Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 2 – Strong anti-kill

Chapter 2 – Strong anti-kill

Long Yu stood up and glanced at the fat servant.

He did not expect the fat and thin servants waiting for him on the river bank, but this time he was not afraid of them as he had entered into the world of Wudao and could display double the strength of the Wudao first layer if needed.

“This time, I will return the favor for that punch.”

Long Yu looked at the pacing fat man coming towards him but this time, his mind was tranquil and undisturbed.

Although in this world, he had no fighting experience, but as the King of Killers from the previous world, he had perfected the killing techniques to a high degree of proficiency, so undoubtedly, he wouldn’t have any problem in dealing with the martial arts of the fat servant.

“Brat, last time you were lucky, but now, you won’t be able to escape this time.”

When the fat man arrived near Long Yu, he laughed loudly and ridiculed him and said: “But, if you are willing to call me grandpa, I may give you an easy death.”

He also thought that he might as well just humiliate Long Yu before killing him, but unfortunately, Long Yu did not listen to his long-winded bullshit.

While the fat man was busy in ridiculing him, Long Yu took advantage of this and suddenly darted forward and swept his leg on the ankle of the fat man. The fat man lost his balance and staggered backwards.

Before the fat man could react, Long Yu used his right fist with a condensed strength of 1000 Jin and heavily hit on the side of the fat man’s brain!

With a bang, fat man’s heavy body fell on the ground and there was an incredible look in his eyes.

Until he died, he could not even scream out. He did not think that he would actually die here and that too at the hands of a waste who couldn’t practice.

One shot kill!


Thin servant frowned at the dead fat man. How could he die at the hands of a waste?

Long Yu was standing firmly and looked up at the thin servant.

Since the other party wanted to kill him, so he would naturally not be lenient.

“Ha ha.”

At this time, the thin servant chuckled loudly and said: “Who would have imagined that one day, a waste like you will enter into the world of Wudao. It’s really rare, but if you think that you can deal with that dead fatty then you can also escape from my hands, then you are too naive.”


Long Yu’s slightly tilted the corner of his mouth and said: “Why should I run away?”


Thin servant couldn’t believe what he just heard and immediately responded with a laugh: “Anyway, you cannot escape from me even if you want to, so it’s better to die an easy death with less pain!”

The thin servant had not thought of other possibilities because his own cultivation was at the Wudao second layer and could display twice the power of a Wudao first layer martial artist with the strength of 2000 Jin. Long Yu, earlier a waste, had just now just entered the world of Wudao so his strength could never be comparable to his own strength.

Thin servant dashed forward with a fierce look on his face: “Well, I neglected before and fatty lost his life in vain, but now you do not have any chance, so die!”

As his voice fell, the thin man’s figure quickly rushed towards Long Yu producing a gust of wind.

Facing the thin man, Long Yu had a slightly dignified look on his face.

“Azure Dragon mark, activate!”

He used his thoughts to ​​communicate with the Azure Dragon mark on his chest which began to secretly heat up and right then, a surge of tyrannical strength flooded into his body and bones and he temporarily gained the strength of Wudao second layer.

In his previous life, he was an expert at killing people.

And even now, this fact had remained the same.

Thin servant arrived in front of Long Yu and smashed his fist.

Long Yu’s figure flashed and instantly ducked to dodge the fist.

After entering the Wudao, his speed had become a lot faster however the fist still grazed his cheek and it could have almost cracked his head.

The strength granted by the Wudao second layer was too strong and he didn’t dare to take it head-on.

The next moment, he suddenly shot his hand and grasped the wrist of the thin servant.


Thin servant scowled and immediately screamed: “Ah -“

His wrist had been broken.

“You, you, you – Wudao second layer?”

Thin servant was alarmed because he never imagined that this waste had not only entered the Wudao, but had also reached the Wudao second layer in one swoop. How was this possible?

However, Long Yu had twisted his wrist and it was clear that his strength had absolutely reached 2000 Jin!

Long Yu snorted and without wasting time on bullshitting with the thin man, he raised his foot and heavily kicked at a place three inches under his navel.

This place was the most fundamental part of a martial artist’s cultivation, called Dantian.

The kick was so fierce that it left him tragically screaming. It was over for him as his cultivation had been destroyed, and in an instant, he had become a waste!

Both of them were at the Wudao second layer and possessed the strength of 2000 Jin, but when it came to the utilization of this strength, Long Yu was clearly more skilled than the thin servant.


Like a professional killer, Long Yu twisted the neck of that thin man. He was still new in the world of martial arts but he had already killed two servants and one of them was at the Wudao second stage. If others heard about this, they probably wouldn’t believe it.

The thin servant’s lifeless body fell to the ground but Long Yu’s heart was totally calm.

Since the other party wanted to kill him, he must do a good job of preparing a perfect kill for them, as he was definitely not a good or merciful person.

“After coming to this world, I have been careful and have tried my best to not offend anyone. But now, someone actually wants to kill me.”

Long Yu closed his eyes and rested for a moment then opened his eyes and stood up.

After giving it a thought, he concluded that in this world of martial arts, it was absolutely impossible to not provoke anyone and the only way to deal with this was to become stronger.

“In this world of Wudao, martial artists practice various powerful martial arts, but fortunately they do not understand the right way of using these martial arts for killing, like that thin servant, otherwise it wouldn’t be that easy to kill him.”

He arbitrarily threw the corpses of the two servants into the river and then walked in the direction of Yu Guan City.

He would like to confirm whether Feng Yao had really sent the servants to kill him!


Yu Guan City, at noon!

Long Yu returned alone to the city and walked towards the Feng clan’s mansion.

As a large city of Tang State, Yu Guan city was bustling with numerous martial artists. Especially in a major city like this, there were many respected clans that would continue to supply fresh martial artists to the various large Sects, located throughout the Tang state.

This was a bustling city with a population of millions of people. Feng clan was one of the four large clans in the city and none of the other three was weaker than the Feng clan.

Long Yu walked towards the western parts of city and arrived at the entrance of the Feng clan’s mansion and after seeing him, suddenly, the servants rushed out to welcome him.

“Young master Long, you have finally come back. Clan Lord is looking for you, so please quickly go to the palace hall!”

Inside the mansion, Long Yu saw that many servants were searching around, looking for something, and it seemed that they were looking for him.

When servants saw that he had come back, they were all very relieved.

“They certainly do not think that I was out killing the witnesses, right? But it’s a pity that I have turned misfortune into blessing and in just one swoop, I entered into the world of Wudao and also came back alive!”

Long Yu sneered and walked towards the palace hall.

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