Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 23 – fierce combat with the snake king

Chapter – 23 fierce combat with the snake king

Not long ago, this outer disciple of the Zhentian Sect was alive and kicking, but now he actually became the food inside the belly of this colossus beast, not even a little residue was left of his body.

On the side, besides being extremely cautious, Long Yu was keeping a closer look at the monster, and was surprised at its huge size, just like a cobra enlarged by several times. The entire body of the beast was dark, almost 100 feet long, and whenever it raised its head above the ground, it reached a height of thirty feet, quite ferocious.

However, on its head, there were no eyes and nose, it only had a giant mouth from which venom was dripping, and it was this giant mouth that had swallowed an outer disciple a moment ago!

This was the Teng snake King.

“Teng snake King, not only its strength is comparable to the strength of a warrior at Wudao seventh layer, but also contains highly toxic venom, its body has rough skin and flesh, seems to be very difficult to deal with.”

An excited look flashed in Long Yu’s eyes: “If I can kill it and obtain its neidan then it will definitely help me in reaching the Wudao sixth layer in one fell swoop!’’

Teng snake King possessed the strength of 50,000 Jin to 60,000 Jin, and with this much strength, a casual swing of its tail could easily lead to Long Yu’s death. In a direct fight, Long Yu was definitely not its opponent. So, he would have to find some other ways to deal with the monster.

Long Yu carefully observed the surroundings and quietly began to take action.

Besides Teng snake King, in the field, there were four other outer disciples of Zhentian Sect, all wearing blue clothes. Very scared of the Teng snake King, all of them looked panic stricken, and were running away from the spot as soon as possible.

A woman was running at the fastest speed, and it seemed that she was the so-called Sister Qin, but the speed of Teng snake King was faster than her.

The black colossus was quickly going through the forest, and swept its tail directly hitting the slowest of the outer disciples, and it was so forcefully hit that he flew up and heavily crashed into a towering giant tree, then fell on the ground, and instantly met his death.

In the next moment, Teng snake King turned around and quickly sprayed its toxic venom on another outer disciple, and his body immediately started to rot, while he was incessantly screaming rolling on the ground.

“Sister Qin! Sister Qin!”

The remaining last person running right behind Sister Qin was frightened and shouting in panic, as if this Sister Qin could save him.

“You stay here and try to stop it, my elder brother can arrive at any moment!”

Sister Qin was similarly in panic and was desperate to escape quickly, as she knew very well that a quick escape was the only way to save life in such a situation, so how could she dare to stop?

“Stop it?”

The man almost despaired after he heard her. She wanted him to stop the Teng snake King?

Confronted with the terrifying Teng snake King, just how could he possibly stay and stop it? For stopping it, won’t he have to rely on his petty strength of Wudao fifth layer? His strength was not even enough to stop the beast’s tail!

“The Shaking air law!’’

The man used an agility type martial skill with full force, but he had recently entered the Sect and had only practiced the shaking air law to the Xiao Cheng level.

Moreover, even if he had practiced the shaking air law to the Da Cheng level, then also it was impossible to rely on the air ripples to hinder Teng snake king’s action, because the power gap was too great between the two sides.

Even if he was running at full speed, his speed was nothing compared to the Teng snake King’s chasing speed.

After a moment, the huge body of Teng snake King directly came over the body of that outer disciple and swallowed him completely, then opened its large mouth, and with a loud roar it instantly advanced towards Sister Qin!

“Do not come, do not come any closer, my elder brother is at the Wudao seventh layer, if you dare to touch me, my brother will not let you off!”

At that time, Sister Qin said sweetly and charmingly, but she was extremely frightened on the inside, her face was full of panic expression expecting the Teng snake King to not come near her, and the only thing that came in her mind was to threaten the Teng snake King with her brother’s identity.

Unfortunately, why would Teng snake King care about her empty threat?

Teng snake King advanced to kill its final prey, Sister Qin, and it directly swept its tail and struck down an old thick tree.

A loud thunder-like sound spread in the surroundings, and the tree fell right in front of Sister and blocked her escape route, and a sharp thorny branch of the falling tree directly pierced her white thigh, and she immediately fell down on the ground with a severe pain in her thigh.

“Hu Chi ……”

Teng snake King’s large mouth spurted foul odor and it quickly dragged its huge body towards Sister Qin and soon approached her, it seemed that it could kill her any moment.

However, at this time, a heavy boulder arrived from a distant place towards the head of Teng snake King!

The size of the boulder was same as the size of Wang Ten snake’s head. It weighed 10,000 Jin and came straight through the forest and pounded directly on its head generating a heavy sound and threw down its body on the ground.

But immediately, Teng snake King jolted its head powerfully and shot the boulder to fly in the air, and it fell on the ground a bit far away.

Teng snake King opened its large mouth and turned its head towards the direction from where the heavy boulder was thrown at it.

It was actually Long Yu, standing at a distance of thirty feet away from the Teng snake King, still maintaining the throwing pose after throwing the boulder. His strength of throwing the boulders with strength of 10,000 Jin could be regarded as good at his current strength.

“After all, this person is a disciple of Zhentian Sect, at least I should try and rescue a disciple if I can, but if she ends up dying then that’s her fate, it can only be a pity……..”

Long Yu thought while calmly observing the movements of Teng snake King.

“Hu Chi!”

When Teng snake King was pounded by the heavy boulder, it became extremely angry, and suddenly abandoned the nearby Sister Qin and rushed in the direction where Long Yu was standing.

Although, Sister Qin was extremely frightened and panting, but when she saw that Teng snake King turned towards a different direction leaving her, then she heaved a sigh of relief.

She wanted to escape and tried to get up, but as her thigh was pierced by a sharp thorny tree branch and blood was profusely coming out, so she couldn’t stand up, and could only curse her fate……

Faced with the angry Teng snake King rushing towards him at a very high speed, he immediately displayed ‘Flickering wind step’ and hastily retreated.

Although Long Yu was using ‘Flickering wind step’ which he had already practiced to the Da Cheng level, but his speed was still inferior to Teng snake King’s speed, but he didn’t want to escape rather he had already planned to lead Teng snake King into a trap!

After a short time, the distance between Teng snake King and Long Yu remained only twenty feet, but at this time, Teng snake King suddenly felt that its body was caught in a long vine.

Immediately, Teng snake King wanted to rip apart that long vine, but it never thought that in doing so, it would end up alarming a neighboring large vine.

Only after a moment, one after another, sturdy vines suddenly raided Teng snake King’s body and twined its whole body tightly. The sharp thorns were protruding and spread all over these vines and began to pierce into its skin one by one and started sucking its flesh and blood.

“These vines are a specific type of vegetation found in the abyss and possess natural wisdom, needless to say that Teng snakes are their natural preys, and these vines like to eat Teng snakes.”

Long Yu remembered the information pertaining to vines present in his mind when he had heard about it from Liao Lele, and could not help but feel that this girl was quite an attentive person. She had already looked up such valuable information regarding vines.

If a martial cultivator got entangled in such vines, it won’t only lead to a waste of time and nothing serious. But, if a Teng snake got entangled in the vines, then due to its sheer huge size, it will keep getting entangled in the vines until all of its flesh and blood had been sucked dry by the vines!

Teng snake King despised Long Yu. It never expected that it would end up falling into Long Yu’s trap. It was careless and accidentally fell into such a hopeless situation.

“Hu Chi!”

Teng snake King opened its giant mouth, and was constantly blowing out venom on the vines, but the poison had no effect on its natural enemy. The best it could do was to use its poison to temporarily block the vines from twining around its body, but after some time, more vines would once again quickly start to entangle its body.

Teng snake King was huge in comparison to these vines, and its power was also far beyond the strength of these vines.

Teng snake King started tearing the vines wrapped around it with a force of 50,000-60,000 Jin and many vines were torn apart and fell down from its body.

However, the vines around here were numerous in number. Although, Teng snake King continued to tear the vines with its great strength, but as it was tearing more and more vines, more and more wounds started to appear on its body, and as time passed, its strength decreased considerably.

Teng snake King and vines were both extremely powerful, rolling and winding against each other, the old and sturdy trees in the nearby area were all destroyed, making a stretch of open area in this dense forest.

Long Yu was hiding on the side, silently observing the fierce struggle of Teng snake King in the field, and after approximately the burning time of two sticks of incense, Teng snake King’s strength seemed to have been completely depleted, it stopped struggling and its heavy body fell on the ground and stopped moving.

Surrounding his body, countless sharp thorn vines were scattered on the ground and seemed to have been completely torn apart by the terrifying strength of Teng snake King.

Apparently, it was the situation of no side wins.

Long Yu cautiously walked towards the giant body of Teng snake King.

Soon, he was only 30 feet away from Teng snake King.

“Hu Chi!”

Suddenly, Teng snake King’s body somersaulted into the sky, and moving its giant mouth, it sprayed strong venom towards Long Yu. So it turned out to be a surprise attack!

If Long Yu didn’t dodge this surprise attack and its venom would naturally kill him, then Teng snake King would have been the final winner.

However, Long Yu had always maintained a high degree of vigilance, and efforts of Teng snake King were all in vain.

As the Teng snake King spurted the venom, Long Yu’s figure immediately dodged.

“Flickering wind step!”

When a cultivator practiced ‘Flickering wind step’ to the Da Cheng level, he could cross a distance of thirty feet in a blink of an eye, so the very next instant, Long Yu’s figure appeared close to Teng snake King’s belly!

“Give me your neidan!”

Long Yu shouted, and took the opportunity to pull up two sharp thorn vines from the ground with both hands to use them as a whip and flung the vines towards the abdomen of Teng snake King!

Chi la la!

Although sharp thorn vines had been snapped and lost life, but the sharp thorns on its surface still maintained their strong and sharp offensive strength. All of a sudden, the wound on the abdomen of Teng snake King began to expand.

At the same time, Long Yu was clutching sharp thorn vines in his hands, and his hands were also punctured by the sharp thorns, causing the blood to drip continuously and the intense pain almost made him to let go of the vines.

However he knew very well that if he wanted to beat Teng snake King, he would have to bear this pain, because right now, besides using these sharp thorn vines, he did not have any other means to cut open the tough skin on the abdomen of Teng snake King.

He clenched his teeth and made an effort to pull taut the two sharp thorn vines, like using sword right transversely on the abdomen of Teng snake king.

“Hu Chi!”

Teng snake King roared fiercely and a large wound was cut open on its abdomen. Long Yu quickly found and dug out the neidan from its belly and tightly grasped it in his hand.


Long Yu succeeded, and at the maximum speed, he jumped away from Teng snake King, and suddenly felt the warmth of the fist-sized Lingqi-rich neidan of Teng snake King, and his heart was instantly filled with joy.

Although, his hands were covered in blood due to injuries inflicted by holding the sharp thorn vines, and blood was constantly dripping from the countless holes made on his hands, but he didn’t care about his injuries, because now he finally obtained the neidan of Teng snake King, and with its help, he would be able to step into the Wudao sixth layer in one fell swoop!

After the neidan was taken out of its body, the Teng snake King’s body heavily crashed on the ground.

But at this time, two figures suddenly emerged in front of Long Yu.

One of them was Sister Qin, whom he saved a while ago, and at the moment, she was leaning on a stick and seemed to be facing difficulty in walking.

And at her side, there was a young man wearing black clothes, and from his appearance he looked to be in his early twenties. A formidable aura was coming out of his body and anybody could see that this man had a very high cultivation level, probably at Wudao seventh layer!

“Elder brother, it’s him, he is the guy who took Teng snake King’s neidan from me. You must help me in taking it back from him!”

At this time, that “Sister Qin” was greedily looking at the neidan in Long Yu’s hand!

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