Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1052: Sect Leader’s Suspision

Chapter 1052: Sect Leader’s Suspision

After hearing Elder Chu's evaluation on Su Yang's Yang Qi, the Sect Leader fell silent with a pondering expression on her face.

A long moment of silence later, she asked, "Elder Chu, I want you to get a sample of this Xiao Yang's Yang Qi for me."

"Huh?" Both Elder Chu and Elder Yao were surprised by such a request.

"Wait a second, Sect Leader… Are you implying that this Xiao Yang, who's not even 100 years old, can conceal his real Yang Qi, something even the elders of this sect cannot achieve? That's a little too far-fetched if you ask me…" Elder Yao spoke in a puzzled tone.

Either the Sect Leader doesn't trust Elder Chu to be telling the truth or she believes that Xiao Yang had the ability to hide his real Yang Qi, something only peak dual cultivators like the Sect Leader herself could do.

The Sect Leader then spoke, "It's not that I don't believe Elder Chu. As unbelievable as something may seem, there's always a chance that it could be true. A few thousand years ago, an Outer Court disciple opened my eyes and proved to me that there was nothing truly impossible in this world."


The Elders knew who she was talking about even without needing her to give a name.

"All I am saying is— there's no harm in making sure, especially when this quality of Yang Qi is at stake. If we can secure a steady supply of this Yang Qi, not just our male disciples, but even the female disciples will benefit greatly from it."

"I understand." Elder Chu nodded with a serious look on her face, and she continued, "I will tell my disciple to get some samples as soon as possible."

"I appreciate it, Elder Chu. You may leave now."

Elder Chu bowed before leaving the place.

Once they were alone, the Sect Leader looked at Elder Yao and asked, "How much more of his Yang Qi do you have?"

"Disciple Xiao gave me a decent amount— seven jars of Yang Qi. Though, I have already used one jar to concoct two Golden Yang Pills."

"Where is the other pill?"

"I gave it to Disciple Xiao as a reward for his contribution and to motivate him to give me more."

"Good." The Sect Leader nodded in approval.

"Do whatever you can to secure more of this Yang Qi, even if you have to bribe him. However, do not go overboard and let him have too much control. The Sect will supply you with everything you need."

"Yes, Sect Leader."

"As for the remaining five jars of Yang Qi, give me one of them. You can use the rest for your alchemy. We'll save those pills for special occasions."

"Do you have any specific pills in mind, Sect Leader?"

"One or two more Golden Yang Pill won't hurt. Use the rest for Yang Elixirs."

"Yes, Sect Leader."

Yang Elixirs are a substance made mostly from Yang Qi used to supply female dual cultivators' cultivation. This is also how maidens dual cultivate while staying pure.

Elder Yao returned to her own living quarters shortly after, and she immediately began working.

Meanwhile, Elder Chu waited for her disciple to show up, Luo Mi.

"This disciple greets the Master." Luo Mi bowed to her in a respectful manner.

"Be at ease, Disciple Luo. I have a mission for you."

"What kind of mission?"

"Do you remember the young man you kept singing about not too long ago?" Elder Chu asked.

"Are you talking about Xiao Yang? Of course. It's hard to forget someone of his caliber. Why? Does this mission have something to do with him?"

Elder Chu nodded with a serious look on her face, and she said, "I need you to collect some of his Yang Qi."

"..." Luo Mi stared at her master with a look of disbelief.

"May I ask why?"

"This is a request from the Sect Master herself. She wants to confirm something about him," Elder Chu sighed.

"W-What?! The Sect Leader?! Why would the Sect Leader bother with a mere Outer Court disciple?!" Luo Mi was greatly shocked to hear this information.

"Apparently she suspects that he may be able to hide his Yang Qi."

Luo Mi raised her eyebrows even more after hearing this.

"Hide his Yang Qi? What does that even mean?"

"If one reaches an extremely high level of control over their Yang Qi or Yin Qi, they could disguise their Qi, just like how a Cultivator can suppress their cultivation to make it seem like they're at a lower realm than they actually are."

Luo Mi was dumbfounded once again, "This is my first time hearing about this. So the Sect Leader thinks Xiao Yang has achieved this level of control?"

"Considering the fact that only the Sect Leader could do something like this in the entire sect, it's nigh impossible for an Outer Court disciple who isn't even a hundred years old to be able to. However, the Sect Leader still wants to make sure."

"I understand. I just need to collect his Yang Qi, right? Does it matter how I do it?" Lou Mi asked.

"Try to get it straight from him, but if you cannot, you can collect it after he shoots it inside you."

"So it's okay to just ask for his Yang Qi outright?"

"Well, if he knows that you're trying to collect his Yang Qi for some reason, he will most likely hide it, which will render your efforts pointless."

"I see… Although I feel a little guilty for doing this to Disciple Xiao, I cannot refuse the Sect Leader's request…" Luo Mi sighed out loud.

"Don't worry, she's not going to do anything bad to him. In fact, she will most likely protect him if she confirms her suspicions." Elder Chu tried to soothe her, even explaining the situation to her.

"I see… So his Yang Qi could be very precious and valuable to the sect, huh? Okay, I will try my best. See you later, Master." Luo Li immediately made her way towards the Outcast Peak after leaving her master's side.

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