Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 23 – Ferocious

Chapter 23–Ferocious


Followed by a large explosion, the huge, solid green rock shattered into pieces, exploding small shrapnel in all directions.Black smoke emerged out from the green pieces of rock, the air above writhing.

“En, now this is what the Single Solar Finger should be capable of.”

Looking at the results of the powerful attack, Jiang Chen nodded his head.After breaking through to the Qi Hai realm and forming two and a half Dragon Marks, the Single Solar Finger had finally shown its true power.With just a single finger, the huge green rock had shattered into pieces.If he used this attack against a person, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine the outcome.And if the person was unaware of the attack, his body will explode into many pieces.

The Six Solar Finger was a skill derived from Nine Divinity Solar skill, and it was a High Earth tier combat skill.The Single Solar Finger was the first finger skill that was created by Jiang Chen, that was why he can utilize it perfectly even though he was at such a low level.However, it was very difficult for him to unleash the Second Solar Finger attack.

But using the Single Solar Finger will still consume a huge amount of Yuan power.Unlike before, however, it will not use all of his Yuan power.Together with the help of his Dragon Transformation skill, he can restore his Yuan power with incredible speed.

The sun was setting, and the night had arrived.Jiang Chen changed into black clothes and walked out from his mansion.Tonight will be a sleepless night for Fragrant Sky city.This night, blood shall be spilled.

Inside the mansion, there was a large bonfire, lightening up the dark sky.There were more than 100 people standing around;Jiang Zhen Hai, Zhou Bei Zhen and 6-7 other Qi Hai warriors were standing in front of them.They were waiting for Jiang Chen’s command.They saw Jiang Chen walking towards them, and everyone turned their gazes towards him.

“Chen’er, you have broken through to the Qi Hai realm?”

Jiang Zhen Hai asked with a surprised expression on his face.

“That’s right, dad, is everything ready?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“We have gathered our combat forces, but the protection forces for our own properties will remain standing guard.Otherwise, the Mu Rong family might attack us from our backs.”

Jiang Zhen Hai told Jiang Chen.All their properties were sought by the Mu Rong family.Both families had been competing with each other for a long time.If they don’t have anyone to guard those properties, then the Mu Rong family could just swoop in and take over.

“Young master, what are your plans?”

Zhou Bei Zhen asked.

“We don’t need any plan.After midnight today, the Mu Rong family will be completely wiped out.Dad, get 4 Qi Hai warriors to go attack them;the rest will go attack the Mu Rong family’s mansion.”

Jiang Chen had a ruthless expression on his face.

“Young master, we are not much stronger than the Mu Rong family, and their properties will be guarded by Qi Hai warriors.If we send our Qi Hai warriors to attack their properties, then it will be difficult for us to attack their base.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said.He still had no idea why Jiang Chen would declare war with the Mu Rong family in such a hurry.Considering both families were almost equal in strength, it would only cause losses for both sides.

“Zhou Bei Zhen, from now on you just need to follow my orders and do whatever I say.I’ll give you all of the Qi Hai warriors, and you will conquer all of the Mu Rong family properties.If you can’t do it, then don’t bother showing your face in front of me in the future.”

Jiang Chen gazed coldly at Zhou Bei Zhen.Cold sweat emerged on Zhou Bei Zhen.After just a single gaze, he had a feeling that he was not facing a 15 year old young man, but an old demon who had lived for more than a thousand years.

“Yes, young master.”

Zhou Bei Zhen bowed and didn’t dare have any doubts about Jiang Chen anymore.

“Jiang Cheng, you’ll lead a team and clear Fragrant Sky city, no one is allowed to leave their houses.”

Jiang Chen was like a commander giving military orders.He didn’t want innocents to get hurt, but the properties belonging to both families were scattered all around the city.Once their war started, the whole city will turn into a warzone.If regular people were still outside of their homes, then they will end up suffering, and Jiang Chen does not want that.

“Yes, young master.”

Jiang Cheng would do whatever Jiang Chen said;if Jiang Chen said that his farts smelled good, then Jiang Cheng will take that as a fact.

“The rest of you, follow me and my dad, we will attack the Mu Rong family mansion.”

Jiang Chen had a cruel look on his face.What he just said was a divine sentence, no one dared to disobey.

“Let’s move now.”

Jiang Chen shouted out.Jiang Cheng led 20 people and left the Mayor’s mansion, and Zhou Bei Zhen and the rest of the Qi Hai warriors left after them.As for how they were going to conquer the properties, Jiang Chen did not care about that.He only gave Zhou Bei Zhen 2 hours and all of the Qi Hai warriors, so if Zhou Bei Zhen still managed to fail, he might as well kill himself.

“Dad, this battle will rely on father and son;both of us will go meet this Mu Rong Zhan.”

Jiang Chen looked at Jiang Zhen Hai and smiled.

“Chen’er, why are you so confident?”

Jiang Zhen Hai furrowed his brows.Even if the Mu Rong family wasn’t prepared for this, they still had 5 Qi Hai warriors at their base.

“Dad, don’t tell me you’re afraid?”

Jiang Chen said with a teasing expression.

“Afraid?Damn it, you little scumbag.How dare you look down on your dad, let’s go.”

Jiang Zhen Hai said as he gazed at Jiang Chen.He couldn’t hold his temper after being looked down on by his own son.

As Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhen Hai started leading more than one hundred guards towards the Mu Rong family’s base, the war for all the properties had begun.Fires could be seen all throughout Fragrant Sky city, the city had turned to chaos.

“Run quickly, the Mayor’s family and the Mu Rong family are fighting!”

“Let’s go home quickly, we don’t want to get caught up in their fight!”

“Damn it, that Jiang Chen is really ferocious.This is the start of an all-out war against the Mu Rong family!”

The city was a warzone.All the people on the streets had scampered back home, and the shops were closed.Everyone knew that tonight will not be a peaceful night.Tomorrow it won’t be the same city as it was today.

Mu Rong Family’s base!

“Chief, something bad happened!”

A guard covered in sweat ran into the meeting hall.

“Tell me, what happened?”

Mu Rong Zhan asked.

“Chief, all our properties are being attacked by the Jiang family.We can’t hold on much more!”

the guard said with a fearful expression on his face.

“What?Jiang Zhen Hai is declaring war with me?”

Mu Rong Zhan stood up from where he sat.

“Jiang Zhen Hai is like a dog leaping over a wall in desperation.He must be afraid that the Lee family will come for revenge, so he wants to attack us before the Lee family can react, ”

an old Qi Hai warrior said.

“This cunning old fox, how dare he do this!”

Mu Rong Zhan was grinding his teeth in anger.He was planning on just sitting and waiting for the Jiang family to be destroyed by the Lee family thus claiming the city for himself without suffering any losses.He had never expected the Jiang family to declare war right now, making the Mu Rong family suffer great amounts of damage.

“Chief, there are a lot of Qi Hai warriors attacking our properties.That’s why we can’t hold on!”

said the guard.

“Looks like Jiang Zhen Hai has sent all his Qi Hai warriors out, hmph!If this is the case, then I, Mu Rong Zhan will show that I am not someone who can be attacked this easily!The Mayor’s mansion must be lacking forces right now.Gather all our forces, then we will attack the mayor mansion!”

Mu Rong Zhan said coldly.His enemies started this war, he can’t just sit there and wait for them to kill him.

There was quite a number of warriors standing by near their properties.There was a total of 5 Qi Hai warriors in the Mu Rong family including Mu Rong Zhan.

15 minutes later, a group of more than one hundred people appeared in front of the Mu Rong family base’s front entrance.The Mu Rong family warriors had also arrived, both sides stood there facing their opponents.

“Jiang Zhen Hai, I never thought you’d have the guts to start a war with my family.”

Mu Rong Zhan said with an angry expression on his face.

“Stop all the nonsense, kill them.”

Jiang Chen’s hand held a long sword, light reflecting off of its sharp blade.He walked forwards and fiercely charged towards the Mu Rong family warriors.

“Kill them.”

Jiang Zhen Hai shouted out loud.All the Jiang family warriors were bred for battle against their enemies.Releasing their killing intent, they followed Jiang Chen who was running towards their enemies.

“Haha, Jiang Zhen Hai, only you and your son came here to attack my base…Looks like you really are a desperate dog who is leaping the wall desperately.You must be afraid of the Lee family!Guards, kill them all!”

Mu Rong Zhan started laughing out loud.To him, Jiang Zhen Hai and Jiang Chen were only looking for death when only the two of them came to attack him.They didn’t bring any of their Qi Hai warriors along.

Both sides were filled with killing intent, and soon they clashed with each other.

“I will take on Jiang Zhen Hai, the rest of you take care of Jiang Chen.”

Mu Rong Zhan jumped towards Jiang Zhen Hai as he spoke to the 4 Qi Hai warriors.

“This little boy is not easy to handle, let me take care of him.”

An old Mid Qi Hai stage man said as he charged towards Jiang Chen.All of them had seen what Jiang Chen was capable of.They did not dare take him lightly, especially since he could easily kill Lee Chang Hong.


The old man at the Mid Qi Hai realm unleashed a sea of Yuan power, hoping to suppress Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen said coldly.He raised his sword high in the air before swinging it down towards the old man with great speed.


The strike was accompanied by a powerful force of Yuan power, and with a loud bang it dispersed the sea of Yuan power released by the old man.


The sword was vibrating and unleashing beams of sword light, forming a net that covered the old man.

“You have broken through to the Qi Hai realm?!”

Only now did the old man realize Jiang Chen’s change.He was terrified by this as earlier today, Jiang Chen was only a ninth level Qi Jing warrior, but now he had become a Qi Hai warrior.

Not only this, Jiang Chen’s Qi was incredibly strong, making him terrified to the point of suppression.It felt, to on his weak body, there was a force that could carry a mountain.Under the suppression of the net formed by the sword lights, the old man was having a hard time circulating his Qi, and he couldn’t even breathe properly.


Fast, incredibly fast, the sword strike resembled a thunder bolt.When the old man sensed the danger of this sword, it was already too late.The Mid Qi Hai warrior had been cut in half by Jiang Chen, he didn’t even have a chance to defend himself.


The blood cascaded out like a waterfall.It was a terrifying scene;a man had been cut in half with all his organs leaking out onto the ground, still squirming.The pungent smell of blood and flesh made the people who could smell it feel like vomiting.

Everyone who was fighting stopped, turning their eyes towards Jiang Chen and the man who had been cut in half.Those who had never seen anything like this almost vomited on the spot.Actually, everyone present had killed and witnessed fresh blood before, but none of them had seen such a brutal scene before.

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