Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 28 – Powerful Voice

Chapter 28 – Powerful Voice

“Mayor, I’m sorry, but I am only a guest. I do not want to die here.”

Another man ran up to Lee Shan Yue and kowtowed in front of him. The first man to kowtow was Yang Xiao, and the second man’s name was Chang Shan. They were both guests who were visiting Jiang Zhen Hai, and they had been loyal to Jiang Zhen Hai before this.

“Yang Xiao, Chang Shan, both of you are jerks! Mayor has been treating you so nicely, so how can you be so worthless?”

Zhou Bei Zhen said in a scolding manner.

“Bastard, worthless jerks, don’t ever call yourselves men again!”

The fat old man was angry as well.

“Let them go, everyone has their own will. There is no need for them to die together with us. Since you have a chance to live on, then you should cherish it.”

Jiang Zhen Hai said.

“I won’t be kneeling down like a dog and kowtow, I would rather die.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said sarcastically.

“I will die as a man, and 18 years later I will become an honorable man again.”

The skinny old man thumped his own chest as he spoke.

The rest of the Qi Hai warriors didn’t go and kneel down. They all had their dignities, and furthermore, Jiang Zhen Hai had been treating them nicely all these years. If they were to turn over to the enemy side when the Jiang family was in trouble, they would no longer be able to call themselves men.

On the other side, Lee Shan Yue looked at both of the men who were kneeling down. He had a hint of despise in his eyes, “Both of you stand up, I won’t kill you, but you two will kill Jiang Zhen Hai.”

Lee Shan Yue looked towards Jiang Zhen Hai. He wouldn’t kill him personally, but he wanted him to be killed by his own men. That will make Jiang Zhen Hai miserable in his death.


Both men shouted out at the same time, they had never expected that Lee Shan Yue would have such a demand for them.

“What’s wrong? If you’re not willing to do it then I will kill both of you right now.”

Lee Shan Yue said casually. The power from his Mortal Core surrounded both Yang Xiao and Chang Shan’s heads, making them have a difficult time breathing.

They looked at each other, grinding their teeth and shaking their heads.

After that, both of them stood up and started walking towards Jiang Zhen Hai.

“Mayor, we’re sorry.”

Both of them unleashed their Yuan power. In order to survive, they had no choice but to do this.

“Fuck you.”

Zhou Bei Zhen was the first one to speak out. He and the skinny old man ran forward like the wind and attacked with their most powerful attacks.


Both the traitors were feeling guilty, and they knew they were no match for Zhou Bei Zhen and the rest who were enraged. They were hit and sent flying, falling to the ground not too far away.


Lee Shan Yue let out a cold hump. He sent out a powerful wave of Yuan power from his body, sending Zhou Bei Zhen and the rest flying backwards. The fat and skinny old man were both at a lower skill level. As a result, both of them vomited blood. The difference between then and Lee Shan Yue was too huge.

“You’re just a few Qi Hai warriors, how dare you fight back!”

Lee Shan Yue behaved like he was better than everyone.

“Chief Lee, there is no need to talk nonsense to them. Just kill them and catch that little bastard Jiang Chen.”

Mu Rong Tian said cruelly.

“Alright, kill them all and demolish the Mayor’s mansion. Do not leave anyone alive.”

Lee Shan Yue gave his order coldly. He was a ruthless man.


Following Lee Shan Yue’s words, all the men from the Lee family released their Yuan force at the same time. The raging Yuan power was just like a powerful storm.

“How dare you!”

Right at this moment, a sudden change occurred. A powerful voice rushed out from somewhere within the Jiang mansion grounds. The voice struck out like thunder from the sky, everyone heard the resonating outrage. Just these three words alone startled everyone here.


After that, an explosive sound could be heard. Everyone could see the roof of a house within the mansion grounds exploding, an invisible pressure saturating the atmosphere.

Following that, the air exploded, and a fiery red flame emerged from below. It looked like a dragon, and it formed a 3 meter wide sea of flame in their air. Invisible waves were being sent out of dragon, causing deep whirlpools to appear.


A powerful soul power spread and filled the atmosphere above the Mayor’s mansion.

“Such a powerful soul power, even my own soul is shivering… This is the soul pressure that only those who have formed their Heavenly Core can possess!”

Lee Shan Yue’s face immediately lost its color.

“The combination of soul power and fire, this is a nearly perfect method to control fire! There is a powerful alchemist somewhere around here!”

“The soul power of a Heavenly Core warrior! There’s a Heavenly Core warrior here!”

The other two Mortal Core warriors looked at the flame in the sky with shocked expressions in their eyes. They could clearly feel the powerful soul force within the flame sea, the invisible pressure belonging to someone who was at the Heavenly Core realm.

The men from the Jiang family were stunned. They looked at the flame sea above the house, mixed expressions on their faces.

“That’s where Chen’er is staying!”

Jiang Zhen Hai was so shocked that his mouth fell wide open.

“Such a strong amount of soul power… Since when has there been a great warrior hidden in young master’s room?”

Zhou Bei Zhen mumbled to himself.

“I was cultivating here, how dare you all come and disturb me, die!”

The powerful voice spoke out once again. This was a voice that resonated a person’s soul, and it could disturb one’s mind easily.

“Honorable Sir, we are sorry! We didn’t know you were here. Please forgive us for disturbing you, Honorable Sir! My name is Lee Shan Yue, chief of the Lee family in Red city. I sincerely invite Honorable Sir to come cultivate near our family! I will definitely provide the best possible conditions for Honorable Sir! Fragrant Sky city is too small for someone like you, it doesn’t fit your status.”

Lee Shan Yue retracted all of his force and bowed slightly towards the sky. He spoke in a very polite manner, not daring to mess around with a Heavenly Core warrior.

“Get lost!”

The flame sea trembled, the shout originating from within.

The faces on the people from the Lee family all changed. They did not dare make a single sound. Not because they were afraid of the pressure, but because they were afraid that the warrior at the Heavenly Core realm would get angry and kill them.

“I’ll give you three breaths of time to get out of here. If you’re not out by then, you will be burned to ashes!”

The powerful voice spoke out yet again. The flame sea in the sky roared and started expanding. At the same time, a huge flame sword formed and pointed towards Lee Shan Yue.

Lee Shan Yue was afraid. Although he was at the Late stage Mortal Core realm, he was nowhere near being the match of a Heavenly Core warrior. Furthermore, he had no idea who this person was, but the perfect control over fire and the powerful soul force frightened him.

“Chief, what should we do now?”

Another Mortal Core warrior asked with a pale expression on his face.

“There’s a Heavenly Core warrior in the Jiang family. If we make him angry we will all die here… Let’s first leave, then we can think of a way to get revenge in the future.”

Lee Shan Yue said. Even though he did not want to let them go so easily, he had no other choice under this situation. He doesn’t dare to do anything, even if he borrowed someone else’s courage. The huge flame sword was pointing at him, and who knew when it will shoot at him and kill him.

“Get lost now!”

The voice struck out like a thunder strike, the pressure was even more intense than before. The huge flame sword was trembling, as if it was about to shoot out and strike him at any time.

Lee Shan Yue was frightened and did not dare to delay anymore. He gazed at Jiang Zhen Hai and turned around towards the entrance, “Let’s go.”


The voice spoke again, “Leave the man from the Mu Rong family behind.”

Mu Rong Tian’s face immediately turned pale upon hearing this. He looked at Lee Shan Yue with the pitiful expression of a beggar. This hidden Heavenly Core warrior had scared him close to death, and even Lee Shan Yue had to retreat because of him. If he was left behind, then only death would await him.

“Mu Rong Tian, you’ll stay here.”

Lee Shan Yue said casually without even taking a second look at Mu Rong Tian. He signaled all of his men to follow and left with haste. Mu Rong Tian was worth nothing to him, and offending a Heavenly Core warrior because of Mu Rong Tian would just be stupid.

“Chief Lee, what about us?”

Yang Xiao and Chang Shan stood up from the ground and rushed towards the entrance, but they were blocked by Zhou Bei Zhen and the fat old man. The rest of the men moved at the same time and caught Mu Rong Tian.

The incredible soul pressure and flame sea disappeared the moment Lee Shan Yue left together with his men. Everyone from the Mayor’s mansion were puzzled, and some of them wiped away the sweat on their faces secretly. Just a few moments ago, all of them were so close to death.

Right now, everyone felt a small amount of relief. Who would have ever thought that there would be a high level warrior hidden somewhere in the Mayor's mansion? And with a powerful voice he had managed to chase Lee Shan Yue away.

“Brother Zhou, arrest them first.”

Jiang Zhen Hai told Zhou Bei Zhen before he started walking towards Jiang Chen’s house.

Jiang Zhen Hai pushed the door open and saw that the floor tiles had been scattered. He looked at the roof of Jiang Chen’s house and saw a big hole in it. It looked like the Heavenly Core warrior was hidden within this room.

Jiang Zhen Hai walked to the front of Jiang Chen’s house. The door was tightly closed. He raised his arm and prepared to knock on the door, but he immediately stopped himself. If there really was a Heavenly Core warrior in the room, then it would be rude to just enter.

He turned around and left. He believed that Jiang Chen will give him an explanation when he came out of the room.

Inside the room, Jiang Chen was laying on the bed with a pale expression. He was completely knocked out. There was blood all over his sheets, it looked like he had just vomited it out.

A hidden Heavenly Core warrior? Of course not, in this residence there was only one man, Jiang Chen.

Just now, Jiang Chen used the Great Soul Derivation skill and raised the level of his soul by a huge amount for a short amount of time, reaching the power of a Heavenly Core realm warrior temporarily. It allowed him to scare Lee Shan Yue away, making everyone think that there was a Heavenly Core warrior hidden in his room.

Such a method that violated the heavenly principles and goes against nature’s course was something that can only be done by Jiang Chen who was once the greatest saint in the world. Only a miraculous skill like the Great Soul Derivation skill could raise a person’s soul level in such a short amount of time.

However, the cost of doing something like this was huge. A human’s soul was the absolute weakest part of the human body, but it was also the most important part of a human. The soul was the source of everything, and once it was wounded, it would be very difficult to heal.

Jiang Chen circulated the Great Soul Derivation skill and raised his soul power to match that of a Heavenly Core warrior temporarily, damaging his soul in the process. The pressure of doing this made him lose all his energy, which was why he fainted immediately after Lee Shan Yue left.

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