Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 21 – Dragon Mark’s secrets

Chapter – 21 Dragon Mark’s secrets

There was a stretch of vast desolate and chaotic world, the ground was burning continuously and a major section of earth had already collapsed. The destructive forces were flooding throughout the entire space.

During the ancient ages, flames of war were spread throughout the ‘Divine Martial world’.

Long Yu felt that right now, he was inside this ancient and boundless world.

“Divine Martial world, this is actually the Divine Martial world, how in the hell did I end up here, this world should have existed in the ancient ages……”

Long Yu opened his eyes but regardless of that, he felt that he couldn’t clearly see the scene present in front his eyes. He quickly realized that it was only a memory, and perhaps, a section of memories stored in ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ had transferred into his mind.

This world was extremely broad, and initially, Long Yu only got to see all kinds of destructive forces raging the whole world into ruins and discovered that living creatures didn’t exist in this world at this point of time.

He didn’t know for how long he continued to look at the same desolate and ruined world, when suddenly in the distant sky, a black ripple gradually spread out, and quickly enlarged in front of his eyes. It was actually a black colossus flying in his direction from the horizon.

Although he couldn’t clearly see its whole body, but he clearly knew what this thing actually was.

“Nine hidden Dragon!”

Long Yu was anxiously looking and only saw the shadow of that gigantic ‘Nine hidden Dragon’ blotting the sky. Wherever the dragon was flying over to, the black ripples coming out of its body were proliferating through the space and causing massive destruction. The destructive level of its formidable strength present in these black ripples was so high that the space wasn’t able to maintain itself and was torn apart wherever the black ripples appeared.

It was obvious that he was the only supreme ruler of this world!

Like an emperor watching over the world from above, the ‘Nine hidden Dragon’ would fly all over, while igniting the space with its black flames which looked like blossoming black lotuses and continued to burn in this world without extinguishing.

‘Nine hidden Dragon’ was hovering high in the sky, and it seemed as if the entire world was enveloped with dark clouds, but suddenly, a divine light descended from heaven and with a loud bang, it fell on top of ‘Nine hidden Dragon’!

As the divine light descended from heaven, it seemed as if both time and space had come to a standstill, not even the formidable ‘Nine hidden Dragon’ was able to resist it!

Finally, Nine hidden Dragon, who was the Emperor Dragon of this world, suffered the punishment from divine light and plunged into the depths of ‘Divine Martial world’ and was permanently sealed……


Long Yu didn’t know how many years passed before the vitality came into existence in this ‘Divine Martial world’.

All this time, Long Yu had always been floating above the place where the ‘Nine hidden Dragon’ fell and was sealed, and after experiencing innumerable years, a towering mountain formed at the same place. The remnants of the power of ‘Nine hidden Dragon’ were spread on this mountain in the form of mysterious black lines printed all over the mountain.

The habitation gradually began on the mountain and a tribe finally formed and started living on it.

The people of this tribe referred to themselves as “Descendants of the Dragon”!

Because, those black dragon lines granted formidable strength to the members of this tribe, and so long as the ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ was carved on the chest, they were able to borrow the mysterious strength of ancient ‘Nine hidden Dragon’ sealed under the mountain.

The people of this tribe didn’t know why they could borrow the strength of ‘Nine hidden Dragon’, but they lived in martial world where only those with formidable strength could survive and establish themselves.

So, gradually, nobody in the whole tribe tried to explore the reasons and continued to carve the ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ on their chests and it became their most ancient traditional custom.

Gradually, ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ became just an ordinary dragon-shaped mark carved on the chests of the members of this tribe.

This dragon-shaped mark had nine major layer changes and with each major change, it could enhance the might ten times.

During its first layer change, the dragon-shaped mark awakened the strength of ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’!

“So that’s how it is, at the Wudao fourth layer, the mark shows a significant change and once activated, it will be able to enhance the strength by 10,000 Jin…… But the next major change will occur at the Wudao eighth layer, and with the activation of mark, it will be able to enhance my strength by 100,000 Jin, and then, I will also be able to use the martial skills of ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’, it’s really so incredible!”

Long Yu carefully observed the everyday life of the members of that tribe, and quickly figured out some of the growth patterns of ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’.

However any memories related to the Wudao eight layer or above were still blurred and Long Yu couldn’t see them clearly, and this was apparently because his current cultivation was low and he couldn’t look into the depths of memories related to higher levels.

After looking at these memories, Long Yu understood that his decision to choose a body refining type martial skill was correct.

Because the people in this tribe, in order to allow the body to withstand the formidable strength granted by the mark, grew up practicing body refining type martial skills, making their bodies tough like steel, so tough that even water and fire couldn’t invade their bodies!

After arriving far inside the memories, they gradually blurred at this point.

Long Yu took a peek into some of the secrets of the mark, however, even bigger doubts took birth in his heart.

The tribal people called themselves “descendents of the Dragon”, but was this somehow related to his past life?

The ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ was carved on the other Long Yu’s body only after dying, when he came to this world?

There were many questions but he was far from obtaining any explanation from these memories!

The fuzzy memories gradually started to fade, but at the last moment, Long Yu saw a beautiful woman, clad in white elegant clothes, but her noble figure seemed unreal and fuzzy.

This beautiful woman was looking at him from a very distant place, but he couldn’t see her body clearly, he just saw a pair of beautiful and mirror-like eyes, while her two white hands seemed to be gradually withdrawing from Long Yu’s chest

“Yu Fei, Yu Fei ……”

These words suddenly appeared in his heart as if coming straight from the ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’.

“Did this woman named Yu Fei engrave ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ on my chest? But, who is she? Why must she carve the mark on my chest……”

The scene gradually blurred in front of his eyes and a complete darkness spread everywhere.

Whether it was the ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’, the tribe of ‘descendants of the Dragon’ or that beautiful woman named Yu Fei, all vanished without a trace as if they never appeared in front of his eyes.

Suddenly, Long Yu opened his eyes.

“You are awake!”

A crisp female voice suddenly resounded as if startled by Long Yu.

Long Yu listened to this voice and quickly remembered that the voice belonged to the pretty Liao Lele. He gave a closer look and found himself lying on a bamboo bed, while Liao Lele was twisting a towel and seemed to be wiping his body.

“What are you doing?”

Long Yu gave a wary look to Liao Lele.

“You say what I’m doing?”

Liao Lele saw the vigilant look in Long Yu’s eyes and stared at him and said: ‘’Your right leg was seriously injured by Feng Yun’s move, and we used the wonderful medicine of old white to cure your injuries and I was attending to you day and night, otherwise you would have lost your this leg!’’

Long Yu discovered that she was wiping the wounds on his knee area and also noticed that those wounds had almost healed.

He raised his head and looked around and found that he was in a bamboo room with a quiet and beautiful environment, but he didn’t know where exactly he was at the moment.

“Where am I?”

Long Yu asked aloud.

“This is the dwelling place of old white and old black, located at the top of Zhentian canyon.” Liao Lele replied in a casual manner.

“Old white and old black?”

Long Yu had some doubts. He clearly remembered that when he fainted near the entrance of Martial Court, he vaguely heard Feng Yun calling the name of “Elder Yu”, so why was he now at the dwelling place of old white and old black?

“The guardian elders of Zhentian Sect are good friends with the Martial Court’s Elder Yu.”

Liao Lele explained to him.

Long Yu heard this and nodded then he seemed to have remembered something and asked: “How long was I unconscious for?”

“Two weeks and I even thought that you are dead.”

Liao Lele snorted loudly.

Although, her tone was rough, but Long Yu actually felt a sense of care and worry in her voice, which arose a warm feeling in his heart, he smiled but did not say anything.

He sat up and found that his body had no discomfort, but since he was unconscious and lying down in bed for two weeks, he felt slightly weak.

The deep injury caused in his right leg by Feng Yun’s attack had almost healed and there should be no impediment to his movements.

“I must inform the elders that you woke up.”

Liao Lele said to Long Yu, then stood up, turned around, and walked out of the bamboo room.

At that time, Long Yu slightly moved his body and wanted to stretch his body, but suddenly discovered that the clothes on his body had been changed, and froze on the spot.

“Who changed my clothes? Old white and old black? There’s a high possibility that they changed my clothes, or perhaps……”

Liao Lele?

Not good, he must find out who changed his clothes!

However, no matter who changed his clothes, didn’t it mean that his ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ had been discovered?

While he was still thinking, the bamboo door was pushed open, and an old man dressed in white came inside the room. Liao Lele followed behind the old man, but she didn’t enter the room, just made faces at Long Yu then shut the door.

Now, only Long Yu and the old man in white were present inside the room.

“Long Yu, you finally woke up.”

The old man walked towards Long Yu without making a sound. There was a kind smile on his face when looking at Long Yu as if he was looking at a good friend, and there wasn’t the slightest hesitation in his attitude towards Long Yu.

“You can call me old white.”

The old man in white said and stood firmly beside Long Yu and suddenly looked at his chest area.

Long Yu was startled and thought that the secret of his ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ was really discovered by old white.

However, the old man didn’t inquire about it and said with a kind smile on his face: “In order to cure your leg, I used a reincarnation pill, it’s a top grade immortality drug, and besides me, no one else inside the Zhentian Sect has the authority to access it.”

“Thank you elder.”

Long Yu was undoubtedly very grateful to him, but he still wondered, why this old man would be willing to spend a precious immortality drug to save his leg, was it because old white discovered his talent or did he want to accept Long Yu as his direct disciple?

While he was still thinking, old white said with a calm smile on his face: “Boy, you don’t misunderstand my actions. I saved you not because of any selfish motive, in fact it has nothing to do with you, I did it because of your father.”

“My father?”

Long Yu heard it and was surprised for a moment. So old white saved him just because he knew his father?

No, it could not be just that, there was definitely a deeper relationship between his father and old white otherwise it was impossible for old white to spend a top grade immortality drug for an ordinary friend’s son.

Top grade immortality drug, it was almost much precious than a high grade immortality drug, no need to say how precious it actually was!

Long Yu suddenly remembered that before coming to Zhentian Sect, his foster father, Feng Longsong, said to him that there was an old friend of his father in Zhentian Sect. Could it be that old white was that friend?

“But about your father, I do not have much to say.”

Old white glanced at Long Yu’s chest and said: “The dragon-shaped mark on your chest, I think it should be your father who carved it on your chest. Although I do not know what it actually is but I must say that your future achievements will not be small. When you become strong enough, you will naturally come to know about your father.”

Long Yu nodded and mused in his heart, although he never got to know his father but he was sure that his father was definitely not the one who imprinted the ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ on his chest.

Because, he clearly remembered that this dragon-shaped mark was not on his chest before crossing over to this world, so it was obvious that he got this mark after coming to this world and could be the result produced during his crossing.

Moreover, in the fuzzy ancient memories of ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’, he saw that it was actually a beautiful woman who carved the mark on his chest whose name seemed to be “Yu Fei”, and he didn’t know why, but he seemed to have an intuition that this Yu Fei was absolutely not one of his relatives from this lifetime.

Certainly, old white made an assumption and automatically linked his ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ with his father. But it was actually good that he made an assumption, because now, Long Yu could avoid telling him about the bigger secrets of ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’.

Long Yu was sure that old white actually didn’t know about Yu Fei, descendants of dragon tribe and the ‘Nine hidden Dragon’.

“But kid, you really had it rough this time.”

Old White changed the subject, suddenly smiled and said: “Do you know the present condition of Feng Yun?”

“What happened to him?”

Long Yu said in a surprised manner because he really did not know what happened to Feng Yun. Just because of this Feng Yun, he was unconscious for two weeks and almost lost his leg, so when old white mentioned about his present condition, he got curious and really wanted to know what happened to Feng Yun after he was blasted away, because Long Yu had fainted right at that very instant!

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