Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 24 – bite the hand that feeds one

Chapter – 24 bite the hand that feeds one

Long Yu heard the words of Sister Qin and could not help but frowned.

Took neidan of Teng snake King from her?

She brought back help to snatch it back from him?

This Sister Qin was simply ridiculous. It was evident that Long Yu just now killed Teng snake King so when did she kill it?

Long Yu saved her but instead of thanking him, she actually brought someone to help her snatch away the neidan from him!

“So she intends to bite the hand that fed her?”

(Mystique – ‘bite the hand that feeds one’ is an idiom.)

Long Yu thought then carefully observed Sister Qin and that black-clothed youth and felt that both of them looked somewhat familiar.

Then he suddenly remembered something related to surname Qin.

Yu Guan City, Qin Clan.

Qin Ronger and her elder brother Qin Tianque, this brother and sister combo of Qin Clan had joined Zhentian Sect, and this year, Qin Tianque appeared to be in his early twenties, but had actually reached the Wudao seventh layer.

At Wudao seventh layer, it was possible to release Xuan qi outside the body and could very much enhance the battle efficiency, and Long Yu, who was still at the Wudao fifth layer, was definitely not his opponent.

However, if Long Yu could only have enough time to absorb the neidan of Teng snake King, then he would be able to step into the Wudao sixth layer, and then, he might a small chance……

The eyes of Black-clothed youth, Qin Tianque, were clearly revealing arrogance. He shot a fierce glance at Long Yu and lightly said: “I am an inner disciple of Zhentian Sect, Qin Tianque. Know your limits and obediently hand over Teng snake King’s neidan, and I may exempt you from physical suffering.”

“What utter nonsense, I killed Teng snake King and I also saved your sister’s life, but now you come and ask me to hand over the neidan?”

Long Yu said with a contemptuous smile on his face.

“Ha ha ha! That’s really funny!”

Qin Tianque laughed: “You are just a trivial Wudao fifth layer brat, how can you possibly kill the Teng snake King whose strength is said to be comparable to a master of Wudao seventh layer? It is obvious that you used despicable means to snatch it from my sister’s hands!”

Hearing the biased words of the opposite party, a cold feeling appeared in Long Yu’s heart.

Long Yu looked at that Sister Qin and saw that she actually didn’t budge even the slightest while her beautiful eyes were lingering on the neidan of Teng snake King.

If she could obtain this neidan then she would be able to step into the Wudao sixth stage and then she would become eligible for participating in the competition of Royal Ancient Ginseng forest!

She would never let go of this opportunity, even if it was no different than betraying her own savior, she must obtain the neidan at any cost, not to mention there was no one else nearby so no one would know about this matter except the two siblings!

Therefore, there wasn’t the slightest guilt in her eyes instead there was a lot of greed and expectation.

“Qin Ronger, rest assured, I will definitely seize the neidan of Teng snake King for you.”

Qin Tianque gave a doting look to Qin Ronger then immediately turned his face towards Long Yu and a teasing look flashed in his eyes when he lightly said: “So, do you want me to begin?”

“Senior doesn’t need to trouble himself. I will hand over the neidan of Teng snake King.”

Long Yu said in a calm voice then raised his hand as if he was going to throw the neidan in the direction of Qin Tianque.

“Good, you seem to know your limits and where you actually belong.”

Qin Ronger proudly raised her chin as if she already anticipated that Long Yu would eventually have to hand over the neidan, then her elder brother would kill him and finish this matter once and forever. The siblings would naturally not allow Long Yu to live and give him an opportunity to spread the news about this matter in the Sect!

But the next moment, Long Yu’s threw something from his already raised hand but it was not the neidan!

Instead, he threw a good few sharp thorn vines towards Qin Tianque, while he himself cast flickering wind step, turned into a burst of breeze, and turned around to run!

“You asked for it!”

When Qin Tianque saw the running figure of Long Yu, the arrogant expression on his face suddenly changed into a cold one. With a flick of his hand, several ripples of bluish-green Xuan Qi congealed into a wind-blade and instantly rushed towards the sharp thorn vines and cut them off in the mid-air.

Qin Tianque’s figure rushed forwards and he also cast an agility type martial skill to chase Long Yu!

“Elder brother, you must snatch my neidan back from him!”

Qin Ronger viciously shouted.

“Ronger, don’t worry!”

Qin Tianque spoke and the Xuan qi started operating inside his body, and he actually cast a peak level agility type martial skill, giving him a speed far more than Long Yu’s speed!

The agility type martial skill he cast actually belonged to the Qin Clan of Yu Guan City and its effect was no less than the flickering wind step of Zhentian Sect, and in just a burning time of half a stick of incense, the distance between them rapidly reduced.

Originally, Long Yu turned around and fled when he was unprepared, and taking advantage of this, Long Yu was able to widen the separation between them by 20-30 feet, but soon, Qin Tianque’s fast speed caused this separation to come down to less than 10 feet.

And this distance of 10 feet was the longest distance up to which Qin Tianque could successfully and accurately strike the Xuan qi!

“Xuan wind destroyer!”

Qin Tianque immediately released strong ripples of bluish-green Xuan qi and once again congealed a wind-blade and threw towards fleeing Long Yu.

“Flickering wind step, dodge!”

Long Yu just now delayed its use for some time, but now, he could finally use the flickering wind step once again.

Feeling the Xuan qi attack of Qin Tianque drawing close to him from behind, Long Yu congealed Xuan qi, which made his whole body light like the breeze, and now, one flickering step could take him beyond thirty feet!

“Relying on your flickering wind step practiced to Da Cheng level to dodge my attack, but can you escape the second time?”

Qin Tianque sneered and his stature flashed, a moment later, he used a Xuan qi based martial skill, and suddenly, dark Xuan qi such as snakes raided towards Long Yu!

Long Yu immediately dodged to one side and hid behind a giant tree.

However, the Xuan wind destroyer was a top grade martial skill, in addition to that, Qin Tianque was at the Wudao seventh layer, so the wind-blade released by him penetrated the giant tree and passed right through it!


The wind-blade inflicted a shearing wound on Long Yu’s arm and it started to bleed profusely, but he didn’t utter a single word, and his running speed suddenly increased instead of decreasing.

“I will see for how long you can escape.”

Qin Tianque smiled and a teasing expression appeared on his face. To him, it was just like a cat-and-mouse chase and he was having fun by sometime ridiculing Long Yu.

In the abyss of Teng snakes, the forest was so dense that it almost completely blocked the sunlight from entering inside. So, it was absolutely impossible for anyone to know what was happening here. Qin Tianque had naturally already planned to destroy Long Yu’s corpse without a trace.

But the next moment, the smile on Qin Tianque’s face suddenly faded away.

“How is this possible, this boy actually -“

Qin Tianque was so busy in chasing Long Yu and having fun that he actually didn’t notice that he unknowingly had been led in a circle through the forest by Long Yu and had returned to the starting position from where the chase began!

Qin Ronger’s leg had been severely injured and it was difficult for her move, so he left her near the corpse of Teng snake King and chased after Long Yu, but he did not expect that he would chasing in a circle and would finally come back to the same place.

Long Yu ran ahead and a smirk suddenly appeared on his face.

“Ronger, be careful!”

Qin Tianque immediately shouted loudly.

Qin Ronger was fantasizing that by this time, her brother would have snatched neidan, but how could she possibly know about Long Yu’s strategy?

Before she could react, like a breeze, Long Yu appeared beside Qin Ronger with a big stride and grabbed her neck.


Qin Ronger was startled when she felt a strong grip on her neck making her to suddenly have a suffocating feeling and was unable to make any sound.

“Stop right there.”

Long Yu threatened Qin Tianque who just now arrived and saw Long Yu grabbing his little sister’s fragile neck.

“Release Ronger otherwise I will give you a brutal death!”

Qin Tianque was dressed in black clothes and his face looked equally dark and gloomy in the dark woods.

Qin Tianque was so confident in his strength that he got careless, and now, Long Yu seized this opportunity and managed to prevail in this situation. Although taking Qin Ronger as hostage would be a reckless decision for others, but not for a former assassin! The hate and anger in Qin Tianque’s heart could be imagined.

“If you tried to take even one step forward then your own sister will die a brutal death.”

Long Yu indifferently said while he increased the intensity of his grip and Qin Ronger suddenly felt like suffocating. A look of hatred appeared in her beautiful eyes.

She tried her best to free herself from Long Yu’s clutches, but he had practiced Demon tyrant form, so his basic inner strength was more compared to her strength, and at this moment, she was completely at the mercy of Long Yu.

“Don’t you know that it’s a serious crime to kill someone from the same Sect?”

Qin Tianque said in a sinister voice but his footsteps actually stopped.

He did not want to make any blunder that might cost his sister’s life.

“Well, I throw the same words back at your face.”

Long Yu faintly smiled and said: “Now, you withdraw 100 steps, otherwise, you will see your sister dying in front of your eyes!”

Qin Tianque hesitated, but eventually stepped back and slowly started to retreat.


Long Yu shouted: “Stop dilly-dallying, do you really want this girl to die?”

Long Yu’s words caused a burst of anger inside his hearts, but he did not have any way to resist, and could only obediently stepp back.

“As long as I seize the opportunity kid, you will die without a burial site for your corpse!”

Qin Tianque was viciously cursing as the distance between him and Long Yu gradually increased.

“Earlier you said that you are an inner disciple then you certainly have a battle weapon right? Now, you will throw down your battle weapon otherwise you know what can happen.”

Long Yu said in a calm voice and threatened Qin Tianque using his little sister as the hostage.

“Boy, do not go too far, I am an inner disciple and you are just an outer disciple, continue this nonsense and you will have a bleak future in the Sect!”

Qin Tianque’s cold voice arrived from far and it was obvious that he was not willing to succumb to Long Yu so instead, he began to threaten Long Yu instead.

“Why is it taking so long? Hurry up and throw down the battle weapon!”

Long Yu sneered and threatened once again.

But this time, he did not get a response, Qin Tianque no longer made any sound, and it seemed as if he completely disappeared in the darkness of the woods!

“It seems in the eyes of your brother, a battle weapon is more important than your life.”

Long Yu said to Qin Ronger with a touch of disappointment in his words.

This sentence made Qin Ronger lose her heart. Her elder brother was really going to abandon her for a battle weapon, without caring whether she would live or die?

No, definitely not!

“You won’t dare to kill me.”

Qin Ronger calmed down and said.

She believed that her elder brother must have known that this boy wouldn’t dare to kill her, so he didn’t throw the battle weapon. After all, if the news about him killing her in the abyss of Teng snakes spread in the Zhentian Sect and reached the ears of elder, then this boy would be severely punished and even getting expelled from the Sect would be a light punishment!

“You have such a puny brain.”

Long Yu smiled and said: “Do you really think that your brother ran back to the Sect to complain to the elders?”

Long Yu said while keeping a careful attention to the surrounding movements and sounds, in these dark woods, he displayed the peak level of perception skill of Wudao fifth layer, and suddenly discovered that Qin Tianque was nearby and was quietly approaching from the other direction.

“Planning a sneak attack on me?”

Long Yu sneered.

Perhaps Qin Tianque did not think that Long Yu would be so calmly observing! After all, Long Yu was just at the Wudao fifth layer, and facing a master at the Wudao seventh layer, he could easily lose his life in a single attack, in such a case, most people would feel their heartbeat racing and would be panic-stricken, causing them to lose their calm.

Long Yu tightly clutched Qin Ronger’s neck and slowly started to move together with her.

The direction in which he was moving to happened to be same where the Teng snake king’s body was laying on the ground and it was also the central location between Long Yu and Qin Tianque. It was obvious, Long Yu had already thought of a strategy to deal with Qin Tianque’s sneak attack!

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