Dragon Talisman

Chapter 8 Splendor of the Sun and Moon

Chapter 8 Splendor of the Sun and Moon

Chapter 8: the Sun Moon Glow

"the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique, the Sun Moon Glow, from which it is rumored that only those who have acquired the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict can fathom and comprehend, and I just need to learn that, with this protection, I can live without being such a wimp. “


He blew out the candle, but did not sleep, but read the book again in the darkness of the night.

Ever since he sacrificed his bear wolf python soul, his eyes are like electricity, like wolves and snakes, he can see things clearly in the night, and he only needs to sleep for one hour a day to be full of energy, the rest of the time is all used for reading and martial arts.

Other princes are diligent in order to fight for power and profit, he is in order to save his life, so he must work twice as hard.

He read the book at a glance, and his memory was greatly improved, though not to the extent that he could not forget what he had read, it was not far behind.

"The Son of Heaven rules the world, has great power, lives and kills, gathers the strength of all living beings, and in a word, moves mountains and draws land into rivers. It is not surprising that the Ancient Son of Heaven, holding the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, could have such power, but modern emperors, without an imperial edict, can still command the heavens, why? It is the rule of ritual and law. Because the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict was lost, the human race was left without a leader and inevitably killed each other, so the saints created rituals and laws to replace the will of God and rule the hearts of the people. Rituals and laws are the will of God. Therefore, even though the symbolic edict is lost, the Emperor's edict still has the spirit of the Son of Heaven. The best part is that the Ancient Son of Heaven is still on the throne, and using the Son of Heaven’s Qi to inspire the edicts of the Son of Heaven, they are able to understand the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique, and now this martial art has become a masterpiece....”

This is the opinion and discussion of some of the great scholars in the history books.

But when Gu-Chensha saw it, it was no less than the discovery of a great treasure.

Simply put, the Emperor's decree has the Son of Heaven’s Qi on it, and if you get the decree and sacrifice it, you can enlighten the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique!

The Emperor, though not the Son of Heaven, is revered by all the people, commands the world, and holds great power, and over time, after the majesty of rituals and laws has penetrated deep into the hearts of the people, will interfere with the Heavenly Dao, and will naturally gather a hint of the Son of Heaven’s Qi.

Of course, ordinary countries and the Imperial court don't have the Son of Heaven's Qi, but the Skyseal this dynasty, the destruction of a hundred countries, the opening of boundaries, the abolition of obscene rituals, and the upper can interfere with ghosts and spirits, and the lower with the people, that decree is extraordinary.

Gu-Chensha is also well read, and knows that if in a few decades the Great Skyseal Emperor's achievements grow stronger and the country is stronger, then even without the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, it would be no different from the Ancient Son of Heaven!..

It would be nearly impossible for a normal person to get the Emperor's decree, but Gu-Chensha is a prince and getting the decree is still relatively easy.

"The holy decree.... It looks like I have it here, or the same imperial decree that crowned my mother as an imperial consort.”

Gu-Chensha rolls over and climbs up, finding the small chest from inside the depths of the closet.

Inside the chest are some relics, among them a scroll of holy orders.

This was an item his mother had left behind when she killed herself.

“This mother, as the Princess of the Xian Dynasty, I don't know how many treasures accompanied her marriage, but after her death, all of them were taken away by those concubines and princes at the behest of the eunuchs! Only these ordinary objects remain.” Gu-Chensha was indignant at the thought of this.

There was no point in taking away the sealed decrees, or they would have been scraped clean.

Poor Gu-Chensha was too young to know how to protect his mother's legacy.

Over the years, he has been asking around to find out which of his mother's precious treasures had fallen into the hands of which noble consorts and princes back then, to be brought back later.

Unfold the imperial decree, a blood-red seal in the eyes, is the jade seal, six big words, "the Emperor Treasure Seal". But not "by command of Heaven"... The four bird-shaped words.

The emperor was particular about the use of the seal, and the real imperial seal could only be used to promulgate the edict of enthronement, and to offer sacrifices to heaven and earth.

The other seals were used for their own purposes.

Such as the Emperor Treasure Seal, it is used to enthrone the consort, the Imperial Clan relatives, so it is called "the Emperor Treasure Seal”.

Although it is not the imperial seal, but it is a symbol of imperial power, as usual, the Son of Heaven’s qi contained, more importantly, the person who issued this decree is still reigning, and the Son of Heaven’s qi has not dissipated, if it is the last emperor's decree will be useless, the world changed hands, the qi dissipated.

Gu-Chensha could sense what seemed to be an inexplicable divine power over that seal.

This is purely a spiritual sense.

"In that case, I will begin the ritual.”

He takes out the decree, clicks it on fire, actually sets it ablaze, then cuts his finger and drips blood on it.


That the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict seems to sense the Son of Heaven Qi in the Holy Decree, and also emits blue light flowing into each other.

The air trembled and the Holy Decree disappeared without a trace.

However, in the depths of that blue light, many shadows of light appeared, which suddenly and sharply shot into Gu-Chensha's mind, and suddenly he froze, and many figures in his mind were practicing the profound martial arts.

The esoteric martial arts merged with his mind.

Seeing the figure walking on the earth, the Sun Moon appearing in the firmament above his head, this figure's body also emitted a golden and brilliant light, reflecting with the light of the Sun and Moon.

Numerous ideas, images, came forth.

Gu-Chensha seemed to have received a vast array of cultivation methods, and his body involuntarily evolved with that technique.

Deep within his mind, there was a will like a flood bell.

"Son of the heavens, with the Sun Moon Glow, with the heavens and the earth, with all living beings of one heart, these three, derive all things, a thousand changes.......”

Suddenly, that will came to an abrupt end.

The blue light in the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict also disappeared.

The transmission of the feats and ideas interrupted out of thin air.

Gu-Chensha came to his senses for a long time and said: "Unfortunately, the Son of Heaven’s Qi on this decree was not strong enough for me to get the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique's fur practice. It turns out that the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique has three realms, the Sun Moon Glow, heaven and earth living together, all living beings of one heart. What has just been rehearsed is the practice of the first style before the first realm.”

Truly the Son of Heaven, gloriously comparable to the light of the sun and moon, with the same longevity as heaven and earth.

This is just as well, but in the end, being of one mind with all living beings, and all things being one, then I wonder what is the realm?

Gu-Chensha has just learned only a tenth of the first realm, yet still benefits greatly from it, enough to step into the Dao Realm with complete enlightenment and painstaking training.

This holy decree is only the will of the registrar's noble consort, containing the Son of Heaven Qi is not strong, if it is a real imperial decree to ascend the throne, sacrifice to the Heavens decree, then the Son of Heaven Qi in it is probably ten times stronger.

But that kind of edict is hidden deep in the central hall of the palace's forbidden area, so you can't get it.

"Shh.....” Gu-Chensha shushed long and hard and said: "Enough, enough, I'm afraid that even this tiny bit of martial arts is difficult for me to understand without decades of hard work.”

Putting away the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, he sat down on his knees and began to think about what he had just learned.

At this moment, the sky is lightening slightly, but the moon has not yet sunk in the west, the sun has begun to rise in the east, and there is the presence of the Sun Moon in the heavens and the earth.

Receiving this sensation, Gu-Chensha's entire body began to tremble slightly, his pores opened, and there was actually a tendency to absorb the essence of the Sun Moon, although this was an illusion and could not really be the case.

But he has entered the meditation of the spirit and the Sun Moon traveling together.

This is a method of refining the spirit, not a superior martial art.

The Son of Heaven God Sealing technique, the Ancient Ultimate Martial Art, compared to the "Dragon King's Strength". "The Beheading Thunder Strength". And yet it's thousands and hundreds of times better?

Gu-Chensha practiced the first realm "the Sun Moon Glow". The fragmentation of the skin, just stepping into the subtle realm, produced the realization.


The pores of his whole body swallowed, and actually a filament of white gas emanated, like burning cigarettes, and the gas gradually spread and enveloped his whole body, like a cocoon.

Until it was dawn.

Suddenly, the cocoon bursts again, the fog dissipates, and Gu-Chensha no longer has that sharp taste, but returns to the basics, his eyes looked dull.

This is stepping into a whole new realm again.

Having reached Mortal Realm fourth level, Peaking the Transformation, becoming a Martial Grandmaster.

Breaking the cocoon into a butterfly in one night, such a feat is truly astonishing. No wonder it made the Ancient Giant Demons and Gods fearful.

"The Sun Moon Refining the gods, the spirit is brilliant, bright and bright, it's really wonderful, I practiced for such a while, I feel much clearer, all distractions are gone, only a piece of red sincerity.” Gu-Chensha realized his feeling, full of joy and said: "There are ten stances of the Sun Moon Glow, I will now master the first stance of the Sun Moon Refining. The next nine stances if I want to learn them, I must offer more holy orders.”

He sprang slightly out of his body, swam all over the house, and landed silently.


Little Yizi pushes the door in, only to see shadows all over the room, as fast as a ghost, the shadow of a man closing in and re-synthesizing Gu-Chensha.

"Master, your martial arts body style, why have you changed into a person, and the temperament of your body.... Did you step into the Grandmaster's realm? But without the Precious Martial Arts, it is impossible to refine the spirit and cultivate into a Grandmaster.” Little Yizi was first shocked, then greatly pleased.

"Good, the sky is the limit.” Gu-Chensha walked out of the room, bathed in the morning light, his whole body brilliant, “This strength can be said to have improved by leaps and bounds this night, stepping into a whole new level, training hard and the Dao Realm will hopefully continue.”

The Son of Heaven God Sealing technique first realm "the Sun Moon Glow". In the first form, "the Sun Moon Refining". Enough for him to get out of his body, refine his spirit, and break through the Dao Realm.

After achieving Grandmaster, the main thing is not to practice in strength, because the physical body already has its limits, and in order to progress, one must turn to the spirit.

So the martial arts above the Grandmaster are mostly refinements of the spirit.

And the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique has completely surpassed all kinds of grade martial arts, not to mention he's already learned a style, and even just skin stepping into the Dao Realm is more than enough.

"The Sun Moon Refining". This style of martial arts is refinement, bodywork, qi and blood, spirit travel, and chanting the Sun Moon.

Of course, Gu-Chensha is just beginning to scratch the surface, and it will take a long time of hard work to become proficient in this style.

At this point, if he encounters the Eighteenth Prince Gu-Hongsha, his opponent's Dragon King Power is no match at all.

Treasure martial arts can step into the master, and Wang pin martial arts can step into the Dao-Realm.


"Master, I've made breakfast.” Little Yizi brought out porridge, vegetables, tofu, and a few yellow and orange pastry, not meat, the meal was simple and clean.

"You can eat, I don't seem to like being physical lately.” Gu-Chensha speaks the truth, after he has sacrificed, he gets enough strength from it to nourish his whole body and sustain what he needs for life.

Originally, not eating physically was the First Transformation Accept Fasting of the Dao Realm, and his cultivation was far from enough to take the spirit of heaven and earth with his spirit to flush the realm of nourishing the body.

The good news is that the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict's sacrificial power is extraordinary, which is equivalent to what the strongest of the Dao Realm achieved when they forcefully infused the Heavenly Dao power into his body.

Because of this, he was also able to cultivate much faster than the other princes.

Little Yizi was even more delighted and said: "It looks like the lord is about to make a name for himself, and then he'll show all the people how to raise their eyebrows.”

"Do not be arrogant, there are people outside the sky. How many powerful people have been suppressed by the Imperial court over the years? Under the Emperor's authority, even evil spirits and demons must be restrained.” Gu-Chensha's eyes were wise and said: "But my chances of saving my life are a little better, and whoever wants to harm me easily is not so easy.”

"Master.....” Little Yizi was about to speak again, but Gu-Chensha's eyes were stern and he said: "Someone's coming.”

Sure enough, after a calendrical time, several eunuchs appeared at the door.

"Oh my, it's Eunuch Chen, what brings you here.” Little Yizi greeted them in succession.

"The Nineteenth Prince, I've come to deliver a letter.” The middle-aged eunuch leading the group took out a letter and handed it to Little Yizi, and sailed off without saluting Gu-Chensha.

"Damn!” Little Yizi saw his back and said: "This slave, when he sees the prince and doesn't pay homage to him, he will be charged to the clan's house, and that is, he will be beheaded!”

Gu-Chensha shook his head and he said: "What letter?”

"It's from the Lou family, Luo Baiyue's letter!” Little Yizi handed it over.

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