Dragon Talisman

Chapter 4 Jade Words of the Emperor

Chapter 4 Jade Words of the Emperor

Chapter 4: Golden Words

These three months, Gu-Chensha's daily routine, in addition to continuing to act the fool, has been to practice martial arts and study the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict in the dead of night, while reading extensively on ancient texts.

"Huh? This is an interesting record in the history books. The Ancient Emperor built an altar with five-colored clay and put in more than ten kinds of medicinal herbs to kill tigers and wolves with a sacrifice to the Heavens to get the Tiger Wolf Pill, which the soldiers took and they were all incredibly strong. Gets its name. Also, there's taking a coin, putting it in a copper basin, and then sacrificing it with the blood soul of a green water vessel, that basin will be filled with the same gold coin. Another example is to set up a small gong formation, put a sword into it, and then slay the white tiger sacrifice, that sword will be sharpened like iron, I don't know if that's feasible.”

Lying on his bed after martial arts practice, Gu-Chensha looked at many history books, among which were both formal and wild histories.

Among the histories, there are chapters on rituals and rituals.

In addition to this, there is a "the Skyseal Collection of Classical Writings". In "The Ministry of Rites”.

The Skyseal Collection of Classical Writings, which is all-embracing, and contains all the books of ancient and modern history, is the first book of its kind, and at present it is not even a tenth of a book.

He wanted to find references to the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict in it, and how to use them.

As it turns out, there is a lot of stuff written about the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict in the ancient history books.

But it's hard to tell if it's true or not, and he needs to keep testing it.

And the way of sacrifice is never that simple, one also needs to know the five elements of yin and yang, the reversal of formations, and know the timing, location, and harmony of heaven and earth.

"I've almost digested the power in these three months, it looks like I can perform a sacrifice to the Heavens again to increase my strength, and this time I'll go hunting tigers and experiment with obtaining other items through the ritual.”

In a span of three months, from "the First Glance". Directly to "Enlightenment Ascension", it's a miracle.

Even a favored prince, supported by all kinds of pills and having the best cultivation secrets, needs ten years of hard training, how can a Martial Master be a child's play?

Packing up his bags, he's off hunting again.

These days, he has digested the Bear Wolf's strength, and can now go one step further and hit the Grandmaster level.

The palace "Palace of Qinzheng”.

A few ministers stand respectfully, eunuchs in soft cotton-soled shoes wait outside, landing silently.

Inside the temple copper crane beak burned out of the Lanxiang smell, not dense, if there is nothing, people smell after a hundred times more energetic, smoke clouds rose to the top of the temple, actually formed a dragon and tiger-like smoke shape...

This is the most expensive "Dragon and Tiger Incense". It is rumored that it is made from the fossilized flesh of the Ancient Great Jiao Gall blended with the mutated Golden Tiger Gall True Musk, and when it burns, ordinary people can get rid of illnesses and prolong their lives, and open their wisdom.

There is only one person in the commonwealth who can use this, and that is the Great Skyseal Emperor Gu-Taixian.

No one else dares to use this incense even if they have it, it is a forbidden item, and when it is found out it is greatly disrespected and the family is confiscated.

Gu-Taixian did not wear a dragon robe, dressed casually in blue silk, hair bound with a jade crown, tall, giving people the feeling of supporting the firmament, but his face is not dignified, but amiable, not like an emperor, but like a man-child who teaches the world.

"Your Majesty, the civil lewd rituals have been cleaned up, and the righteous gods previously enthroned by the Ancient Son of Heaven have been erected, yet there are still some ambitious people who secretly worship evil gods and demons in bits and pieces, and if they are not careful, they will resurface.” A minister said: "I am foolish, and cannot eradicate it once and for all.”

The minister is middle-aged, fierce-looking, extremely fierce, a pair of eagle eyes as stern as a knife, showing that he is decisive and decisive, a powerful role.

This look is not a scholar, but the head of the army specializing in penal inspection.

"The Marquis of Bixie need not blame himself, the matter of defeating obscenity rituals is something that all the dynasties have been unable to completely prohibit, although I have the ambition to purge the evil demons for the heavens and the earth, and the eternal clarity for all the world, but it is not an overnight achievement.” Gu-Taixian appeased the minister while reviewing the memorials.

He has a habit of speaking and does not like to address himself as "Zhen”. But I.

In addition, he did not use the written language when he read the memorials; he spoke in the vernacular, simple and clear.

His ministers were also used to this way of doing things.

This emperor is also a legend, when he was an illegitimate son of the folk, he did not have a share of the throne, but the rise of a different army, seize the first wife success, is simply against the sky, the degree of difficulty is not less than a change of dynasty, the Imperial court among the purge, after the ascension of the throne a few big cases down, tens of thousands of people were killed, hundreds of thousands of people in exile, finally the voice of opposition to suppress.

"Cleaning up obscene rituals is the most important part of ruling the country, and throughout the ages, it has been evil demons who have taken advantage of natural disasters to compel people and scourge the world, and if the famished people alone had rebelled, it would have been easy to suppress and pacify them, but there were evil spokesmen among the famished people to preach and subvert the Imperial court with evil doctrines and sophistry, and the society would have been in jeopardy. “

Gu-Taixian approved three words of "Got it" on an unimportant memo... And went to look over the other memos.

"The Emperor is holy.”

The Marquis of Bixie is the Minister of War, overseeing the Ministry of Justice, as well as the Commander of the Iron Blooded Guards, purging the world of bandits and evil cults, even capturing and arresting law-breaking officials, and monitoring the words and actions of the Imperial court’s ministers, the sharpest 'knife' of the Imperial court. ' and said: "In addition, I have something else to report, recently on the rivers and lakes, there are vaguely the Xian Dynasty remnants active, I have been closely investigating, but I have not caught the remnants, this is my dereliction of duty.”

"The Xian Dynasty Remnant?” Gu-Taixian put down his pen, but did not move and said: "This is to be expected, back when the Xian Dynasty was annihilated, the royal bloodline was killed cleanly, but there were a few powerful people loyal to the royal family, such as the Imperial Master Wen Hong who were not ambushed. But the world is settled, people are at peace, the Hundred Kingdoms have been destroyed, and a few remnants can't turn over any great waves.”

"Yes!” The Marquis of Bixie has finished playing the matter, so stand aside and let another minister play the matter.

"The Duke of Yuan, you go first.” Gu-Taixian.

The Duke of Yuan Lou Chongxiao was dressed in court clothes, graceful, with starry eyes and a bright forehead. He does not have the fury of the Marquis of Bixie, but rather the air of a prime minister, with the ability to command a hundred officials.

"Actually, I am playing private business today.....” Lou Chongxiao hesitated and said: "However, this is also a matter of state... Last time, the Empress all said that my youngest daughter has become an adult, and I hope that the Seventh Prince and my youngest daughter can.....”

"This thing.” Gu-Taixian pondered and said: "This is a private matter, but it involves my son, but it is also a matter of state. Baiyue is very spiritual, and carries the bloodline of a plain girl, her future is boundless, and the state will have to use her greatly in the future. I have long since decreed that the women of the world can also learn martial arts and literature, and she can serve as an example. Gao Ling, you come in.”

A eunuch came in without a sound, and knelt on the ground; he walked like a ghost, and stood almost without a shadow, not like a body of flesh and blood, but like a ghostly spirit.

This was the Chief Eunuch of the Six Palaces, Gao Ling, and the Great Skyseal Emperor's personal eunuch.

"Pass the decree down to reward Luo Baiyue with three Great Pills of Essence, a pair of Ice Cold Chi Armor, and the Fire Sword.” Gu-Taixian gave the decree.


Lou Chongxiao kneels down in a row and said: "Please, Your Majesty, withdraw your accomplished order, such a heavy reward, little girl can never afford it.”

That Essence Great Pill is a royal alchemist who collects precious herbs, mixes them with pure essence, and it takes ten years to refine a single furnace, the grains are so precious that even an idle prince can't get it.

As for the Cold Chi Ice Armor, it is rumored that it is made from the cold ice the Chi Dragon scales that live in the North Sea, and when you wear it, your whole body is wrapped, like a dragon god possessing a body. The Free Fire Sword is a special fire metal, holding this sword, you can slash any mortal soldier, the sword is more searing power, burned, often and people hands, three moves or two, the enemy will be reduced to ashes.

The Off Flame Sword is difficult for even a Martial Grandmaster to handle, but after wearing the Ice Armor with a cold chi dragon, it can exert its full power.

Once the reward was given, even the other ministers were taken aback and felt that it was too heavy, even a prince who had achieved great feats for the country might not be able to receive such a reward.

"How can my reward be withdrawn?” Gu-Taixian smiled.

"Then I will thank Your Majesty's great kindness on behalf of my youngest daughter.” Lou Chongxiao kowtows again.

"That's good, you mentioned marriage just now, what did Baiyue herself mean?” Gu-Taixian stood up.

"Parents' orders, matchmaker's words, marriage matters, which daughter's family makes their own decisions.” Lou Chongxiao crawled to the ground.

"I am revolutionizing the world and sweeping away the decadence of ten thousand years, the marriage of a man and a woman making their own decisions is also one of them.” Gu-Taixian walked and said: "I said, let Baiyue make her own decisions on this matter, which son of mine she likes, the two of them will be close and intimate first, if the two love each other, how about I fulfill it?”

"The Emperor.”

All the ministers heard this "I” word, they all immediately knelt down, they knew that this great emperor was about to make an important decision, because Gu-Taixian usually call me, and when they call me, that is a decision that cannot be changed!

"The Emperor of All Ages, if Baiyue knew about this, he would be grateful to work for the Imperial court.” Lou Chongxiao said aloud.

"By the way, my The Nineteenth Prince's name is Gu-Chensha.” Gu-Taixian speaks very slowly and said: "He is now fourteen years old and approaching adulthood, you the Lou family broke the Xian Dynasty back then and got the town book the Giant Spirit God merit to me first, now take it out from the secret library and let Baiyue give it to Little Nineteenth to cultivate and practice. The two of them can also be close and intimate.”

"What?” Lou Chongxiao almost thought he had heard wrong, he never expected that the Emperor would make this decision.

Although it was "close and intimate” , it's almost as good as giving a wedding.

Gu-Chensha disaster relief, the joke of how the people don't eat meat when they have no food has spread throughout the court.

But he didn't dare to argue that the Great Skyseal Emperor never changed what he decided, and although the Lou family was called "Lou the Almost Imperial family". , the power of the Emperor, but if he disobeys the order, with a single word, the Emperor can crush his family to pieces!

"I received the order, thank you.”

Lou Chongxiao is trembling with fear.

He was formidable and unfathomable in front of any, holding great power, a thousand heads on a single word, but in front of the Emperor, he was still a lackey.

"What exactly does the emperor mean by this?” His mind raced with thoughts and said: "How could Baiyue and The Nineteenth Prince be allowed to get close?”

He was thinking a lot, trying his best to figure out what the emperor meant.

Gu-Taixian walked at a pace, but ignored Lou Chongxiao and instead asked the other minister and said: "Minister Wen, how is the national ban on gold and silver and the issuance of paper currency going?”

The Minister of Literature is also the Imperial court heavy minister, a ranking official, but an old man.

His face resembles a walnut skin, and he is so old, but his eyes are glazed. Other courtiers did not dare to breathe in the face of the Great Skyseal Emperor, but he was relaxed and said: "The matter is proceeding quite smoothly, and the country's major merchant houses have agreed to exchange their own stores of gold and silver for the paper money issued by the Imperial court.”

He and Lou Chongxiao are both prime ministers, but one man and one woman.

"I'm afraid it's not that optimistic.” Gu-Taixian was expressionless and said: "Those hundred-year-old families, thousand-year-old families have become accustomed to hiding gold and silver treasures, they don't believe in the Imperial court’s paper money at all, they think it's a piece of scrap paper, it looks like they'll have to move the knife to wake up, the world now is not the same as it used to be.”


Suddenly lightning thundered outside and heavy rain poured down.

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