Dragon Talisman

Chapter 15 The First Retainer

Chapter 15 The First Retainer

Chapter 15: The Disciple

"Gu-Chensha, I wonder if you are interested in competing for the throne.” Long Yuyun confirmed Gu-Chensha identity and has an idea.

"Not interested, but I'm going to get something back that belongs to me.” Gu-Chensha asked: "But you want me to influence the Imperial court situation and save your Dragon Sword Island, that's delusional, not to mention that I'm thin on power right now, and even if I'm in a position of power, I can't influence national policy. When my dynasty destroyed a hundred countries and annihilated thousands of clans, those clans all fled overseas to accumulate strength and wait for an opportunity to take revenge, so the emperor set one of the three national policies, which is to flatten the overseas, right now my dynasty desperately built ships and developed the Iron Giant Wheel, just to make all the overseas borders belong to my dynasty.”

"I know that better than you.” Long Yuyun smiled bitterly and said: "I also have a secret group in the capital and know the current situation. My Dragon Sword Island can't be saved, and even my Long clan members are going to be captured to extract blood. I only hope to free my clan from the Grand Prince Gu-Hengsha's hands.”

"The extraction of the bloodline is a work of evil, is the Grand Prince crazy for doing this?” Gu-Chensha was amazed.

"He was trying to obtain the bloodline of the Dragon God, and was willing to do evil and cruel things to take living people to refine it. He has under him the experts of the Bloodthirsty Cult who were annihilated back then.” Long Yuyun already had strong hatred in his eyebrows.

"The princes of the court each attacked each other, the Grand Prince actually recruited the genocidal Bloodthirsty Cult expert, and he's not afraid of other princes shaking it out?” Gu-Chensha knew that the Bloodthirsty Cult had secret methods to extract life-giving potions and pills from the blood of living beings, and killed an unknown number of lives, no matter which dynasty or generation had to annihilate them. Whether it's the rivers and lakes or the folk, black and white, there are names for the Bloodthirsty Cult, called Bloodsucking Demons.

These were all things that the royal clan had to learn, so that the prince would know about the affairs of the rivers and lakes, the methods of the evil cult, and even more about the dangers of the world. Many princes are even sent out to purge the remnants of the evil cult for their training. It is to the Imperial court that every prince in the Imperial court has the heart, the means, and the drive, and is by no means a wine bag.

Gu-Chensha pretended to be crazy, but also studied by heart, even harder than many princes. It's just limited to lack of resources and not being able to progress in martial arts.

"Now what prince in the court doesn't recruit good and evil people as subordinates and disciples to clear guests? Each is tainted, who dares to climb indiscriminately, besides, the Grand Prince has been sitting in the Customs for many years, powerful and holding great power, no one dares to do anything rash to him, if he fails to deal with him and is turned against him, even the Seventh Prince Gu-Fasha, the Empress's own firstborn son, cannot bear it.” Long Yuyun simply knows the many princes like the back of his hand, revealing the Dragon Sword Island’s great power and richness of heritage.

Gu-Chensha listened in silence, the power of the many princes was so great that it was difficult for him to stand behind them. For example, right now the Tenth Prince is against him, and if he doesn't have reliable people, he can't defend himself.

"I see you're in a pretty tough spot too, so how about we work together?” Long Yuyun saw the time as ripe and said: "How about I help you gain a foothold in the Imperial court, and you help me bring down the Grand Prince and rescue my Dragon Clan?”

"The Grand Prince is actually in league with the Bloodthirsty Cult, so murderous and inhumane, I should help you in righteousness, besides, this man also took my mother's relics for himself, I should deal with him in private righteousness as well, and in that case, I will cooperate with you. But I am in trouble at the moment, and you will have to help me in many things....” Gu-Chensha explained his situation in detail.

"You're really weak, with just a little eunuch by your side.” After hearing Gu-Chensha's statement, Long Yuyun also frowned and said: "You'll have to first establish your own residence outside and keep loyal house slaves and masters, which I can do for you, and I have some money under my belt, but the priority, I see, is to gain the favor of the Great Skyseal Emperor and give you errands so you can expand your power in plain sight. “

"This matter will have to wait until I step into the Dao Realm, right now the strength is not enough to deal with all kinds of dangers.” Gu-Chensha had already calculated.

"Stepping into the Dao Realm isn't something that can be done through hard training.” Long Yuyun waved his hand and said: "I'm also the one who by coincidence fell into the Ancient Dragon's Nest while plucking pearls at the bottom of the sea, and actually obtained the broken fragment of consciousness, thus activating the Dragon God's bloodline in my body. An armor is also a dream bubble.”

"Is it so hard...?” Gu-Chensha murmured.

"How else would you call it the Dao Realm, taking the spirit of heaven and earth with your own spirit, not eating the earth's food, this is no longer human, the jealousy of the great work of creation, I see that your cultivation is fine, but the actual battle experience is too weak, the will is not tough, not that kind of sharpened edge, enlightenment the Dao Realm, is to fight with heaven and earth, and heaven and earth, on the It must be fought with man, and if you can't even fight man, how can you fight heaven and earth?” Long Yuyun will have the aura of a Ling Yun.

"That's good, I have nothing to do these days, and I entered the mountain to cultivate martial arts, and I happened to meet an expert like you, so instruct me.” Gu-Chensha's heart was surging with battle intent, being able to have the Dao Realm strong man feeding his moves, begging for it.


The two figures in the snow parted sharply, the air waves spreading everywhere sweeping the snow back up into the sky.

Gu-Chensha breathes heavily, while Long Yuyun stands at the spot, calm and relaxed.

The two have been in the mountain for three days, and through this opportunity, Gu-Chensha fights with Long Yuyun almost every day, and under his opponent's instruction, his martial arts training has improved by leaps and bounds.

In particular, Long Yuyun is the Lord of the Dragon Sword Island, actually the King, and has been leading armies against the Great Yong Dynasty for years, as well as fighting pirates and villains, so he's knowledgeable and experienced in martial arts.

Gu-Chensha himself is intelligent, and reads everything from the scriptures to history, and with the help of his bibliography, his knowledge of martial arts is improving by leaps and bounds, surprising even Long Yuyun.

"You're so powerful that you can almost catch up to me, I wonder what you've taken, or have you been reshaped by some powerful and almost Dao-like force, has your Giant Spirit bloodline been triggered and meditatively received a transformation from the Giant Spirit God force? “ Long Yuyun and Gu-Chensha palm against each other, and each palm feels like there is an irresistible monstrous power in his power, and his meridians are slightly numb.

It should be known that she is the Dao Realm strong, even if the First Transformation, has been transformed, never the mortal realm of Martial Dao Grandmaster can fight against, she can kill Grandmaster with a casual punch or palm, while Gu-Chensha Surprisingly able to withstand three or four of her palm strikes without falling behind, and also able to counterattack at any time with speed as fast as a ghost, the only thing lacking was that sharpness of sharpness that had been raised from thousands of battles.

"I always feel like something is missing, I can't pierce through that last layer of blur, the world in front of me is blurry, I can't really see.” Gu-Chensha stood in the snow thinking hard.

"You're in touch with the martial barrier, which is the key to breaking through the Dao Realm, it has to be perception.” Long Yuyun inhaled deeply, his injuries were much better, "A thousand Martial Grandmasters, only one at most can touch the Martial Barrier, you are truly a genius, I can't teach you much now, you must comprehend step by step in the life and death struggle, people on the edge of life and death will stimulate their spiritual potential, and having comprehended the Great Terror and the Great Joy, you will be able to There's a chance to touch that line of road.”

"Understood, thanks for the advice.” Gu-Chensha saluted.

"Now that we've agreed, it's not too late, you've learned almost everything in the past few days, the rest can only depend on yourself, next I'll secretly set up a residence for you around the capital as a place to root for you.” Long Yuyun was scheming and said: "If you want manpower, I also have some.”

"Thank you for your trouble.” Gu-Chensha nodded, suddenly remembering something and said: "I read from the recent events of the Imperial court, in the early years of the Skyseal, the Emperor had decreed to crown you the Dragon Sword Island Dragon Family as King in an attempt to get you to join the Great Yong Imperial court, but you received an edict. After that, however, they delayed and refused to come to the capital, so the emperor was shocked and angry.”

"There is such a thing.” Long Yuyun sneered and said: "A single edict is trying to make all of my Dragon Sword Island’s millions of soldiers and civilians fall under his command, how can it be so simple? What is the purpose of your question?”

"I was going to ask if that edict is still there,” That's what Gu-Chensha wanted.

The Great Skyseal Emperor's edict crowning the Dragon Sword Island Dragon Family as king is no small thing, it's like a letter of state between nations, the seal used must be very strong, and the Son of Heaven on it is also very strong. The Sun Moon Glow's next move.

That's the main thing.

"What do you want this edict for? Just useless scrap of paper.” Long Yuyun wondered.

"Naturally useful, it's physical evidence, it might be useful to board down the Grand Prince in the future, and when I have something to say I'll report that it's not the Dragon Sword Island that's not surrendering, it's the Grand Prince that's doing it.” Gu-Chensha tiny lie.

"Since you're useful, here you go, but I don't have it on me, so I'll be in touch later.” Long Yuyun said: "I will set up the remaining properties of the Dragon Sword Island in the capital, and you should be careful when contacting me, the princes in the capital aren't spared.”

"Don't worry about that, I'm more or less experienced after all these years.” Gu-Chensha thought to herself and said: "By the way, I will send my personal eunuch Little Yizi to contact you, this person is my beloved, and you can more or less instruct him in martial arts.”

"If you have any men, give them to me to discipline.” Long Yuyun smiles, and his body leaps up into the treetops without wind, leaping away like a bird, twice as fast as Gu-Chensha.

"This lightness is certainly fast, but it's still not to the point where you can step through the void and cross the sky.” Gu-Chensha thinks back to the Dao Realm changes, and only when he practices the Seventh Transformation, Levitate and Soar. When he runs as if the sky were the earth, he can be considered "immortal” The only way to be considered "immortal" is to run on the earth as if it were the sky.

Without getting to the Seventh Transformation, no matter how high you jump, you will eventually land.

Seeing Long Yuyun leave, Gu-Chensha nodded inwardly, and was amazed at how much help he received this time in the mountain, and how much he benefited from the martial arts. The most important thing is to obtain the holy decree, such as "the Sun Moon Glow", the second change, that is the foundation of life.

The Great Skyseal Emperor would not have been able to suppress a hundred kingdoms if he didn't have the power to do so. Or even attempt to abolish the gods?

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