Dragon Talisman

Chapter 7 Son of Heaven’s Consecration

Chapter 7 Son of Heaven’s Consecration

Chapter 7: The Son of Heaven’s Seal

"The Eighteenth Brother, I don't know what you're talking about.” Gu-Chensha bows his head.

"Take your resignation to Imperial Father at once and die on your knees so you can still get a chance to live, otherwise the Seventh Prince, Lao Eight, Lao Ninth, Lao Tenth and many more brothers won't leave you alone, even Luo Baiyue himself! Both will kill you, you should know that very well.” Gu-Hongsha flick.

"But it's the Imperial Father who set it up, what can I do?” Gu-Chensha always plays dumb.

"Stubborn.” Gu-Hongsha had a look of disdain in his eyes and he said: "You don't want to marry Luo Baiyue and then think that by marrying a chicken to a dog, the Lou family's power is at your disposal, do you? If that's what you really think, it's stupid.”

"Right now I haven't gotten the message, maybe it's fake. The Eighteenth Brother is saying that if this happens, I will resign.” Gu-Chensha is notoriously untempered and deferential, a rule of survival for many years that has bred him to be extremely deep in the city and never to be rash.

"It's good that you know, I'll give you a warning, be careful when you meet Lao Tenth, after he got this news, word has gotten out that he's looking for an opportunity to waste you.” Gu-Hongsha saw the other man bowing down, pulled out a shiny gold pocket watch to look at it, and got up in the sedan chair and said: "Get out of the palace and see how well my newly built mansion has been repaired.”

"Master, I also went to supervise the day before yesterday, the pond has been thrown, the spring water filled, and we got the toilet that can pump water, is the Tiangong Institute manufacture of the wonders, and the bright shining big glass, the floor with Kunshan blue jade stone, that is simply a heavenly palace......” For the head eunuch to please, leading the way.

And so the line went out of the palace gates.

"Master, the Eighteenth Prince's mansion I have also heard of, covers an area of several tilts, there are three or five thousand servants alone, he just pulled out that thing is called a pocket watch, also the Tiangong Institute made, look at the time is accurate, after the emperor ascended the throne, gather the world's Able craftsmen, it seems, make a lot of new things.” Little Yizi was quite envious and said: “Master, you don't have a residence yet? I think it's ready.”

"There's no way around it, where am I going to get that kind of money?” Gu-Chensha sighed and said: "Lao Eighteenth's mother clan is the Shui family, and they are also usually trying to get him to fight for the throne.”

"The emperor did not make a crown prince, and let the princes open their houses and build their teeth, and run their own errands, which was indeed a powerful move, and each prince was ambitious and moist, and ran his errands properly.” Little Yizi Dao and said: "I heard that the Eighteenth Prince has recently cultivated Dragon King Strength to five stages, close to Grandmaster, but if he fights with the prince, the prince may not lose to him, with the prince's current cultivation, he can always make a name for himself, why should he bide his time?”

"It's all talk if you don't step into the Dao Realm.” Gu-Chensha looked around at no one and said: "You shouldn't reveal your kung fu easily now, and practice hard in secret. Moreover, that Dragon King's Strength is a royal technique, even though I'm strong, the Royal Foundation Technique I've learned counts as nothing more than a mere mortal, and I'm afraid that if I were to fight with Lao Eighteenth, I'd be slightly inferior.”

"Unfortunately, my lord can't go to the Royal Secret Treasury to pick martial arts. By the way, does lord still have those pills?” Little Yizi said. "In fact, one such pill is worth a lot of money, and I'm afraid that selling it would be a huge sum of money.”

"I have this kind of potion, but it's a big sensation when it's sold, the Washing Marrow Pill, the Original Essence Pill, the Soul Strengthening Pill these royal secret potions are worth a huge amount of money, this elixir of mine is tens of times more effective than them, it has to be sold! How much?” Gu-Chensha waved his hand and said: "It's better to be hidden at the moment, I'm actually a frog in a well despite my small successes.”

"By the way, the Eighteenth Prince just said that the Master should be more careful when he meets the Tenth Prince, and I remember that the Tenth Prince almost killed the Master a few years ago...” Little Yizi suddenly remembered this incident and said: "That was still instigated by Luo Baiyue.”

"Lao Tenth is violent and reckless, but this character is deeply liked by the Emperor, and the key to his martial arts prowess and natural powers is that he is also a fearsome character.” Gu-Chensha frowned.

The two said, still returning to the small courtyard.

The sky darkens, the small courtyard is gloomy, there is not even a light, the autumn breeze is rusty and already chilly, and the weeds all over the courtyard look like ghost hands shaking.


Little Yizi made a fire and lit the candles so that the house could come to life a bit.

"Master, we're almost out of candles, and the housekeeping side hasn't sent them over yet, and also it's autumn now, autumn clothes should be issued, it seems like the housekeeping side isn't going to supply us with any of this?” Little Yizi examined the supplies in the room and said: "I hear that the Eighteenth Prince doesn't even use oil lamp candles for lighting at night, but moonstones, and this baby sucks up enough sunlight by day, and glows bright as the moon at night.”

"We are used to having all kinds of provisions withheld from our monthly money, and at the moment it is even worse, and the Home Office side cannot be counted on, or we have to open up our own resources.” Gu-Chensha poured a glass of plain water, took a sip, had an astringent taste, and vomited.

"This water is not good either, we were given bitter water, and they all drink water from the Cold Jade Springs.” Little Yizi couldn't help it.

The water inside the palace is transported from outside.

Water is also divided into three or six categories.

Usually eunuchs and palace maidens drink well water, which is somewhat bitter underground in the capital. The princes and noble consorts, on the other hand, used water from the "Cold Jade Mountain", hundreds of miles away from the capital. The water.

The interior of that Cold Jade Mountain, which contains rich jade ore, has a ten thousand year old cold spring underneath, which is crisp and sweet and refreshing, and has long been blocked off as a royal sanctuary, and the Interior Ministry goes every morning to get water to send to the palace.

Gu-Chensha, as a prince, is supplied with three buckets of "Cold Jade Spring" every day. The supply of water was withheld from him, and like the lowly eunuchs, he had to drink from bitter wells.

Those eunuchs then took the withheld cold jade spring water and secretly sold it, selling it at a good price in all the major restaurants in the capital.

The prince has a large amount of money each month, in addition to clothing, spices, tonic medicine, weapons, jewelry, fruits, ice in the summer and smokeless animal charcoal in the winter, that's really brocade and jade food.

In recent years, the Tiangong Institute has been producing glass, clocks, moonstones, cold beads, and fire beads.

The moonstone is for lighting, and the fire bead is a bead that is hung in the house in winter to keep the whole house warm in spring without burning charcoal. The cold bead is a bead that hangs in summer, cool and pleasant.

Of course these things, he could not enjoy them all.

"In the past, the group of people from the Interior Ministry didn't dare to go so far and more or less show some mercy, but now they are just withholding mine share to the death.” Gu-Chensha shook his head and said: "There's no need to worry about that at the moment, hard work is the root of the matter. Little Yizi, how well are you practicing your martial arts now?”

"Master, I have trained hard in the Royal Basic Boxing style you taught me, and with small success, I am now about Warrior level.” Little Yizi was quick on his hands and knees, cleaning up the room and boiling water and said: “Master’s martial arts should be at Grandmaster level, right?”

"How easy is it to talk about the realm of Grandmaster?” Gu-Chensha pondered carefully, “This strength is enough, but my cultivation is still so short of the threshold, it's about the merit, I'm only practicing the royal basic martial arts, I know how to transport energy, whole strength and breathing. For example, the King's Martial Art has the effect of gathering qi, concentrating the mind, meditating, pondering, refining essence, cultivating vitality, penetrating seclusion and understanding the Tao. Rare martial arts of a lower level are also able to promote Grandmaster.”

Gu-Chensha knew that to break through Grandmaster, he had to cultivate a Precious Grade martial art.

Martial arts are divided into Mortal, Precious, King, Imperial, Immortal, and Celestial techniques.

The technique of Sacrifice to the Heavens only enhances his power, to use his power perfectly and change his life form, he still needs a more profound technique.

"Actually it's not difficult for the Master to learn superior martial arts, just go up to the fold and say that the martial arts are about to break through Grandmaster, the clan's side can only report to the Emperor, and will definitely grant the royal family's profound martial arts, I heard that Tenth Master is now practicing 'the Beheading ' Thunder Strength' has reached a very high level and is hitting the Dao Realm yet.” Little Yizi snooping was a good handful.

"That's not good either, I can't reveal my current strength.” Gu-Chensha said: "In case I'm falsely accused of a Tong the Xian Dynasty remnant crime, and with people pushing the envelope, the Demon King of the Ancestral Mansion won't know how to toss me.”

"That's true, or my lord is thoughtful.” Little Yizi Dao and said: "The problem is that if the lord doesn't obtain the Precious Martial Techniques, no matter how powerful he is, he won't be able to break through the Grandmaster's realm, let alone step into the Dao Realm.”

"I'll think about it.....” Gu-Chensha touched his forehead and said: "This can't be slowed down, it could have been discussed in the long run, but Imperial Father actually allowed Luo Baiyue to get close to me, which is tantamount to putting me on fire, the only way to get through the disaster safely is to raise my strength.”

No words in the dead of night.

Little Yizi crept out and went to sleep in the next compartment, while Gu-Chensha picked up the history book to study it again.

The history of the Endless Continent's dynasties is as vast as a sea of smoke, up and down for an unknown number of tens of thousands of years, and there are even endless myths from the ancient past, so reading through one by one is quite taxing.


While painstakingly reading, he came across an account of the Ancient Son of Heaven's history.

"The Ancient Son of Heaven rises from the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict to fathom the essence of the heavens, can cultivate the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique, which is a great accomplishment, sweeping away all evil spirits, and doing justice to the heavens. Suppressing the mountains and rivers, moving the stars, enthroning the gods, the martial arts of the world, all evolved from this technique.....”

"The Son of Heaven God Sealing technique.....” Gu-Chensha's eyes twinkled and said: "That's a powerful martial art, how the hell are you going to figure it out? Only from among the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict can one obtain such martial arts?”

If you can get the "the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique" from the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, you'll have no problem stepping into the Dao Realm. If you can acquire the "the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique".

For the same realm, the combat power of the martial arts class differs greatly from each other.

For example, the Eighteenth Prince Gu-Hongsha, cultivating "Dragon King Power". It may not be as powerful as Gu-Chensha's Bear Wolf Python, but in a fight between them, Gu-Hongsha would win.

Dragon King's Strength is unpredictable and mysterious, using Basic Martial Arts to fight is simply a death wish.

Basic martial arts is to cultivate the flesh, muscles, bones and skin.

Whereas Dragon King's Strength like this is a mixture of mind, momentum, and spiritual paths, moving like a ghost or god possessed.

Of course, anyone must first practice the basic martial arts painstakingly, and only after great success can they learn higher grade kung fu, or else they will die from forceful cultivation and nervous disorder.

Now that Gu-Chensha's roots are so strong that no one can match them, I'm afraid he lacks the key to open the door to the highest level.

The Son of Heaven God Sealing technique, this kind of martial arts level, is definitely beyond the King, Emperor, Immortal, and even beyond the Heavenly Products, is the general outline of the Heavenly Dao.

"How exactly do you want to figure it out? What's the sacrifice? Only in exchange for the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique's appearance?” He perused down, but didn't get any specific records.

"The history books are so vast that trying to search for traces from them is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, if only there was a catalogue, no wonder, no wonder the Skyseal Collection of Classical Writings had to be compiled, if you wanted to find any information, you could just follow the catalogue and consult it, it would be perfect. “ Gu-Chensha is just now thinking that compiling the Skyseal Collection of Classical Writings is really a thousand years of work and said:

If you want any information, look up the table of contents and you'll find it.

Unlike now, when you want to learn something, but have no way to do so.

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