Dragon Talisman

Chapter 2 - What Is A Son of Heaven?

Chapter 2 - What Is A Son of Heaven?

Chapter 2: What is the Son of Heaven?

"So many books to read in a lifetime.”

Gu-Chensha sits casually on the floor reading a tattered volume, he is surrounded by heavy halls, scrolls piled up in each one.

This is the compilation of "the Skyseal Collection of Classical Writings". The place where the world's books are piled up.

He was punished for three days for arranging the books.

The emperor flaunted his cultural and martial achievements, first, to open up the territory for martial purposes. The second is to compile books, that's Wen-Rui.

The Skyseal began to gather countless learned scholars in four years to collect the world's books and compile the canon.

Between these ten years, cartloads of books were hauled from all over the country to the capital and piled up in large palaces.

Of course all the valuable martial arts books and Daoist immortal chapters had been selected and collected into the secret place of the imperial family, and the rest were all miscellaneous books from the three religions.

Since it was the remaining ones that were picked, the books were neglected and grew wormy.

Although he was punished to come and sort the books for three days, a few little eunuchs wandered around the place and didn't bother him.

He was casually reading a book, which was old source notes from a previous dynasty, describing cultivation and martial arts.

"Cultivation is divided into Mortal Realm and the Dao Realm. Mortal Realm has four levels, the First Glance, Enter Higher Level, Enlightenment Ascension, Peaking the Transformation. Further up, that is. Going further that is with martial arts, one will be stepping into the Dao Realm, with its Thirty Six Transformation.

E.g. the First Transformation 'Accept Fasting', not eating the food of the world and drawing the spirit of heaven and earth to nourish the body.

the Second Transformation 'Nine Oxen Two Tigers', the power of Nine Oxen Two Tigers all over the body.

The Third Transformation 'Bronze Skin and Iron Bones', the power of swords and spears.

The Fourth Transformation ‘Swallowing Gold and Fossilize' is an internal organ powerful as a furnace, and can melt if swallowed.

The Fifth Transformation 'Gathering Chakra in Hundreds Acupoints', the body has 108 acupuncture points, which are very secret and cannot be reached by the qi, if one can cultivate the qi to fill the 100 acupuncture points, the whole body will be transformed. The Change.

the Sixth Transformation ‘Refine Qi Into Astral'', after the spirit gathers a hundred tricks, the aura circulates in the body and gradually cultivates and grows to its limit, then it can spurt out, transforming into abstruse energy and issuing the Hundred Steps! And shatter people through the air. So-called abstruse qi, also known as true qi, is the meaning of truth.

The Seventh Transformation ‘Levitate and Soar', True Qi grows again, surrounds the body, can hold up the body, stand in the air, and has the ability to fly for a short time.

The Eighth Transformation 'the True Fire of Samadhi', true qi bulges throughout the body, creating an inner fire that burns from the inside out, inch by inch, melting the body.

The Ninth Transformation 'the Jade Glazed Body', after the true fire refines the body, after the last stage, the whole body is crystal like glaze, no disease, long life of 300 to 500 years without death.

With deep cultivation, people develop all kinds of abilities, and the ancient sages recorded the changes in these cultivations to form the Thirty Six Transformation.

In the end, the Thirty Six Transformation is even able to 'regenerate severed limbs', 'dripping blood', 'immortality' ' Out of the Body Experience', ' Reincarnate in Someone Else’s Body'. 'Size as You Like', 'Creation of the Void', 'and Opening up the Cave' then but that is the true immortal means....”

After reading this note, he closes it and whispers. "The Dao Realm changes are amazing, too bad I'm now a mediocre martial artist, just the First Glance. Never mind, these clichés aren't much to look at.”

Throwing the notes down, he searches for the book again to read.

There have been many accounts of the Dao Realm's the Thirty Six Transformation since the dawn of time, but very few people have ever practiced it.

He looked left, right, everywhere for a book, and suddenly tripped it, clattering.... A pile of books collapsed and dust enveloped him, mesmerizing his eyes.

"It's really bad luck for people to choke on cold water.”

He was so busy sorting the broken book from the dust heap that he suddenly felt a difference in the touch of his hand.

"What kind of volume is this made of? Neither silk nor linen, nor skin?”

He pulls out a yellowing scroll from the corner, unable to read the name, with small holes moth-eaten everywhere, and small fonts, like flies.

What is the Son of Heaven? Only those who have gathered the knowledge of a certain family can be called sons, like the sons of the hundred schools of ancient times. He who gathers the knowledge of a certain school of thought can be called a son, as the ancient sons of the hundred schools. the Son of Heaven, however, is a collection of the Heavenly Dao, who holds the power of heaven in his hand, and whose mouth contains the constitution of heaven, and whose one thought is life and death, and whose all laws are by the heart, and who has enthroned the gods, this is the Son of Heaven; and the present emperor, who establishes his kingdom by conspiracy and murder, and governs mere mortals, is also called the Son of Heaven... .”

"So that's what the Son of Heaven means!” Gu-Chensha read two lines from the notes of this unknown volume and found it interesting, "the Son of Heaven, that is, the Heavenly Dao incarnate, is indeed not comparable to an earthly emperor, an earthly emperor, who cannot be called the Son of Heaven at all, the Son, the Great Man of Learning, or even the ancestors who pioneered learning, such as the Fa family ancestor, called the Fa, and the Confucian ancestor, the Confucian. The Heavenly Dao ancestor is the Son of Heaven. The Son of Heaven's strongest point is that it can enthrone the gods, and there were many true gods in ancient times, all of whom were enthroned by the Ancient Son of Heaven, and still enjoy incense to this day.”

Between thoughts, he continued on.

"In ancient times there was the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, ordained by the heavens, a condensation of the essence of the Heavenly Dao, giving a glimpse of the opportunity for all beings to become the Son of Heaven, if only they could get the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, by which to communicate with the heavens and gradually cultivate, can understand the Heavenly Dao......”.

Gu-Chensha sees this and closes the broken scroll, "the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict I know, and whoever can get it is the Son of Heaven, then the Rune Edict was lost and the Emperor replaced it with the Jade Seal. The four characters above the jade seal, commissioned by the heavens, are the script above the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict.”

The Emperor sacrifices to the Heavens, which begins with the words. "I, so-and-so, by the edict of the Skyseal, Prime Minister of the Heavens... ”

However, this talismanic edict has disappeared since the ancient times, and successive emperors were not actually appointed by the heavens, but merely used force and power to hold on to their thrones.

Now the Great Yong Dynasty Emperor Gu-Taixian, whose year is "the Skyseal". It means to find the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, so as to become the Son of Heaven in name only.

"Take this book back with you.” He dusts it off, pockets the book, and turns back to the courtyard.

Right now he was only fourteen and had to live in a remote courtyard next to the palace.

And when he reaches adulthood at fifteen, he will be able to open a house and build a family with teeth, as well as registering a title and receiving fixed money and food, then life will be better.

Of course, with his status, if he wants to be crowned the Prince and the Regional Prince, don't think about it, he has to be crowned the General of the Fourth Rank.

the Imperial court Imperial Clan title of Sub-Prince, the Regional Prince, the Duke of the First Rank, the Duke of the Second Rank, the General of the First Rank, the General of the Second Rank, the General of the Third Rank, the General of the Fourth Rank.

Only exceptionally favored princes are crowned at birth, while ordinary princes are first given a lower rank, not hereditary, and then decreasingly so.

His Little Yuanzi is on the far northern edge of the palace, with only two or three rooms, empty and with no visible serving maids or eunuchs.

He is not favored, and his monthly money is often withheld, not to mention the lack of maternal support, an unlucky man, who would follow him?

Unlike some princely matriarchs who are rich and generous, cultivating power and pervading the palace boudoir.

The courtyard was also cluttered. Weeds were everywhere, coming out of cracks in the stone slabs and swaying in the wind, and there were sparrows and other birds looking for grass seeds to eat.

At night fox badgers were out and snakes and insects were crawling.

The north side of the palace is sparsely populated, connected to a patch of woods and lakes, all eerie during the day and even more ghostly at night, making even the daring guards a little palpitating.

Gu-Chensha couldn't care less, it's much more serene to hide here and avoid trouble.

As soon as I entered the courtyard, there came a little eunuch with a big rooster in his hand, crowing, and immediately bent down when he saw him and said: "Nineteenth Master, there's a chicken to eat today, the eunuch of the Shang Cuisine bought a lot of fresh vegetables today, and I'm at least sorry, but at last I've evened out a chicken for us.”

Gu-Chensha couldn't be happier, he sighing and said: "Little Yizi, you've followed me so faithfully for so long, and I've given you no benefit of the doubt, and you're still being bullied everywhere.”

This Little Yizi has been the only eunuch willing to follow him for years.

"Master mustn't say that, I would have been nothing more than a mangy dog, only Master treats me like a human, how dare I be disloyal?” Little Yizi kneeled down in a row and said: “Master, this yard is too deserted, should we pull down the grass? Cleaned up and more comfortable to live in?”

"It is often said that a house cannot be cleaned without a house being cleaned, but I just let the place be desolate, so that people will think that I am as decrepit as death, so that there will be much less trouble.” Gu-Chensha is deep in the art of biding his time and said: "Get up.”

"Little one understands.”

Little Yizi stands up, cold hand slipping, and suddenly that big rooster takes off, lunging at Gu-Chensha.

Gobble gobble!

The chicken claw grabs the face hard.

In a panic, Gu-Chensha uses his hands to block, and the claws bloody chunks of skin off his hands.


He drew a dagger from his sleeve and slashed the rooster's neck with a "sweeping move". He slashed the neck of the rooster with his "Sweeping Thousands" move.

His martial arts skills are not common, but he has practiced hard, so he still has the strength to tie up chickens.

The rooster's neck was cut, and the chicken's blood spilled on his body.

"The little one deserves to die, the little one deserves to die!” Little Yizi is scared to death.

"Get up, this is nothing.” Gu-Chensha didn't mind though and said: "You clean up and cook the big rooster, I'll go to my room to bandage my wounds and change my clothes.”

His chicken blood is mixed with fresh blood, and he's really unlikeable.

Go to your room and take off your clothes, barf! That book fell, and it was covered in blood, too, and there was a vague flash of light.

Gu-Chensha bends down to pick it up.

Hand just touched the book, bang! The top actually burned with green flames, the book had burned out, and a green scroll appeared, which was neither gold nor iron, neither silk nor linen, and had four words on it that seemed to soar like a bird.

"Ancient bird-shaped writing?” Gu-Chensha recognized it as the most mysterious writing in ancient times, birds could fly and communicate to the heavens.

The text makes a bird shape, that is, following the will of heaven.

"By order of the heavens! It's! The Sacrificial Skyseal Edict!”

He stammered and couldn't believe his eyes.

Because of the four words on that scroll, "By Order of Heaven."

Unexpectedly, this thing that the past emperors have been pursuing all their lives is hidden in the broken book.

With this talismanic edict, cultivate hard, and you can become the Son of Heaven.

Without this talisman, even if you have great power and vast territory, you are still the Emperor, not the Son of Heaven.

The Emperor is the Emperor, and the Son of Heaven is the Son of Heaven.

For the Emperor can only command mortals, and the Son of Heaven holds an edict to enthrone the gods!

The Son of Heaven seals the gods.

Only the gods who hold this edict and are enthroned are true gods, but otherwise they are false gods.

Even now, one of the Great Skyseal Emperor's ten great deeds, "Abolishing the rituals of obscenity in order to enthrone the gods"..... Is only a purge of evil demons who were not enthroned by the Ancient Son of Heaven, rather than actually enthroning the true gods himself; he doesn't have the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict.

The true authority of the Son of Heaven is not to govern mortals, but to enthrone the gods.

Otherwise, how could it be called the Son of Heaven?

Gu-Chensha put this away, his mood calming down from the initial excitement, and took a long breath and said: "The sacrificial artifacts, where the virtuous dwell, may not also need anything the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict.”

Just as it was being put away, a large rooster void suddenly appeared on the talismanic edict, flowing and inhaling it.

Buzz.... After the talismanic edict inhaled the great rooster shadow, an inexplicable warm flow passed out through the air and infused into Gu-Chensha's body.

He couldn't help but moan out, only to feel an increase in the strength of a rooster.

"The ancient historical records are true? Ancient human kings, killing a living creature to sacrifice a drop of blood on top of a talismanic edict to the heavens, you can gain the power of that creature?” It dawned on him.

He had just killed the great rooster, and that blood stained the broken book, and the rooster scratched himself with blood, which also stained and mixed together to form a small sacrifice.

This is tantamount to Gu-Chensha making a sacrifice to the heavens and naturally receiving a gift from the heavens.

The Sacrificial Skyseal Edict is thus inspired as well.

Gu-Chensha was a prince and followed the emperor's sacrifice to the Heavens many times, but did not see any visions and the heavens did not give anything to the emperor, which is the reason why there is no the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict.

Without this talismanic edict, no one can communicate with the Heavens.

With the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, Gu-Chensha has no intention of becoming emperor.

Besides, he doesn't have any idea about the throne, and is currently in the living stage.

Gu-Chensha is after all a prince, these years, although pretending to be crazy, in fact, secretly read and study martial arts, martial arts limited to resources cannot progress, but read a lot.

I'm a prince, I have the pills and supplements that I should have gotten for practicing kung fu, but all of them have been withheld. Pray for the blessing of all the people, and repair to the divine power. But you can't sacrifice to the Heavens in the palace, or you'll be charged with a crime of practicing witchcraft and be given an ironclad death. It seems the only way to go is to hunt in the Southern Mountains.”

Witchcraft is most forbidden in the palace.

Gu-Chensha must never be caught in the act.

Nor did he think of offering up the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict.

If it were offered, it would surely be a sensation in the imperial court, and would also establish a capstone, and being crowned a prince would be a certainty, but what good would that do? You have no strength in yourself, and the Prince can be deprived at any time, and you can fight back when you are set up to give death by a single sentence?

It's even possible that I'll be impeached later on with a charge of concealing an artifact and plotting against the world.

“When I make use of the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, I'll first fix into the Dao Realm and become powerful so I won't be at the mercy of others.”

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