Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 24 – I’ll give you a chance

Chapter 24 – I’ll give you a chance


Finally, someone vomited.

Jiang Chen was standing still while holding his sword, blood dripping down from its tip. He showed a calm expression on his face, as if all that had happened was a normal thing for him. It was hard to imagine a 15 year old young man could have such an attitude, acting so cruelly.

People were looking at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at a demon.

Mu Rong Ying and the other youngsters from the Mu Rong family’s young generation were all pale. They looked at Jiang Chen with mixed feelings. Jiang Chen was a useless fool whom they all despised not long before this. He was just trash amongst Fragrant Sky city’s young generation, but now he had changed so much in such a short period of time.

“This little bastard has broken through to the Qi Hai realm!”

Mu Rong Zhan was shocked. Although Jiang Chen breaking through to the Qi Hai realm had surprised him, what had shocked him the most was that Jiang Chen had killed a Mid Qi Hai warrior who couldn’t even withstand a single attack from Jiang Chen.

“Haha, Mu Rong Zhan, I wonder who will die today.”

Jiang Zhen Hai started laughing out loud. The strength Jiang Chen had shown was exceeded his expectations, and now he finally realized why Jiang Chen was so confident… He was confident in his own abilities.

“The three of you, kill him together!”

Mu Rong Zhan ordered three Qi Hai warriors to attack Jiang Chen. If it was a one versus one match, then he would be the only one who could fight Jiang Chen.

“Kill them all.”

Jiang Zhen Hai shouted out loud while at the same time unleashing his powerful Yuan power belonging to a Late Qi Hai warrior. He then started fighting with Mu Rong Zhan, butit seemed like both of them couldn’tdefeat the other easily.


The warriors from the Jiang family had already resumed their fighting. Jiang Chen killing that Mid Qi Hai warrior had inspired them and raised their spirits. Each of the warriors were like tigers and wolves killing their prey, the prey being the Mu Rong family members. On the other side were the men from the Mu Rong family, whom all had low spirits. Although they had a few more Qi Hai warriors, the cruelty Jiang Chen had shown had left a big impact on their minds. The difference in spirit was very obvious.

“Let’s move together.”

The three Qi Hai warriors surrounded Jiang Chen with a triangle formation. All of them unleashed their Yuan power and were getting ready to use their most powerful combat skills.

“Even if there were 100 of you, I would still kill you all”

A grim smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face.

Suddenly Jiang Chen moved. With a slight movement, he disappeared from where he stood. The next second, he appeared in front of an old man, and the sword in his hand had pierced into the old man’s head from the front, coming out at the back of the head.

The old man’s eyes were wide open, he couldn’t even see how he died.

“Take this, the Galloping Palm.”

At the same time, a Mid Qi Hai warrior attacked using a palm strike containing all of his power, which came with a thunderous and galloping manner. The other Low Qi Hai warrior did not dare neglect Jiang Chen. The superior strength that Jiang Chen had shown had frightened them, and they had to attack at the same time because otherwise, they would meet with death.


The Low Qi Hai warrior unleashed many strikes of golden beams. Every single golden beam was like a sharp sword, forming a golden net that was flying towards Jiang Chen as both warriors attacked simultaneously from the left and right. Their cooperation was flawless.

Unfortunately, their opponent was Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn’t even pull his sword out of the old man’s head, instead choosing to react by casually pointing his finger towards the old man at the Low Qi Hai stage.


A golden beam shot out from his finger like a golden meteor with extreme speed.

Bang bang bang……

The golden light beam shot out by Jiang Chen clashed with the golden net belonging to the old man and started igniting sparks, however, under Jiang Chen’s attack that golden net couldn’t even hold on for a second, and it was completely torn apart.


A jab sound was heard, and the golden beam penetrated the old man’s heart. He was now deader than a dead man.

On the other side, the Galloping Palm attack approached Jiang Chen. He shook his Dragon Mark within his Dantian, and a fierce force rushed out and merged with Jiang Chen’s fist as he threw a punch towards the old man.


The lights formed by the Galloping Palm shattered into pieces.


The two fists collided, and no matter how sturdy the old man’s body was or how strong he was, he was no match for Jiang Chen. His arm was broken into pieces upon colliding with Jiang Chen’s fierce punch. Blood was splashing out of his arm like a fountain, and broken pieces of bones covered with blood had scattered all over the place.


Such extreme pain... Even with the mentality of a Mid Qi Hai warrior, the old man couldn’t stop himself from screaming and crying in pain.


Jiang Chen was like a demon lord from hell. He gripped the old man’s neck with his palm and applied powerful force, breaking his neck and stopping the terrible screams instantly. The old man’s body fell to the ground.

In less than one minute, four powerful Qi Hai warriors had been killed by Jiang Chen. None of them could withstand a single strike from him; he had killed them each with a single blow.


In the middle of his fight with Jiang Zhen Hai, Mu Rong Zhan shouted out with anger. He had never expected this outcome… That was four Qi Hai warriors, and they were the strength of his family. His heart started bleeding.


The warriors from the Jiang family all shouted like they had been given a drug that raised their spirits. They raised their weapons high into the air, pointing them towards the Mu Rong family warriors. Contrary to this, all the warriors from the Mu Rong family had zombie-like expressions on their faces. How were they going to fight this war now that all their Qi Hai warriors were dead? Mu Rong Zhan was in the middle of a fight with Jiang Zhen Hai, and then there was a demon lord waiting for them on the other side.

The Mu Rong family’s base grounds had become hell. Blood was shed at every place, weapons were hammered into each other, and aggressive screams filled the atmosphere. In just a couple of minutes, this had become a one-sided slaughter. The Mu Rong family warriors had no faith in fighting back, and even two of the Mu Rong family’s young geniuses had been killed.

All of the Mu Rong family properties were being attacked by Zhou Bei Zhen, and they couldn’t hold on for much longer whereas the Mu Rong family base was unable to fight back due to Mu Rong Zhan being held back by Jiang Zhen Hai. The four Qi Hai warriors were killed by Jiang Chen, and the rest of the men had become animals waiting to be slaughtered.

In a way, the spirit was always the most important element. Once you lose the spirit to fight, you will have lost the war.

“I don’t want to fight anymore, I surrender!”

“I also surrender!”

“Don’t kill me!”

The men from the Mu Rong family were screaming.

Death was something that scared everyone, especially those who had never experienced near death situations. A situation like this could make someone collapse.

Surrender was something viral, once a man surrendered, there will be 100 more doing the same. No one was going to give up their lives for a lost cause. Although they do not know if their lives will be spared even after surrendering, they do know that surrendering at least gave them a chance to survive.


The fighters from the Jiang family surrounded the ones who surrendered, waiting for Jiang Chen’s command.

On the other side, Jiang Zhen Hai and Mu Rong Zhan stopped fighting. Jiang Zhen Hai felt like he was dreaming, he had never expected the war to end this quickly.

“Jiang Chen, let them go.”

Mu Rong Zhan said with red eyes.

“Mu Rong Zhan, there must be some of your descendants amongst these men… With just a single command, all of these men will be dead, and I will attack your base and kill all those who can barely breathe before burning your base to ashes… What do you think?”

Jiang Chen said casually as if he was talking about the weather.


Mu Rong Zhan screamed out loud. In his mind, Jiang Chen was a frightful man. He had never seen someone so cruel and ferocious.

He didn’t even dare to doubt what Jiang Chen had said. Jiang Chen had acted in such a calm manner, so he believed that Jiang Chen was able to kill everyone without even blinking an eye, not to mention burning his base to ashes.

“Jiang Chen, I admit defeat. Let go of my descendants, I’m willing to die for them!”

Mu Rong Zhan closed his eyes painfully. He had never thought that this day would come, and never in his wildest dreams did he expect this day to come so fast. He was still basking in the bright light before this, but in the next minute, he had entered someone’s prison.

Fragrant Sky city was in chaos. All of the Mu Rong properties would be destroyed, and the battle near the Mu Rong family’s base was a slaughter. Mu Rong Zhan knew that he had completely lost this war.

“Of course you have to die, but your death is not enough to spare their lives,”

Jiang Chen said.

“Jiang Chen, what do you actually want? Do you really want to kill us all?”

Mu Rong Zhan never thought a man could be this scary.

“Kill you all? This is a game of life and death. If today’s result was reversed and you were the ones to win, I bet you would do the same to us. We all know that you should eliminate the weeds and burn its roots. Furthermore, you were trying to use the Lee family to destroy our Jiang family, isn’t that the same as trying to kill all of us as well?”

Jiang Chen said.

“Haha, you are right… If I had won, then I would kill all of you. Jiang Chen, now you are the winner, but I still want to beg you to spare my descendants!”

Mu Rong Zhan laughed, he knew that all hope was gone.

“Mu Rong Zhan, I know you hate me and want to eat my flesh, so I’ll give you a chance. If you can defeat me, then I will spare their lives.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Chen’er, don’t do this!”

Jiang Zhen Hai said hurriedly. In his opinion, they had already won the war, and everything had been settled. There was no need for Jiang Chen to take this risk. And although Jiang Chen can easily kill a Mid Qi Hai warrior, he had just broken through to the Qi Hai realm. Those at the Mid Qi Hai realm just couldn’t compare with Mu Rong Zhan, he was someone who is close to breaking through to the Mortal Core realm.

“Dad, don’t worry.”

Jiang Chen smiled, he was not being cocky; he just wanted to fight with Mu Rong Zhan. He had just broken through to the Qi Hai realm, and he needed a high level warrior to test his own combat skills on. Mu Rong Zhan was the perfect candidate for that.

“Jiang Chen, you really mean it?”

Mu Rong Zhan’s eyes brightened as if he had seen a new hope. The Mu Rong family warriors who were surrounded all felt a hint of hope, hopeful expressions emerging on their faces. Yes, Jiang Chen was indeed frightful, but they were will confident in Mu Rong Zhan’s true ability.

“Of course.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, on his face was the same confident expression that would never change.

“Alright, let me see your true ability.”

Mu Rong Zhan strengthened his spirit and started laughing in his mind. This young man was filled with youthful vigor and did not know when to stop.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if he can kill Jiang Chen in this fight, Jiang Zhen Hai will be struck with a heavy blow. Then the situation might turn into his favor.

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