Dragon Talisman

Chapter 10 Great Intelligence, Stupidity

Chapter 10 Great Intelligence, Stupidity

Chapter 10: The Wise Man's Foolishness

"Too disappointing for me.” Luo Baiyue said: "Men are most afraid of not being ambitious, even in the midst of adversity, they cannot be willing to fall, and the heavens will descend upon them, they must first suffer their hearts and minds, labor their sinews and bones, and starve their bodies. Don't you understand this? If you are determined to be ambitious, I Luo Baiyue will definitely help you fulfill them, if you want to cultivate, I will give you the best pills and the best techniques, with the support of me the Lou family, you will not be inferior to any prince, but if you have no ambition, then even if the fate of heaven is with you, it will not help, if you do not do your best, how can you have the fate of heaven?”

"Fate of heaven? That's another prince, it has nothing to do with me, don't ever involve me.” Gu-Chensha was getting scared and he said: "I don't want your support either, so don't you ever hurt me again.”

"So you're really going to be the muck that can't be helped?” There was a clear disappointment in Luo Baiyue's eyes and she said: "I know your mother was the Princess of the Xian Dynasty and had many taboos, which made you cowardly and timid. The man I Luo Baiyue will marry is a hero of the world, a hero of the world, who can still laugh and smile even in the midst of thorns. Wasn't the current emperor a bastard child twenty years ago? Born more humble than you, in a more difficult situation than you, and yet defeated many opponents and settled the world?”

"I'm not as ambitious as Imperial Father.” Gu-Chensha looked out the window with his eyes, as if he was distracted.

Seeing him looking so careful, afraid of saying the wrong thing, Luo Baiyue was also tasteless, and after thinking for a moment, her voice suddenly increased a bit, with compelling magic and said: "Since you are self-indulgent, I can't do anything about it, in fact, I tell you, your current situation, it is impossible to be safe, when a rich man is not even allowed to progress, either he can uplift his clothes to trade, he can try to fight, or be given a cup of poisonous wine to die later, do you think you have no chance? I'm telling you that you are actually of the Xian Dynasty royal bloodline, which contains the power of the Giant Spirit God bloodline. If I had a way to stimulate the power of the Giant Spirit God bloodline within you, your martial skills would be a thousand miles a day! I'm asking you now if you'll do it!”

"What? The Giant Spirit God bloodline!” Gu-Chensha's breathing quickened, as if he had been convinced by Luo Baiyue that the Xian Dynasty royal family were descendants of the Giant Spirit God, and that the true lineage had the blood of the gods within them, but it was difficult to inspire, and if it was inspired by chance, then he could become a master in a short time, but that didn't appeal to him. , but he knew that the fire had arrived, and it would be too shrewd to pretend to go on, and an idea of playing it safe rose up and said: "And according to what you say, what should I do?”

A true idiot is good at being provoked by the first words that come out of someone else's mouth.

Now Luo Baiyue is clearly testing his reaction again.

"Oh? So, you have some hot blood in your heart.” Luo Baiyue had a satisfied smile on her face, and she knew her language had worked when she saw all the Gu-Chensha blood rushing to his face.

"How are you going to help me?” Gu-Chensha asked directly.

"Here's a gourd of the Yuanpei Pill and the Solid Pill, and the Washing Marrow Pill, all of which were originally supplied by the Royal Family and not necessarily unusual, but you were withheld from it, and so I'll make it up for you.” Luo Baiyue clapped her hands, and up came a maidservant with a plate with three gourds and a pamphlet.

"That booklet, on top of it is the Xian Dynasty royal secret method, the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu, which is a technique between the King's and Emperor's qualities. Rumor has it that after practicing it, it will be infinitely more powerful and comparable to the Ancient Giant Spirit, but only those of the Xian Dynasty bloodline will be able to do twice as much with half the effort. This secret technique was obtained by our Lou family back when there was a war and we conquered the Xian Dynasty capital.”

"What do you mean?” Gu-Chensha wondered and said: "the Giant Spirit God feat has been collected into the Imperial Library, and you did so with Imperial Father’s permission?”

Only by cultivating the Giant Spiritual Strength will you be able to make thousands of miles in a single day and stimulate your Xian Dynasty bloodline. I have already reported this matter to the Emperor through a secret document, and the Emperor has agreed. The Xian Dynasty royal family is rumored to be the ancient bloodline of the Giant Spirit God, if you really practice the Giant Spirit God, you can bring the Giant Dynasty bloodline back to the Emperor. Spirit God’s bloodline is united for the Giant Spirit power, but that is a rare master.” Luo Baiyue spoke with a heavy tone.

"Well then, I'll take it.” When Gu-Chensha heard the word Secret Fold, she knew that Luo Baiyue was quite a favorite of the Emperor, and even began to appoint great things.

The secret folders were only for the favored courtiers, and all matters, big or small, could be written in the folders.

I never thought Luo Baiyue would be given the right to report directly to the court in secret memorials.

Even the feudal officials who have this power may not have it.

He asked Little Yizi to come up and take the three gourds of pills and the pamphlet, "Given by the ruler, I dare not decline, in that case, I'll take it?”

"That's good, in fact, your current situation is all of your own making, if you work hard to cultivate, and now you are in the Grandmaster's realm, gaining the Emperor's appreciation, gaining merit, and opening a house and building teeth, would it not be so?” Luo Baiyue seemed to be doing their best to compel.

"Okay, no problem.” Gu-Chensha nodded without hesitation.

"Then it's a deal.” Luo Baiyue said: "Come, serve the feast.”

"There's no need for a banquet, I'm going back to practice my martial arts hard and prepare to build my career.” Gu-Chensha seems to have been really stirred up with fervor in his heart and has become impatient.

"That's good, it's good for a man to have such ambition.” Luo Baiyue gave another look and said: "I see that you are also shy in your pouch, here is money for ten thousand, you can take it back first, wait for the emperor to give you a mansion in a few months, and then settle your residence.”

Saying that, the maidservant brought up a plate with a stack of paper bills in the middle.

The banknotes were golden in color, with beautiful cloud patterns printed on them, and actually had a faint air of divinity.

This is the banknote printed by the Imperial court, the Tiangong Institute's technology, no one can fake it.

Gu-Chensha wasn't shy about letting Little Yizi take it as well, immediately disembarking in a small boat and quietly departing.

Looking at his departing back, the maidservant said. "Miss, it seems that The Nineteenth Prince is not stupid, and is really biding his time.”

"No, his actions show that he's really stupid, if he's smart he'll understand the difference between himself and other princes, no pill practice can make up for it, especially the Giant Spirit God feat, even back then it was quite difficult for the Xian Dynasty royal bloodline to practice it, let alone him. He's really smart, so he whisked away and didn't want my gift.” Luo Baiyue shook his head and said: "That way, I was impressed with him, but now I see that it was just a small cleverness for him to act crazy, and when he encountered benefits, he was blinded to his true heart, so I'm afraid that misfortune will not come soon.”

"Hey, I don't know what the emperor is thinking, it's obvious that he wants to use Miss heavily, but he gave Miss such a big problem. The Nineteenth Prince will definitely be given a death sentence later on, and then that will instead implicate Miss, and even the Lou family.” The servant girl was a little confused about the future.

"Perhaps this is exactly the test the Emperor has for me, if I can't handle this matter properly, how will I deal with national matters in the future?"... Luo Baiyue said. "The Nineteenth Prince must have trained hard in martial arts after receiving my gift, yet Iron will be forbidden to many princes. It would save him a lot of trouble if he were to be killed, and if he does manage to avoid it, it will prove that he is capable.”

"I'm afraid he could really take up a position if he really did cultivate the Giant Spirit God feat.”. The maidservant has a picturesque brow and a small mouth and a nose, but she is also an expert, quite wise and agile, "The Emperor is broad-minded and can accommodate The Nineteenth Prince.”

The Xian Dynasty royal family has produced many talented people, and they have not been able to produce a single one in a hundred years, otherwise they would not have been destroyed by our dynasty, you should know that once you have inspired the Giant Spirit God bloodline. The Spirit God bloodline will be able to communicate with the Giant Spirit True God of the underworld through sacrifice, gaining incomparably great divine power. The Xian Dynasty would not have fallen to ruin if they had this protection?” Luo Baiyue watched the boats come and go on the great river and said: "But the emperor's cultivation, I fear to an incredible extent, as long as he obtains the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, then the Son of Heaven way is possible, abolishing the true God, so that the Giant Spirit God, even though he is the ancient emperor, is unable to break the barrier of the world with the power of the gods. , manifesting the power of God in the present world, and not being able to obtain a sacrifice, he will then be put to death by the emperor.”

"Miss, what are you talking about? Why don't I understand?” The maidservant was confused when she heard Luo Baiyue talking to herself.

"These things are not for you to understand.” Luo Baiyue waved his hand and said: "I guess this meeting with The Nineteenth Prince couldn't be hidden from those princes, and afterwards, some of those princes' people came to ask questions, and you sent them all away, saying that I was in seclusion.”



Little Yizi was carrying the bag, but his face was puzzled and he said: “Master, why did you accept Luo Baiyue's stuff? According to your character, you should be hiding yourself from the limelight.”

"For three reasons, one, if I were to hold back and not be moved by profit, then instead of being suspected, Luo Baiyue how wise he is, surely he would be cavernous, I would only look really stupid if I was greedy for small profits and forgot to bide my time. This is called sharing the dust with the light. Secondly, I've already practiced other martial arts, but now I can't reveal them, so now I can use Luo Baiyue's gift to show them off without being framed. This is called putting a plan in place. Thirdly, it's to see what Luo Baiyue and Imperial Father have in mind, and why they want me to practice the Giant Spirit Strength?” Gu-Chensha deep in thought.

"Master is really good at thinking far ahead.” Little Yizi admired sincerely and said: "What about these pills and money?”

"With this money, we are much more generous with our hands, and $10,000 is no small amount, even if the Regional Prince's annual salary is no more than that.” The Imperial court’s notes are quite valuable, a dollar is worth a snowy silver dollar, and their purchasing power is very solid and said: "As for the pills, I can no longer use them, so I'll give you solidity, and there are some things I can't step in to handle, so I'll have to rely on you. The higher the martial power, the better, I will go back and look at this book carefully, if there is really something desirable, you can also practice.”

Gu-Chensha learned "the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique". The first move "the Sun Moon Glow", the Sun Moon Refining in "the Sun Moon Glow", and the Sun Moon Refining in "the Giant Spirit God". Rumor has it that "the Giant Spirit God technique" was created by the Ancient Giant Spirit.

That the Ancient Giant Spirit is the Ancient Son of Heaven Guardian, not necessarily in communication with the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique.

Returning to the palace courtyard, Gu-Chensha opened the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu, and was greeted by the sight of a living, breathing giant, all sinew and flesh, with an iron fist clenched tightly, broad shoulders, and seemingly infinite energy.

On this giant's body, there are acupuncture points and meridians, and there are graphics of energy transport.

This cultivation would not be a martial arts move, but rather a way of meditation, meditation, refining the spirit, and exercising the will.

Gu-Chensha's martial arts training is quite deep-rooted, and after practicing the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique he is even more nimble and wise, and now this "the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu" is even more final, nothing profound.

He didn't practice it, but he secretly experienced it, brewing it in his mind and thinking about it.

That martial knowledge repeatedly tempered and precipitated in his mind, and the final out essence, shining all over his body thoroughly, the martial spirit was threadbare, like the mane of star fire, flickering nonstop.

After a long time, he opened his eyes, and between the surge of tendon and bone breath in his body, the man had fallen out of the window.

He held the sun in his left hand and the moon in his right, which is the best technique of the Sun Moon Refining.

His body style is floating, sometimes like autumn leaves floating, sometimes like a great river rushing, sometimes like a rocket rushing into the sky, sometimes like a comet falling to the ground.

The strength of rigidity and tenderness has been truly Peaking the Transformation, and the spiritual cleansing can be described as pure as snow.

During the long training, he felt the two energies of heat and cold rising up in his body at the same time, clashing with each other, like ice and charcoal in a furnace. This is the Sun Moon Refining in the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique to a critical point.

He was in a trance, wandering out of the heavens, spirit and flesh separated, and seemed to see that the heavens and the earth were the cauldron, in which all things were simmering, and that those that were transcendent were essences, and that there were more living beings that became impurities and settled down to their doom.

"Heaven and earth are the furnace, creation is the work, yin and yang are the charcoal, and all things are copper!” He suddenly understood a few catchphrases from the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique.

Anyone who is in the midst of torment and suffering and can endure will stand out as the best of heaven and earth.


In his body, a series of air bursts, like breaking into a butterfly cocoon.

The hundred acupuncture points all vomited into each other, faintly smelling like they were receiving the vital energy of heaven and earth into their bodies.

This is the sign of touching "the Dao Realm” The sign.

Of course, this is just touching. Of course, this is just touching, having the "sense of qi", is still far from being the Dao Realm, Accept Fasting, not eating the world and living by absorbing the essence of heaven and earth.

Once they do, they are no longer mortal.

Mortals spend their days running around, and in the end, they're still running around for three meals a day. Even if the Imperial court is a major event, it's all about filling the stomachs of the common people first.

And the Dao Realm person had to draw the essence of heaven and earth anytime and anywhere, how much less worry?

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