Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 27 – Calamity introduces a man to himself

Chapter 27 - Calamity introduces a man to himself

Jiang Chen left the meeting hall after saying what he wanted to say. In his wake he left all of the old men staring at each other with confused looks on their faces. They were wondering how their young master could be so confident.

They had all lived for a few decades, and they were all Qi Hai warriors… But when facing Jiang Chen who was only 15 years old, they felt like small children.

“This is the Lee family from Red city. Just how is young master planning on dealing with this?”

Someone said with a sigh. Although Jiang Chen behaved confidently, it wouldn’t stop anyone from furrowing their brows. The enemy was just too strong, and they could not think about anything that could defeat their enemy.

“Just listen to what our young master said; he has never been wrong before.”

“That’s right. Thinking about it, he has never made a single mistake since he transformed.”

Both the fat and skinny old man said simultaneously. Even Zhou Bei Zhen was silently nodding his head. They were all alchemists who held high positions within the Jiang family. A young man who was only 15 years old could concoct a pill with 100% effectiveness, and he could give them a precious soul training skill. He was a genius who could only be seen once every 1000 years - a heaven sent miracle in their minds.

“The Lee family has yet to arrive, we cannot let fear overcome us. Just listen to what Chen’er said. Everyone take care of their tasks like they usually would. You guys go and comfort the rest of our people, and don’t think too much about the Lee family.”

Jiang Zhen Hai told everyone. In their current situation there was no retreat, so they could only lay all their hopes on Jiang Chen.

“We will just adapt to the situation; there is no need to act like cowards.”

A man with a sturdy body said before he left the meeting hall.

The peaceful days for the city were now gone, and everyone in the Jiang family felt worried. It was a bright, sunny day, but the whole city was covered in clouds.

Jiang Chen went into his own room and shut the door, denying all visitors. Even his own dad was unable to pay him a visit.

What was supposed to come will come. A raging rainstorm was bound to appear no matter what. Just 3 days after Lee Chang Hong was killed, people from the Lee family visited Fragrant Sky city.

There were only a few dozen people from the Lee family, but their strength was greater than 100 or even 1000 people. They were riding through the city recklessly on their tall houses, their destination - the mayor’s mansion.

“Those who are not involved, get lost from here or die.”

The words were spread out by a great warrior with powerful Yuan power; he was at the Mortal Core realm.

“Oh God, they are finally here. The Lee family from Red City are here!”

“Although there are only a few dozen people, they are all terrifyingly strong! 3 warriors are at the Mortal Core realm, and the rest of them are all at the Qi Hai realm… The Jiang family is finished.”

“Look at their leader. His name is Lee Shan Yue, and he is the chief of the Lee family. A Late Mortal Core stage warrior, he rarely comes out because he has been focusing on breaking through to the Heavenly Core realm. You can tell that Lee Chang Hong was a very important person to him as he came personally this time.”

“Of course he would come out. His own son was killed by someone, which is why he is so furious. Three Mortal Core warriors, dozens of Qi Hai warriors… They are going to turn the Jiang family in ashes this time.”

“Sigh… If the Jiang family is destroyed, then our city will be swallowed by complete chaos.”


Everyone was frightened, the Lee family was just too cruel. Most of the people here had never seen a warrior at the Mortal Core realm before. This was their first time seeing one, and it was scary.

“Move away.”

The men from the Lee family were acting cruelly. A man swung down a whip, hitting a civilian who was unable to move away in time and instantly cutting him into 2 pieces.

“Looking for death.”

The man said with a cold expression, riding past the body on his horse.

“Damn, they are too arrogant. They’re treating us like we’re nothing, and they’re even killing us randomly.”

“These people possess too much killing intent; I wonder how the Jiang family is going to react.”

“Come, let’s follow them to the Mayor’s mansion and have a look.”

“Don’t count me in if you want to die. I still have a life to live. Just look at how the Lee family is behaving. If I were killed by them, then who would be able to avenge me?”


At the same time in the Mayor’s mansion, they had heard the news of the Lee family arriving. Even though they were all prepared, they were all frightened upon hearing that the Lee family had arrived.

“Where is young master? The Lee family is here!”

Someone shouted out. This was a critical moment, but Jiang Chen, the Jiang family’s supporting pillar, was nowhere to be found. He was still hiding in his own house, and he hadn’t been seen by anyone during the last two days.

“Jiang Cheng, go and have a look at what young master is doing right now.”

Jiang Zhen Hai said as he looked at Jiang Cheng.

“Yes master.”

Jiang Chang ran towards Jiang Chen’s house, his speed faster than even the fastest rabbit.

One minute later, Jiang Cheng came back with a swollen face and tears in his eyes. He went up to Jiang Zhen Hai.

“What’s wrong?”

Zhou Bei Zhen asked with a frown on his face.

“Young master chased me out and told me that nobody is to disturb him.”

Jiang Cheng looked upset, the situation was so critical that he never knocked on the door, instead he went straight into Jiang Chen’s room, and before he could say anything, he was slapped by Jiang Chen, and his leg was almost broken by Jiang Chen.

‘Why am I always the one who gets hurt?’ Jiang Cheng raised his head and looked up into the sky with tears in his eyes. He was just the messenger, he didn’t deserve to be slapped.

“Why did this happen? Didn’t young master tell us that even if the sky fell down he would be the one who would stand above us and hold it up? Why is he still hiding in a situation like this?”

“Young master can’t just hide from people. The Lee family is here, and we can’t hide from them.”

A lot of people were feeling angry, they had no idea what their young master really wanted to do. He behaved with great confidence, and he said he would protect everyone from their enemies, the Lee family. He said this in front of everyone, but now that the enemy was here, he was hiding within his own room.

“Everyone shut up, there must be a reason why the young master didn’t want to come out yet.”

Zhou Bei Zhen shouted out loud. Although he couldn’t understand why Jiang Chen did this, he did have confidence towards Jiang Chen.


Suddenly a loud bang could be heard from the entrance. The front door to the Mayor’s mansion had been broken into pieces, and a voice thundered, “All the men from the Jiang family, come out now and face your deaths.”

The voice was loud, and it resounded everywhere in the Mayor’s mansion. Everyone could clearly hear the voice, and some of those who were near the mansion were frightened into keeping silent.

“Gone, gone, the Jiang family is gone!”

The Lee family was too powerful, and by the way they behaved, they were not likely to give the Jiang family any chance of survival at all.

“Come, let’s go and have a look.”

Jiang Zhen Hai tidied up his clothes and walked towards the main entrance, the rest of the men took a deep breath and followed behind. This was a critical moment, and if they couldn’t solve it properly, they would all die today.

Soon all the men from the Jiang family had arrived at the entrance. Looking at the front door which had been broken into pieces, everyone was startled. They looked at the men from the Lee family and saw a man who stood in front of everyone wearing a yellow robe. He looked like he was in his forties, and he had a sturdy body that could be compared with Mu Rong Zhan. A vicious scar crossed his face, frightening anyone who saw him for the first time.

The man was the chief of the Lee family, Lee Shan Yue. Rumors said he was a cruel person with a mean heart, and he won’t let anyone who offended him get away easily. And now his own son had been killed in Fragrant Sky city, and he was planning on avenging his son by personally destroying the entire Mayor’s mansion.

Lee Shan Yue portrayed a strong force around him. Those who stood in front of him would feel a great pressure, unable to even breathe properly. That was the aura of a Late Mortal Core warrior.

Behind Lee Shan Yue stood two old men who were in their 50. They had arrogant looks on their faces, and they were also Mortal Core warriors. Dozens of fierce men stood further behind them, and all of them were Qi Hai warriors. Among them was one man with a gloomy and hateful expression on his face, this was because he had seen Jiang Zhen Hai. It was almost as if he couldn’t want to eat him alive.

He was Mu Rong Tian, the man who informed the Lee family in Red city about the news that their young lord had been killed. Due to the long distance between Fragrant Sky city and Red city, he was unable to return back in time.

Just from the obvious strength of both families, the Jiang family was almost guaranteed to die.

“Which one of you is Jiang Chen?”

Lee Shan Yue asked with a voice resounding as loud as a great bell, shocking everyone who heard him. His ruthless vision gazed upon all of the men from the Jiang family. He did not attack them straight away because in his mind, today was the end of the Jiang family, and everyone from the Jiang family will die today sooner or later. He wanted to find out who Jiang Chen was and ask him how he dared to kill his son.

“I’m Jiang Zhen Hai, I’m the one who killed your son; this had nothing to do with Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Zhen Hai said. The Lee family had no intentions of letting a single Jiang family man escape from death. If Jiang Chen had no way of solving this today, then Jiang Zhen Hai would need to protect Jiang Chen at all costs, allowing him to escape from here and let the Jiang family live on.

“No, young lord Lee was killed by Jiang Chen. The alchemist who followed young lord Lee was killed by Jiang Zhen Hai. Both of them are culprits who cannot be spared. That little bastard Jiang Chen must be somewhere hiding right now.”

Mu Rong Tian took a step forward and spoke out loud with a hateful tone. The Mu Rong family was gone, his hatred towards Jiang Zhen Hai and Jiang Chen was like an unstoppable waterfall. Only after the Jiang family was destroyed will he be able to let go of his hatred.

“Hiding somewhere? Then I shall kill his father first and see if he will come out or not.”

A grim smile appeared on Lee Shan Yue’s face, a murderous spirit emerging from his body.

All the men from the Jiang family whitened, faces pale, when they felt the murderous spirit belonging to Lee Shan Yue. Until now, Jiang Chen had told them that he would stand in front of them whenever a dangerous situations arises, but he was still nowhere to be seen. They were all sad in their hearts, and they had lost all hope.

“I’m the one who killed the men from your family. It had nothing to do with anyone else. The Lee family is a respectable family from Red city, and Chief Lee is someone reputable as well. I believe you won’t put others in a difficult position.”

Jiang Zhen Hai said.


Zhou Bei Zhen blinked his eyes and said while grinding his teeth, “I will die together with mayor.”

“Jiang Zhen Hai, you will have to die today. So does your son, there is no point of hiding from me. I will destroy everything belonging to you, and everyone will have to die today.”

The scar on Lee Shan Yue’s face trembled, and he spoke yet again with a grim smile, “But, I can give others a chance. You just need to kneel down and kowtow 3 times to me, and I might spare your life.”

After he said that, the atmosphere amongst the Jiang family warriors had changed. All the men on the spot held a high position in the Jiang family, and they were all Qi Hai warriors. What Lee Shan Yue had said was aimed at them. As for the guards and fighters in the back, they wouldn’t even have the chance to kneel down before Lee Shan Yue.

“Mayor, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to die.”

A man held his fist and paid his respects towards Jiang Zhen Hai before he walked up to Lee Shan Yue. He kneeled down and kowtowed 3 times.

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