Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 15 – Castrated

Chapter 15–Castrated

Indeed, young master Jiang Chen was going to do something.

“You’re so weak, yet you dare call yourself a genius?Looks like the Mu Rong family doesn’t even have a dog that can bite…oh right, you haven’t admitted defeat yet, so accept my next attack.”

Jiang Chen said with a cruel smile on his face.He pointed his fingers as if it was a sword towards Mu Rong Hao’s groin, a golden beam emerging from his fingertips with amazing speed.


The old man from the Mu Rong family at the Qi Hai level shouted and reacted immediately.He gestured with his hand and unleashed a powerful Yuan force that was supposed to stop Jiang Chen’s attack.


Unfortunately, the Yuan force was shattered, unable to stop Jiang Chen’s One Solar Finger attack.The One Solar Finger of the Six Solar Fingers skill couldn’t be stopped by regular Yuan force, the old man at the early Qi Hai level couldn’t stop it even if he had used all his power.


Another Pu sound was heard, but this time the sound came from between Mu Rong Hao’s legs.Many people could see the golden beam that Jiang Chen had unleashed piercing right into the center of Mu Rong Hao’s groin.

Mu Rong Hao could feel a cold sensation between his legs, as he looked down and saw his torn pants.Blood began to seep out and then, a bloody mutilated object dropped down from within his pants.At that moment, Mu Rong Hao could finally feel the horrible pain coming from his groin.


Following that painful cry, Mu Rong Hao fell down to the ground and held his groin with the one functional hand he had left.He then started thrashing and rolling on the ground violently.


A terrifying howl could be heard, it didn’t sound anything like a human.Blood rushed out non-stop from his groin, as many people saw the bloody and mutilated object on the ground.


Everyone who saw the object on the ground gasped at this cruel scene.Those who had that object between their legs could feel a chilling sensation between their legs, instantly tightening them up.

Gone!He was gone!

Finished!He was completely finished!

The noisy surroundings immediately turned into dead silence, only the terrified cry from Mu Rong Hao could be heard.

Everyone’s expressions turned pale while looking at the blood between Mu Rong Hao’s legs.Even Zhou Bei Zhen and the rest of the Jiang family felt cold in their hearts.

This was too cruel!

If a man lost his thing, was he still be considered a man?How was he going to live in the future?This was much worse than losing an arm or a leg, he was completely finished.

“Young master!”

The old man at the Qi Hai level shouted out loud as he dashed towards Mu Rong Hao, his face was full of anxiety for he had no idea how to treat Mu Rong Hao’s wound.

“Save me, save me, the pain……”

Mu Rong Hao cried non-stop from the intense pain within his body.

The old man was covered in sweat as Jiang Chen had destroyed Mu Rong Hao, which was equivalent to destroying the hope of the Mu Rong family.He had no idea how he was going to explain this to the chief of the Mu Rong family when he returned.

The old man hurriedly grabbed a pill from his storage bag and fed it to Mu Rong Hao.This pill could help stop the bleeding and ease the pain temporarily, but the thing that had been cut off could never be restored.

The old man turned around and looked at Jiang Chen angrily, “Jiang Chen, this isn’t over.Our Mu Rong family will not let you go easily for this!”

After saying that, he picked up the wounded Mu Rong Hao and tried to leave.

“Stop right there!”

Jiang Chen shouted, “Old dog, did I allow you to leave?Look carefully who this place belongs to.”

A lot of people were shocked at Jiang Chen’s words, he was not going to let this end easily.Mu Rong Hao had been ruined, he can’t even be a man anymore, yet Jiang Chen still won’t let them go.He really had a ruthless tactic.

Ruthless?Jiang Chen didn’t feel that way.He was once the Greatest Saint in the world, the amount of people he has killed was enough to form a mountain.

Jiang Chen had some simple rules.If his relationship with someone was hostile, that person would be an enemy.You can never show a merciful heart when facing your enemy.

“We made a deal earlier.If you lose then you would have to leave something behind.If you leave like this then I would be too ashamed to show my face.”

Jiang Chen said indifferently.

This was too shameless!

You chopped off someone’s dick.What else do you want them to leave behind?

“Young man, don’t go too far.My young master has been wounded, do you not think that this is enough?”

The old man was enraged.If it weren’t for the other powerful Qi Hai warriors beside Jiang Chen, he would’ve already run over to Jiang Chen and torn him to pieces.

“Who do you think you are, how dare you talk to my young master like that!?”

Zhou Bei Zhen shouted.This man was only at the early Qi Hai level, yet he dared come over to the pill shop and disrespect the young master right in front of Zhou Bei Zhen.This was a great insult!

Jiang Chen raised his hand, signaling Zhou Bei Zhen to stop worrying.

“It’s not up to you to decide when it’s been enough, I am the one who decides.That thing was dropped during our fight just now, therefore it doesn’t count towards our deal.And now, Mu Rong Hao lost the battle.According to our agreement, he has to leave something behind.Hey, Jiang Cheng!”

“Young master, what’s your order?”

Jiang Cheng replied in a toady manner.

“Help me break both of Mu Rong Hao’s leg, then strip off all his clothes.”

Jiang Chen said with a grim smile.The Mu Rong family had offended Jiang Chen, they could only curse their ancestors for their luck to have run out now.


Mu Rong Hao and the old man both shouted at the same time.Mu Rong Hao was now even more terrified.All his arrogance had vanished.He would have a hard time living without his dick, but if both his legs were broken and he was stripped naked, then he would rather die right now.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you?”

The old man said angrily, this was pure humiliation.With the number one genius from the Mu Rong family having his legs broken and being stripped naked in front of the public, the Mu Rong family’s reputation would disappear.

“How dare I?Old dog, do you think he is the only one to be stripped?Uncle Zhou, take this old dog down.Break both of his legs and strip him off his clothes as well.”

Jiang Chen never showed any mercy, and he wasn’t afraid of taking matters to another level.Destroying the Mu Rong family was his priority now that he had been reborn.He wanted to let everyone in Fragrant Sky city witness the fall of the Mu Rong family.

“As you wish.”

Zhou Bei Zhen cruelly smiled as he dashed towards the old man.He had always disliked the old man, and he also knew that Jiang Chen wanted to insult and humiliate the Mu Rong family in order to establish more authority for the Jiang family.

One man was Middle Qi Hai while the other was just Early Qi Hai level, they were an entire level apart.The old man was no match for Zhou Bei Zhen, and under his might the old man was beaten to the ground with just a single blow, unable to move at all.

“Young master, I have taken him down.”

Zhou Bei Zhen looked at Jiang Chen.

“Just a clown, how dare you make noise in front of me?Uncle Zhou, slap him.”

Jiang Chen behaved like a king who controlled life and destiny itself as he gave out orders.


Zhou Bei Zhen followed Jiang Chen’s orders, he didn’t show any mercy either.He slapped with both of his palms, creating a crystal clear slapping sound.In just a short amount of time, the old man’s face had swollen up to the size of a pig’s head, and a few teeth had fallen out.The old man tried to speak, but he couldn’t.

All the people around were shivering, they looked at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at a demon lord.

“This is too brutal, Mu Rong Hao appearing today was a foolish decision!”

“This was all because he met Jiang Chen.”

“Will he really break both of their legs?If he does, then the Mu Rong family’s remaining reputation will go down the drain.”

“I think young master Jiang Chen would do anything.His tactics are just too frightening!”

The surrounding spectators were unable to stop their sighing.Coming to the Jiang family’s pill shop was a stupid decision by the two from the Mu Rong family.

“Young master, have a seat.”

Jiang Cheng pulled out a bamboo chair and placed it behind of Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen looked at Jiang Cheng with a praiseful expression, as he sat on the bamboo chair and crossed his legs.

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“Jiang Cheng, do as I have said and break both of Mu Rong Hao’s legs, then strip him of his clothes.”

Jiang Chen said.

“As you wish.”

Jiang Cheng replied with a smile on his face as he grabbed a steel bar and started walking towards Mu Rong Hao.

Mu Rong Hao was still rolling on the ground from all the pain, he no longer had the strength to even cry any more.He looked at Jiang Cheng who was coming towards him with a large steel bar and almost fainted just from the fear alone.

Jiang Cheng didn’t care about this at all.For him, Jiang Chen’s orders were the ultimate commands.He raised the steel bar high into the air, aimed it at Mu Rong Hao’s legs, and swung hard.


Both legs were immediately broken.Mu Rong Hao let out a beastial scream before both of his eyes rolled up and closed.He fainted on the spot.

“Young master!”

The old man, who was currently being suppressed by Zhou Bei Zhen, had started bleeding.He knew that because of today, the number one genius from the Mu Rong family was completely done, he would be better off dead than to continue living.

“Young Master, should I still strip him?”

Jiang Cheng looked at Jiang Chen who was sitting on the bamboo chair, waiting for his next command.

“Never mind that, he has already fainted…I want the old dog’s legs to be broken as well.”

After Jiang Chen spoke, the old man tried even harder to fight back, but under Zhou Bei Zhen’s power he had no way to escape.

“Young master, this old dog has offended you.Why not just kill him?”

Jiang Cheng said.

“Jiang Cheng, you are just too cruel…We can’t just simply kill people, I have a merciful soul.I care about this world too much…Just break both his legs and strip him, that should be enough.”

Jiang Chen said as if it was nothing serious.

The crowd felt like fainting, the old man even spat out some blood.This youngster called himself merciful?The way you torture people was more terrifying than just killing them directly.

“Young master, if we break both his legs, we will need to send him back…isn’t that too troublesome?”

Jiang Cheng said with a smile on his face.

“Yes, you’ve got a point there.It seems too cruel to break both his legs…just castrate him.”

Jiang Chen thought for a moment, before replying to Jiang Cheng.


Jiang Cheng had an evil smile on his face as he looked at the old man with the pale expression, “My young master has a merciful soul and cares about this world too much…he wants you to become a eunuch instead.”


The old man at the early Qi Hai level shut his eyes and fainted on the spot.

The surrounding spectators wanted to faint as well while all the guards from the Jiang family were laughing.Their young master was too evil, making someone a eunuch was crueler than breaking both their legs.

“Useless, you fainted too easily…It doesn’t matter if you fainted because, no matter if you’re dead or alive, I still want to castrate you.”

Jiang Chen pointed his fingers and unleashed another golden beam, aiming it at the old man’s groin.


The old man was now a eunuch.

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