Dragon Talisman

Chapter 1: The Great Yong Dynasty

Chapter 1: The Great Yong Dynasty

Digging canals to connect the four directions, building the Great Wall to repel barbarians, destroying a hundred kingdoms to unify the world, slashing a thousand mountains to fill in the sea of evil, annihilating evil cults to right the hearts of the people, pacifying the Great Wasteland, purging evil ministers to righteousness, setting rituals to educate the world, repairing the Great Code to spread the world, abolishing obscene rituals to seal the gods.

This is the Great Yong Dynasty, "the Great Skyseal Emperor". Ten Merits.

The Skyseal (Tianfu) is the year.

The Sky (Tian) is the Supreme.

The Seal (fu) is the pattern of the law.

The emperor took this as his yearly number, meaning that he would operate the law for the heavens and the gods and spirits would bow to it.

The Great Yong Dynasty is located in the Land of the Endless.

The name of the continent is "Endless". Even the Dao Realm Thirty Six Transformation can only see a drop in the ocean.

Summer of the Skyseal's fourteenth year.

In the capital, the Imperial Palace University Hall, the children of the Imperial Family are studying in the heat.

"There are places where floods and droughts occur, and famine is everywhere, how shall we pacify and feed the people? The Nineteenth Prince, you first.” The instructor, three willows and a long beard, with white hair, brocaded and elegant, is the Imperial court patriarch Prince Tutor Liang Tao.

"They have no food, they can eat meat.” The Nineteenth Prince stands up.

He's fourteen years old, silly-looking, his clothes wrinkled.


"Nineteenth sure is an idiot! I'm going to be punished again today.”

"The people can eat meat without food? When this matter is spread out, I am afraid that the whole world will curse it, and the history pen will record it as a great laughing stock even a thousand years later.”


"Is this son really stupid or is he biding his time and pretending to be stupid on purpose?” A woman in red whispered softly and said: "No matter what, be wary of this son, he is of the Xian Dynasty bloodline after all.”

Originally women were not allowed to show their faces, but after the Great Skyseal Emperor ascended the throne, he broke the old habits and strongly encouraged women to read and study martial arts, and after years of innovation, the custom has become extremely open.

"Gu-Chensha, go stand outside for an hour, and you will be punished by going to the library to sort out your books for three days.” The Grand Tutor of the Prince Liang Tao points outside.

Gu-Chensha is the prince who just said "eat meat".... he is ranked Nineteenth.

"Yes... Yes Yes....” Gu-Chensha nodded repeatedly, and walked out stupidly, ka-chow! He almost tripped over a chair when he got up, and looked as wretched as he could possibly be.

"This guy is kind of useless, with an unsteady lower plate and sparse martial arts skills, he really doesn't seem like a threat.” Several of the princes exchanged glances with each other.

"His martial arts skills are too poor.” The woman in red then had the color of a sneer and said: "My Great Yong Dynasty founded the country on martial arts, whether a prince can stand out and be favored by the Emperor or not, it still depends on his strength, Gu-Chensha is already fifteen, missed the best age to practice martial arts, it would be tough to have achievements, this is one less threat to my the Lou family.”

The princes in the academy have their own ideas, but Gu-Chensha, who is being punished under the hot sun, has a lot of thoughts.

The Great Young Dynasty has been founded for more than 500 years. Taizu Gu Yong has flattened the world, and the emperors of the past dynasties have dominated the world. Especially now, "the-Skyseal-Emperor" Gu-Taixian, perfect martial arts, has pushed the influence of the court even more. To the extreme, even the evil evildoers and real cultivators outside the Great Wall would not dare to be presumptuous, trembling, and afraid of being annihilated by the court.

The imperial family is boneless.

Fathers and sons are suspicious of each other, brothers and brothers are cruel to each other, the palace boudoir vies with each other, anything goes, and being in the midst of it can be a frightening experience, and if you are not careful, you will be set up for ruin.

Gu-Chensha had over forty brothers and thirteen sisters, and he had the least background.

The prince's background depends mainly on the power of his mother's clan; he has brother-uncles who are generals and hold military power.

There are feudal officials.

There are great powerhouses.

There are even millennial families.

And Gu-Chensha's mother is the Great Yong Dynasty enemy "the Xian Dynasty". Princess, sent for peacemaking purposes.

Later, the Great Yong Dynasty conquered the Xian Dynasty and killed all the princes and aristocrats, including Emperor Xian, who set himself on fire in his treasure chest.

This resulted in Gu-Chensha having no one to rely on in the palace, not to mention the other princes bullying him, even the respectable guards and eunuchs of the palace dared to fix him.

Bullying is still a trivial matter, and there are many people who want to take the opportunity to fix him up.

Back then, "the Xian Kingdom". The Great Yong Dynasty and the Great Yong Dynasty fought against each other for a hundred years, forming a blood feud until "the Great Skyseal Emperor". Ascendancy before the country was completely destroyed.

In this war, the Great Yong Dynasty also lost a prince and several army marshals, as well as dozens of generals. After the two kingdoms killed the real fire and captured the Xian Kingdom capital, they didn't seal their swords for three days, and all their armies slaughtered the people of the capital city.

To this day, there are still the Xian Dynasty commoners who are plotting a civil rebellion, and the blood feud is still alive.

With this heavy relationship in place, many of the Imperial court senators who slaughtered the Xian Kingdom are hostile to Gu-Chensha.

The throne is a million miles away from him, and saving his life is not even close.

It's a good thing he suffered as a child and knows how to bide his time and pretend to be a fool all day.

The discussion is still continuing in the schoolhouse.

"Luo Baiyue, tell me, how to provide disaster relief?”

The Grand Tutor of the Crown Prince Liang Tao points at the woman in red.

Luo Baiyue stood up and said: "Kill the magistrates first, saying they are withholding food for disaster relief to appease the victims.”

"And what if the magistrate is a clean official, but only because a natural disaster causes the people to run amok.” Liang Tao said.

"I remember that among the history books it is recorded that a great emperor went to war, and his army lacked food and grumbled, so the Lord General beheaded the head of the magistrate, saying that he had withheld food from the army, and the army was stable.” Luo Baiyue's cold light flashed in her eyes.

"It would be unkind, then.” Liang Tao frowned and said: "Rule the country with benevolence.”

"If we don't borrow the head of the magistrate, how many people will die when the starving people are compelled by the barons and unruly people to make trouble and attack the city and land? My brother went to Yinzhou to relieve the famine, it was really fire and smoke in every village, and there were even cults and warlords stirring up the fire. It was not my brother who killed the magistrate to pacify the people, and then killed hundreds of troublemakers. That spread to several provinces, and very much undermined the Imperial court’s foundation.” Luo Baiyue's voice was like gold and stone and said: "When a place starts a riot - riot, the magistrates, no matter how clean they are, are not conducive to the peace of the people, and must die to thank them for their crime.”

The woman in red is called Luo Baiyue, not a royal child, but the daughter of the Duke of Yuan Lou Chongxiao, a heavy minister of the Imperial court.

Most of the students of the clan's school are royal disciples, though some of the children of meritorious ministers are also included.

The Lou family has followed Taizu to conquer the world, and has been favored by the emperors for several generations, and is even more prominent in the Skyseal dynasty.

Lou Chongxiao is "the Duke of Yuan". His two younger brothers, Lou Chongxiao is "the Marquis of Weiling". Lou Chongxiao is "the Marquis of Wuan". In addition, the Lou family had many sons and daughters who became generals and feudal officials, which earned the Lou family the nickname "Lou the Almost Imperial family" in officialdom. The nickname "Lou the Almost Imperial family".

With such power, an equal prince would have to give the Lou family three points.

"Your brother has been commended by the emperor himself for his meritorious work in the relief of disaster in Yinzhou.” The Grand Tutor of the Princes Liang Tao nods and said: "However, the way to rule a country is based on benevolence, killing too much is one that damages Yin Virtue, and the other is easy to develop a brutal temperament, which is not conducive to nourishing Qi. I hope you will go back and tell your brother what I said.”

"Necessarily informed.” Luo Baiyue doesn't contradict, just sits down with a curt nod.

Informed.... Knowing.....

The cicadas were making a lot of noise in the forest, and those accompanying eunuchs took bamboo poles and wrapped them around spider silk and stuck them down one by one, and the midday sun was already dizzying, plus the cicadas were even more distracting, and Gu-Chensha couldn't hold on for much longer.

At the time of his punishment, this group of the Imperial Clan children had finished their literature class and entered the lecture hall to learn martial arts.

"Baiyue, Liang Tao was a Qingliu leader in the court, impeached your father, and this time, he gave us a lesson on disaster relief and lectured on benevolence, which I see is quite profound. The magistrate that your brother killed for disaster relief was his protégé.” There was a prince near Luo Baiyue, dressed in silver, but he had some dashing taste, not unlike Gu-Chensha's foolishness.

"Who wouldn't sit and talk?” Luo Baiyue just smirked and said: "The Imperial court has too many purges, boasting all day long and doing nothing for the people's livelihood.”

The silver-clad prince didn't think it was padded, he looked outside to punish Gu-Chensha and said: "Do you think this kid is really stupid or not? It's like he became like this when he was ten years old when you broke his head, and for that you were in captivity for a full ten months.”

"Lao Tenth, don't talk nonsense, people were hit by Lao Tenth, and you were there.” Luo Baiyue's face went cold.

The silver-clothed teenage prince ranked fourteen, called Gu-Yunsha, who was smiling and said: "You're the one who instigated this matter, saying that this brat bad-mouthed Luo Tenth, and that Luo Tenth is also a hothead, violently beating without even asking. Your father knows it too, or else he wouldn't go back and imprison you, and Lao Tenth has also received a board from the clan for this.”

"So what's there?” Luo Baiyue didn't think so and said: “This elder brother died when he attacked the Xian capital, two of my uncles died in that siege, and my cousin was poisoned and murdered by the Xian Dynasty remnants, the Xian Dynasty's evil sons are still haunting me, and my father was assassinated last year, do you think I would be interested in this? Kid has a crush?”

"He is, after all, Imperial Father’s blood and bones, and now that he's also turned into a fool, some things just can't be done.” Lao Tenth Gu-Yunsha laughs.

"Lao Tenth, don't be a hypocrite, you have been bullying him all these years.” Luo Baiyue flicked her nails and said: "You instructed those eunuchs to withhold his monthly money, not to mention that he didn't even get the prince's share of pills that he deserves for martial arts training, causing him to now fail in his writing.”

"Isn't that right up your alley? Besides, when this brat's mother was alive, he and my mother competed with each other and she played a lot of schemes and tricks, so if we don't fall on our faces now, will we wait even longer?” Gu-Yunsha looked out with slanted eyes and said: "Baiyue, I've heard that your martial arts have improved quite a bit lately? How about showing it?”

Luo Baiyue doesn't say anything, just light out soft palms pressed on the large wooden stake of practice, click click click, the stake suddenly exploded, wood chips scattered on the ground.

Light and unpretentious, but it caused crushing destruction.

"Su Yin Divine Palm, your martial arts cultivation has reached the Grandmaster's realm?” Lao Tenth Gu-Yunsha's eyelids protruded.

"Martial Fourfold Realm, the First Glance, Enter Higher Level, Enlightenment Ascension, Peaking the Transformation, for Martial, for Warrior, for Master, for Grandmasters are actually just mortals, only the above the Dao Realm Thirty Six Transformation is true.” Luo Baiyue is always sharp.

"How easy is it to step into the Dao Realm, even if our royal family's resources and techniques are considered the best in the world, there are only four princes who can step into the Dao Realm.” The Fourteenth Prince Gu-Yunsha frowned, "The main thing to break through the Dao Realm is talent and fortune, talent is enough, fortune is not enough, it's also futile.”

Luo Baiyue Eyes to the Sky and said: "The Dao Realm First Transformation, Accept Fasting, then one can cut off the fire and brimstone of the earth, eat air for a living, and draw the spirit of heaven and earth with a powerful spirit, and at that time, one's body will be without defilement, which is truly desirable.”

"Baiyue the Su Yin True Sutra that you are currently practice was created by the Ancient Su Maiden, Imperial Father surrendered to the Su Maiden Sect, obtained this sutra, and actually gave it to you to practice, and it seems that Imperial Father’s favor for you is still above many princes ah.” The Fourteenth Prince Gu-Yunsha's tone was quite jealous and said: "This Su Maiden Sutra is an imperial feat. The Ancient Son of Heaven Empress, an Ancient Son of Heaven Empress, and the Moyunjin that I cultivate is only an emperor's level.”

"I've heard that the Seventh Prince has recently been upgraded to the Dao Realm Eighth Transformation, the True Fire of Samadhi, and as long as he survives the True Fire of Samadhi, he can be repaired to the Ninth Transformation, the Jade Glazed Body, this kind of cultivation, the head of the prince bar.” Luo Baiyue asked rather profoundly and said: "The Dao Realm before the Ninth Transformation, Accept Fasting, Nine Oxen Two Tigers, Bronze Skin and Iron Bones, Swallowing Gold and Fossilize, Gathering Chakra in Hundreds Acupoints, Refine Qi Into Astral', Levitate and Soar, the True Fire of Samadhi, the Jade The interlocking links are the foundation of the Immortal Path. Once you achieve the Ninth Transformation the Jade Glazed Body, you will be free from disaster and disease, pure and unblemished, and live for three or five hundred years.”

"Hmph, the Seventh Prince is the Empress's own son, can be called a true son, do not know how many encounters and behind the cultivation of experts to reach that point, cultivation far beyond our righteousness. But the True Fire of Samadhi burning body, extremely sinister, many amazing and talented people have spontaneously combusted to ashes at this level.” Gu-Yunsha looked very ugly and said: "I don't believe he will succeed.”

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