Dragon Talisman

Chapter 11 Nine Samsara Cycles

Chapter 11 Nine Samsara Cycles

Chapter 11: the Nine Revolutions of Life and Death

Throughout the yard the whirlwind rose, the silhouettes of the people shook, and the weeds all fell, as if they had been ravaged by a violent wind.

Many of the vermin in the grass have been shaken to death by the strong wind.

This is Gu-Chensha practicing hard at martial arts.

He speculates on the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique, observes "the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu", and has gained another experience, gaining a sense of qi, which is no longer inferior to the martial arts Grandmaster who has been training hard for many years.

Such progress can no longer be described as miraculous.

But he gained "the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict” and possesses the ability to communicate with the heavens, such progress is understandable.

The essence of martial arts is flowing through his mind, and Gu-Chensha's entire body is in the realm of the two things, the qi is mixed, and his martial arts cultivation is further enhanced.


He threw his body forward, like a paper kite with no half weight, riding the wind, and plunged into the boulder at the edge of the courtyard.

The boulder is as hard as iron, but when it meets Gu-Chensha's palm, it turns into tofu, and palm prints appear on it, three inches deep, with a clear texture.

And the boulder does not crack.

Gu-Chensha wipes his palm again and the palm print is erased, the hard stone is like mud under his palm.

The kung fu has reached the state of "turning stone into mud"...

"Master's kung fu is becoming more and more subtle, I see it is rare among princes.” Little Yizi looked shaken and kept shouting.

"It's not necessarily magical.” Instead of being proud, Gu-Chensha was curt and said: "I'm just a closed door, I've never experienced a bloody actual battle, and I still can't compare to the princes who fought and rolled over in blood with the barbarians on the battlefield.”

Right now, although the world is at peace and the Hundred Kingdoms have been destroyed, there are still demon barbarians haunting the barbaric plug outside of the Great Yong Dynasty.

The so-called demon barbarians, then, do not belong to humans.

First of all, barbarians, they are exactly like humans, but they are human, do not consider themselves human, and worship ancestors that are also beasts. For example, there are barbarians outside the countryside who claim their ancestors were wolves, and the totems and ancestors they worship are also wolf gods, and they eat blood and even eat people. They don't know anything about benevolence, righteousness, morality, propriety or shame.

So even if they resemble people, no one thinks they are human.

Unlike the previous Hundred Kingdoms, such as the Xian Dynasty, which were opposed to the Yong Dynasty, but all practiced benevolence, righteousness, ritual and law to rule the country, and still belonged to humans.

Only those who know the rituals and laws, who know how to advance and retreat, who keep order, and who respect the fate of heaven, are called human beings. Otherwise they are beasts.

These barbarians invade from time to time and kill inexhaustibly, and there are even evil demons behind them, hiding in the depths of the reckless barbaric wilderness, always a great danger to mankind.

Even the Great Skyseal Emperor's ambition could not get rid of them, so he could only build the Great Wall to resist the barbarian invasion.

Whenever the world was in chaos, the evil demons behind the barbarians appeared in the human kingdom, spreading sophistry and compelling people to turn into animals.

These are much recorded in the history books.

Every time he reads them, Gu-Chensha is also distressed.

The pacification of barbarians was the first state policy, and when the prince reached adulthood, he even had to go to the border to fight the barbarians, hone his martial skills, and build a career. Every five years, the emperor even had to go on an imperial expedition to fight the barbarians.

Right now the Imperial court has a few princes in high positions of power, crowned as Princes, that is because of following the Emperor on two imperial expeditions, killing countless demons and barbarians, and achieving great success in battle.

"Master should not be presumptuous, the Imperial court has to conquer the barbarians every five years, next year is the Skyseal fifteen years, the emperor will definitely be the imperial expedition, once again to pacify the barbarians, the adult prince will also have to follow by the side, by then the master can build up his career, great ambitions, fishing for a prince is secure. “ Little Yizi was thinking of a flowery future and said: "Don't look at the Eighteenth Prince's dazzle that day, but it's nothing compared to the princes who have been crowned.”

The Eighteenth Prince Gu-Hongsha can be crowned a Prince when he reaches adulthood, but is far from the Regional Prince, the Prince.

And I'm afraid some of the princes named Prince have already stepped into "the Dao Realm", in Gu-Chensha's opinion. , unfathomable.

He knows that he is still far from being able to do so and does not dare to be arrogant.

"After the news that His Majesty let that Luo Baiyue get close to me spread, I became a target, and the capital has become a troubled city. I think we should leave here right now.” Gu-Chensha thought to herself and said: "Later, I will propose to the emperor to build up my career for the country and head to the border to kill the demon barbarians.”

"Master, isn't this dangerous? If you don't leave the capital, many people won't be able to do anything to you, and once you leave, I'm afraid all sorts of plots and schemes will follow, and it will be dangerous.” Little Yizi was a bit shocked.

"I know, but the capital is good, but it is also a trapped pattern, in this elbow-deep place, but I can't use my martial arts, and I am even more constrained everywhere, so I might as well go to the border, although it is bitter, but I can also hone my martial arts, and the sky is high enough for birds to fly.” Gu-Chensha had thought clearly in his mind.

Staying in the capital for a long time, the forces are intricate and complicated, and it is inconvenient for one to do anything as one is constrained at every turn.

Of course, the capital is prosperous and peaceful, while the border gates are harsh and dangerous, and many princes don't really want to go there, but for Gu-Chensha, the border gates are much safer than the capital.

In fact, Gu-Chensha has a better idea. Once at the border, he can play the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict to his heart's content, gain a lot of the Tiger Wolf Pill, and gather talents to achieve his goals.

"Master is well thought out.” Little Yizi also pondered and said: "So now we'll write the book now and present it to the clan to present to the Emperor? I'm afraid that the clan will make a mess of it.”

"No harm done, how can this matter be obstructed when it is sought by many?” Gu-Chensha waved his hand and said: "Of course, I can't write now, I'll talk about it in a few months, but right now I'm going to make the illusion that I've been given the gift of Luo Baiyue to train hard in martial arts, have achieved something, can't hold back, and I'm stupid.”

The Son of Heaven God Sealing technique he practiced is amazing and cannot be seen in the light of day, now he will be able to explain the source of martial arts, but of course this matter should not be rushed.

As autumn turns to winter, it grows cold, the north wind whistles, the tree trunks are bare, and there is depression everywhere.

Gu-Chensha's days were better, reading and practicing martial arts daily, pulling out the weeds in the yard, and buying large quantities of supplies to give his entire home a new look.

This created a weather that lifted his spirits.

But it attracted the attention of those who were interested.

In a manor thirty miles outside the capital, there are pavilions everywhere, but not classical, all decorated with new things, a tower built at the heart of the inner lake, but all of them are large glass structures, the sunlight on them, flickering light, like a tower of crystals.

Just inside this tower, the Eighteenth Prince Gu-Hongsha is fishing.

He doesn't even use a bait, he throws a long line down, deep into the water, his own spirit through the hook, perceiving the bottom of the water vividly.

Suddenly, his hand shook slightly, and the hook fiercely ran under the water, hooking directly into a large black fish.

This big black fish weighed tens of pounds, was full of fangs, lurking in the mud, but he stuck his hook in his mouth and flung it up.

Other people fish to let the fish eat the bait, but he was so strong that the hook seemed to be a living thing, moving through the water.

"Master's Dragon King's strength is miraculous.” The slave stood beside him, dangling his hands and staying there, exclaiming with respect.

"How is it going over there in Gu-Chensha?” the Eighteenth Prince Gu-Hongsha asked.

"After accepting Luo Baiyue's pills, 10,000 paper money, and a copy of the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu, he has been practicing his martial arts day and night with seemingly small success, thus showing that he used to be acting crazy.” The slave made inquiries clearly.

"That's the real fool.” A sneer appeared on Gu-Hongsha's face and said: "Having been tricked by Luo Baiyue, did he think that having pills and techniques would make up for the loss of time? Kung Fu has to be refined a thousand times from a young age, and missing the best time won't help anyway.”

"Master, next year is the Skyseal's three great conquests of barbarians, and the Emperor is once again on the imperial march, this time on a scale that surpasses the past. The emperor has already accumulated huge capital in these five years, and is going to exterminate the Wolf Barbarian, Snake Barbarian, and Ape Barbarian tribe.” The servant told the news he had heard again and said: "I have heard from the inner court that the emperor seems to want to see which prince has done the most work, and has prepared the Nine Revolutions of Life and Death Immortal Pill to reward him.”

"The Nine Revolutions of Life and Death Cactus.” Gu-Hongsha drew back a cold breath and said: "This is a legendary ancient elixir, not of earth, rumored to be the ancient Son of Heaven to kill the demon sacrifice to the Heavens, to obtain the elixir of extended life. Imperial Father exterminated the Sect of Life and Death back then, to obtain this elixir, I thought I took it, but I never thought it was still there. “

That slave didn't speak, leaving Gu-Hongsha to think.

After a long moment, Gu-Hongsha waves his hand, "Go down, then Gu-Chensha... don't keep an eye on him, so as not to waste manpower, you mainly keep an eye on the Seventh Prince, Lao Tenth, First Lao and the others, got it?”

“These subordinates understand.” The slave knelt down on one knee and took his leave.

Meanwhile, at "the Duke of Yuan Residence”, Luo Baiyue also listened to the report.

Any movement of Gu-Chensha seems to be within her grasp.

"Miss, this is the situation, The Nineteenth Prince is practicing diligently every day and night, and right now it's almost at third level Enter Higher Level.” The guardswoman took the paper of record, "But he doesn't seem to have stimulated the Giant Spirit bloodline yet.”

"Energizing the Giant Spirit Blood Spirit seems impossible.” Luo Baiyue took the paper and looked at the abridgement written on it.

"So I'll send someone to keep an eye on him?” The female guard.

"Of course, he reports to me on any movement he makes.” Luo Baiyue said: "This is a small matter, how is the big thing I asked you to do?”

"We've followed a mysterious map to find ancient ruins that no one knows about, and the next step is to dig further.” The female guard.

"Okay, that ruin is an ancient battlefield, it's rumored that the Ancient Son of Heaven 'Void' and the demon army war place, you guys have to prevent the demon invasion, I'll be there in a few days.” Luo Baiyue crosses his ten fingers and speaks with some excitement.

The Skyseal's first snowfall in fourteen years finally landed.

It started as small, fine particles that fell in the middle of the night, then suddenly turned large in the morning, covering the sky like goose feathers, and in an instant the world was white and no other color.

Gu-Chensha was sitting in the snow, cultivating his spirit, he was not cold at all, just a single garment, but there was no heat in him, like wood and stone, on which the snowflakes fell and did not melt, turning him into a snowman in the twinkling of an eye.

Only his eyes glazed over, looking to the sky.

Spirit and snow merge with each other, each snowflake shape clearly magnified in his perception.

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