Dragon Talisman

Chapter 5 Python’s Migh

Chapter 5 Python’s Migh

Chapter 5: The Power of the Great Python


The hard rosewood table was clawed alive by the palm of the hand.

The palm is tender and onion-watery, but it has terrifying destructive power.

"How did this happen.” Luo Baiyue's eyebrows are filled with fury.

"The ruler wants the minister to die, but the minister has to die.” Lou Chongxiao was also quite helpless, "This is the emperor's will, once the golden tongue is opened, and who can oppose it.”

"That The Nineteenth Prince is an idiot, how can my sister be close to him, and what will the other princes think when word gets out!” The young man next to him who was about 20 years old was also very angry, he was Luo Baiyue's first brother Luo Zhixing, the leader of the young generation in the dynasty, who had already made great achievements, and also had a baronial position as well.

"Yes, my lord, shall I go to the palace and beg the Empress? For Gu-Chensha, the Empress has always disliked it as well, and the Empress has always wanted Baiyue to marry the Seventh Prince, knowing that the Seventh Prince is of the first blood, the one who has the best hope of inheriting the reign later.” Next to her, a woman also shed tears with her daughter, she was the Duke of Yuan’s main wife and Luo Baiyue's mother.

She often went to the palace to walk around and talk with the harem maiden, and had contacts in many parts of the palace boudoir.

"It's useless, this is the will of the Emperor, and it is impossible to change what is said.” Lou Chongxiao shook his head and said: "The current emperor is dictatorial and majestic, if you do it this way, you are clearly defying the decree, right now we the Lou family are making a lot of gains in the court, many families are dissatisfied, the slightest attack, I'm afraid we will raid the family and exterminate the family, accompanying the ruler like riding a tiger.”

"What about that?” This life woman's gaze grew vicious and said: "Or else...... Baiyue just strategized in secret and let the other princes put that boy to death?”

"Confused!” Lou Chongxiao cursed and said: "Who is the Emperor? There's not a single thing that can be hidden from him under the heavens. You think he won't know about these little gestures? How many years have I been with the Emperor? How many princes, ministers, and generals have had their homes raided, all of whom have lost their favor to untoward misfortune. Even if that The Nineteenth Prince is no longer favored, he is still a prince and dares to plot, even if he does it seamlessly and without evidence, as long as the emperor has this lump in his heart, we the Lou family are in great trouble.”

"What exactly does the Emperor mean?” Luo Zhixing gritted his teeth and said: "The reward is so heavy, yet you let your sister get close to that fool. I can't even fathom it.”

"Actually, things aren't as bad as they seem.” Luo Baiyue calms down and said: "I see the Emperor has a double meaning, we the Lou family are already the Lou the Almost Imperial family, if I'm allowed to marry some favored prince, it will break the balance among the princes and be close to the Seventh Prince, and I will become the Empress in the future, then Wouldn't it be even more difficult to constrain the Lou family to become a foreign relative? Let me get close to that kid but it means to constrain our Lou family.”

"What about the second meaning?” Luo Zhixing asked.

"Of course let's keep an eye on that kid, he's of the Xian Dynasty bloodline and is a valuable pawn for those legacies of the Xian Dynasty.” Luo Baiyue analyzed and said: "The Giant Spirit God Kung Fu is the Xian Dynasty royal family's skill, and the Xian Dynasty royal family is the bloodline of the ancient the Giant Spirit God, if a member of the Xian Dynasty royal family cultivates this bloodline, there is minimal A chance to awaken the Giant Spirit bloodline, powerful and possessing many wonders. His Majesty's will let the boy cultivateand see what happens to his bloodline.”

"Inspiring the Giant Spirit God’s bloodline where does that come from? The Xian Dynasty royal family hasn't produced someone to inspire the Giant Spirit God’s bloodline in a hundred years.” Luo Zhixing shook his head "If someone who inspires the Giant Spirit God bloodline appears, our Great Yong Dynasty may not be able to exterminate the Xian Dynasty, knowing that the ancient the Giant Spirit God has been through. The true gods that the Ancient Son of Heaven has enthroned cannot even be revoked by the Emperor's current training, unless he gets the legendary the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict.”

"May the Emperor get the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict and become the true Son of Heaven, completing the unprecedented hegemony, so that we, who are vassals, may be enthroned and immortalized.”. Lou Chongxiao sat flat on all fours and said: "So, we have to keep up with the Emperor's footsteps, and we'll do whatever the Emperor says.”

"This matter still needs to be discussed in detail, if we get close to that kid, it will cause the other princes to isolate us the Lou family, even though it is the emperor's will, but it might not be possible to be attacked by the villain, sowing righteousness.” Luo Zhixing had great concerns and said: "The Empress's meaning cannot be disrespected, the Seventh Prince has been interested in you for a long time, and if he ascends to the throne in the future, our Lou family fear great trouble.”

"Ascendancy?” Luo Baiyue turned his head and asked: "Father, you followed the emperor for nearly twenty years, back when he was still in exile, you can be said to know a lot about him, do you know what kind of cultivation the emperor is in now?”

"The Emperor's cultivation is unfathomable, and I'm afraid he can already reverse life and death.” Lou Chongxiao looked pale.

"That's right, we have only to do as we are told.” Luo Baiyue's tone was hard and said: "The Lou family has always been self-reliant and does not need to rely on any prince, and I, Luo Baiyue, will not marry the Seventh Prince because of the benefits. Imitate the Emperor, but without the Emperor's broad-mindedness.”

"What do you mean, daughter?” Lou Chongxiao knows that this daughter has many ways, a strong character, never gives in, and moreover is loved by the emperor and said:

"Everything is false, only strength is true, my priority is to repair into the Dao Realm.” Luo Baiyue Dao and said: "Although the Imperial court is now unified, but the demon barbarians have not yet been destroyed, otherwise, the Emperor would not have mobilized manpower and resources to build the Great Stone Wall, which stretches for 100,000 miles, if I cultivate the Dao Realm in a short time, apply to the Imperial court to go to the border as a general and kill the demon barbarians, but To be able to get away from the right and wrong of the capital, after all, the emperor is only on me and that boy close, and did not give the decree to marry. The emperor has the determination to sweep away the decadence of ten thousand years and open the prosperity of a thousand ages, and will not break his word if he says he will let me choose for myself.”

"Fixing the Dao Realm is the difference between the immortals and the mortals, how easy it is.”. Lou Chongxiao shook his head and said: “This father has been cultivating hard for forty years, and it was only through a strange encounter that he occasionally obtained the 'Dematerialization Pill' made by the Ancient High Priest that he stepped into the Dao Realm five years ago, knowing full well that it is difficult, there is no way you can cultivate it in a short period of time.”

"Things are what they are.” Luo Baiyue looked determined.

South Mountain Hunting Grounds, a gorge with a gurgling stream, also oozing spring water tinkling among the rocks twice, moss dappled.

The atmosphere in the mountain valley was peaceful, but the sound of hissing ruined everything.

It was a large snake, as thick as a man's leg and four or five feet long, spitting out red letters and eyeing Gu-Chensha.

Gu-Chensha, dagger in hand, crouches like a toad, gathering strength in his body as he prepares to fight for his life.

He came hunting again in the Southern Mountains, and was going to fight the Tiger Wolf sacrifice to get the Tiger Wolf Pill.

But the Tiger was nowhere to be found, instead encountering this ferocious snake in the canyon.

He doesn't dare to take it lightly, this snake is much more powerful than the Tigers, and is a vicious creature that has no problem swallowing living people alive.


The serpent coiled into a snake formation, but the head bit in, quick as an expert sword fighter, and the fetid stench was sickening.

Gu-Chensha moved to the side in succession, an ordinary but effective technique.

According to his previous skills to encounter this vicious snake, he would definitely be buried in the snake's belly, but now he has the strength of the bear and wolf, and has digested, martial arts "Enlightenment Ascension". Becoming a Master, dodging the snake's mouth is no big deal.


His dagger glows, arcs, and cuts seven inches into the serpent with a "rhinoceros looking at the moon".... move to slice the serpent seven inches.

This is also a basic martial art of the royal family, practiced well, very practical.

The serpent's head actually retracted and its tail flicked back.

Gu-Chensha sensed the danger and did his entire body's best to leap out further to the side.


The rocks on the ground were cracked by the snake's tail, gravel splattered, and if I hadn't dodged in time, I would have been hit with a brain fracture.

"This snake is profoundly skilled at attacking, no wonder the ways of martial arts are comprehended from animals, I wrestled with this snake, and it seems that my comprehension of the Snake Fist has deepened.” Gu-Chensha encountered danger one after another, but his heart became more and more free.


He leaps up again, body like an ape, dagger glowing cold and cutting in hard.

The fierce snake strikes left and right, trying to bite Gu-Chensha, but never succeeds, and instead gets bruised all over his body by the dagger, gradually losing his ferocity.


Gu-Chensha's internal breath flowed freely, and with a long whistle, he actually chopped off the vicious snake's head.

Although the head had been cut off, the snake's mouth was still open and its body was still writhing.

At this time Gu-Chensha took out the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict and applied the snake's blood and her own blood on it, offering the snake's soul to the heavens.

The ferocious snake distortion immediately ceased, its shadow appeared on the talismanic edict and was pulled into unfathomable space-time, and having received the sacrifice, the depths of that space-time were once again powerful!

After three rituals, Gu-Chensha was ready, standing like a circle with his hands clasped behind his back, which is the mother style of the fist, the holding-qi style, adjusting the qi and blood, combing the meridians, generating stability in stillness.

Sure enough, his body was filled with power, his blood vessels were purple, large earthworm-like gnarled, and his veins were like iron clothes, covering his whole body, as if he had put on an "iron cloth". He seemed to have cultivated his "Iron Cloth" to the highest level of Kung Fu.

The power of the serpent, far greater than that of the tiger, and the proceeds of the sacrifice caused Gu-Chensha to experience unprecedented pain, feeling only that the tendons and veins of his body were breaking, and that his organs were about to explode, and that he was not conscious.

But he knew that this was a sign of the refining of the form and marrow, cannot stand still, to operate this power, flowing throughout the body, according to his own fist, the power up and down, this is called "marrow washing". This is called "washing the marrow".

Right now, he endured the pain and struck the royal family's basic boxing style, "Black Tiger Heartbreak". "Sweeping Thousands” "Rhinoceros Looking at the Moon” "Hundred Steps Through the Yang” "Cross Link”...

The strokes became faster and faster, the power in my body was released with the strokes, gradually flowing with the fist, and suddenly, a loud sound, like a sea of rivers, all returned to my dantian.

"That was close!” Awake, Gu-Chensha sweat all over, knowing that the ferocious snake's power is so great that he simply can't absorb it, if not for the fact that he just emitted some of his power out through his fist, I'm afraid that this time he would really have to burst his body and die, and it seems that he can't offer sacrifices indiscriminately.

Fortunately, after three months research, I read many ancient sacrificial texts, from which I deduced the insights, borrowing sacrifices to train the fist, using the fist to cast the body.


He was now slightly transported, and his fist, black and blue as iron, struck the rock so hard that it actually cracked in five parts.

Pleased to see his hands and said: "I'm afraid I'm now as strong as a Grandmaster of Mortal Realm IV, Peaking the Transformation, but my stamina use and martial cultivation is not as good as a Grandmaster.”

There is a limit to the Grandmaster's power, about three cows, even if the Grandmaster is gifted and born with divine power, up to five cows!

That's the limit of the human body, unless one steps into the Dao Realm and is able to absorb the spirit of heaven and earth, cut off from the fires of the earth, nourish the flesh with the spirit, and get rid of the bones, in order to raise the limit and reach the power of Nine Oxen Two Tigers.

Now that Gu-Chensha has sacrificed Chicken, Wolf, Bear, and Python, the combined power is almost four bulls, fully comparable to Grandmaster's top characters.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough martial arts training and still lacks the understanding to Peaking the Transformation.

In the next time, sacrifice is no longer useful, it's up to him to hone his martial skills, cultivate a more profound martial art, and round out the changes. Only then can he truly become a Grandmaster.


He leaps up, as agile as an ape, and scurries toward the slippery cliff.

In half a teaspoon, he reaches the top of the cliff, perched on top of it, eyes looking around for his next prey. He will kill the Tiger Wolf sacrifice to gain the Tiger Wolf Pill.

According to the ancient history books, the Tiger Wolf Pill sacrifice is still easy to obtain.

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