Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 16 – Young Lord Lee

Chapter 16–Young Lord Lee

Everyone was shocked by what happened.The scene was just too brutal, and Jiang Chen was like a young demon lord…people would undoubtedly suffer if they were deceived by his innocent face.


Few people could withstand the pain of their dick being cut off, even if they just fainted it would be because of the intense pain.

The old man cried out in agony, his whole body was cramping as he fainted yet again.

“Young master, this old dog fainted.”

Jiang Cheng looked at Jiang Chen.

“Strip all his clothes, break both his legs and throw him to a place where he can’t disturb us anymore before cleaning up the mess here so we can continue selling our pills.”

Jiang Chen said casually, but deep inside of his eyes there was a cold, cruel look.No matter this life or the previous one, anyone who wanted to be his enemy would not have a good ending.

A few guards of the Jiang family gathered around, stripping both Mu Rong Hao and the old man.Then Jiang Cheng broke the old man’s legs with his steel bar and carried both of them out of the workshop.

“Terrible, this is really terrible!”

“Those two were completely destroyed, this is all because the number one genius from the Mu Rong family was just too arrogant…The Mu Rong family and the Jiang family are enemies now.It wouldn’t matter too much if they came here to take a look, but they started provoking the Jiang family.Isn’t that the same as asking for this to happen?Jiang Chen isn’t someone who will treat you good.”

“The Mu Rong family’s reputation has truly reached rock bottom during these last days.Today their number one genius and an Early Qi Hai level warrior had their dicks cut off and both their legs were broken before they were stripped naked and thrown away…This young master Jiang Chen has slapped the Mu Rong family’s face yet again, and this slap is not a light one!”

“That’s right, and now the Jiang family has an alchemist who can concoct Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness.The Mu Rong family has suffered yet another powerful blow…Jiang Chen is indeed the number one genius in Fragrant Sky city.In the future, if we wish to buy or trade something, we should go to the Jiang family.The Mu Rong family is simply no match for them…”


The crowds were discussing amongst themselves.Concerning the fight between the Jiang family and the Mu Rong family, they can only watch as they were ineligible to join in and fight as well.

As for the horrible things that happened to Mu Rong Hao and the old man at the Early Qi Hai level, the crowds felt like Jiang Chen possessed brutal tactics, but almost all of them could clearly understand these tactics.The feud between both families was now irreconcilable.

“Continue selling pills.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen walked back into the pill shop with both hands behind his back.Looking at the strong view of his back, everyone was terrified.This young man, he was just like a devil!

“Young master has clearly distinguished kindness and hatred, courage and mercy, and possesses a deep, subtle mind…he will become someone big in the future.The Mu Rong family is definitely not young master’s match.”

Zhou Bei Zhen thought to himself.What happened today changed his attitude towards Jiang Chen, he had acted in a way no 15-year old boy was capable of.

-Evening, at the Mu Rong family-

Looking at Mu Rong Hao and the old man at the Qi Hai level who were lying motionless on the ground, fire almost bursted out of Mu Rong Zhan’s eyes.

A middle aged man who looked like he was in his forties was checking Mu Rong Hao’s wounds.He furrowed his brows upon look at his groins and then shook his head.

“Is there any way to fix this?”

Mu Rong Zhan asked.

“One of young master Hao’s arms has been completely shattered, and both his legs are broken…But the most serious wound is the one in his pants…It has been completely…destroyed.”

After saying this, the middle age man went back to the sides.


Mu Rong Zhan smashed the wooden table with his palm, the hard table immediately turned into ash while small bits of wood flew around the room.All the people in the hall remained silent, not daring to make a sound.Everyone was staring at both Mu Rong Hao and the old man.They felt a chill run down their spines.

At one of the corners in the hall sat a very handsome young man in white clothing, he looked to be in his twenties.A seductive woman was sitting on his lap.This woman was wearing exposing cloth, and her body was very sexy.Everyone could tell that she was a beautiful young woman.

The young man didn’t bother paying attention to what was happening in the hall.His eyes were glued to the alluring woman’s boobs, and he was touching her all over.

“Chief, that young lad Jiang Chen was too cruel.We can’t let this matter go so easily.”

Someone said with an enraged expression.Jiang Chen hadn’t only caused the Mu Rong family to lose a genius, it was also a gigantic slap in the Mu Rong family’s face.Just look at how Mu Rong Hao was right now, it was better to kill him now than letting him stay alive in this torture.Jiang Chen already proved that Mu Rong Hao was no match for him, but he even went as far as to insult them like this.

“That useless brat, I will chop him into pieces…Everyone listen carefully.Gather all the combat units in the family and get ready for war with the Jiang family!Only one of us will survive, and I intend to destroy both Jiang Zhen Hai and his son!”

Mu Rong Zhan was angry, angry like never before!His family reputation had been thrashed by the same person, over and over again.The Mu Rong family had become the laughing stock of Fragrant Sky city.If he doesn’t do anything now, there would be no place for them in Fragrant Sky city within the foreseeable future.


A voice sounded out, it was the young man who had been sitting in the corner and enjoying the seductive woman.He pushed the woman lightly to the side and slowly stood up.

A lot of people in the hall showed a look of disgust when they saw this young man, but because of the young man’s status and strength, they were forced to hide this feeling of disgust.

“Young lord Lee, I will not let go of this matter easily.And now there is an alchemist who can concoct 100%effectiveness pills among the Jiang family.He has beaten the alchemist you brought here…I will fight with Jiang Zhen Hai.Let’s see who the true overlord of the Fragrant Sky city is!”

Mu Rong Zhan was still very angry, but when he talked to young lord Lee, his attitude became more polite.Even as one of the two overlords of the Fragrant Sky city, he did not dare to offend this young lord Lee.

The young man’s name was Lee Chang Hong, the young master of the Red City’s Lee family.He was only 20 years old, but he had already reached the Early Qi Hai level–he was truly talented.

Within the Qi Province there were 28 cities, all different sizes, and the Red City was the most powerful one.The Fragrant Sky city was not something that can compare to Red City.

“Mu Rong family, let me ask you.If you were to go to war against the Jiang family, how certain of victory would you be?”

Lee Chang Hong asked.


Mu Rong Zhan furrowed his brows.Frankly speaking, the Mu Rong family and the Jiang family were about equal in strength, but if they really fought each other, it would only result in both families losing a lot of power.Furthermore, Jiang Chen had humiliated the Mu Rong family two times recently, so the Jiang family had more spirit than the Mu Rong family…If they really were to fight, their chances of victory would not be more than 30%.

“If I’m right, your chance of victory is not more than 30%…Even if you get lucky and win in the end, you will simply be too weak to survive.That’s why being reckless will only cause you great pain.”

Lee Chang Hong said.

Some of the people in the hall who were irrational due to the anger nodded their heads.Although this young man was disgustingly lustful, he still had a brilliant mind.

“What is young lord Lee suggesting we do?We can’t let go of a matter like this.”

Mu Rong Zhan won’t let this go easily.

“Don’t worry chief.Since I have promised to help you, I will fulfill it and get rid of the Jiang family.When that happens, the entire Mayor’s mansion will definitely be yours.”

Lee Chang Hong said with a smug grin.

Within these 28 cities, the Mayor’s mansion was just a representative position.There’s no actual meaning to a family.Whoever has enough power is the one who will control the whole city.

“What is young lord Lee’s idea?”

Mu Rong Zhan was a clever man, he understood that what Lee Chang Hong said was correct.He was too angry just now, and he had almost caused the entire Mu Rong family to plunge into a situation of no return.

“If you want to destroy the Jiang family from the roots, you will need to start with the pill shop…As for that Jiang Chen, I don’t even consider him a threat.”

Lee Chang Hong said with a confident look on his face.

“Don’t look down on him young lord Lee.He has a deep, subtle mind, and he is a cruel, merciless man too.He doesn’t act his age.”

Mu Rong Zhan immediately showed his deep hatred towards Jiang Chen when he spoke.

“It’s too easy to get rid of this little Jiang Chen.”

Lee Chang Hong laughed.

“Jiang Zhen Hai treats Jiang Chen like a treasure.If Jiang Chen dies, the Jiang family will receive a huge blow, but that little bastard is hiding in the Mayor’s mansion all the time.It will be very difficult for us to get rid of him.”

Mu Rong Zhan said.

“Jiang Chen is not a threat at all, I will think of a way to get rid of him personally…What’s important now is to send someone to watch the Jiang family’s pill shop carefully to find out the identity of the alchemist who can produce Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness.Then, we can ask him to work for me…That would be great!”

Lee Chang Rong said with a smile on his face.All he really cared about was the alchemist.If he could get an alchemist who can concoct Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness to help him, his status in the Lee family would be raised to another level.

“You’re right young lord Lee, but that Jiang Chen is really a serious threat.We must get rid of him as soon as possible!”

Mu Rong Zhan treated Jiang Chen like a thorn in his heart, he needed to get rid of him.Furthermore, he sensed something dangerous from Jiang Chen.This kind of feeling was not something that Jiang Zhen Hai could give him.

“Don’t worry chief, I have a solution for this.I will kill Jiang Chen once I manage to get my hands on that alchemist, then the Mu Rong family will be able to control all of Fragrant Sky city.”

Lee Chang Hong said, as he hugged that seductive woman and kissed her on the lips right in front of everyone.

“Young lord Lee, rest assured, if you can help us get rid of the Jiang family then those women will all belong to the young lord completely!”

Mu Rong Zhan said with a smile on his face.

These eight women were different from ordinary prostitutes, they were hand picked by the Mu Rong family.These girls all came from poor families, but not only were they all very beautiful, they knew how to sing, dance, and play musical instruments, they even knew how to draw.

Most importantly, these eight women couldn’t even be compared to normal prostitutes;they were the true miraculous creations of heaven.

Everyone knew that the young lord Lee Chang Hong of the Red city was a lustful man, in fact the reason he came all the way to Fragrant Sky city and offered his help was because of these eight girls.

“Haha, Chief, you know me too well!”

Lee Chang Hong said as he started laughing out loud.

In the Jiang family’s pill shop, Jiang Zhen Hai had gathered all the ingredients required for the Tiger Restoration pill and brought them to Jiang Chen.

“Chen’er, I heard you destroyed Mu Rong Hao…You did a great job!But Mu Rong Hao was the number one genius in the Mu Rong family, they will not let go of this matter so easily now that you have completely destroyed him.”

Jiang Zhen Hai said.

“No matter what Mu Rong Zhan does, I will accept his challenge and beat him.”

Jiang Chen replied casually.A smile emerged on Jiang Zhen Hai’s smile as he looked at the confident grin on his son’s face.

“Oh right, I brought all the ingredients you wanted.”

Jiang Zhen Hai said.

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