Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 14 – Only one strike needed

Chapter 14–Only one strike needed

“Jiang Chen, take the money and give us the pills, now.”

Mu Rong Hao said with an arrogant tone.During the last 3 days, the Jiang family’s pill shop had been bustling and lively, but the Mu Rong family’s pill shop was the opposite.He couldn’t stand the thought of this, so he decided to check out things himself and buy a few Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness.But, he never thought that he would be recognized immediately.

But as the number one genius in the Mu Rong family, as well as the most talented youth in Tian Xiang city, his arrogance was also amongst the top.

“Our family’s pills are sold to humans, not animals…I will keep the money, but you better scram while I’m still in a good mood.”

Jiang Chen said indifferently.

“Jiang Chen, who did you say was an animal?”

Mu Rang Hao said with an enraged expression.He was the number one genius in the Mu Rong family.No one had ever shown any disrespect towards him.A few days ago when he heard that Jiang Chen had beaten Mu Rong Ying, he had decided that he would find an opportunity to meet Jiang Chen, but he never expected to meet him under these circumstances.

“My young master is scolding you, even a moron would know what he means…Your ears must be full of shit.”

Jiang Cheng, who stood next to Jiang Chen, expressed his pride in the young master as he pointed at Mu Rong Hao and spoke.Jiang Cheng never would have dared talk to this number one genius in Tian Xiang city in this manner, but the young master had scolded Mu Rong Hao and called him an animal.It was only natural for him to follow his young master’s lead.

“Useless slave, who are you?How dare you talk to me like that?”

Mu Rong Hao raised his voice.

A small smile appeared in Jiang Chen’s heart upon hearing this.Mu Rong Hao was too young and arrogant, he had totally forgotten where he was.It seemed like he had also forgotten that the Jiang family and the Mu Rong family had become enemies!

“Shut up.”

Jiang Chen slammed his palms onto the table and stood up from his chair, “This dog from the Mu Rong family really doesn’t know any manners.How dare he come to our territory and bark!He should’ve just stayed in his own den…Guards, take this man down!”

All the guards from the pill shop rushed out, surrounding Mu Rong Hao and the old man at the Qi Hai level upon hearing Jiang Chen speak.

All the people behind them simultaneously backed off.They came here to witness the sale of the Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness, but they never expected to witness another‘good show.’

“Who wants to touch my young master?!”

The old man at the Qi Hai level raised his voice.

“How dare you act so arrogantly when you’re only at the Qi Hai level?Mu Rong Hao’s dog doesn’t know any manners.He also doesn’t know what’s going to happen when he acts like this…Uncle Zhou, please cripple this old dog for me.”

Jiang Chen showed his domineering attitude.

“Yes, young master.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said.He jumped up from behind the table, and a strong Qi belonging to the Qi Hai level was unleashed from his body.Many people felt the pressure from this field turning their expressions sickly and pale.

“This Mu Rong Hao fellow was too arrogant, today he finally met an opponent…Young master Jiang Chen isn’t a useless fool like before!”

“That’s right, the Mu Rong family and the Jiang family are mortal enemies, yet this Mu Rong Hao still dared to come to the Jiang family’s pill shop…He is just looking for trouble.”

Many people started discussing amongst themselves.Most of them had seen how Jiang Chen behaved a few days ago…He even dared to insult the Mu Rong family’s leader, and he was just a young man!

“Hmph!Jiang Chen, no point in acting like a bully…If you have the guts then fight me alone, let’s see who the number one genius amongst the youth in Tian Xiang city is!”

Mu Rong Hao grunted coldly as he spoke to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen realized that since he beat Mu Rong Ying a few day ago and ruined the Mu Rong family’s reputation, it was obvious that Mu Rong Hao wanted to gain their reputation back by defeating Jiang Chen.

Of course, this was something that can be forgiven.

The fact was, the number one genius from the Mu Rong family had wanted to meet Jiang Chen, who suddenly rose in status and prove that he was the number one genius in Tian Xiang city.Even if Jiang Chen hadn’t provoked him, he still would’ve found a way to fight with Jiang Chen.

“Guts?Of course I have the guts.I don’t care who the strongest amongst the young ones is, but if you want to fight me, then I will naturally grant this wish.Everybody else, back off.”

Jiang Chen said as he started walking towards Mu Rong Hao, today he wanted the so called‘genius’to regret coming here, and he would leave a deep wound in the Mu Rong family.

This was what they sent to his doorstep, he won’t let go of this chance easily.

“Young master, how dare these two men come here and cause trouble?Let me teach them a lesson!”

Zhou Bei Zhen said.

“Uncle Zhou, he said he wanted to fight me, so if I stay back then others will only laugh at me, ”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.He knew that Zhou Bei Zhen was worried, mainly because Mu Rong Hao was the most talented genius in Mu Rong’s family, having reached the peak of Qi Jing.Although Mu Rong Ying was defeated, it doesn’t mean that he will be able to defeat Mu Rong Hao as well.

“If that’s the case, then young master please be careful.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said as he nodded his head, he looked at the confidence on Jiang Chen’s face and recalled his performance during the last few day.All he did was produce astonishing results!

“Everyone step aside.”

Jiang Chen said as he waved to the crowds.All the guards that were previously surrounded the two from the Mu Rong family cleared the way for them to fight.Zhou Bei Zhen stepped back as well.The old man at the Qi Hai level had a worried look on his face as he furrowed his brow.His expression was that of an anxious man, he regretted letting Mu Rong Hao follow him today.If anything were to happen to Mu Rong Hao then there would be no way for him to explain to Mu Rong Zhan.

“Uncle Hui, you stand back as well.Just take a look at how I teach this arrogant brat a lesson.”

Mu Rong Hao folded his fan, and a grim smile emerged on his face.

“Please be careful, young master.”

The old man whispered before stepping aside.His face was showing signs of alertness.

“Who will win this fight?”

“I’m guessing Mu Rong Hao will win.He is already at the peak of Qi Jing, and he’s just one step away from reaching the Qi Hai level…I don’t think there are a lot of people in the Qi Jing level who can defeat him…And he is a famous genius in Tian Xiang city.Jiang Chen defeated Mu Rong Ying, but he used to be a useless fool before that.I’m not sure what his current level is…But he’s definitely not at the Qi Hai level!”

“I don’t think Mu Rong Hao will win.This Jiang Chen has been mysterious lately, and even Mu Rong Zhan was insulted by him…His true ability must be great as well.You saw what happened that day.Mu Rong Ying, who is an 8th level Qi Jing cultivator, was defeated with a single slap.”


Many people were talking amongst themselves.The Mu Rong family’s reputation had been sent down the drain a couple of days ago by Jiang Chen.Since then, people had started treating him like a genius.It’s not often you see two geniuses fighting.

“Jiang Chen, show me what you’ve got…oh, and don’t come complaining later saying that I am bullying you…I will let you have the first move.”

Mu Rong Hao said arrogantly.

“If you want to let me have the first move…Then you might as well give me 10 moves.If you can’t afford to let me have 10 moves then don’t mention anything like that.”

Jiang Chen said as he started laughing.


This only provoked Mu Rong Hao even further, “Hmph!You are only good at talking, let’s see what you’ve got!”

Moving his body, Mu Rong Hao unleashed his Qi, releasing a powerful Yuan force that could be felt in the surroundings like a wave.

“Mu Rong Hao really is a genius…He got such a powerful Yuan force even though he is only at the 9th level Qi Jing, a normal 9th level Qi Jing would be no match for him…I wonder if our young master will be able to handle him?”

Zhou Bei Zhen was worried about Jiang Chen, but when he turned around to look at Jiang Chen he could see a confident smile on his face.Zhou Bei Zhen was wondering why Jiang Chen was so confident.

“Mu Rong Hao, hold on first, there’s no point in fighting when there’s nothing at stake…Let’s have a bet.”

Jiang Chen said with an evil smile on his face.

“Alright, what should we bet?”

Mu Rong Hao was very confident in himself.

“If you win then I will let you leave here without any harm, but if you lose, you will have to leave something behind…Don’t worry, I am in a good mood today, so I won’t kill you both.”

Jiang Chen said with a big smile on his face.

“This bet doesn’t seem to be fair, if I win I get nothing.”

Mu Rong Hao said.

“What a joke, do you honestly believe that I can’t crush you and that old man immediately with a single order?I’ve given you a chance, you should be grateful for that.”

Jiang Chen said without showing any mercy.

“Alright, at least I got the chance to teach you a lesson.”

Mu Rong Hai said, and immediately afterwards he threw a punch towards Jiang Chen, believing that Jiang Chen was no match for him.


Mu Rong Hao’s attack was powerful and accompanied by a loud bang.His fist was sparkling, this was the Power Punch that belongs to the Mu Rong family, a High Mortal level combat skill with strong attack power.

“Too weak.”

Jiang Chen shook his head.He was standing still and waiting for Mu Rong Hao’s fist to approach him, so he could force back the punch with lightning speed.


Jiang Chen and Mu Rong Hao’s fists collided, creating a thundering boom and a scene that shocked everyone who was watching.



A scream along with a bone cracking sound could be heard, and following that, a human figure was sent flying.

Obviously, it wasn’t Jiang Chen who was sent flying, it was the over confident Mu Rong Hao.Mu Rong Hao landed on the ground three feet away from his original position, both his legs shaking.He was using all his strength to prevent himself from falling to the ground.

Everyone were staring at Mu Rong Hao.They were all stunned from looking at Mu Rong Hao’s twisted arm, Jiang Chen’s powerful punch had crushed all the bones in his arm and completely destroyed it.

Jiang Chen stood still in his original position with his hands behind his back, smiling like an innocent young man and like it wasn’t him who had just sent out that powerful punch.

“Impossible, this is impossible.How can he have such a powerful punch?”

Mu Rong Hao was covered in sweat.His complexion was pale like white paper as he stared at Jiang Chen who acted like nothing just happened.This sent an extreme shock down his spine.

He wasn’t the only one, the crowds were shocked as well…He defeated Mu Rong Hao with a single move.This was completely different from when he had defeated Mu Rong Ying.

Zhou Bei Zhen and the guards were looking towards Jiang Chen, their young master.This was unbelievable, obviously they were having a hard time adapting to the changes of their young master.

The skinny old man and the fat old man shook their heads, this young master was a never before seen weirdo;not only was he good at concocting pills, his combat strength was also incredibly powerful.

‘Young master sure knows how to hide his true self, he has hid his true self for more than a decade…this must have been very difficult for him.’

All the people from the Jiang family were admiring Jiang Chen…Sparkling stars emerged in Jiang Cheng’s eyes, like a little girl looking at her idol.

“Jiang Chen has been hiding his true self all this time…He is the true number one genius in Fragrant Sky city!”

“He defeated Mu Rong Hao with a single punch…If I hadn’t witnessed this myself then I wouldn’t believe it!”

“Let’s keep watching, there will be more to come!Mu Rong Hao was defeated, but this is Jiang Chen…I bet Mu Rong Hao’s suffering hasn’t come to an end yet!”

Most of the people knew that what was going to happen next…That would be the real show!

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