Dragon Talisman

Chapter 25 Celestial Infinity Scripture

Chapter 25 Celestial Infinity Scripture

Seventh Prince, Prince of Fa.

In the study.

The moonstone emitted a soft glow that illuminated all around it in slim detail.

The study was simply furnished with a lyre, sword, bookshelf, ancient books, and nothing else long.

Seventh Prince, Gu-Fasha, the head of all princes sits on his knees on the bed, and the houses are not dotted with spices, but there is a natural circulation of valley breezes, among which is the natural clear air of hyssop, which he himself releases.

Gu-Fasha has already stepped into the Dao Realm, and is currently brewing True Fire of Samadhi in his body, which is the Dao Realm the Eight Transformation, once True Fire of Samadhi is working all over his body, and finally on his brain, burning life and death. If he succeeds, then he truly enters the Dao Realm the Ninth Transformation, Jade Glazed Body, and because of this, all the impurities in his body are slowly being calcined away, leaving only the natural clear winds of heaven and earth qi.

“Seventh Lord, that's how it happened.”

Outside the door, one kneels down to play a tune.

“Did Gu-Chensha bind Third Lao's people as soon as they got the mansion? You're not giving me face? Looks like he's trying to make enemies on all sides?” The Seventh Prince Gu-Fasha stood up: “how about the people we've set up?”

“The people we installed are fine, honestly, they have been arranged to work by that Little-Yizi eunuch, and my subordinates told them to work more diligently and not to be exposed.” The man played back.

“Well done, Gu-Chensha originally bided his time and played the fool or not, it's all worthless, even if he fixes the Dao Realm, the backhandedness can turn him to pieces.” Seventh Prince Gu-Fasha walked in a square step, seemingly pondering something: “But he actually inspired the Giant Spirit God's bloodline, which is the source of terror, and there's no telling how much the ancient the Giant Spirit God would have produced once he communicated with him in a sacrificial way. And that Luo Baiyue, it's even more terrifying.”

The man just kowtowed, not daring to reply.

“Go get Mr. Jin over here.” Gu-Fasha waved.


Soon, there was suddenly an additional person in the middle of the study, dressed in a Daoist robe, young-looking, with a face like a warm jade, seemingly only in his early twenties, but with eyes full of vicissitudes and the appearance of having experienced countless loves and hates.

“What does the Seventh Lord call me?” This young “Mr. Jin” salutes slightly and finds himself a chair.

Gu-Fasha doesn't mind either, “Mr. Jin, what do you think of the ancient Giant Spirit God?”

“Is the Seventh Lord bothered about that Nineteenth Prince thing?” Mr. Jin: “I've heard a lot of news even though I can't leave home, especially about the birth of the Giant Spirit God bloodline, which is no small feat even if it is ancient, and the Seventh Lord has saved my life, would I not seek it for the Seventh Lord?”

“Mr. Jin, you are an Elder of the overseas Great Sect the Xiantian Unbounded Sect and are so knowledgeable that I am compelled to use your wisdom.” Gu-Fasha was very kind.

“The past is a passing cloud, the Xiantian Unbounded Sect has vanished, there is no kingdom under heaven, and I am also a subject of the Great Yong Dynasty.” there was a bitter smile on Mr. Hong's face: “The Emperor is really unfathomable, I the Xiantian Unbounded Sect is also an Immortal Dao sect handed down from the ancient times, and for thousands of years it has been one of the top ten great sects in the Immortal Dao rankings, just because the young headmaster killed the Governor of Yu Prefecture, the Emperor sent his experts to annihilate it, on that day I witnessed the incident, the Emperor personally took action, and even broke the seven innate Unbounded Great Formation, the seven Supreme Elders guarding the Great Formation did not even have a move to break through the seven paths, and then the Emperor tore through the void and ripped our entire mountain gate into the depths of the temporal turbulence, and the paladins were all dead. I was taken prisoner by the imperial army and would have been killed, but the Seventh Lord secretly switched to save me. Now a remnant of the sect, I can't imagine restoring the clan sect long ago and just want to be safe under the Seventh Lord.”

“What is the extent of Father's cultivation? I knew of the disappearance of the Xiantian Unbounded Sect Mountain Gate, but had not seen it with my own eyes. It wasn't ...” Seventh Prince Gu-Fasha swallowed his words raw.

Mr. Jin smiles, naturally knowing what Gu-Fasha is trying to say even as he plays with the jade bone folding fan in his hand.

“Seventh Lord you don’t need to be discouraged. The emperor's life span is long, and it is true that you have no hope to inherit the throne, but you should know that the strong are also cause the jealous of the heavens and will not live forever. There are immortals who live in seclusion, but not emperors who live long and hold great power.” Mr. Jin plotted: “I the Xiantian Unbounded Sect, have the Book of Peerless Heaven, can calculate the past and future, once in the clan of the Supreme Elder Blood Heavenly Sacrifice Book, from which I peeked into the heavens, in the near future, there will be a great change between the heavens and the earth, and then it may not! Not a chance for the Seventh Lord to rise.”

“The Book of Peerless Heaven’s whereabouts do you know?” Gu-Fasha asked urgently, “Father did not obtain this Heavenly Book, and the most essential techniques of this book are Heavenly, as it is called.”

“This book has a spiritual nature and is a deity-like existence in itself, he will automatically choose his master and disappear into the depths of the temporal turbulence on that day, not knowing where he went, so naturally I cannot find him.” Mr. Jin looked regretful.

“If I could get my hands on this book...” Gu_Fasha walked in square steps.

“Honestly, the Seventh Lord may not be able to seek great things with this book even if they get it.” Mr. Jin: “The emperor's cultivation can kill the gods, and even if he doesn't have the legendary Upper Skyseal Edict, he can still catch up with the Ancient Son of Heaven straight away, so Seventh Lord must try to guess the emperor's heart and act according to his will in order to keep peace and strengthen his strength at the same time. Otherwise, great misfortune will come.”

“So now what about Gu-Chensha?” Gu-Fasha has his own thoughts as well: “Father is noticing him openly, but he has inspired the Giant Spirit God bloodline and is quite a threat to me, and if I don't make the first move, I fear disaster, knowing that the treasure left behind by Princess Xian Dynasty can now be in my hands.”

“That's something I've been thinking about, too.” Mr. Jin thinks rapidly: “When Princess Xian Dynasty killed herself, the treasure map and the Broken Law Sword fell into Seventh Lord's hands, did Seventh Lord ever learn the secret of the treasure over the years?”

“This treasure map is profound and unpredictable, but I have some inkling of it, and when my true fire calcifies the mysteries of life and death and burns into my consciousness, if I succeed, my soul will coalesce and possess extraordinary inspiration, but then I will be able to comprehend the secrets of this treasure map.” The Seventh Prince stretched out his imaginary hand and grabbed, whoosh! A scroll of dark golden map flew out of the dark compartment of the study, and it was dense. Wacky runes and mountain veins, and characters, and all sorts of ancient writing, converged on the entire map.

This picture has the sheen of antique encrustation on it and has obviously been played with a thousand times.

“This isn't really a big deal, with Seventh Lord's prowess and power, there's no need to be afraid of Gu-Chensha, I think the emperor's cultivation of him has a deeper meaning than just the matter of the remnants of Xian Dynasty, think of the entire Xian Dynasty at its height being destroyed, and now with the unification of the four seas, The country is safe and secure, so how would he care about a few district remnants. I see that the emperor eventually wants to find the Giant Spirit God traces from Gu-Chensha's body, and the emperor wants to slay the gods!” Mr. Jin had a sudden flash of insight.

“Slaying Gods? It's not surprising that Father has this idea, but if he can't get it right, he'll have to destroy the country too.” The Seventh Prince is very scrupulous: “Even on the Ancient Son of Heaven, trying to abolish the gods is not a simple task, there are several the Ancient Son of Heaven who have angered the gods and been made to sink their countries, and of course the gods have fallen many of them. In history, there have been quite a few feelings of the gods as well, not to mention that, I'll never be able to fathom it until I get there, Mr. Jin, I'm still hoping you can help me find the Book of Peerless Heaven.”

“Actually, although the martial arts cultivators above the Book of Peerless Heaven are profound, the Seventh Lord doesn't need to go to the root of the matter, as long as he can learn the Emperor's Great Slaughtering Technique, what is the Book of Peerless Heaven? “ Mr. Jin sighed, “Seventh Lord isn't this wasting precious time for worthless endeavor?”

“The Great God Slaughter technique!” The Seventh Prince shivered all over when he heard the name, “This is a secret not to be passed down from Father, even if I am the firstborn son.”

“No, the Emperor has the magnanimity to command the Heavenly Dao group of gods, with one person absolutely cannot do it, need to help, as long as the Seventh Prince can gain the Emperor's trust, show his value, and will be able to get the Emperor to teach.” Mr. Jin came up with a plan: “I have a few strategies to deal with the current situation...”

The Lou House.

Luo Baiyue was being debriefed.

“Miss, when he comes up here, he makes a big move to straighten up the house, going so far as to touch the third master's men, so will that be a problem.” The maidservant who spied on the information complained.

“He's doing the right thing, Lei Ming.” Luo Baiyue poured out some appreciation: “Right now his holy family members are strong, and he is taking this opportunity to straighten up his household chores, and no one dares to stop him, so if he delays, when the holy family members are over, and then straightens up, then he will be entrenched and unmanageable. Good, Gu-Chensha has been deceiving me.”

“But no matter how much he tidied up his house, he had no available manpower, and it will take at least three generations, and some even more than ten, to train his talents.” That servant girl's eyes sneered: “He only has one little eunuch by his side right now, what's the point of that? Miss, do you want me to go and buy this eunuch off?”

“You can try, you can't let anyone else do it first.” Luo Baiyue: “That little eunuch is his henchman, and surely each family is buying it.”

“Good, the slave servant will do it immediately.”

“Wait, there's no rush on this, so why don't we go to him and wait for him to come to us?” Luo Baiyue waved his hand: “Gu-Chensha is not a stupid person, he wants to revitalize the family business, open a house and build teeth, he is unable to do so himself, he must come to me, Moreover, the emperor asked me Lou family to assist him in his work, to complete the investigation into the remaining evil of Xian Dynasty, this imperial decree he can't disrespect. In addition, I must know his every move at all times. Originally, he was not worthy of such attention, but if you inspire the Giant Spirit bloodline, you will be able to communicate with the Giant Spirit God and gain the God's family, so you can't treat him as a mortal. The voice of the earth.”

“So the emperor is still cultivating him like this? What does it mean?” The maidservant was obviously a heartthrob and was shaken.

“Because he is the Emperor's son.” Luo Baiyue picked up a pen from the table and wrote a note and said: “The Emperor is intent on finding out the clues to the Giant Spirit God. God is involved, the emperor takes it very seriously, and so do we... I'll grant you two hundred thousand taels here, specifically for this matter, and deploy another group of experts to make sure to keep Gu-Chensha's residence under control.”


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