Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 20 – Tyrannical Feng Yun

Chapter – 20 Tyrannical Feng Yun

When that gentleman, dressed in white and with a smile on his handsome face, came into the field step by step, everyone was attracted to his elegant demeanor.

Feng Yun was a core disciple of Zhentian Sect and almost everyone present there immediately recognized him.

No one expected that Feng Yun had already been informed about this matter and they quickly realized that Long Yu was doomed tonight, because they knew about Feng Yun and Feng Yang being the members of the same clan.

Long Yu had severely injured Feng Yang and now that Feng Yun had arrived on the scene, he would certainly not forgive Long Yu!

In the crowd, Tan Yue, lying on the stretcher, was carefully staring at Feng Yun and could not help but somewhat blushed.

She certainly knew the status of Feng Yun. Tan Jian had told her that Feng Yun was one of the top ten core disciples of the Zhentian Sect. Moreover, he was quite handsome and was definitely going to be the head of Yu Guan City’s Feng Clan someday.

Now when she saw him in person, she immediately felt that what her brother said was not empty talk. Feng Yun was incredibly handsome and if she could somehow hook up with him then Tan Clan would certainly benefit from this……

Tan Yue started cherishing her fond desires when a clear female voice suddenly interrupted her thoughts.

“This man is really handsome! Hey, Long Yu, do you know him? Does he applaud for your win?’’

Liao Lele said while keeping a close eye on the handsome face of Feng Yun: “You should introduce me to him got it, after all, I got you a Qing Hua Dan you know. You can at least do this much for me!”

“I’d gladly introduce you to him, but it’s a pity that I’m not familiar with him.’’

Long Yu faintly said and looked towards Feng Yun.

Feng Yun had maintained a smile on his face throughout the time he walking towards Long Yu but when he heard these words, he chuckled loudly: “Younger cousin, you actually say that we are not familiar with each other? Now don’t you treat me like a stranger, and the way your cultivation grows so fast, it’s an added surprise for your elder cousin.”

He said and stood at least thirty feet away from Long Yu. He leaned his face to look at Feng Yang lying unconscious on the ground, and the smile gradually faded from his face.

“However, younger cousin, you have so severely beaten a brother from the same clan. Didn’t you once think that we are members of the same clan and must lookout for each other?

This sentence was full of killing intent and revealed the anger building up inside Feng Yun. He then gave a fierce look to Long Yu and the atmosphere in the field suddenly tensed up.

“This guy …..his complexion changes so fast, sometimes it’s friendly then it becomes hostile, like flipping the pages of a book ……”

Liao Lele naturally also felt the ill intent from this guy and her heart sank.

Although, she did not know who Feng Yun was but listening to his words, she sensed the surrounding atmosphere suddenly tensing up, she immediately understood that this guy was related to Feng Yang and was also much stronger than Fang Kang.

At present, she only knew that this man was from Feng Clan and also seemed to be Long Yu’s cousin.

Regarding Long Yu’s identity, it was crystal clear to everyone that he was the adopted son of the Lord of Feng Clan, so spectators didn’t feel strange after hearing Feng Yun’s words.

They knew that right now, Long Yu was really in big trouble!

“Feng Clan?”

Long Yu faced Feng Yun and while still maintaining his own imposing aura, he sneered and said: “Give me one reason why I should lookout for the members of Feng Clan. Has Feng Clan ever paid attention to my problems except always looking down on me and calling me a waste?”

“You wasted one leg of my younger brother.”

Feng Yun looked at him and faintly said.

“Changing the topic?”

Long Yu smiled with a disdainful look in his eyes.

Feng Yun entered the Zhentian Sect long ago and now he was already 24 or 25 years old, also, during the last year’s competition held at the Feng Clan, he was at the Wudao seventh layer. Now that he had become one of the top 10 core disciples of the Zhentian Sect, he must have become a lot stronger than Feng Longsong!

Long Yu tried to devise various strategies to tackle Feng Yun but he concluded that he absolutely had no chance of winning against Feng Yun, so he could only try to use words to get out of this mess.

However, it didn’t seem like Feng Yun was in a mood to listen anything.

His white clothing lightly moved in the flowing breeze, and all of a sudden, he widened his eyes and said: ‘’who is right, who is wrong, I don’t plan to investigate about all that. However, you wasted a leg of my younger brother, so tonight I will take revenge for him.”

As his voice fell, Long Yu suddenly felt a tyrannical aura along with a heavy pressure coming down from the heaven and enveloped him completely. This imposing aura, it was exactly the same as the Zhentian mysterious mood, and much stronger than his own comprehension of the mysterious mood, closer to the world principle of true suppression!

Under the impact of this tyrannical aura, Long Yu’s whole body was completely unable to move and could only wait to be trampled upon!

“Is this the extent of comprehension of mysterious mood achieved by formidable core disciples? This is a kind of artificial knife like feeling which seems to be chopping down from above and I feel like a fish waiting to be chopped down by it.”

Long Yu clenched his teeth but he quickly understood that this time, he had no room to resist!

The condition of Liao Lele was also the same, and only in a moment, the beads of sweat appeared on both of their faces, obviously because of the terrifying heavy pressure.

And at that time, standing thirty feet away from Long Yu, an overbearing smile appeared on Feng Yun’s face and he raised his right hand and a heavy wave came out of it.

“Sky wave crosses.”

As he said those words, a white light wave made up of Xuan qi came out of his right hand.

Xuan qi external control!

Long Yu’s eyes were wide open and were staring at the white light coming towards him. It instantly crossed the distance of thirty feet and penetrated into his right leg.


Blood spattered and Long Yu tightly clenched his teeth. He felt an intense pain transmitting from his right leg, and it seemed like he would faint from the pain.

Feng Yun’s strength was too terrifying. He just used his imposing aura and Long Yu was unable to move under its impact. And now, he used a martial skill that allowed him to shoot his Xuan qi and directly penetrated Long Yu’s leg!

But even so, Long Yu did not fall and kept his back straight while standing on his left leg.

Looking at this scene, Liao Lele was visibly moved because Xuan qi had penetrated his right leg which must be causing an intense and unbearable pain in his right leg, but he was able to hold back this pain without uttering a single sound from his mouth, and the most important thing was that this guy’s right leg had been wasted but he was still standing and didn’t fall!

Not just Liao Lele, even the other disciples looking at this scene, as well as Feng Yun was somewhat surprised.

“Your willpower and perseverance are good.”

Feng Yun’s whole body released out an overbearing imposing aura while he walked towards Long Yu: ‘’Next will be the revenge for my younger cousin, Feng Yang!”

His vision shifted towards Long Yu’s chest, and it was obvious that this was the place where he was going to attack first.

Perhaps he was not good at the external control of Xuan qi, so he walked towards Long Yu and came right in front him.

“Are you ready?”

Feng Yun’s eyes revealed a teasing look.

Long Yu clenched his teeth, but didn’t say a word and was actually thinking quickly in his heart.

“What are my options, excluding the sudden interference from the Martial Court elder, my only hope is this mysterious ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ printed on my chest. This Feng Yun seems to be eyeing my chest so he would most probably start from the chest. I’d like to see which one of them is stronger, Feng Yun or the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’! “

Long Yu was facing a hopeless situation but was still keeping his calm and thinking.

The Zhentian Sect didn’t allow its disciples to kill each other in a fight, especially when a higher level disciple was fighting against a junior disciple, and in the current situation, Feng Yun certainly wouldn’t dare to kill him in front of the Martial Court, due to the presence of Martial Court elder. However looking at the arrogant demeanor of Feng Yun, Long Yu was naturally not willing to give in.

Long Yu puffed out his chest and stood proudly and unyielding in front of Feng Yun!

“Very interesting.”

Feng Yun smiled with a look of disdain in eyes: “You will forever remember the lesson you are going to receive from me tonight!”

After saying these words, he finally prepared to begin and condensed the strength of 30,000 Jin on his palm and directly shot on Long Yu’s chest.


Accompanied with a heavy thundering sound, when Feng Yun’s palm shot on Long Yu’s chest, a formidable Xuan qi immediately invaded his body!

But right at this time, the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ on Long Yu’s chest sensed the invasion of an external force and instantaneously activated.

An ancient mystical force suddenly erupted from the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ and blasted Feng Yun, whose body flew up like a ball.

Hundreds of famous disciples of the Zhentian Sect suddenly widened their eyes in disbelief. They just could not believe what they saw.

Feng Yun was one of the top ten core disciples of Zhentian Sect and his palm dashed against the so called “waste”, Long Yun’s chest, but it was him who was actually blasted away! How was this possible?

This was just like the story in which a pig ate the tiger. But if Long Yu was capable of such a feat then why didn’t he use this secret move before his right leg was wasted by Feng Yun?

The next moment, Feng Yang’s body heavily fell on the ground and rolled on several times before stopping near the same spot where Feng Yang was lying unconscious. His white clothes were completely soiled and he seemed in a miserable state.

“Keke ……”

Feng Yun coughed and looked towards Long Yu with his bloodshot eyes.

He could not believe that Long Yu, the waste of his clan, could actually blast him away, although he didn’t suffer any serious injuries, but he still lost face in front of everyone, and the most important thing was that he didn’t know what actually happened to cause this!

But he looked up and saw that Long Yu had already fallen down on the ground, and seemed to be in a comatose state, and the girl clad in grey clothes was anxiously shouting his name.

“Long Yu, Long Yu, are you okay?”

Liao Lele was lying her head on Long Yu’s chest and there was a panicked expression on her face.

But, Long Yu was actually shut in his own mind and his whole body was motionless. It looked like he was in a deep sleep and both his breathing and heartbeat had stopped. Liao Lele thought that he was already dead.

After all, the power of Feng Yun was too strong, and although she didn’t know about the force that blasted him away, but Long Yu was so heavily beaten up by his palm attack that severe injuries were inevitable.

“Give up Feng Yun!”

At this time, everyone heard a hoarse voice and an old man dressed in black robe appeared next to Long Yu.

“Elder Yu.”

Seeing the elder, Feng Yun certainly knew that now he won’t get an opportunity to finish Long Yu, but today, didn’t he lose face in front of so many people?

Also, how could Long Yu blast him away, just what was the secret behind this?

Unfortunately, the Martial Court elder appeared so now it would be impossible to find about this secret from Long Yu. He decided to put this plan in motion at a later date.

“Feng Yun, even if you are a core disciple of my Zhentian Sect, but you cannot act without the regard for authority. Wudao doesn’t have a peak, and looking at your talent, you must struggle and try to climb as far as you can, instead of clinging to personal enmity!”

Elder Yu’s hoarse voice was not loud, but it spread throughout the area and everyone heard it, making them realize of their true goal, reaching the peak of Wudao.

Right, Wudao practice, a martial way without end, they just spent a whole day just to have a little fun, such a waste of time!

“The disciple understands his mistake so I will take my leave now.”

Feng Yun said but was slightly unwilling to leave, looked deeply towards the unconscious Long Yu, then turned around to leave.

At the instant he turned around, Feng Yun suddenly felt a burst of strange force emerging inside his body, and could not help but felt like throwing up blood, but in order to maintain his face, he restrained himself from throwing up.

“That is that strange force transferred from the body of that waste….’’

Feng Yun’s face sank and didn’t dare to stay there for a long time and hastily left at a fast speed.

When Feng Yun left in a hurry, the other people knew that the show was finally over and Elder Yu’s words had also made them somewhat regret their action, so they soon went back to practice.

“Take him and come with me.”

The hoarse voice of the black robed elder entered Liao Lele’s ears and she hastily nodded.

“Yes elder.”

Although, Liao Lele was a girl, but she was at Wudao fourth layer and possessed the strength of 8000 Jin, so it was not a problem for her to carry Long Yu’s body.

The dim light of night filled the air, the stars shone in the sky.

Elder Yu wearing a black robe led the two towards the entrance of the Zhentian Sect, close to the Zhentian canyon.

A good show seemed to have finally ended.

However, no one actually knew that at present, Long Yu had fallen into the chaos of ancient memories.

When the mysterious force of ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ suddenly erupted a moment ago, Long Yu finally got to know some of the secrets about it!

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