Dragon Talisman

Chapter 20 Abilities On Full Display

Chapter 20 Abilities On Full Display

Chapter 20: Each Man Shows His Wits

"Your Majesty, my daughter is hard-tempered and fighting with the princes, I fear there is something wrong with propriety, isn't it......” Lou Chongxiao was a little apprehensive.

"I do like Baiyue's character, but what about the princes, I think they are not as good as Baiyue, she will do a good job and improve her martial arts, I will also make him a princess, and it is not impossible for the title to be above you.” The courtiers all heard the Great Skyseal Emperor's affection for Luo Baiyue.

The barbarian generals fled into the mountains and forests, many princes chased them, and the Great Skyseal Emperor and the noble heavyweights watched the chase, and it became clear how martial these princes really were.

Among them Luo Baiyue actually went ahead of the others, his body was quick as smoke, just a few flashes, catching up to a lagging barbarian general.

That general was taken aback, his fierceness was aroused, and his hands grabbed fiercely, in turn trying to tear Luo Baiyue apart.

However Luo Baiyue didn't dodge, just closed in and crashed into it, and the barbarian general was crushed into a bloody mess in the air.

Many of the princes and nobles all had their eyes glowing.

"Luo Baiyue's martial skills are truly terrifying.”

"How can Luo Baiyue's martial arts be so powerful, look at her strength, no Grandmaster can match it, and her bodywork tends to be complete, secretly in tune with the Heavenly Dao, and her kills are vicious, too?”

"Yeah, with such martial skills, already at the peak of Grandmaster, and seemingly getting a sense of qi, I see a real possibility of stepping into the Dao Realm ah.”.

"Look, she's killed another barbarian general.”

"Is she going to take the lead this time when the emperor arranges for the prince to hunt? Even many princes have been compared to her.”

"What about the Nineteenth Prince? He seems to be doing okay too.”

Luo Baiyue shows off his skills, but Gu-Chensha also catches up with a barbarian general and tries to kill him. If he succeeds, this will be his first "kill”

At least these barbarians look like humans.

The barbarian general who was caught up by Gu-Chensha was tattooed all over his body, with a vicious snake twisting around him, a wolf whistling the moon, his skin as rough as a wild boar in the mountains, and his blade and axe were hard to cut into, his fierce light shone all over, his mouth opened wide, his foul breath was foul, his hands slicing, his feet kicking in a series of kills, his angle was tricky, and his power was astonishing.

This is also Zun Martial Dao Grandmaster, and the martial style is savage, rough, with an ancient air, which is the characteristics of barbarian martial arts, wild, cruel and bloody, violent with no human air, pure ancient fierce beast weak and strong.

"Overturning Rivers style.” Gu-Chensha dodged the kill, slapping out several palm shadows that seemed to stir the river, the giant wave, and suddenly the barbarian was wrapped in layers of palm shadows.

The Giant Spirit God palm in the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu has three styles, Moving Mountain, Overturning Rivers, and Inverting Seas. Just now he cast Moving Mountain to resist the Great Five Ghost Catch, and now Overturning Rivers is even more powerful than Moving Mountain.

This breath blasts out a full 99 palms.

How could that barbarian general withstand this Turning Rivers like attack, at least 40 to 50 palm strikes to break through his defenses and hit him in vital places around his body?

Crackle....... This barbarian general's bones and meridians were all shattered, and he fell to the snow in soft, rotting mud, and finally his life was cut short and he was killed on the spot.

At the moment of killing the barbarian general with his own hands, Gu-Chensha only felt a slight movement of spirit, there was clearly a sense of life passing, this is something that cannot be experienced by killing a fierce beast, barbarian generals are also human beings, they have wisdom and the ability to transform the heavens and earth, killing is very different from killing a fierce beast that kind of comprehension.

In the mountains and forests, many princes are battling to kill as many barbarians as possible, competing for the credit to obtain the Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill.

This Golden Pill, when taken, saves at least decades of hard work, and can add strong capital and roots for stepping into the Dao Realm.

If this Golden Pill were to be released in the Jianghu, it would immediately stir up countless storms, and I don't know how many martial arts experts would lose their lives over it.

But the Golden Pill is normal in the royal family, there is no power in the world that can compare to the Great Yong Imperial court.

"This The Nineteenth Prince has the Overturning Rivers style all worked out?” Several princes and nobles turned pale again, "the Giant Spirit God palm's Moving Mountain, Overturning Rivers, Inverting Seas three styles all require huge physical energy to catalyze, formerly the Xian Dynasty royal family could put. The Overturning Rivers style of splitting ninety-nine palms in a row with the martial Grandmaster is minuscule.”

The Giant Spirit God palm is powerful but extremely physically exhausting, every punch, palm, and leg that is chopped out can exhaust the Martial Master, Martial Dao Grandmaster can hit dozens of times at most, and there is only one in a million like Gu-Chensha who attacks ninety-nine times and is still calm and relaxed.

"Your Majesty, it seems that The Nineteenth Prince has truly inspired the Giant Spirit God bloodline, which is greatly usable in the future.” Lou Chongxiao tries to ask and said: "If The Nineteenth Prince is able to communicate with the Giant Spirit God, the emperor will be able to capture the coordinates of the Giant Spirit God’s divine domain in the temporal turbulence through this divine channel, and seal this god at that time so that he cannot make a mess in the present world, so that the Xian And the rest of the Dynasty fell apart, and the belief in the Giant Spirit God dissipated among the people.”

"It's good to be able to say such words, and it seems that you are gradually beginning to understand the Oracles of the Gods, and your cultivation is getting deeper.” The Great Skyseal Emperor slightly praised and said: "I have recently infiltrated ninety-nine percent of the Primordial God into the time and space turbulence to find the Barbarian Great the Maha God's lair, if I can defeat this God heavily, I can destroy the Barbarian kingdom after the spring, wipe out the troubles of the borders for generations to come, and achieve greatness that the Ancient Son of Heaven could not even achieve. “

"Has the Emperor's the Gods Great Slaughter technique finally been repaired to the highest level?” Lou Chongxiao immediately knelt down and said: "So then, the emperor's true Primordial Spirit has now traveled to the Great the Maha God Lair?”

"Nice.” The Great Skyseal Emperor surrounded the area, and saw many princes fall to the ground as Lou Chongxiao knelt down, "I slaughtered the gods with all my might, and naturally, there are people with evil intentions who get the news and try to destroy them. The governor-general inspects the place and reorganizes the garrison.”


"I am just here to give a heads-up, so get up and see what the princes are up to.” The Great Skyseal Emperor looked away, though his majesty was strong, ninety-nine percent of his spirit seemed to be manipulating something in the void, resulting in no time to sense the slightest change in Gu-Chensha's body, otherwise, Gu-Chensha, though practiced in the Sun Moon Transformation, could have Perfectly hiding the breath, but it's still a bit mysterious to completely hide it from this Ancient One.

The jungle keeps ringing with the sounds of killing.

Gu-Chensha had just beheaded a barbarian and heard the screams, all those princes had been killed.

"Luo Baiyue's martial arts skills are awesome, he killed five barbarian generals at this point, Lao Tenth, Lao Eighteenth, Lao Eighteenth, Lao Ninth, and Lao Tenth each killed two or three, and I'm at the bottom? “ As Gu-Chensha looked around, each of the princes brought out their true skills, wanting to kill as many barbarian generals as possible and capture the Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill, a Golden Pill that even the princes were very jealous of.

At this point, Gu-Chensha has truly seen the power of these princes.

Each of the Barbarian Generals has Grandmaster cultivation, and is wildly cruel and experienced in combat. The same Grandmaster may not be able to defeat them yet. If it was the rivers and lakes, and the same realm of martial Grandmaster fought, it would take at least hundreds of moves to separate the winner from the loser, and it definitely wasn't that easy to kill an opponent of the same level. And the prince is also all Grandmaster cultivation, killing a barbarian general of the same level is actually like chopping melons and cutting vegetables.

For example, the Eighteenth Prince Gu-Hongsha, who cultivated the Dragon King's Strength, and whose hand was a heart-stopping dragon's roar, and whose fist was as straight as a rainbow, and who swung freely, just met a barbarian general and broke his chest in a few breaths and more than ten strokes of the exchange.

And the Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha is clearly superior in skill, slightly running, full body thunder, high and mighty, catching up with the barbarian general, and taking off the opponent's head in three moves.

Only when he encountered three or five barbarian generals surrounding him to desperately resist, did this stop the onslaught.

In this mountain forest, there were hundreds of barbarian generals placed, and each of the ten princes had to deal with seven or eight, or more. Even the strongest Martial Dao Grandmaster might not be able to eat his way through a siege of seven or eight of the same Grandmasters. As the saying goes, it's hard to beat four hands with two fists, let alone more than ten hands and said:

At first the princes were formidable, killing people incessantly, but then the barbarian generals knew that escape was a dead end, and instead inspired a desperate effort to gather in groups of three or five to kill the princes instead.

According to the number of combatants, it was definitely the barbarian generals group that had the advantage, putting considerable pressure on the princes.

This is also the Great Skyseal Emperor deliberately, where can the princes get the Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill so easily?

The Great Yong Dynasty royal family's training for princes is very strict, so much so that all the princes have the best skills, and with the royal family's resources, they are far better than the best in the world.

Gu-Chensha also had to see how strong Luo Baiyue and the many princes were, but found himself surrounded as well.

A full six barbarian generals have formed a formation around them.

The orientation of their feet is similar to a hex formation, pressing in and narrowing the circle of encirclement. This is a killing formation that evolved from fighting large armies on the battlefield.

Hundreds of thousands of people hit each other in a chaotic battlefield, and in the midst of this chaos, small armies would join forces to form an offensive and defensive formation, then the chances of surviving and killing the enemy would be greatly increased.

However, this barbarian is not a six-beast formation, but a six-beast formation, which is taken from the tiger, wolf, leopard, lion, jackal and snake; six extremely fierce and fierce beasts join hands to hunt.

The six barbarian generals' footwork was exquisite, their momentum locked like iron chains, giving Gu-Chensha a sense of immobility. No matter which way you break through, you will be thunderstruck by the combined force of the six.

"If I cast the Sun Moon Refining and the Sun Moon Transformation, it won't be difficult to defeat the six barbarians together, but it will be a bit more difficult to cast the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu, but if I were to perform the Sun Moon Refining, such a great move to play in front of princes and nobles cannot be concealed, this must not be exposed, Imperial Father learned most of the techniques and he will certainly find out my martial arts history, then there will be trouble.” Gu-Chensha understood his situation.

[1] the Sun Moon Techniques are from the Son of Heaven Sealing Technique so the moment he uses them they will know he is the e next Son of Heaven which when is appointed he is above the current emperor and the current emperor witll have to give up the emperorship... and as said in this family there is no family love... so he might end up killed.


The six barbarian generals saw that Gu-Chensha was already surrounded and even more locked in momentum, and immediately exploded with an intense murderous aura, the six of them striking with twelve hands at the same time, palms, punches, fingers, legs, and all kinds of attacks aimed at every vital part of their entire bodies.

"Inverting Seas style!” Gu-Chensha clear tsunami, hit out the Giant Spirit God palm in the most dominating palm, to breach a gap and said:

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