Dragon Talisman

Chapter 12 Thunder Palace

Chapter 12 Thunder Palace

Chapter 12: the Thunder Palace

Gu-Chensha's cultivation is becoming more and more profound, "the Sun Moon Refining" in the Son of Heaven God Sealing Art. Gradually gaining new insights, he is now a Grandmaster of the 4th level "Peaking the Transformation", but the average Grandmaster is no match for him.

The Son of Heaven God Sealing technique martial arts, ancient and dazzling, divine refining method to communicate with the heavens, soul penetrating the Sun Moon, even if it's just learned a little bit, it's far beyond the other divine powers.

Moreover, now that he doesn't need to be sneaky when practicing kung fu, he's open and aboveboard, with fewer mental obstacles, and his progress is even more rapid.


He stood up in the snow and shivered a little, and the snow was bounced off like flying stones and snapped against the walls, and tiny holes actually appeared in the walls, like sand holes shot out of a cannon.

Then, he opened his mouth and blew, and the snow in the sky over the courtyard was actually swept back.

"Not bad, not bad, the cultivation is refined.” Gu-Chensha flashed again, and the man had returned to the eaves of the courtyard, so fast that no traces could actually be left in that snow.

That's the means to tread the snow without traces.

And Little Yizi's martial arts skills have also improved so fast, his gaze is heavy, his hands and feet are agile, his strokes are strong and sluggish, and he is as fast as a flowing target.

Luo Baiyue's Solid Pill, the Yuanpei Pill, and the Washing Marrow Pill he has taken half of it, his physique has improved, the Tiger Wolf Pill’s medicinal power is fully developed, right now it is close to "Enlightenment Ascension". The realm, but unfortunately there is no Ascension Kung Fu to practice.

The Giant Spirit God Kung Fu is not suitable for Little Yizi to practice, and even less for the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique.

Yet his power is now fully comparable to that of the Martial Master.

"Master, no one is coming to spy on us practicing today.” Little Yizi went out to check, only snow, cold, and a north wind blowing, where was anyone coming from?

"People are evacuating today, after all, it's freezing cold, and who’s going to hide inside their rooms to warm up the fire, who's going to stalk in the snow?” Gu-Chensha silently transported his spiritual senses, and no wind or stirring could escape him and said: "It is rumored that after the Dao Realm, in which there is the First Transformation called the Heavenly Eye Hanging in the Air, even an ant for thousands of miles cannot escape spirit sensing, I do not know when I will reach that realm. “

"Master, it's snowy today, do you want to go out for a walk?” Little Yizi has been successful in martial arts lately, and isn't afraid of the cold.

"That's fine, you stay at home and watch, I'll go out by myself, it's just time to go to The Southern Mountain.” Gu-Chensha also loves the snow, besides, he has recently completed his kung fu training and is quiet and wants to go to The Southern Mountain to hunt for the Tiger Wolf sacrifice, can you get a few more the Tiger Wolf Pill.

The Tiger Wolf Pill are ancient pills, each one is worth a lot of money, if he can sell them through the market, then he will no longer be in need of money.

"Master go out and enjoy the snow, I'm home.” Little Yizi knows that Gu-Chensha is highly skilled in martial arts and extremely fast, and that he can't keep up and going out would be a drag instead.

Gu-Chensha nodded, his body flickered, and he left the courtyard, disappearing into the vast snow in a few landings.

Outside of the capital, to the south, there is a mansion that covers an area of four hundred and fifty acres, with high walls, deep trees, and flowing water, against a Yuanbao-like mountain, which can be described as a mountain of gold and jade with a head of feng shui that is rare in the world.

This residence goes deep into it, and in the very core of the area, the Zun Bronze Hall was built.

That's right, the entire palace, all cast in pure copper, inlaid with gold, silver on the eaves, and looking from above, it was glorious, like a temple of the gods.

This great hall covers tens of acres of land, and there are even many copper pillars in the square, arranged according to the stars in the sky, vaguely forming a huge formation.

According to reason, building the great hall with so much metal cannot be inhabited, and when it encounters a thunderstorm, it is most likely to attract lightning, and there is only one way to die, besides, the financial resources consumed by such a large copper hall is probably an astronomical amount.

On the plaque of this palace there are two big words "the Thunder Palace".

There is a man sitting in the palace. He was in his late twenties, with a strong stature, a face with a strong fury, wearing gold-embroidered brocade with cloud patterns, and broad and thick palms.

He walks like a wolf and eagle plundering, with his own heart-stealing momentum, a little movement, blazing flames, making people shudder.

"Tenth Master.” Someone suddenly flew to a man kneeling at the entrance of the Bronze Temple.

"Hmn? Lei Meng, you've come to return the favor for what I asked you to investigate?” The Tenth Master stood in the center of the empty brass temple and spoke with a metallic voice.

He is the Tenth Prince, Gu-Zhensha.

Shock as thunder.

The Beheading Thunder Strength is practiced in this Thunder Palace made of pure copper, which will have a tremendous sharpening effect on the spirit, and one's own aura will gradually be altered.

The Tenth Prince's mother is from an ancient family, the Lei family. With the Lei family's wealth, building such a mansion and bronze palace for the Tenth Prince is a breeze.

Kneeling Lei Meng is dressed in black armor, strong and brave, with a murderous aura, a warrior with a hundred battles under his belt, and by the way he is good at lurking and assassinating.

"Tenth Master, we bribed the eunuchs of the palace to learn that The Nineteenth Prince has been practicing martial arts diligently daily, has achieved small successes, is proud of his ambitions, and today even went out and headed straight for The Southern Mountain, seemingly to hunt.” Lei Meng actually got hold of Gu-Chensha's every move.

"Think you can get ahead with this Giant Spirit God Kung Fu?” The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha was expressionless, "Even if you inspire the Giant Spirit God bloodline, you're no match for my Thor bloodline.”

"Tenth Master, you have inspired the Thor Bloodline?” Lei Meng looked up with a face full of surprise.

"It's almost time, I've been practicing lately, and I feel like I have inexhaustible power in my body, this is the prelude to the bloodline stimulation....” Gu-Zhensha stood with a negative hand and said: "You pass on the message to the Lei family, it's best to have the Old Master send the Thunder God Scepter over to the capital for a trip, I want to use the Lei family's family heirloom to completely stimulate the Thor bloodline and cultivate into the Dao Realm.”

"But.......” Lei Meng hesitated and said: "The Thunder God Scepter is the symbol of the family patriarch, and the old lady won't open her mouth easily.”

"There are no buts. I am the prince, and the Lei family will be under my protection from now on. I think the old man knows exactly what's important.” The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha tone of voice has taken on a tone that cannot be disobeyed.

"Yes yes yes...” Lei Meng nodded repeatedly, not daring to say more.

The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha took a square step and said: "As for that loser Nineteenth, he still wants to get salty? I broke his brain back then, and among the many princes, I'm afraid he hates me the most, although I don't care about this trash at all, but in the end, he's also a prince, if someone lends him a hand to deal with me, it would cause quite a bit of trouble, and we need to deal with it now one or two.”

"Tenth Master, do you want me to do something about that punk?” Lei Meng on command.

"No, I want to borrow someone's hand.” The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha waved his hand and said: "Imperial Father already has the intention of cultivating Luo Baiyue by letting him get close to that trash, so if I do it now, it's like disobeying Imperial Father’s will and making him unhappy, then I won't have any good luck either. You can ask Head Manager Yuki to write me an invitation again, I want to invite Luo Baiyue for a small gathering tonight to discuss the next big thing.”

"Gotcha.” Lei Meng, seeing no further orders from Gu-Zhensha, cautiously gets up, backs up, and turns away.

Gu-Zhensha is left alone again in the entire giant bronze temple.

"The Dao Realm! I must break through this level and step into the Dao Realm! First Lao, Second Lao, Third Lao, Fourth Lao, the Seventh Prince, you are all one step ahead of me, and if I don't break through yet. How will I compete with you in the future?” Gu-Zhensha suddenly punched.


He's all powerful, with waves of air and a thunderbolt roaring inside him, like a Giant Dragon is about to break out of his body and roam the heavens.

Gobble, gobble....

Gu-Chensha feet on the deep snow, breathing in the cool air, can't say the relief and relaxation, sometimes he really want to leave all the mundane matters of the capital, no longer pay attention to the capital's rivalry, alone to roam the endless continent, but of course this is just a thought, he knows there are many pairs of eyes watching him, there is a possibility that every move is under the control of others.

Deep in the dense forest snow, he flew violently, stepping through the snow without a trace, if an ordinary person came to see it would only feel the wind whoosh past.

After all, his martial arts skills are now at the Grandmaster's level, and what he cultivates is "the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique", if he really fights, two or three Grandmasters of the same level may not be his opponent, even if he lacks experience in actual combat.

Gradually, he walked out a hundred miles and reached deeper into the mountains, and at a glance, there was nothing but mountains or mountains, snow, dense forests, even a prince hunting wouldn't go deeper into the land.

"There shouldn't be anyone following me this time, with my current strength, except for the Dao Realm strongmen who won't let me find them, everything else is within my sense.” Gu-Chensha looks around and suddenly burrows, actually burying himself deep into the snow and covering himself completely.

He brings up "the Sun Moon Refining” The Sun Moon Refining", which is the cultivation method of the Sun Moon Refining, completely restrains the breath, and suddenly it is like a stone buried deep in the ground, not even the smell of the body will be leaked.

"The Sun Moon Refining". Although it is one style, it contains meditation, luck, acupuncture points, breathing, movement, true intention, time and space, celestial stars, earth patterns, meridians, and spirits... Gu-Chensha practiced for months to grasp the skin, and the more he practiced, the more profound and all-encompassing he felt.

He was buried in the snow for a full two hours, and in his spirit he sensed several waves of people searching nearby, seemingly fruitless and far away.

"As expected, those scouts are really loyal, tracking me in this cold, keeping their master informed of my whereabouts. Among them are Luo Baiyue, Lao Eighteenth, Lao Tenth...” It was dark, Gu-Chensha emerged from the snow, everything was still, the north wind was howling, the snow was getting heavier, and the men who had been tracking him had completely disappeared.

This kind of dark night, windy and snowy, in the wilderness, even Grandmasters can't support it for long, ordinary experts absolutely freeze.

Ditching these cowhide fresh, Gu-Chensha is more relaxed and can capture tiger wolves to make pills.

At this time, the tigers and wolves in the mountain forest were also hiding in their lairs, extremely easy to catch, and by midnight, he had captured three evil wolves and three evil tigers, sacrificed them with a five-colored clay altar and herbs, and gained three more Tiger Wolf Pill.

"Unfortunately the Tiger Wolf Pill can only be used once, and the second time it's ineffective, Little Yizi can only rely on his own hard work if he wants to increase his strength. Three the Tiger Wolf Pill is also troublesome to sell, and I don't have any available manpower to cultivate it, but it's tricky.” Gu-Chensha ponders how the Tiger Wolf Pill should be used.

The Tiger Wolf Pill can turn a weak man into a Tiger Wolf, but that's about it, and it's a hot commodity for the big boys.

In the midst of his thoughts, suddenly in the distance, a brilliant mane rose up into the sky and then disappeared, but just for a moment, like lightning pierced through space and illuminated an area.

"What is that? Is it a treasure unearthed? What a strong momentum.” Gu-Chensha's body electrified and swept towards the place where the essence rushed to the sky and said:

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