Dragon Talisman

Chapter 26 The Altar Manifests

Chapter 26 The Altar Manifests

Gu-Chensha's “the Duke of Chen Residence”

There was a study at the very end, very spacious, but the furnishings were simple, and the furniture was not ornate, plain hardwood, with just a layer of red paint on the surface.

The Government House shouldn't be so shabby, it's just been emptied out by the steward, and Gu-Chensha hasn't been shopping around for awhile.

He's practicing martial arts.

According to reason, in the mansions of large families, there are secret rooms that are convenient for practicing kung fu, for discussing matters without being overheard or disturbed, and as a place to store treasures, and then for escape.

A secret room is a must for a large family.

Not here, however.

It's because building a secret room is the most expensive, with all sorts of mechanisms, digging deep into the ground, arranging magic formations, etc., so that it's several times, if not tens of times, more expensive than building an entire mansion.

Gu-Chensha knew that princely mansions such as Gu-Fasha's even had ancient wondrous formations in their secret chambers to gather the spiritual energies of the heavens and the earth, and the essences of the five elements, which were used to cut down the hair and wash the marrow.

“When I stabilize and gradually accumulate money, I must also build a secret room.”

He also held the decree in his hands, which was the will that made him the Duke of Chen. “This is the will of the Duke of Chen. This is Son of Heaven qi.

The king is the creator of life.

Even if a person is poor and destitute, if the emperor says something, that person will rise to the top, and this life-changing “of the Son of Heaven qi”

“Son of Heaven qi” It’s an extremely mysterious power that Gu-Chensha's cultivation cannot yet understand.

Gu-Chensha lives in a small courtyard, eats rancid food and drinks bitter water, and now that Skyseal Emperor has ordered him to live immediately in a spacious mansion with hundreds of servants, his fate has been changed.

Now, he will sacrifice the Son of Heaven qi on this decree to the heavens, and once again gain access to the third style of Sun Moon Glow practice.

Of course, his Sun Moon Cultivation and Sun Moon Transformation styles are only skin deep and would have been greedy, but the decree is in hand, so you can't waste one of the Son of Heaven qi.

It's a cardinal sin to lose this edict, and it might be attacked, but it doesn't matter, just wait until we can make a fake one, it won't be visible anyway.


The decree burned in his hands, sending up a blaze of fire.

Where “Son of Heaven qi” Just passed into the Skyseal Sacrificial Edict.

This time, however, instead of an image of Sun Moon Glow Third Transformation coming in, Skyseal Sacrificial Edict has changed.

The edict that was originally glowing with blue light suddenly disappeared, turning into blue light that drilled into the depths of Gu-Chensha's mine. He then saw a space of blue light, about the size of several acres, in the center of the space, there was an altar, the altar was circular, simple and cool, dappled with textures inscribed on it, you can feel the charm of that ancient flood and the beginning of chaos.

“Altar? Space.”

Gu-Chensha's mind is awake and the person is in the room again.

Then, with a movement of his mind, his entire body entered that green space again to view the ancient altar.

“Is this space and altar the Skyseal Sacrificial Edict? It is now integrated deep into my mind, and I can enter it whenever I want to make a sacrifice.” Gu-Chensha thought carefully, and knew what had happened, “ Skyseal Sacrificial Edict is an earth-shattering magic, and a self-made cave is nothing, it's good that such a change happens, so there's no trace of it, saving me from having to carry it around all the time and being easily discovered. “

Skyseal Sacrificial Edict turns into a space altar, hidden deep in his mind, and no one can find out.

This change was very satisfying to him.

The key is that if you encounter danger, you can avoid entering Skyseal Sacrificial Edict's space, and as soon as he moves his mind, people go in. Of course, if you encounter a real expert, you won't even have time to think about it, and you'll still die from the martial momentum.

He was pondering the use of Skyseal Sacrificial Edict, and his mind suddenly had an inkling.

“Your martial arts skills are getting stronger?”

An extra person appears in the room out of thin air.

It's Long Yuyun.

“You be careful of being discovered, although I have opened a house and built my teeth, but every move I make is being monitored by others, the capital city hidden dragons crouching tigers, if it is discovered that I communicate with the Dragon Sword Island, I fear that bad things will happen.” .Gu-Chensha saw Long Yuyun's body fluttering and her breath, if any, and knew that her poisoning was all gone and her martial arts skills were restored.

The Dao Realm is strong even in the First Transformation, because they can absorb the spirits of heaven and earth and are extremely resilient, they are also rarely poisoned or sick, and they are not tainted by earthly fire and red dirt.

“Don't worry, I have regained my full strength and have even taken a blindfold to hide my breath.” long Yuyun chuckles lightly: “You underestimate the Dao Realm's tactics and the hidden strength of my the Dragon Sword Island, I already know that you hunted in the Southern Mountain a few days ago and obtained the Duke of Chen title, besides that Luo Baiyue actually killed the demonized A barbarian general, it seems that even if I fight her head-on, I won't have any advantage.”

“You know all about that?” Gu-Chensha is surprised at how powerful Dragon Sword Island is.

“We the Dragon Sword Island and Gu-Hengsha have been battling for so many years, and have some tactics, and have planted thingies in various powerful mansions, so it's not too much of a stretch to know some information.” long Yuyun is a bit mysterious.

“What brings you here today?” Gu-Chensha asked.

“Naturally, in order to congratulate you on opening your residence, and by the way to discuss important matters, this residence of yours is in tatters, the servants also have their own demons, without my help, I'm afraid it won't last for half a year before it's riddled with holes, the reorganization you just did is actually useless, it's just a matter of beating the grass to scare off the snake, ruling a great country is like cooking a small delicacy, the same applies to ruling a family.” Long Yuyun looked around with a very playful smile on his face.

“What about replacing your man? And not equally so?” what Gu-Chensha wants is what Long Yuyun wants.

“Big difference, the other princes are out to harm you, but I am working with you and helping you, you and I each get what we want.” Yuyun analyzes the pros and cons, “You have a complement of fifty armor soldiers, all of which you have to recruit yourself, do you dare to use those soldiers from the Ministry of War? And Dragon Sword Island can give you fifty warriors, and even ten martial arts masters and one clan Grandmaster.”

The Great Yong dynasty's conscription system was perfect, and everywhere there were “ Soldier Academy” Anyone who wants to become a soldier can go in and learn for free, as long as they can pass the examination and reach the martial arts realm of Mortal Realm 1” “First glimpse of the door” then one can become a soldier.

Before the Skyseal dynasty, soldiers were extremely bitter, and it was often said that “As the saying goes, “a good man will not be a soldier, but a good iron will not be a nail” But this Skyseal Dynasty reformed the military system, the treatment of soldiers was greatly improved, not to mention that families could also enjoy the privilege of being exempted from labor service, which was already similar to the educated people.

Of course, you have to learn to read just as much in the military academy, and the assessment is all sorts of military, geography, astronomy, water patterns, climate, and so on.

It is for this reason that the warrior are mentioned.

Soldiers are able to cultivate “to enter the hall” In the army, the test is “Warrior” and can become a general officer, which is the same as a Master Sergeant.

As for practicing to “Exceptionall”, the assessment becomes “Masterr” And the position can even become a “Junior General”

Once you reach the top and become a martial arts master, you are a great general and have no problem managing thousands of soldiers.

If the Ministry of Military Affairs gave Gu-Chensha a transfer, then it was an average soldier, but now Long Yuyun is out to fifty warriors, how majestic is the bottom line?

But when you think about it, it's not surprising that the Dragon Sword Island is actually the equivalent of a country of millions of people.

Warrior are a middle power everywhere they go, and because of this, the option where Tiger Wolf Pill can turn a commoner into a Tiger-Wolf was a big hit in the olden days.

A slightly more gifted man, starting all kinds of training at an early age, with big fish and famous teachers, would need at least a decade of hard work to become a competent warrior.

“Alright then, let's make a deal, even if the entire mansion is in your hands, it's better than being in the hands of those princes.” Gu-Chensha thought about it and immediately agreed.

“Painful.” Long Yuyun clapped his hands: “You seem to be the one who does big things and weighs the pros and cons right away, don't worry, in the future, if you can be powerful, so what if my entire Dragon Sword Island is attached to you? The world is already belonging to the Great Yong Dynasty's anyway.”

Gu-Chensha stood up: “That's not necessarily true, I've read history books, the Endless Continent is so vast that even gods cannot fathom its size, the place where the Great Yong dynasty is located is just a drop in the ocean for the entire Endless Continent, and no one can say that there are dynasties stronger than Great Yong in places so far away that even gods cannot reach them.”

“It makes sense that Second Prince Gu-Xuansha's mission is to go around reaching the fringes of the land, mapping it, and seeing what other powerful nations are left.” Long Yuyun.” In fact, overseas alone, in the extreme west, there is the Great Wei dynasty, and the strength of the country should not be underestimated, but unfortunately it is too far away, we the Dragon Sword Island past, even if the Dao Realm is extremely profoundly strong and can fly ten thousand miles per day, it will take decades to fly.”

“Traveling by day and flying for decades?” The Gu-Chensha smacked his lips: “so far away, no wonder we haven't heard any emissaries from the Great Wei dynasty.”

“All the matters in the residence can be left to Little-Yizi to take care of, and I hope that you will cultivate him more, right, I still have some things to ask you.” Gu-Chensha remembered many things.

“What is it?”

“It is a book on the ancient methods of sacrifice, such as Upper the Ancient Son of Heaven Heavenly Sacrifice, folk sacrifice to the gods.”

“You want to sacrifice to God?” Long Yuyun frowned: “By the way, when you stimulate the Giant Spirit God bloodline, can you really communicate with the Giant Spirit God? To make a sacrifice to the Giant Spirit God? This matter of sacrifice is no joke, once you communicate with the gods, the sacrifice is equal to an exchange, and you will be controlled by the gods, very dangerous. Throughout the ages, whether you sacrifice to a positive god or an evil god, if you are not practicing righteousness, and needless to say, once you sacrifice to an evil god, even if it is a positive god, once you sacrifice to him, you will have his brand on your body, and if he falls, you will fall, and you will never be able to cultivate to his realm. For us monks, the realm is infinite. Even God cannot be our insurmountable mountain, and believing in God, you cannot transcend Him.”

“This makes sense, and is exactly the style of my abbot.” Gu-Chensha suddenly remembered Skyseal Emperor's “the Great God-Slaying Technique” and said “I'm not sacrificing to the gods, just wanting to understand.”

“As you wish, but the richest collection of books at the moment is the Royal Secret Library, and you are already qualified to enter it and read the books, so you don't need to ask me.” Long Yuyun said.

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