Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 26 – Young Master’s Confidence

Chapter 26 – Young Master’s Confidence

Everyone gasped at the cruelty of Jiang Chen’s order, as what he said did not involve one or two people, it affected every single person who was related to the Mu Rong family including those who were only working at their properties.

As for the warriors, destroying their cultivation base was equivalent to killing them.

“Chen’er, don’t you think this is a little cruel?”

Jiang Zhen Hai asked as he furrowed his brows.

“Jiang Chen, you’re a demon lord, you’re not a human being!”

“I want to avenge my dad, I want to kill you!”

Cries were heard everywhere amongst the Mu Rong family. Many of them had red eyes and were screaming about how much they wanted to kill Jiang Chen.

“Dad, look at it this way. If you let them go today, then they might return tomorrow and harm you… I was being merciful when I said I wouldn’t kill them.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Dad, there is no right or wrong in war, there’s only victory or defeat. The rule in the world of cultivation is the same. You can never show mercy towards your enemies because your enemy won’t be grateful, and once you let them go… Well, it’s the same as planting a seed of revenge in your own backyard. They did nothing wrong, but since they are part of this war, they will have to bear the consequences of it.”

Jiang Chen said in an indifferent manner. In this small Fragrant Sky city, the people were unable to see a true war. The fights between those huge sects can easily destroy the entire area and kill countless innocent people, and as for the fight between humans and demons… The blood spilled by them would be enough to cover the land for thousands of miles.

Under the feet of the absolute strongest laid a path filled with blood and bones.

“I’ll let you handle everything.”

After saying this, Jiang Chen turned around and left.

Jiang Zhen Hai looked at Jiang Chen. A wave of terror swept through his mind, but soon his eyes regained their firmness. He turned around and looked at those men from the Mu Rong family who were under his control and said, “Do as young master commanded. Those with the Mu Rong name will have their cultivation base destroyed and one arm cut off, then chased out of the city.”

Jiang Zhen Hai knew that Jiang Chen was a man with high aspirations. A small city like Fragrant Sky city couldn’t hold him for long, and soon he will step into the world where the real cultivators resided. Indeed, Jiang Chen’s methods were cruel, but only with this kind of attitude and methodology will Jiang Zhen Hai have a peace of mind in the future.

A dramatic change happened this night. Fire and blood was everywhere in the city, and all of the Mu Rong family’s properties had been occupied by the Jiang family in less than two hours. Countless men were killed or wounded, and even the chief of the Mu Rong family – Mu Rong Zhan - was cruelly killed by Jiang Chen. From now on, there was no Mu Rong in the Fragrant Sky city anymore.

Zhou Bei Zhen was both stunned and startled for almost 3 minutes when he had heard the news of Mu Rong Zhan being killed by Jiang Chen. When he was back to normal, he took a deep breath and sighed.

“Little young master is someone chosen by the heavens, that’s why he can accomplish things that others can’t. He was like a hidden dragon, and soon he will fly high in the sky.”

Zhou Bei Zhen had lived for more than 50 years. Although he had more life experience than others, his mind was still pretty conventional. He had never seen anyone like Jiang Chen before, and what Jiang Chen had accomplished had turned everyone’s mind around. Their ideas on how the world worked had been twisted by Jiang Chen.

When Jiang Chen ordered them to attack the Mu Rong family, many people were thinking that he was too reckless, and even Zhou Bei Zhen questioned him… But, no one would have thought that the Mu Rong family could be destroyed so fast, and it can be said that this was all because of Jiang Chen alone.

This war was planned and arranged by Jiang Chen alone, and he was the one who killed Mu Rong Zhan, changing the sky above Fragrant Sky city.

The next day!

Sunlight started to shine from the east. It was another day with a hot bright sun, and peaceful days had finally returned to Fragrant Sky city. Fire and smoke, however, could still be seen in some places, and the smell of blood lingered in the air, making the atmosphere in Fragrant Sky city more depressing than before.

The Jiang family had eliminated the Mu Rong family. This was nothing important for the ones in the world of cultivation, but in Fragrant Sky city, this was enough to bring an earthquake.

The news couldn’t be covered up for long, and no one was trying to cover it. Without purposely spreading the news, everyone in the city knew what had happened last night.

The Mu Rong family had vanished from the city overnight. Many people still couldn’t accept this because it happened too fast, too sudden. Yesterday both families were having a duel on the fighting stage, and now one of those families were gone.

“Too fast, this is unbelievable! The Mu Rong family was one of the biggest tycoons in the city, and now they were eliminated in just one night… Is this for real?”

“Who could have guessed that this would happen…? The Jiang family acted so quickly!”

“I think it was because of young master Jiang Chen! You guys may have heard that yesterday, it was the young master who ordered the attack on the Mu Rong family, and he had also just broken through to the Qi Hai realm! He even killed Mu Rong Zhan, who is at the peak of the Qi Hai realm! This is unbelievable, too terrifying!”

“I heard that Jiang Chen purposely gave Mu Rong Zhan a chance to fight him alone, and then he defeated Mu Rong Zhan all by himself… He is a demon!”

“Sigh. The Mu Rong family were planning on eliminating the Jiang family by using the Lee family, but who could have known that the Jiang family would make their move first.”


Everyone on the streets were talking about the war last night, and Jiang Chen’s reputation had reached a new height. He had killed Mu Rong Zhan who was already like an untouchable giant to many people, and they were still wondering if all of this was real.

This 15 year old youngster was too ruthless. He did things with courage and complete confidence, and he was sharper than those of the old generation’s greatest warriors. What he did had frightened many people; eliminating the Mu Rong family in just a single night was not something a regular person was able to achieve.

“In my opinion, the Mu Rong family were looking for death themselves. Jiang Chen is not someone who shows mercy, and they wanted to use the Lee family to destroy the Jiang family, allowing them to get good results without doing anything… Jiang Chen would not let them do that!”

“That’s right, look at the results… They were eliminated by Jiang Chen in just a single night!”

“I heard that Jiang Chen destroyed the cultivation bases of the surviving Mu Rong warriors and cut off an arm of those who were related to the Mu Rong family… He is indeed fierce and cruel.”

“Fierce and cruel my ass, both families were fighting for life and death. He showed mercy when he spared their lives.”


All of the conversations contained Jiang Chen, a name that had changed everyone’s mind in such a short period of time. From someone who fooled around and was useless to a great warrior who was capable of destroying the Mu Rong family in just one night… This all happened too fast.

This was a huge event for the people of Fragrant Sky city. While everyone was talking about what had happened, no one had forgotten about the other important issue… The Lee family from Red city. Jiang Chen had killed their young lord, and they will not let him get away with it.

“Although the Jiang family has eliminated the Mu Rong family and are now in charge of the city, there is an even greater threat waiting for them now.”

“That’s right, the Lee family has not done anything yet… The will be an even bigger earthquake coming to the city soon!”

“Sigh… Things are getting messy… Yes, Jiang Chen is capable of destroying the Mu Rong family, but the Mu Rong family is nothing compared to the Lee family.”

“If the Lee family eliminates the Jiang family, won’t the city have no owner then? At that time the city will be thrown into chaos as new powers will fight in order to gain control for themselves.”

Many people were worried. The civilians only wanted to live a peaceful life, but because of all the recent events, the future was looking dim. Their lives could only return to normal if the Jiang family could grow and take control of everything again.

Within the meeting hall in the Mayor’s mansion, the top men from the Jiang family sat on the left and right sides with Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhen Hai sitting in the main seats.

The atmosphere was heavy, it shouldn’t be this way as they had just eliminated their rivals, the Mu Rong family, and gained complete control over the city. They should be celebrating… But no one was able to show a smile on their face. They all looked worried.

Of course, there was one person who had a smile on his face, Jiang Chen. He had changed into a clean white outfit, and he sat comfortably in his chair with his legs crossed. A smile could be seen on his mouth, and a large amount of confidence was visible on his face.

“The war last night ended perfectly, the Mu Rong family met with complete loss… Everyone should be happy, but why are you all showing such dull faces? Come on, smile!”

Jiang Chen said with a teasing expression.

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, everyone showed a smile on their faces, but the smiles were bitter ones. They couldn’t really smile from the bottom of their hearts, and they were wondering how Jiang Chen was still able to smile? Didn’t he know that they were now facing their biggest threat yet?

“Young master, yes we did eliminate the Mu Rong family, but the Lee family will not let this go easily. I believe within 3 days the Lee family will be here and attack us. How are we going to deal with them?”

Zhou Bei Zhen asked, everyone including Jiang Zhen Hai looked towards Jiang Chen. What Jiang Zhen Hai worried about the most about the most was the issue with the Lee family. Jiang Chen had now become the core of the Jiang family.

“Dad, Uncle Zhou, do you all think that the Lee family is unbeatable? Do you all think that once the Lee family arrives, we will follow the Mu Rong family’s footsteps and be eliminated?”

Jiang Chen smiled and said casually, never showing a single sign of anxiousness.

Everyone remained silent, obviously Jiang Chen had said what they were all thinking.

“Young master, the Lee family from Red city is not something that the Mu Rong family can compare with. They have warriors at the Mortal Core realm, and their chief is at the Late Mortal Core realm… There’s no way we can defend ourselves against those high level warriors.”

“That’s right, the warriors who have formed their Mortal Cores cannot be compared with those who have only formed their Qi Sea. No matter how strong and powerful a Qi Hai warrior is, there is no way for him to fight against an opponent at the Mortal Core realm. We cannot defend ourselves with our current strength.”

Both fat men said, one after another.

“Chen’er, don’t tell me you have a way to deal with them?”

Looking at how confident Jiang Chen was, Jiang Zhen Hai couldn’t stop himself from asking that question.

“Dad, we just destroyed the Mu Rong family last night, there must be a lot of work to do. Those properties are all money and wealth; we should arrange them properly.”

Jiang Chen didn’t reply to Jiang Zhen Hai’s question.

“Chen’er, we are now facing the Lee family, and all of our men’s morale is low. They are not in the mood to pay their attention to other matters,”

Jiang Zhen Hai said. How he had described the situation was subtle. With the threat from the powerful Lee family, the morale was not only low, everyone was also scared and worried.

“All of you, do not worry about the Lee family. No matter who they are, if they come into this town, I’ll send them back the same way they came.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glowed as he stood up, “Everyone listen, carry on and do your usual tasks. Even if the sky falls down, you will have me to stand in front of you and carry it for you.”

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