Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1053: Luo Li’s Visit

Chapter 1053: Luo Li’s Visit

After arriving at the Outcast Peak, Luo Li did not immediately approach Su Yang's residence. Instead, she took a long moment to mentally prepare herself for their encounter.

'How should I approach him without looking suspicious?'

Sometime later, she slapped her own face and sighed in a low voice, "Why am I making this unnecessary difficult for myself? This is a dual cultivation sect! There's only one reason why a female disciple would approach a male disciple!"

With a firm resolve, Luo Li strode purposefully towards Su Yang's residence, her heart beating with a mixture of nervous anticipation and steely determination.

"Huh. Now that I think about it, this place is awfully quiet. Last I heard, this place was flooding with disciples. Did something happen?" Luo Li mumbled to herself as she reached the front door.

However, right as she lifted her arm to knock on the door, someone opened the door from the inside.

It was Mei Ying, and she had a gardening tool in one of her hands.

"Hm? Sorry, but the Manager— Disciple Xiao Yang is currently taking a break from cultivation, so he won't be accepting any…" Mei Ying stopped speaking when she took a clear look at Luo Li's face.

"You are…" She quickly recognized Luo Li, as Su Yang had told her to pay special attention to Luo Li and her Master, who was the reason he got into this sect.

"He's resting? Sorry, I didn't know. I can come back later." Luo Li cursed inwardly at her bad timing, but there was nothing she could do about it.

"It's fine. Please, come inside. I will let the Manager know of your presence."

"Are you sure? I thought he was taking a break." Luo Li looked at her with a puzzled face.

Mei Ying smiled, "Yes, but he's given me instruction to welcome certain individuals even if he's resting, and you are one of them."

Luo Li couldn't help but crack a smile on her face after hearing this.

'So I am special in his eyes, huh?' She chuckled inwardly.

As she followed Mei Ying inside the residence, Luo Li couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and nervousness.

She glanced around the surroundings, taking in the clean and organized interior of the residence, and the peaceful ambiance that seemed to permeate every corner.

Mei Ying led her to a small sitting area, where she asked Luo Li to wait while she went to inform Su Yang of her arrival. As she sat there, waiting for his arrival, Luo Li stared at the blank wall before her.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Su Yang appeared in the doorway with a handsome smile on his ordinary-looking face.

"Hello, Senior apprentice-sister Luo. How are you doing today?"

"You can drop the formalities, Xiao Yang. Just call me Luo Li," she quickly said.

And she continued, "Anyways, I am doing fine today, but you know what would make my day even better?"

Su Yang chuckled, "I have an idea, but I will let you say it."

"I have come here to cultivate, Xiao Yang."

He nodded, "Alright, come to my room."

As Su Yang led her to his room, Luo Li's heart couldn't help but start throbbing quicker. There were several factors to this. Not only was she nervous about her mission, but she was also excited to cultivate with Su Yang again.

Upon entering the room, Su Yang said in a calm voice, "Make yourself at home."

Luo Li didn't hesitate to pick his bed, releasing a relaxed sigh as her body sunk into his soft blankets.

"Heavens, where did you get such a comfortable mattress? I wouldn't be surprised if those that cultivate on it will have improved performance." Luo Li said as she bounced on it with her buttocks.

"I made it myself. If you want, I can also make one for you. However, since I am building it precisely for you, I will need to measure your body for the utmost satisfaction."

"Really?! Say no more! You can measure my body as much as you want!" Luo Li quickly stripped naked with excitement.

Su Yang chuckled, "Then allow me to measure you for a bit."

Unbeknownst to Luo Li, Su Yang already memorized her body's measurements from their last encounter. In fact, someone as experienced as him could easily acquire a female's body measurement with a glance even if they are fully robed.

Sometime later.

"Alright, I have your measurements. Would it be more convenient for you if you picked it up here or I came to you?"

"I will come pick it up," she said.

"Sounds good. It should be ready for pickup in three days."

"Then as payment…" Luo Li suddenly started loosening his robes.

"You don't need to worry about the payment." Su Yang quickly said.

"Even if you say that, let me feel like I am repaying you."

Su Yang nodded.

Once they were both naked, Luo Li initiated the session by pressing her body against Su Yang's body on the bed. She then started licking him all over his body with her skillful tongue before moving down to his dragon.

After a long and sloppy fellatio, Luo Li sat up and asked him, "Am I doing something wrong?"

"No, why would you think that?"

"Well, for one, even inner court disciples would have released their Yang Qi by now."

Su Yang smiled, "If that's all, you don't have to worry. Not only do I have high endurance, but I also have some control over my releases. I just wanted to make it last longer, sorry if I made you feel that way."

"Control, huh… You must have remarkable control over your own body to decide when you want to climax. Not even the top Inner Court disciples could boast such perfect control." Luo Li said with a mysterious smile on her face.

Su Yang chuckled, "You're giving me too much credit. My control is nowhere near perfect."

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