Dragon Talisman

Chapter 14 The Daoshaper Woman

Chapter 14 The Daoshaper Woman

Chapter 14: The Dao Realm Woman

The Son of Heaven God Sealing technique each action contains the highest truth of the universe, the Sun Moon Refining is the first, but is the foundation of the method, the most important, if refined to completion, is like the Sun Moon when the sky, swiftly travel in all directions, with the yin and yang as charcoal, anyone, gods. , demons, demons can be turned into the dust of history.

Gu-Chensha for this move only learned the movements, but when it is performed, the mental mind meditates and the momentum changes, but it has the supreme majesty of gathering the Eight Wastes and incorporating the universe into the furnace.

When this move is offered, Long Yuyun is shocked and lose his minds, as if she saw changes around her, fire is born from the air, burning the void by inches.

This is of course an illusion, not real.

"It's actually this strong?” Long Yuyun's body retreated. She was the strongest person to step into the Dao Realm, although it was the First Transformation "Accept Fasting” Although she is the First Transformation "Accept Fasting", her spirit and body no longer belong to mortals, and her spirit is far from being influenced by mortal qi.

Even if she is now weakened by only 20-30% of her strength from the poison, her spirit is far superior to Grandmaster.

The martial encounter misses by a thousand miles, and her stunned mind is attacked by Gu-Chensha, losing the lead.

"Neptune's Town Demon Abyss.” She formed her hands into a circle around her, making herself like a dark abyss in a deep, dark ocean, deep enough to attempt to defuse Gu-Chensha's attack.


Gu-Chensha's Sun Moon Refining however is not something she can defend herself against, colliding three times and finally attacking through the gap, punching her hard in the chest.


Long Yuyun took three steps backwards, a few broken ribs and blood flowing from his nose and mouth, but instead of lying down, he slowly sat down and straightened his ribs in an attempt to heal his wounds.

And Gu-Chensha was also backed up by the counter shock, he was shocked, his own fist strength could open up a tablet and crack a rock, hitting his opponent with only broken ribs, is the Dao Realm really that powerful?

"Good lad, you actually have that kind of ruthlessness, I didn't expect that.” Long Yuyun seemed to have lost his battle strength and said: "If it weren't for the fact that I was heavily Spirit Extinguishing Scattered and badly injured along the way, and my strength was only less than 20 percent, I could have killed you with a snap of my fingers.”

"I said I meant no harm to you, except that I pulled a knife out of the road to help you, and you're returning the favor.” Gu-Chensha found the fight so boring that he didn't want to fight Long Yuyun.

"If I'm guessing correctly, the martial art you just performed is the Gods Great Slaughter technique of the Great Skyseal Emperor's ultimate technique? And only such a divine power can overstep the boundaries to injure me.” Long Yuyun said harshly and said: "Looks like I was right, you are a bit of a prince, and you are not saving me, what are you doing here in the middle of the night, in the snow, in the middle of nowhere? Who would believe it if it wasn't premeditated?”

"The Gods Great Slaughter technique? What level of martial arts is that?” Gu-Chensha fell ignorant of the Great Skyseal Emperor's martial arts skills, only knowing that he, the Imperial Father, had dominated the world and overpowered the masters of a hundred countries with his own strength, defeating and annihilating an unknown number of clans, immortal powerhouses, world families, demons, and even gods.

"I came to the mountain to practice, whether you believe it or not, it was the sword mane you just sent out that attracted me, I thought it was a treasure unearthed.” Gu-Chensha also did not state his identity, Long Yuyun was clearly not a good person, and knowing his identity was harmful and said: "I don't have any intentions, since I'm blind myself, it's bad luck to meet a person of grace and revenge, you heal yourself, I won't bother, we'd better meet later.”

Just say he's leaving.

"Stop.” Long Yuyun sneers and said: "Are you trying to go out and get someone to hurt me? How will I let you leave easily?”

"With your strength, can you stop me now?” Gu-Chensha also returned the sneer and said: "There was a farmer who saved a frozen snake in the snow, kicked it in his arms, the snake woke up and bit the farmer instead, I can't believe I also saved a snake today, the book says the most poisonous woman's heart, it seems not bad at all.”

"Toothy, do you really think those losers can kill me?” Long Yuyun tuned his aura and his tone returned to normal, as if he hadn't been injured just now and was still so strong and said: "I just wanted to draw out the people behind them, so I sent out the Ten Thousand Swords Talisman. As expected, you appeared. I command millions of soldiers and people, and have the bloodline of the Dragon God, how could you not be counted by the Yuyun?”

"the Dragon Sword Island I have read the overseas geography, although it is an island, but it has tens of thousands of miles of vast land, equivalent to a country, the Dragon family commanded the island a thousand years ago, although he is the lord of the island, but actually is the king.” Gu-Chensha was well versed in history, astronomy and geography, and the customs of various places were all fresh in her mind and said: "Rumor has it that the Dragon Family even has the bloodline of the Dragon God, and those from the Dragon Family can enter the sea as if they were walking on flat ground, and even a child of three years old can play games in the deep sea and fight and kill vicious sharks.”

Long Yuyun took out a pill and swallowed it and said: "It is by no means unusual for you to have this knowledge, which prince is it?”

"Why did you decide that I was a prince? With martial arts skills?” Gu-Chensha finds this woman's resourcefulness to be no small feat.

"Temperament, I've met Gu-Hengsha, who was raised and trained by the Great Yong Dynasty court teaching, and has a natural royal air in his bones, and you have it in you.” Long Yuyun spoke proudly and said: "I have read countless people, how could I be wrong? If not, do you think I'd be talking so much shit to you?”

"For this woman to step into the Dao Realm, she must be a genius, Luo Baiyue herself is stunningly beautiful and heavenly, yet she is also stuck in Grandmaster and unable to step into the Dao Realm, thus showing the talent of this Long Yuyun. “ Gu-Chensha's mind was in shock, he was also a very deep city or he couldn't have survived this far, thinking a little, he spoke and said: "Yes, I am The Nineteenth Prince Gu-Chensha, but not the same as the Grand Prince Gu-Hengsha who attacked the Dragon Sword Island.”

"The Nineteenth Prince Gu-Chensha?” Long Yuyun frowned, his eyes suddenly bursting with brilliance and said: "You're that foolish prince? Who says people can eat meat if they don't have food? Oh, I see, you are deliberately pretending to be mad and biding your time to protect yourself, your mother is the Princess of the Xian Dynasty, dead and dying, and the whole court is your enemy, if you don't, I fear you have been dead for many years.”

"How do you know so much about the Imperial court?” Gu-Chensha patted her head and came to a sudden realization again and said: "It was my slip of the tongue, as the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, I the Great Yong Dynasty conquered the outer seas and opened up territories, the Dragon Sword Island is also self-involved, you definitely have to send someone to inquire about everything in the dynasty.”

"It's just painful to talk to smart people.” Long Yuyun was informed of Gu-Chensha's identity, and his entire body seemed to relax and he said: "Now it seems that my assumption was wrong, your martial art is not the Gods Great Slaughter technique, but the Xian Dynasty mastery? The Xian Dynasty survived the Imperial Master Wen Hong to find that Wen Hong is a martial artist, otherwise he wouldn't have escaped from the Imperial court on that day, are you practicing the Thousand Star Flying Immortal technique?

Long Yuyun really knows what's going on in the world, the Imperial court situation, expert martial arts are all narrated with a clear understanding.

"This is up to you to guess?” Gu-Chensha is suspicious, this woman is not a good person, and she has a grudge against the Great Yong Imperial court, so it's good to keep her in check.

"Very, very good!” Long Yuyun burst out laughing and said: "It seems we are friends rather than enemies.”

"What do you mean by that?” Gu-Chensha's thoughts rose up in his mind and said: "You're not trying to use me to influence decisions in the Imperial court, making the Grand Prince have concerns?”

"You're so smart.” Long Yuyun also had to exclaim and said: "In my information, you were humiliated by your scrappy life and mediocre martial arts. Today, I've seen that you are actually a phoenix among men with great aspirations. Although you have not yet become a success in my eyes, you seem to have the Emperor's spirit dormant.”

"Are you complimenting me or hurting me?” Gu-Chensha sat at the mouth of the cave and said: "Don't try to use me either, all I want is to be free, and I have no desire for power.”

"Getting away with it is the greatest desire.” Long Yuyun laughed and said: "Once there was a good man in the tenth lifetime, who had a great deal of good deeds, and after his death the god of heaven asked him what he required to be rich in his reincarnation, and he said that he didn't require much, as long as he had food and clothing, was free and untroubled, and was satisfied with reading books, writing, and visiting mountains and rivers in his daily life. The god of heaven said that this requirement had never been met by the immortals, and that you had better reincarnate as an emperor.”

"Yea, the things of the world are not as good as eight out of ten. Nine. No worries, free and easy even God can't do it, let alone us mortals? I read history books once there was a sect in history, the leader called it Buddha, and it was rumored that it was the one who broke troubles, and often gave sayings to the gods and taught them the way to break them, and I did not know that there really could be such a miraculous person.” Gu-Chensha and Long Yuyun seem to be friends chatting it up.

"This the Longjin Pill is a healing elixir, but I was mistaken when you were wounded by me.” Long Yuyun throws the porcelain bottle.

Gu-Chensha reaches for it, breaks the wax seal on top, and pours out a potion, blue as crystal, with a warming smell after the coolness permeates his meridians.

He knew it was good medicine, and did not excuse himself, so he swallowed it, and immediately had a sense of drifting away, he secretly transported the Sun Moon Refining’s divine power to catalyze the medicinal power, his whole body ejected blue air currents, hovered outside the body for a while and then shrank in, a moment later, the spirit was bright, the injury actually completely recovered.

"It was actually possible to refine the Longjin Pill's medicinal power so quickly?” Long Yuyun's heart was also secretly shocked and said: "This pill is a pill that my ancestors collected hundreds of types of spiritual medicines and refined for decades in the depths of the island's earth fire with their own true qi, ordinary people who ate it could not withstand the power of the medicine and naturally exploded and died, even if Martial Dao Grandmaster swallowed it, it would take months to digest the medicine and slowly incorporate it into the meridians, and then another three to five years of painstaking cultivation before. Completely felled and cleansed, and he actually refined it in such a short time? And the Xian Dynasty Imperial Master Wen Hong's the Thousand Star Flying Immortal technique is to worship the Ten Thousand Stars, meditate on the star map, and use the power of the Ten Thousand Stars and one's own acupuncture points to resonate with each other, so that one's hands and feet have unrivaled divine power. Up will be different, but I can't feel the slightest astral movement, from which it can be seen that this person is not practicing the Thousand Star Flying Immortal technique, nor is he like the Xian Dynasty Township the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu. Moreover, although this person is smart, he is quite lofty in heart, and I gave him a potion he actually took immediately, not being afraid of it being poison.”

"It really is good medicine.” Gu-Chensha opened his eyes, his whole body surging with energy, his bones and flesh seemed to have been scrubbed and calcined a thousand times, infused with a powerful vitality that was at least worthy of several years, or even ten years, of his own hard training and said: "This is definitely not an ordinary healing medicine, I'm afraid that even the Dragon Sword Island is a treasure of the town, and you're just going to give it to me casually?”

"I was testing you, thinking that you thought it was poison and dared not swallow it, and gave it back to me, but I never thought you would actually take it.” Long Yuyun sighed and said: "Truth be told, this Longjin Pill isn't much in my Dragon Sword Island either, there are only nine left.”

"Hahaha.......” Gu-Chensha laughed out loud and said: "I was actually afraid that it was poison, but figured that with your wisdom, you wouldn't give me poison so blatantly, and probably tested me to see how good of a person I am, so I will do what I can.”

"It seems that you have made a fool of myself, and it is not without reason that you have survived to this day in the palace.” Long Yuyun laughed as well.

The two of them have already turned a dry spell.

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