Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 1 – Azure Dragon Mark

Chapter 1 – Azure Dragon Mark

Outside the Yu Guan city, the morning sun was rising.

A handsome juvenile youth with delicate features, clad in black clothes, was treading fast and arrived at the river bank of a fast-flowing river then turned back and said: “You can say it now, what do you want to ask me about?”

Behind him, two men in gray clothes had followed behind him all the way to the river bank.

These two were the fat and thin servants, who were running with ease without losing their breaths, and apparently had some martial cultivation. They came rushing over to the riverside which was surrounded by desolate and uninhabited areas and suddenly a vicious and ruthless look emerged in their eyes.

“A waste like you should just go and repent in hell! You are just a handicapped kid but you still dare to drool over our young Miss Feng Yao, die!”

The fat man cursed and surrounded the black-clothed youngster together with the thin man.

Black-clothed youth’s complexion changed.

They had been sent to take his life?

The youth was named Long Yu and since his childhood, he had lived in the city with the ‘Feng clan’ as the adopted son of Feng clan’s head, Feng Longsong. However, in this world of martial arts, from an early age, he grew up with blocked meridians and because of that, he was incapable of practicing and even if he was the adopted son of head of the clan, he could never earn anyone’s respect.

(Note: Long Yu = Royal Dragon)

But, Feng Yao was the biological daughter of Feng Longsong and had turned sixteen years old this year. She not only was born with an unparalleled beauty and a delicate seductive physique, but she had also entered the Wudao seventh layer and was also the genius disciple of the ‘Hanbing’ sect.

(Note: Hanbing sect can also be called as “trembling ice” sect; “Wudao” can be called Martial Way)

“Who ordered you to kill me?”

Long Yu calmly asked, in fact, the truth was that he didn’t have the slightest interest in the so-called beauty of the Feng clan.

“Since you asked, I will be merciful to tell you. Young Miss personally wants you dead and you have nowhere to escape, so die!”

The fat man shouted loudly then suddenly rushed forward and threw a heavy punch towards Long Yu.

Long Yu was unable to practice and because of that, he couldn’t even see when the fat man’s punch had already reached him. He received a heavy punch on the shoulder with a great strength of 1000 Jin which directly shattered his bones into fragments and instantly destroyed his whole hand and he fell down on the riverside.

(Note: 1 Jin= 0.5 Kg)


Long Yu coughed out a mouthful of blood and tightly clenched his teeth but didn’t utter a single groan.

He was tenacious and was not willing to resign so easily!

In this world, strength represented everything and that fat servant was just the weakest and only at the Wudao first layer, however his single punch contained strength of 1000 Jin and with a single punch, he had seriously injured Long Yu to the point of approaching death.

“I cannot die.”

Long Yu revealed his bloodshot eyes, looking at the fat and the thin servants walking towards him. He exhausted all his body strength and quickly rolled towards the fast-flowing river.

With a “Plop” sound, he fell into the river!

The river flow was too fast and he had fallen into the river with a severely injured body, but whatever may be the outcome, there was still a chance of survival.

On the shore, the two servants gawked at this scene.

“Should we jump into the river and follow him?”

The fat man somewhat hesitated.

Although both were servants, but the thin man was at the second layer of Wudao and held higher status than the fat man in Feng clan.

The thin servant’s eyes flashed: “No need, the river flow is too fast, if we go into the river then we won’t be able to find him so it’s better to go all the way downstream. Your punch must have seriously injured him and would even have broken his meridians. He rolled into the river in order to have a narrow escape so we should go downstream and I am sure, we will be able to intercept him and kill him if he is still alive! “


The fat man nodded then immediately, both of them quickly walked along the river downstream.


In the rapid flow of river, Long Yu’s whole body was exhausted and being washed down the downstream with multiple broken bones, ruptured internal organs and his whole body was covered in severe pain.

Death was slowly approaching him.

“How can I die like this…..”

Long Yu clenched his teeth but the severe pain had made both his mind and body go numb. While his body was being washed down the river, it severely rammed into a giant rock and his blood sprayed out and stained the rock.

In a while, his consciousness had slowly started to get fuzzy.

Just then, a loud and vigorous roar suddenly resounded in his mind and awakened his consciousness!

Long Yu suddenly sobered up and was totally bewildered to see a burst of mysterious bluish green light emitting out from his chest and actually congealed into ghostly shadow of a long Azure Dragon, and it separated the mighty current of the river away from his body and covered his whole body while protecting him at the center.

“This is ……”

Long Yu glanced around and actually saw a ghostly figure of an Azure Dragon carrying his body forward at a very high speed through the wind and waves.

This Azure Dragon’s divine power seemed vast and immeasurable!

Immediately, a mysterious power rushed inside his body and his serious injuries gradually healed, and all of a sudden, it also broke through the passages of his blocked meridians.

And with this, he actually stepped into the world of Wudao!

“This is …… Azure Dragon mark!”

Long Yu couldn’t understand what just happened?

Ten years ago, he was still on the Earth and was considered the King of Killers, but after an accidental death, he crossed through to this different world and took rebirth in the juvenile Long Yu’s body.

After that, a mysterious Azure Dragon mark had appeared on his chest and he did not know what its effects were until now.

At that time, when he had received a severe punch from that fat servant, it certainly would have jolted and snapped his meridians and that must have induced a reaction from the Azure Dragon mark in his Dantian.

In this way, this proved to be a blessing in disguise for Long Yu because when the Azure Dragon mark changed into a phantom Azure Dragon, it not only healed his injuries but it also had made it possible for him to step into the world of Wudao.

In the Wudao first layer, the body could connect with the ‘world divine Lingqi’ to temper and refine the body and the meridians would produce traces of mysterious qi which would also increase the strength to reach 1000 Jin!

A sharp piercing look flashed in Long Yu’s eyes.

For a long time, he had been trying a variety of methods, hoping to step into the world of Wudao, but they all had failed him, but now, it was actually a punch from that fat man, which shook and severed some of his meridians, thereby activating the Azure Dragon mark.

“Although I do not know what this Azure Dragon mark is, but now that I have stepped into the world of Wudao, they can only dream about killing me.”

Long Yu had finally gained his previous life’s mighty self-confidence.

In the past life, he had become the King of Killers and had attained the title of the strongest Hitman, only by relying on his malicious nature and vigorous strength, put together with his extremely strong and matchless willpower.

And if anyone wanted to be successful in the way of martial arts, strong willpower was similarly very essential.

The Azure Dragon’s phantom gradually dissipated.

And now that Long Yu had finally stepped into the world of martial arts, he had reached the first later of Wudao with his strength reaching 1000 Jin, and not only that, his perception and reaction abilities had also greatly enhanced.

In this turbulent water, he could distinctly hear the sound of bugs on the riverside. He could even clearly see the plants at the bottom of the river, gently rippling along the direction of river flow.

This was because now he had entered into the world of martial arts.

Wudao was divided into nine layers, and with each promotion in layer, the cultivation would also increase while increasing the strength significantly. If the cultivation reached the ninth layer of Wudao, one punch would be enough to collapse the mountains, one stomp would crack open the earth and the strength would reach a tyrannical level.


Long Yu noticed that after the Azure Dragon phantom disappeared, it returned to his chest and turned back into the Azure Dragon mark.

But, his consciousness could actually communicate with this Azure Dragon mark.


Long Yu said aloud his intention in his mind and felt that the Azure Dragon mark had begun to heat up, and the strength instantly spread to all of his limbs and bones, making him exclaim in surprise.

“Strength of 2000 Jin!”

At the moment, if Long Yu threw his punch, then it would wield a terrifying strength of 2000 Jin which was equivalent to the strength possessed by martial artists of Wudao second layer.

Once activated, Azure Dragon mark could actually enhance his strength by 1000 Jin, making his total might very terrifying for someone at the first layer of Wudao.

But soon, he felt a trace of fatigue and it seemed that he would be unable to sustain the heat released by the Azure Dragon mark. Certainly he was already very satisfied with this much because being a former Hitman, he could use this as a sure-kill hidden shot in the future.

“The ‘previous me’ can be considered as a Descendant of the Dragons, maybe this Azure Dragon mark has something to do with that …… anyways first I need to reach the river shore.”

(Note: MC is referring to this world’s Long Yu as ‘previous me’)

Long Yu was familiar with his own strength and felt that the water current had begun to slow down and he should have arrived at the downstream.


His whole body jumped up and landed on the shore. He didn’t stop but started trotting on the grass with a sense of power surging throughout his body.

Near the shore, both fat and thin servants were stunned when they saw him.

This kid did not die?

They had waited for an hour and were expecting to see Long Yu’s body flowing downstream, but they never thought that the boy would still be alive and kicking.

“This waste was actually able to jump out of the river?”

The fat man couldn’t believe his eyes because he had clearly used his full strength of 1000 Jin while punching Long Yu then how could he possibly withstand it?

“Fatty, it seems that your punch is so useless that it couldn’t even finish one kid?”

The thin man stared at the drenched figure of Long Yu and motioned with his eyes to the fat man to attack.

“Well, it seems that I was careless, but this time, I will definitely finish him in one shot.”

The fat man rushed towards Long Yu with a killing intent in his eyes.

But what the fat man did not know that at present, Long Yu had already entered the world of Wudao and possessed the strength of 2000 Jin, which was two times his own strength!

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