Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 27 – mysterious youth

Chapter – 27 mysterious youth

In this world of martial artists, everyone was focused on improving their own strength, but regarding right and wrong, how many people would care about all that?

When Long Yu defeated Qin Tianque, he also seriously injured his own leg, giving a golden opportunity to the remaining three!

These three were all the outer disciples of Zhentian Sect, one of them was at Wudao sixth layer, and other two were at Wudao fifth layer, and although their individual cultivations were not high, but if they joined forces, then they could become a formidable force.

Long Yu was originally weak and was very vulnerable compared to earlier while the originally strong Qin Ronger had also become vulnerable after her brother’s death!

As the three outer disciples slowly advanced towards Long Yu, Qin Ronger’s heart was still in chaos, she could not accept that her elder brother died in front of her eyes.

However, at this time, a loud shout suddenly came from the direction of Zhentian Sect!


Just then, a middle-aged man clad in purple robe arrived from sideways into the field, and with a casual wave of his hand, a shock wave rushed towards the three outer disciples and pushed them several steps away from Long Yu.

There was a firm and resolute expression on the face of this middle-aged man and an upright look in his eyes. Looking at the identity token on his waist, everyone noticed that he was actually the law enforcement elder of Zhentian Sect!

Law enforcement elder was a relatively important presence in the Zhentian Sect and held the powers to punish the disciples who violated the rules of Zhentian Sect.

Long Yu looked up and saw the just now arrived law enforcement elder, but did not feel relieved, rather he was more anxious.

Because he did not know whether the law enforcement elder was a friend or foe!

“Elder Tan, you came ……”

Qin Ronger limped to one side and when she noticed that purple-robed middle-aged man had arrived, she couldn’t help but revealed a happy expression on her beautiful face.


Purple-robed middle-aged man nodded to Qin Ronger then a deep color of regret appeared on his face when he tilted his head and looked at the corpse of Qin Tianque laying on the ground, afterward, his focus immediately shifted towards Long Yu.

Seeing the mutual salutation between the middle-aged man and Qin Ronger, Long Yu’s heart sank because he quickly realized that arrival of this Elder Tan was definitely a bad news!

“I am Tan Wuchuan and Qin Tianque was my just received disciple.”

The elder looked at Long Yu and indifferently said.

“So, you want to avenge your disciple?”

Long Yu calmly said while he was constantly racking his brain, thinking about countermeasures, but no matter how much he tried, in the current circumstances, he couldn’t formulate any contingency plans to get out of this mess.

The purple-robed middle-aged man, Tan Wuchuan, was the law enforcement elder of Zhentian Sect and his cultivation level must be at least at Wudao ninth layer or might be more than that!

At Long Yu’s current strength, he was simply too weak and couldn’t possibly fight against an elder.

“If you are at fault then you should be punished, if not, I will let you go.”

These words of elder were beyond Long Yu’s expectations, then the elder closed his eyes and it seemed as if he was mourning for the death of his disciple.

However, before he closed his eyes, a killing intent faintly flashed in his eyes and it was actually captured by Long Yu’s keen eyes!

“This Tan Wuchuan doesn’t seem in a mood to properly do his duty of punishing the guilty……”

Long Yu was secretly alert in his heart.

“So, who will tell me what exactly happened here?”

Tan Wuchuan asked.

“Elder Tan, I will tell, I will tell.”

Qin Ronger was the first one to step forward while shouting loudly then anxiously said: “Elder Tan, early this morning, I entered the abyss of Teng snake along with other four fellow brothers and coincidently ran into a Teng snake king!”

“Teng snake king?”

Tan Wuchuan closed his eyes and scowled then nodded his head and said: “Continue.”

“After running into the Teng snake king, we went all out and fought desperately, but Teng snake king was just too powerful and four brothers were killed, and by that time, Teng snake king also ran out of its strength.”

At this point, a vicious look appeared on Qin Ronger’s face, and she said while staring at Long Yu: “I beheaded Teng snake king to avenge the fellow brothers, but at that time, this murderer suddenly appeared and not only wounded my leg , but also snatched Teng snake king’s neidan from me!”

Tan Wuchuan kept on listening but didn’t say a word and it seemed as if he was considering something.

Long Yu was watching from the sidelines, basically he’d like to see how Qin Ronger would pull it off!

Qin Ronger did not stop and continue to say in her sweet and delicate voice: “After snatching neidan of Teng snake king from me, this murderer escaped, but was finally overtaken by my brother. Brother asked him to hand over the neidan but he not only did not listen, instead tricked my brother with an ambush which ultimately led to his death!”

“Do you really mean what you just said?”

Tan Wuchuan’s face revealed a fierce color.

“En, Elder Tan, this murderer is cruel and ruthless, he even killing a fellow disciple from the same sect, he is evil, we absolutely cannot allow him to live in this world!”

Qin Ronger viciously said!

“Next, I will ask you a few questions, Qin Ronger, you answer truthfully.”

Tan Wuchuan nodded, then as the law enforcement elder, he began to inquire: “First, this morning when you entered the abyss of Teng snakes with other four disciples, all of your cultivation levels were just at Wudao fifth layer and even if you five combined forces, you still wouldn’t have been to take on Teng snake king, then tell me, how did you kill Teng snake king?”

When this question was suddenly thrown at her by Tan Wuchuan, Qin Ronger’s tone suddenly stagnated a bit, but then she immediately replied: “We used sharp thorn vines to first consume the strength of Teng snake king then killed it.”

Long Yu, who was standing nearby, sneered and thought that this woman really knew how to brag!


Tan Wuchuan didn’t care to talk about Long Yu and continued to inquire: “How Tianque was able to rush in time, did you send out the signal?”

At this point, Qin Ronger did not deny and directly nodded: “Yes.”

“Third, how did this boy beat Qin Tianque?”

When asking this question, Tan Wuchuan’s gaze was focused on Long Yu while there was a stern look on his face.

“He used a very sinister method, he splashed the visceral fluids of Teng snake king on the body of my brother, and led him towards the trap of sharp thorn vines, and these vines consumed his strength…… Finally, Elder Tan can also see, he kicked my brother on the head and killed him!”

Qin Ronger said and was ferociously staring at Long Yu.

“You three, what Qin Ronger just said, is that true?”

Tan Wuchuan immediately shifted his attention towards the three outer disciples.

The trio pondered that if Qin Tianque was the disciple of Elder Tan, then he would certainly be anxious to quickly eradicate Long Yu right?

“In the previous matter of killing Teng snake king, we did not participate, so we can’t say for sure, but Brother Qin indeed was trapped by this boy’s dirty trick and killed by his kick!”

The three said in unison.

“I see.”

Tan Wuchuan snorted then glanced at Long Yu: “Long Yu, do you want to say something in your defense?”

Long Yu!

Until this time, Qin Ronger and the three outer disciples didn’t know the identity of Long Yu. So, it turned out to be the famous new disciple who sent a core disciple like Feng Yun flying like a ball?

Bewildered expressions appeared on the faces of all four. Just two weeks ago, this Long Yu defeated Fang Kang, who was at Wudao sixth layer. And now, he killed Qin Tianque, who was at the Wudao seventh layer, just how could his progress be so fast?

In order to step from Wudao fifth layer into the Wudao sixth layer, ordinary martial cultivators needed at least three to four month’s time, moreover this Long Yu’s battle efficiency seemed much higher than ordinary warriors at Wudao sixth layer!

This person, wasn’t he actually a monster?

Qin Ronger and other three disciples were still in a state of shock, and at this time, Long Yu replied with an indifferent look on his face: “Elder Tan can judge on his own, why ask me? Not to mention, there are still traces left of fighting with Teng snake king, why doesn’t Elder Tan go and investigate, you will probably discover the facts! “

“I will personally check the facts.”

Tan Wuchuan lightly said: “But now, you will come with me to visit the law enforcement hall.”

He made these remarks without giving any chance to Long Yu to explain his situation!

Long Yu slightly frowned and some doubts suddenly appeared in his heart.

If Tan Wuchuan really wanted to kill him, then why did he stop the other three disciples from attacking him?

But if Tan Wuchuan was really the law enforcement elder, so now, it was impossible that he would not give Long Yu an opportunity to explain himself, rather he wanted to take him to law enforcement hall without investigating the scene? This behavior of Tan Wuchuan was really strange.

Long Yu thought and could not help but speculate. This Elder Tan was trying to set him up while inquiring others to make this whole thing look more impartial to other people?

While at this time, the laughter of a haughty man spread from one side of the woods.

“Ha ha ha -“

Accompanied by the sound of laughter, a mysterious man dressed in black leotard suddenly appeared. He had a handsome face with an insolent smile spread on it and a very domineering gait. He seemed to have taken only two to three steps, but the next moment, he already came in front of Tan Wuchuan!

Long Yu looked up and saw a black mysterious who seemed to be roughly 20 years old, profound eyes and very attractive demeanor.

Although this mysterious youth and Qin Tianque looked of similar age, but his cultivation had already reached an unfathomable level, and Long Yu wasn’t able to differentiate between the cultivation levels of Tan Wuchuan and this mysterious youth!

When the mysterious man suddenly appeared while laughing loudly, the complexion on Tan Wuchuan’s face suddenly changed.

“Why have you come here?”

Tan Wuchuan asked in a somewhat inwardly angry tone and it seemed that he really disliked this mysterious youth for sticking his nose into someone else’s business.

“I hit it off pretty well with Brother Long Yu, so I must take him away.”

The black clothed youth was crossing his hands behind his back and looking at Long Yu with a smile on his face: “I witnessed everything that happened today, so you do not need to trouble yourself with further investigation!”

“The matter comes under the jurisdiction of my law enforcement hall.”

Tan Wuchuan sneered and said: “If you want to intervene, you should also think clearly about the consequences! A moment ago, Qin Ronger has described the whole matter in detail, as for the fact, I would naturally get to the bottom of it.”

“Is that so?”

Mysterious man proudly smiled and in just one step, he came near Tan Wuchuan: “Elder Tan, Qin Tianque was your disciple and it makes sense that you want to take revenge for him, but why were you putting on such a hypocritical show just a moment ago? If Elder Tan wants to invert right and wrong, I am afraid it won’t be easy, especially when I am here!”

As these words came out, Tan Wuchuan’s complexion suddenly changed, but standing nearby, Long Yu finally understood.

Sure enough!

This mysterious man was following him from the very beginning and knew the whole story.

But, who was this mysterious man?

It was obvious just from looking at his young appearance that he wasn’t too old, so how could he have such a plain talk without fearing the law enforcement elder?

Long Yu could not guess the identity of this mysterious youth, perhaps someone related to Elder Yu, old black or maybe old white?

In Zhentian Sect, Long Yu only knew these three elders who had the qualifications to confront the law enforcement elder!

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