Dragon Talisman

Chapter 19 Hundred Calamities Jindan

Chapter 19 Hundred Calamities Jindan

Chapter 19: the Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill

Gu-Chensha quietly gauges that the Princes aren't actually here.

The Grand Prince, the Second Prince, and the Third Prince were all absent.

These are the three princes who have stepped into the Dao Realm, the Grand Prince Gu-Hengsha guards the sea border, does not return to the capital for many years, there are thousands of islands overseas, and even more people outside of the transformation, the sect of cultivation is always watching the continent, and must be guarded by powerful people.

The Second Prince Gu-Xuansha, travels further afield to map the Endless Continent.

The Third Prince Gu-Fansha, to guard the border and fight the wolf barbarians.

These three are all Princes. The Prince of Heng, the Prince of Xuan, the Prince of Fan.

Other than that, of the remaining princes, the Seventh Prince is the most honorable.

The Seventh Prince Gu-Fasha, being of the Empress's own son, belongs to the direct line of sucession, which, by rule, should belong to the Grand Prince. But the Great Skyseal Emperor is a bit of a misnomer he hasn't declared a Crown Prince, but of all the princes, the Seventh Prince is the most honorable, above all the princes.

For his mother was the Empress.

The Empress's surname is Fa, the Fa family comes from the Middle Ages, when a sage, "Fa-zi". A sage was born to make laws for mankind to follow, and the laws were the support of rituals.

At any time, the Fa family is absolutely famous and authentic, the Fa family successive generations of talent, the world chaos, will come out of the mountain to assist the true life of the Son of Heaven to establish order.

These years the Great Skyseal Emperor was able to destroy a hundred countries and unify the world, thanks to the power of the Fa family.

The firstborn always has the advantage, Gu-Fasha was crowned Prince of Fa at birth, surpassing all princes.

Right now, only four of the princes are crowned Princes of Regions, the first three older princes plus Gu-Fasha.

The others, the Fourth Prince, the Fifth Prince, and the Sixth Prince are older than the Seventh Prince Gu-Fasha, and they are still not Princes of Regions

Even if the Tenth Prince is valiant and meritorious, he still hasn't been crowned a prince of a region, and right now he's the Duke of Zhen.

"Bring up the barbarians.”

The Great Skyseal Emperor at this point.

Ho! Ho! Hooray!

Like a monster beast roaring, arm-thick iron cages were pushed out by soldiers, dozens of them, each containing a person.

These men were dressed in animal skins, with stout stature, and a savage and fierce air came over them, fierce and bloody.

They were exactly like men, walking upright, but their temperaments differed greatly, the men were civilized and polite, their breath gentle, they were cruel and vicious, unenlightened.

"Good strong hostility.” Gu-Chensha had also seen the captured barbarians, but at that time he did not have a deep feeling for qi and was ignorant of it, but now that he was mentally sharp and insightful, he knew the terror of these barbarians.

"There are a total of forty barbarians here, all of whom are devout believers in evil gods and can gain power through sacrifice.” The Great Skyseal Emperor Way and said: "These evil beasts also have quite a high status, they are barbarian generals, each of them has killed hundreds of our humans, the evil gods of the barbarians like human blood sacrifices the most, if the barbarians capture us humans to sacrifice, they can often gain very strong power, while blood sacrifices of other fierce beasts are much less effective, and even get no sense, you must understand this point, the barbarians are the enemies of our humans, to them There is no need for mercy.”


Many princes deeply understand.

Gu-Chensha is familiar with the rituals of sacrifice in the ancient books these days, and knows that in order to sacrifice a demon to gain power, one must first believe in the demon. And sacrifice to the Heavens doesn't have to.

Demons are emotional beings, with joys and sorrows; the Heavenly Dao are not.

Once you believe in the Dao, you are yourself assimilated by the Dao and cannot disobey any of its commands, even if you are told to die, you can only die quickly.

This leaves your fate in the hands of others.

The point is that the power gained from sacrificing to a demon god is not pure and is much damaged.

For example, among the barbarians, the wolf barbarians, who believe in the wolf god, if they kill a tiger and sacrifice it, they will never get the full power of the tiger, only a tiny bit, sometimes not even a bit, and must sacrifice it a thousand times before they can get a tithe.

E.g. sacrifice to the Heavens is how much is sacrificed and how much is gained, the Heavenly Dao is selfless.

Also, the evil gods like human souls the most, because human souls are intelligent, bright and warm, and make the evil gods comfortable, so the barbarians do everything possible to capture humans for blood sacrifice.

This creates an irreconcilable contradiction.

As to what exactly a god is, Gu-Chensha also knows that it is nothing more than the powerful, the Dao Realm cultivated to the depths of their power, able to call the wind and rain, open up caverns, and create the void.

Among the Imperial court, even the most benevolent scribe has only one word for the barbarians, and that is kill!

"The Imperial Father says that the sages of old made words, and that the word for barbarian is up as also and down as worm, meaning nothing more than a worm.” Gu-Chensha simply stopped disguising himself, he had figured out the emperor's mind to be an ancient emperor, and his subordinates would be rewarded if they could and said: “This Imperial son is willing to be the first to go on and slay the barbarians.”

Hearing his words, the Eighteenth Prince Gu-Hongsha had a momentary taste in his heart and said: "This son is so treacherous!”

He's not too far from Gu-Chensha, he's about to come of age and be rewarded, and although the Imperial court has sent word that he'll be crowned Duke, it's only a knighthood on par with Gu-Chensha, at which point jealousy sets in.

It's difficult for others to obtain knighthoods, but as the Emperor's son, knighthoods are much easier.

"It seems Nineteenth is well read, but this beheading of barbarians is in no particular order.” The Great Skyseal Emperor ordered and said: "Put all these barbarians in the mountains and forests and let them escape! The princes then enter the mountain in pursuit, and whoever obtains the most heads will be rewarded.”

Said the eunuch, who had already brought out the plate.

On top of this plate, there was a crystal vial with golden pills, clouds of steam and light.

"The Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill?”

The eyes of many courtiers straightened, extremely covetous of this golden pill, even Luo Baiyue couldn't help but be patient.

"The Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill, picking the Nine Heavens Falling Lightning Tribulation, using the splendor of golden crystals, a thousand kinds of elixirs gathered together.” The Great Skyseal Emperor was quite impressed and said: "This is still the superior elixir of the Hundred Tribulation Daoist Gate back then, it was the Dao Realm strongman who spent decades refining it to produce a single furnace, very rare. To think that back then, the Hundred Tribulations Daoist was in the Jianghu, and he even annihilated the Five Demons Cult with me.”

"Your Majesty, the Hundred Robber Doors resisted the Imperial court, and dared to assassinate the Imperial court Minister, the Son of Heaven in a fit of rage, and died and they deserved to die.” The Marquis of Bixie's voice is cold.

"This is the past, there's no need to mention it again, I don't know how many clans and daoist sects I've exterminated over the years, both the righteous and the evil ones, all for the sake of the world's stability and government, you princes must remember that the rivers and lakes and the immortal daoist sects are the source of misfortune. These people are different from the Xian Dynasty remnants, the Xian Dynasty people, after all, also know how to rule the country, while the Xiandao sects do not know what order and etiquette are for the people of the dawn, and do not submit to the jurisdiction of the Imperial court.” The Great Skyseal Emperor's tone hardened and said: "Right now there are many clans that have been annihilated by the Imperial court that have fled overseas, always wanting revenge, I know that you princes have opened your houses and built your teeth and collected talents, and as long as you have the ability to include them all in your pockets, there might be clansmen with bad intentions who use the princes' power to scourge the Imperial court! When you go back, you must investigate, and you must be cautious in employing people, and if you are denounced, then I cannot protect you.”

That's putting it heavily.

All princes kneel again.

"With all due respect to Imperial Father’s teachings!”

"Let go of those barbarians!” The Great Skyseal Emperor waved his hand.

All of a sudden a soldier came forward and pulled violently with a cable, the hundreds of cages burst open, the barbarians let out earth shattering roars and tried to pounce, but they were a little afraid when they saw those wolf-like soldiers, obviously they had suffered a lot along the way.

Ow ow ow!

Finally, one of the barbarians tore the hide from his body, revealing a lean body with a hideous wolf's head embroidered on his chest, and the bloodshed intensified.

He grabbed the railing on the cage with both arms, yanked so hard that he actually ripped it off, grabbed an iron rod as a weapon, and his body fled, running towards the Chinese camp.

The barbarians are also intelligent, and this barbarian general knew that the Great Skyseal Emperor must be the leader, but actually made trapped animals come up and assassinate them.

This barbarian was so tall that he rushed over to kill it, as if a thousand armies could not resist it.

But none of the princes and ministers present had any panic, let alone shouted for protection, instead, a teasing look appeared on the faces of the crowd.

"Your majesty, let me present my scandal.”

Lou Chongxiao bows.

"Also.” The Great Skyseal Emperor allowed.

Lou Chongxiao palms out, and suddenly the many barbarian generals that had rushed in solidified, like flies frozen in amber, and an invisible mass of air enveloped them, rising slowly into the air.


The wrapped barbarian general rises into the air and suddenly hurls himself like a meteor into the distant mountains, falling through the air and landing one by one in a snowy wreck.

"Nice.” The Great Skyseal Emperor praised and said: "Rushing Sky, this Divine Sky Refining Demon Abstruse Qi of yours has made quite a bit of progress recently.”

"I relied on the Emperor's guidance back then for this small cultivation.” Lou Chongxiao kneels down and said: "The Emperor's cultivation is the only one that warps the heavens and the earth, with the Sun Moon Glow, the heavens and the earth, and the ten thousand calamities, even the ancient the Son of Heaven is inferior.”

"Haha, the Sun Moon Glow, the heavens and the earth share the same life, where it is so easy, even God is not immune to the five failures and death.” The Great Skyseal Emperor laughed and said: "But your compliment comes from the heart, and my heart is very pleased.”


As the Great Skyseal Emperor spoke, the barbarians fled towards the mountains, not daring to come forward to assassinate them.

"You guys go ahead.”

The Great Skyseal Emperor waved.


All of the many princes stood up, performed their body magic, and flew away.

"Fasha, why aren't you moving?” The Great Skyseal Emperor looked at Gu-Fasha still standing on the spot and had to ask.

Gu-Fasha knelt and said: “This Imperial son has reached the Dao Realm, and if I do participate, I'm afraid it will be difficult for my brothers to perform in front of the Imperial Father, so this son will not fight the Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill.”

Gu-Fasha is the Empress's own son, though not a prince, but actually a prince, with a high status, and a pride of his own in his heart, unwilling to fight like a vicious dog snatching food from other princes.

"Fine, since you're not willing, that's fine.” Where the Great Skyseal Emperor doesn't understand this little bit of pride in his son, but it's all within reason.

"This Imperial son is terrified.” Gu-Fasha stepped aside to stand.

"Gao Ling, bring a stool for Seven to sit on.” The Great Skyseal Emperor commanded, and the surrounding noble ministers nodded under their breath, guessing from this small act that the Seventh Prince was still well loved.

"Baiyue, you go too. Let me see your martial skills. Don't be afraid, be bold, and win against these princes and not only will you get the Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill, but I'll reward you heavily.” The Great Skyseal Emperor looked at Luo Baiyue.

"Yes!” Luo Baiyue also leapt, and the swan-like figure stepped into the snow.

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