Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 28 – Blizzard boots

Chapter – 28 Blizzard boots

Long Yu secretly noticed that Tan Wuchuan’s complexion had paled after hearing the words of the mysterious youth.

The mysterious youth’s words had made Tan Wuchuan extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

“You don’t go too far, you say I, Tan Wuchuan, want to invert right and wrong?”

At this time, Tan Wuchuan got very angry, as if the mysterious man’s words had insulted him in front of everyone.

“Ha ha!”

Mysterious youth laughed: “Elder Tan, everyone is well aware of your intentions, why beat around the bush? Anyways, I will take my leave now!’’

The mysterious youth said these words, and in a flash, he moved and the next instant, Long Yu felt as if he was soaring in the clouds and riding the mist, and at a speed three or four times faster than Long Yu’s speed while using flickering wind step at its peak level.

At that time, Tan Wuchuan couldn’t even prevent the mysterious youth from taking Long Yu away, and in a blink of an eye, both the mysterious youth and Long Yu disappeared from the spot without a trace.

“Elder Tan, who was that person, why was he behaving so arrogantly?”

Helplessly watching Long Yu being carried away by the mysterious youth, Qin Ronger wasn’t feeling well in her heart and couldn’t help but asked loudly.

“He is the strongest core disciple of Zhentian Sect.”

Tan Wuchuan said in a cold voice and then immediately leaned to see Qin Tianque’s dead body with a look of distress in his eyes: “Since that person has already intervened in this matter, now, I cannot help you anymore……”

“Elder Tan, do you mean this matter will be considered as finished?’’

Qin Ronger’s heart was not ready to resign, and suddenly, there emerged a vicious color in her eyes.

“How can it be considered as finished?”

Tan Wuchuan loudly snorted, because he didn’t have a favorable impression about Qin Ronger and said in a cold voice: “Even after today’s incident, you still don’t know repentance? Look at Qin Tianque’s face, don’t you feel embarrassed, tomorrow morning, you pack up your things and leave Zhentian Sect.”

Just because Qin Tianque was his own disciple, he was going to overlook the truth and finish this matter once and forever.

But now, taking revenge was absolutely hopeless due to the unexpected interference. Qin Tianque was already dead and regarding the main culprit Qin Ronger, Tan Wuchuan naturally didn’t have a favorable impression.

As the law enforcement elder, experienced in dealing with such matters, Tan Wuchuan certainly knew about the whole thing, and understood that all of this happened because of the ungrateful and greedy attitude of Qin Ronger!

When Qin Ronger heard his words, she was suddenly stupefied.

“Elder Tan……”

She widened her eyes in astonishment because she couldn’t understand why an elder like Tan Wuchuan could not dare to go against a core disciple.

In front of an elder, how was the strongest core disciple different from other disciples of the Zhentian Sect?

Qin Ronger just couldn’t understand no matter how much she tried to figure it out. Why was the law enforcement elder of Zhentian Sect afraid of a core disciple?

However, Tan Wuchuan would certainly not give an explanation to her.

“Listen you four, about today’s incident, you are not allowed to disclose to anybody, otherwise……..”

An ominous light flashed in Tan Wuchuan’s fierce eyes and swept over Qin Ronger and other three outer disciples.

“The disciple, the disciple understands!”

Except Qin Ronger, the other three disciples immediately replied in a frightened manner.

If this thing spread out then it would obviously have a bad impact on the reputation of Tan Wuchuan, so, these disciples would certainly not dare to disseminate carelessly.

“Remember your words.”

An intention to kill flashed in Tan Wuchuan’s eyes then he immediately lowered his head and looked at the corpse of Qin Tianque, and this intention to kill suddenly intensified.

Obviously, he didn’t intend to give up on his revenge, but for now, he needed to bear it patiently!

He picked up the corpse of Qin Tianque, and step by step walked in the direction of Zhentian Sect. His purple robe was moving with the wind, and in a flash, his figure suddenly disappeared from the spot.

In the abyss of Teng snakes, the curtain finally dropped on a soul-stirring contention……


Long Yu was taken away by that mysterious youth, and at a lightning speed, they quickly reached the bottom of Zhentian canyon.

“Long Yu, I’ll drop you off here, I have already informed the old couple and they should come to receive you soon.”

At that time, there was an expression of appreciation in the eyes of that mysterious youth while he was looking at Long Yu said in an encouraging tone: “Your fighting talent is superb, and perhaps in the near future, you’ll become a formidable rival.”

“Senior is over praising me, also many thanks to the senior for saving me today.”

Long Yu endured the pain in his broken leg and said while cupping his hands across his chest.

“Oh, don’t call me senior, do I look very old to you?”

The mysterious youth said with a smile on his face: “I am same as you, a disciple of Zhentian Sect, but I am a core disciple so you can call me brother!”

Core disciple!

When Long Yu heard this, he suddenly gawked for a moment. Was this mysterious youth really just a core disciple of Zhentian Sect?

Long Yu initially thought that he was an elder.

By only depending on his status as a core disciple, he was able to suppress Tan Wuchuan, just how terrifyingly strong he actually was! In contrast to him, Feng Yun, who was also a core disciple, seemed too weak!

In Tianyu continent, strength was everything and even if this mysterious youth was only a core disciple, so long as he possessed more strength than Tan Wuchuan, their respective statuses didn’t matter.

This was the advantage that came hand in hand with formidable strength.

Otherwise, perhaps today, it would have been impossible for Long Yu to get out of trouble, but now, with the help of the neidan of Teng snake king, he not only stepped into the Wudao sixth layer, but also returned safely, and not just that, he also managed to obtain the battle weapon of Qin Tianque, Xuan wind seal, so it was a long row of harvests that he obtained today in the abyss of Teng snakes.

All of this was made possible because of the generosity of that mysterious youth.

“Brother, please tell your name, someday, I will surely come to thank you and return the favor.”

Long Yu immediately said because he really wanted to find out the name of this mysterious youth.

“Ha ha, names are trivial, are they really worth mentioning? Anyways, I will leave first, hope to see you again!”

The youth laughed, then turned around and disappeared.

When the mysterious youth suddenly vanished, Long Yu was somewhat at loss and kept on thinking, why didn’t this guy tell his name? Why did he suddenly appear to help him?

Long Yu absolutely didn’t want to believe that the mysterious youth saved him after seeing his potential.

“Is this related to Feng Yun?’’

At the level of core disciples, Long Yu could only think of Feng Yun. Maybe this mysterious youth and Feng Yun had some enmity, so the mysterious youth deliberately paid attention to him, and appeared to help him?

“Or maybe this is once again related to my father?”

Long Yu gave it much thought but it was impossible to guess the truth, and soon, at that moment, a tender young girl clad in blue dress came down along the mountain road of the canyon, it was Liao Lele!

“Long Yu, what is this, you went out for an afternoon and broke your leg again?”

Liao Lele was called by old white and she saw Long Yu in a half kneeling position, so how could she not guess what happened to him.

She quickly approached him and an angry look appeared on her beautiful face: “Your strength is not enough, you only know how to kill, and now you broke your leg again, it seems it will take at least two weeks time to recover thoroughly.’’

“Two weeks time is enough, just in time to participate in the competition at Royal Ancient Ginseng forest.”

Long Yu explained himself and said: “In fact, other people were trying to bully me, don’t you think I should take the initiative to teach a lesson to those who try to bully me?”

“Yeah right, now quickly go back with me.”

Liao Lele rolled her eyes, helped him up and gradually walked towards the summit.

Although Liao Lele did not read between the lines, but Long Yu always felt a sense of warmth from this tender girl, making him have a feeling of being concerned about her.

And especially this time when he got injured, he was happy that Liao Lele came to pick him up and also seemed concerned about his injuries, and it once again narrowed the distance between the two and brought them closer.


Ten days later, at the summit of Zhentian canyon.

By this time, Long Yu’s leg injury had already healed, and since this time, there wasn’t a flesh wound unlike last time, his injured leg healed quite rapidly. Moreover, old white gave him a top grade immortality pill which helped him in fully recovering his leg injury within ten days.

However, this time, old white clearly stated if he got seriously injured again, then next time, the immortality pill might not work on him, and in that case, he would have to wait a few months to recover fully, as it happened in the case of Feng Yun!

In this regard, although Long Yu felt somewhat sorry, but if he had to choose between death and broken leg, then he would take the same action once again.

Moreover, he finally obtained a battle weapon, Xuan wind seal.

But, old white said that Xuan wind seal was not suitable for Long Yu, so he secretly took away Xuan wind seal from Long Yu, and said he would go to the Sect and get a better suited battle weapon for him in exchange for this one.

But, ten days had elapsed and old white still hadn’t informed him about this matter, so Long Yu was a bit anxious.

Early in the morning, Long Yu could not help but went out of the bamboo room impatiently, and saw old white sitting near the cliff and leisurely drinking tea.

“Old white.”

Long Yu stepped forward and asked: “You said that when my leg injury will fully heal, you will tell me the name of that brother.”

“Do you really want to know his name?”

Old white stroked his beard and chuckled.

“I am still expecting to learn his name from elder.”

Long Yu cupped his hands across his chest and gave a salute to old white.

During these ten days while he was recuperating, two things had continued to bother him, one was the taking away of his battle weapon by old white and the other was the identity of that mysterious core disciple.

“Then I’ll tell you.”

Old white’s eyes revealed an interesting look: “He is the strongest core disciple of Zhentian Sect, and is also one of the nine young masters of Tang State, and his name is Bu Xing!”

The strongest core disciple of Zhentian Sect!

One of the nine young masters of Tang State!

Long Yu was surprised for a moment because he never thought that the identity of that mysterious youth would be so amazing, that he would actually be famous throughout Tang State!

However when he heard the name of the youth old white, he could not help but gawked for a moment.

Bu Xing? (Mystique: Bu Xing -> ‘incapable’)

“Bu Xing, Bu means walking, Xing means capable, so his name means ‘capable of walking’.”

Old White explained.


Long Yu was still wondering, who actually gave him such a name? No wonder at that time, he didn’t tell his name!

A talented man like him named Bu Xing (incapable)?

Yet it turned out to be capable of walking!

“Long Yu, I’m going to remind you, you must never mention his name in front of him, just call him ‘brother’.”

Old white old paused for a moment then said in a somewhat serious tone: “Do you understand?”

“En, I clearly understand.”

Long Yu was already aware of this.

“Well then, you try this battle weapon, I just brought it for you, it’s called Blizzard boots.”

Old white nodded with satisfaction then stretched his hand and Blizzard boots appeared in front of Long Yu.

Blizzard boots?

Long Yu’s face suddenly brightened after looking at the Blizzard boots. Was this the battle weapon which was supposedly better suited for him according to old white?

“Battle weapons and immortality pills are divided into low grade, high grade, top grade and so on, but Zhentian Sect awards only low grade battle weapons to its disciples.’’

Old white said in a casual manner: “Blizzard boots is actually a low-grade battle weapon, but it is the also the most precious one among the low-grade battle weapons, go try it and you will automatically understand.”

“En, thank you old white.”

Long Yu took the pair of snow-white boots and carefully observed them.

He saw that the whole body of this pair of boots was white in color, and was entirely made up of ice crystals. Right after wearing, it gave a feeling of chill to the wearer and an ice-cold air spread in the surrounding, which truly made it worthy of being called Blizzard boots.

But he still didn’t know what its effects would be after he would wear the Blizzard boots.

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