

“Great! Here you are!” Ma Lina ran over and held Zhao Jiayi’s arm.

Looking at Zhou Liren in exasperation, Zhao Jiayi wondered if Zhou Liren was too dull. They had agreed to play games for the whole night, but Zhou Liren just called over Zhao Jiayi’s wife.

“Sister-In-Law!” Zhou Liren called out to Ma Lina.

Nodding in satisfaction, Ma Lina snuggled up to Zhao Jiayi’s side.

“It’s a pity that Yujia’s wedding is after mine. Otherwise, I could have been her bridesmaid!” Ma Lina said proudly.

“Forget it! You would have looked ugly standing beside Xie Yujia!” Knowing his wife’s temperament, Zhao Jiayi teased her.

“That’s true!” After hearing her husband’s teasing words, Ma Lina wasn’t angry. “I just went to the dressing room, and Yujia is super beautiful today. She looks like a fairy that descended from heaven!”

“I heard rumors that Hao Ren is supposed to marry the daughter of Mingri Group’s CEO. Zhou Liren, since you are working at Mingri Group, tell us something that we don’t know!” Yu Rong bumped Zhou Liren and asked.

“I heard this rumor in the company as well. They said that Hao Ren is the son-in-law of the CEO. Speaking which, she was my little cousin!”

“Nonsense! She never acknowledged you as her cousin!” The others punched Zhou Liren jokingly.

“Speaking of Zhao Yanzi, she is now a student in East Ocean University and the most popular girl in school!” To show off his knowledge, Gu Jiadong said with exaggerated envy.

“The rumor in the company says that Zhao Yanzi and Hao Ren got married secretly half a month ago.” Zhou Liren lowered his voice and said cautiously before glancing around. “You can’t say a word about it to others. Otherwise, Brother Hao would scold me for gossiping.”

“Zhou Liren, what are you talking about?” In a tuxedo suit, Hao Ren suddenly appeared behind them, making Zhou Liren jump up instantly.

“Hao Ren, congratulations…” They were happy to see him and offered him big red envelopes and their best wishes.”

Hao Ren smiled and took the red envelopes before handing them to Zhao Baibai who was standing by his side.

Zhao Baibai was dressed prettily today, and there was a small pocket in front of her dress to store red envelopes.

“So cute…” Zhou Liren took the opportunity to pat Zhao Baibai’s head and change the topic.

It was the public secret in Mingri Group that Hao Ren was intimate with Zhao Yanzi, and Zhao Guang regarded Hao Ren as his son-in-law. A senior manager had accidentally revealed to some employees that Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi had gotten married. As a project manager and Hao Ren’s old friend, Zhou Liren naturally got wind of the secret.

Not liking strangers touching her head, Zhao Baibai pouted and brushed off Zhou Liren’s ‘paw’.

“Find your seats and help yourselves to the food here,” Hao Ren said to them.

In fact, the rumor that Zhou Liren heard was true. Half a month ago, Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi’s wedding was held in the East Ocean Dragon Palace, and it was the most magnificent wedding in the history of the Dragon Tribe!

Guests including dragon kings, princes, and senior elders of every dragon palace sat around more than 1,000 tables!

Even the peak Qian-level cultivators of the Elder Council of the metal-elemental dragon clan came with young metal-elemental dragons in person to congratulate them.

The gifts from other dragon palaces filled East Ocean Dragon Palace’s warehouse, and some of the precious gifts had to be piled up like a small hill on the square!

Premier Xia who had become a mortal had made an exception and returned to the East Ocean Dragon Palace, sitting beside Zhao Guang as a senior of the family.

Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi’s wedding lasted three days, becoming the biggest gathering of the dragon cultivators in the past hundreds of years.

Zhao Yanzi had given the wedding in the mortal world to Xie Yujia. She was the Little Zhumu in public, but she was actually the Big Zhumu in reality.

Of course, after all the things that they had experienced, she didn’t want to see Xie Yujia live a hard life. After all, Xie Yujia’s parents were mortals, and they wanted their daughter to live a happy life. Zhao Guang and Zhao Hongyu could live at least hundreds of years, which was the advantage of the Dragon cultivators over the mortals.

Meanwhile, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were doing Xie Yujia’s hair in the dressing room while Zhao Yanzi sat opposite to Xie Yujia, helping her evaluate her makeup.

“Big Zhumu, you are nervous!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili said with a smile when they saw the slight shaking of Xie Yujia’s hands.

“Ok! Don’t tease me,” Xie Yujia said in embarrassment and reached out her hands to pinch their pink cheeks.

“Sister Yujia, you’re so beautiful!” Zhao Yanzi studied Xie Yujia and said with a smile, showing her two little canine teeth.

“You are the one who is getting more beautiful each day,” Xie Yujia replied.

After taking the Beauty Pill, her look hadn’t changed in the last five years except that her skin got smoother and softer. However, Zhao Yanzi had become more and more beautiful and radiant in the past five years.

“Ok! Ok! Don’t fight. Big Zhumu and Small Zhumu are both beautiful!” Lu Linlin intervened.

“You two are such smooth talkers!” Xie Yujia reached out and lightly pinched their noses.

In fact, she didn’t have much makeup on. When the stylist they hired saw Xie Yujia’s skin and look, she had been amazed, not knowing how to do the makeup for Xie Yujia despite her 20 years of experience; she thought that any makeup would ruin Xie Yujia’s perfect beauty!

Therefore, only her hairstyle needed work, and that was the Lu sisters’ strong point. That was why they offered to do hair for Xie Yujia.

“Yujia, you’re beautiful.” In a white dress, Su Han pushed open the door and entered the room.

“Sister Su!” Xie Yujia cried out happily when she saw Su Han.

After destroying the devil dragon, the world had become peaceful again. Under the guidance of her parents who were both Heavenly Dragons, Su Han’s cultivation strength had improved swiftly, and she had reached the Heavenly Dragon Realm two years later.

Kui and Su Rui had gotten back together. Knowing Su Han’s mind, they had left Su Han in East Ocean City with Hao Ren. After all, it was one of the things that everyone understood and accepted.

“Sister Su, who do you think is more beautiful, me when I was on my wedding day or Sister Yujia?” In a good mood, Zhao Yanzi gave Su Han a difficult question.

“Hehe! You’re both beautiful.” Knowing that it was a trap, Su Han answered cleverly.

“Ah! Sister Su, you are so cunning!” Zhao Yanzi pouted and tilted her head to one side.

These girls were good to each other, much like sisters. Since Su Han was the most mature one, she had become the elder sister and ‘managed’ everything.

“Sister Su Han, I had a problem when I cultivated yesterday…” Xie Yujia turned her head and looked at Su Han.

Having just reached the Four-Petal Realm, Su Han was weaker than the Lu sisters, but she had a more solid cultivation foundation and more experience, which was why she answered Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia’s questions in terms of cultivation.

“Well, aren’t you crazy about cultivation? You’re still thinking about it on your wedding day.” Su Han tapped Xie Yujia’s forehead with her slim finger. Looking at Xie Yujia’s beautiful face at such a close range, she suddenly felt a bit jealous.

However, she remembered that Xie Yujia was the only ‘mortal’ among them and the only one who needed to look after her parents. Therefore, she felt sorry for Xie Yujia.

This was why she and the Lu sisters didn’t fight with Xie Yujia for the title.

The cultivators lived freely in the world like immortals, not caring for the rules and laws in the mortal realm. However, Xie Yujia and Hao Ren both had parents who hoped that they could have happy lives, so this responsibility landed on Xie Yujia’s shoulders.

Outside of the dressing room, more guests arrived at the Great Hall with the wedding hour drawing near.

After the narrow escape from death five years ago, Grandma got healthier each day. After five years, she now walked without the aid of her walking cane, and she was fast, making her peers call her ‘Old Immortal’.

Wearing formal clothes, Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua walked beside Grandma, barely able to catch up with her speed.

Also wearing celebratory clothes, Zhao Guang and Zhao Hongyu walked beside Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua, which made the guests murmur to themselves.

Zhao Guang had paid for all the expenses. Otherwise, Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang wouldn’t have been able to hold such a luxurious event with their savings.

Right now, the two families were so close that Hao Ren had almost become the son of the Zhao Family!

Taking Hao Ren as their son, Zhao Guang and Zhao Hongyu had paid for his wedding, which was why they had invited some of their friends.

However, to Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang, Zhao Guang’s relatives and friends dressed quite strangely.

Some of the burly men looked strange in suits, some old men seemed quite comfortable in traditional Chinese clothing, and an old man in a Taoist robe came with a thin hairy-faced guy who looked as if he hadn’t shaved his face for months.

If they hadn’t come from the main entrance with formal invitations in hand, Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang would have suspected that they were dressing up and went to the wrong party!

“Wow! That guy even has hair on the back of his neck!”

While walking around the hall with a piece of cake in his hand, Zhou Liren was about to get some fruits. Suddenly, he pointed at the guy who was devouring fruits in front of them and said to Zhao Jiayi by his side.

Hiss… That guy with hair on the back of his neck suddenly turned his head and bared his teeth at Zhou Liren.

Seeing his eyes flashing golden lights and the fierce expression on his face, Zhou Liren got so frightened that he dropped his cake and fled to the distance.

Zhao Jiayi saw the weird guy as well and pulled Ma Lina away immediately. They had wanted to get some peaches, but now they had to get other fruits.

“Little Xue! Little Xue! I’m quite familiar with this place!” Wearing a black suit, Zhen Congming came over holding Wu Luoxue’s hand.

After five years, he and Wu Luoxue had both entered middle school. Zhen Congming was even more handsome, and Wu Luoxue became more intelligent and beautiful than before.

In the past five years, Zhen Congming had guarded Wu Luoxue fiercely and took anyone who dared to pursue Wu Luoxue as his enemy. However, even though he had gained the liking of his future mother-in-law, Wu Luoxue was still not responding to him, which made him as anxious and impatient as a caged monkey in front of a banana tree.

Hao Ren had invited Zhen Congming’s family and Wu Luoxue’s family to his wedding on land.

Since Zhen Congming wanted to stay on land, Lady Zhen and Qin Hong had created fake identities for themselves, and they were now talking with Mayor Wu and Bai Ze. Meanwhile, Zhen Congming took the opportunity to wander around with Wu Luoxue, pleased that Wu Luoxue allowed him to hold her slim hand.


A series of hearty laughter sounded.

The nearby guests turned their heads and saw an old man with white hair and a healthy complexion walking into the Great Hall in the company of a black-faced man and a clear-skinned woman.

“Father!” Zhao Guang immediately went up to greet the magnificent old man.

“Hehe! Uncle, you’ve finally come!” Hao Zhonghua also walked over with Yue Yang to welcome him.

The old man was Zhao Haoran.

After Zhao Kuo decided to stay in the Heavenly Realm and guard the tomb for Zhao Haoran, Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul had merged with the will of the Godly Dragon. Without the disturbance of the devil dragon, Zhao Haoran had miraculously come back to life in three days!

The merging process was almost the same as Xu Ke and the Heavenly Devil, but the difference was that Zhao Haoran didn’t lose his mind.

With his iron soul merging with the will of the Godly Dragon, he was both the Old Dragon King of East Ocean and the Godly Dragon! In a sense, he was the Godly Dragon with Zhao Haoran’s memories.

Even Ya Zi didn’t dare to be disrespectful when he saw Zhao Haoran since the latter was the Godly Dragon!

“Uncle, please come this way and take a seat,” Hao Zhonghua said to Zhao Haoran politely.

With the closeness between the Zhao Family and the Hao Family, Hao Zhonghua had met Zhao Guang’s father several times and knew that this old man had come back purposefully to attend Hao Ren’s wedding from the U.S.

Hao Zhonghua also recognized the couple walking beside Zhao Haoran; they were Zhao Guang’s third brother Zhao Kuo and his wife. For some reason, this couple didn’t want to have kids and took Zhao Yanzi as their daughter.

He knew that old people put great importance on descendants. Zhao Guang’s second brother Zhao Kuan and his family had come with Xie Yujia’s parents, but it seemed like this old man valued Hao Ren more than Zhao Kuan’s family.

Hao Zhonghua was both baffled and moved, especially when he learned from Yue Yang that Zhao Hongyu had one told her Zhao Haoran and Zhao Guang’s plan of passing most of Mingri Group’s shares to Hao Ren in the future!

Touched by Zhao Family’s great affection for Hao Ren, Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang felt quite guilty that Hao Ren didn’t marry Zhao Yanzi.

However, they didn’t know that Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi were already a married couple!

The one who was embarrassed was Zhao Yanzi since she couldn’t tell Hao Ren’s parents the truth and still called them ‘Mom and Dad’.

Elder Lu Qing and Elder Sun Yun came in through the entrance with Yue Zilong who looked to be an ordinary young man. After his narrow escape from death, Yue Zilong had returned to peak Qian-level after healing from his injuries, and he had stayed in East Ocean University as a counselor.

The Calligraphy Club of East Ocean University had grown into an organization equivalent to the former Dragon God Shrine. Under Hao Ren’s authorization and the agreement signed by all the dragon clans, it could investigate all the cases involving dragon cultivators including the metal-elemental dragons.

With the support from Eighth Heaven, Hao Ren had carried out his plan of making Ethereal Summit the independent court for human cultivators which could issue judgments on conflicts and disputes between any sects on Fifth Heaven, Sixth Heaven, and Seventh Heaven.

All the former and current members of the Calligraphy Club came to attend Hao Ren’s wedding. Most of them had become the pillars of their respective dragon palaces, working closely with the East Ocean Dragon Clan.

Unprecedented prosperity came to both the dragon cultivators and human cultivators.

As to Hao Zhonghua’s project on searching for dragons, it had gained a breakthrough by acquiring a brand-new genetic sequence which gave scientists hope of extending humans’ lifespan. With his five-year research, Hao Zhonghua had gained a lot of recognition and would probably win the Nobel Prize!

However, Hao Zhonghua was uninterested in this prize since his only hope was to spend more time with his family. Also, he wanted Hao Ren and Xie Yujia to have a child to satisfy Grandma so that she could stop talking about it constantly.

Snap… In her white wedding dress, Xie Yujia walked out from the dressing room.

Smiling, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili walked on either side of Xie Yujia, followed by Su Han and Zhao Yanzi.

She stunned almost everyone with her beauty!

All the lights seemed to dim instantly before her!

Xie Yujia’s parents who were talking with Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang were also stunned when they saw their daughter, and they were at a loss for words.

Zhao Baibai who had been busy taking red envelopes ran over and picked up the train of Xie Yujia’s dress.

At about seven years old, she was at the cutest age, and her appearance behind Xie Yujia added another bright spot to the scene.

Nodding slightly with a smile on her face, Old Grandma Qingfeng looked at Xie Yujia with satisfaction.

Xie Yujia saw Old Grandma as well and smiled.

Sun Wukong who had been devouring peaches froze for a second when he saw the beautiful bride of his third brother. However, he immediately lowered his head and focused on his peaches; he didn’t like women without facial hairs!

While looking at Xie Yujia, Lady Zhen sighed slightly when she remembered her disciple Duan Yao who was sleeping in the ancient lamp.

She knew that Hao Ren had reached the Six-Petal Realm last month after five years of diligent cultivation.

She also knew that out of the five elixir pills that Qiu Niu gave Hao Ren, he had eaten one, and Zhao Yanzi, Xie Yujia, and Su Han each had one as well. The last one was saved for Duan Yao.

With his great cultivation speed, the guidance from Zhao Haoran who had the will of the Godly Dragon, and the practices with the Battle God Sun Wukong, Hao Ren probably would reach the Eight-Petal Realm in five to ten years.

Lady Zhen didn’t know if Duan Yao would change her mind about her love toward Hao Ren after that long, but she was certain about one thing; as Duan Yao’s master, she would do anything in her power to guarantee Duan Yao’s happiness.

“Second Brother,” Zhen Yuan Zi who was in a Taoist robe thought of something and asked Sun Wukong, “Third Brother has a question for you. Do you know Tang Xuanzang and Zhu Bajie 1 ?”

“Tang Xuanzang and Zhu Bajie?” While biting into a peach, Sun Wukong stared at Zhen Yuan Zi in bafflement and then blinked. “Are they very powerful? Where do they live? I’ll go fight them!”

“Ugh…” Zhen Yuan Zi was at a loss for words.

His second brother was searching everywhere for a rival to fight. Now that he had finally found Hao Ren who had potential, Sun Wukong wanted Hao Ren to reach the Eight-Petal Realm as soon as possible so that they could fight for real; Song Wukong really wanted to reach the ultimate Nine-Petal Realm. That was why he fought with Hao Ren and taught him at least once a month.

Zhen Yuan Zi looked away and suddenly saw a benign woman in cotton clothes among the guests. He was instantly surprised.

With a smile on her face, this woman was looking at Lu Linlin and Lu Lili who were walking toward the red carpet.

Standing on the red carpet, Hao Ren watched as the girls walked toward him.

Each of them emitted unique radiance, and their beauty almost blinded the guests.

Hao Ren smiled.

“Today, I’m marrying you… Today, I’m marrying you…” the music sounded in the hall.

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