Dual Cultivation

Chapter 25 Inner Court Disciple

The disciples within the Profound Blossom Sect were separated into three core groups – the Outer Court disciples, Inner Court disciples, and the Core disciples.

Anybody could join the sect as an Outer Court disciple as long as they fulfilled the minimum requirements set by the sect and passed the entrance exam.

Once an Outer Court disciple, they will use whatever resource they have at their disposal to grow stronger. After they reach the point where they satisfy the conditions to qualify as an Inner Court disciple, they will participate in a series of tests given to them by the sect. If they manage to pass, then they will become Inner Court disciples with privileges to study stronger cultivation techniques and acquire valuable resources that Outer Court disciples could only dream to obtain, whilst their status with the sect also increase.

And unlike Outer Court disciples that are considered expendable resources, Inner Court disciples are all viewed as talented individuals that are worth investing with the sect's resources, so they all get priority when it comes to guidance and sharing resources within the sect.

Then there are Core disciples, the true pillars of the sect with status even higher than most sect elders. Anyone who has the ability to become a Core disciple, no matter which sect they belong, are all geniuses and prodigies – monsters that cannot be measured with common senses and live in a world of their own.

When the young lady in green robes approached Su Yang's living quarter, her presence attracted the gazes of all the nearby Outer Court disciples.

"Hey, look! That's an Inner Court disciple!"

"Greetings, senior!"

Although the disciples did not know her name, they still looked at her with admiration and respect. To these Outer Court disciples, being an Inner Court disciple meant status and power – idols each and every single one of them were striving to become.

And very rarely did Inner Court disciples leave their court, hence why these disciples were surprised and excited to see one appear here.

The young lady noticed the attention, and she waved back at them with a friendly smile.

The disciples could feel their hearts throbbing like drums after seeing her elegant smile, some even screaming from sheer excitement.

"I'd like to ask, does a disciple by the name 'Su Yang', live here by any chance?" asked the young lady.

The disciples nodded vigorously, some even pointing directly to Su Yang's door: "He does! Right there!"

"Thank you," said the young lady before approaching Su Yang's place.

She knocked on the door the moment she arrived at the doorstep, and Su Yang came out a few seconds later.

"How may I help you?" Su Yang asked her with an indifferent expression, looking as though he was not surprised about her unexpected visit.

The young lady did not mind his manners and continued to smile. "Are you Su Yang?" she asked.

"I am indeed called Su Yang."

"Hmm…" The young lady looked at him with narrowed eyes as though she was inspecting him. "I have heard many things about you, Su Yang, from your profound techniques to your ruthless character. I wonder if you are really as good as they praise?"

Su Yang remained calm despite her obvious provoking.

And before he could open his mouth, the young lady continued: "Of course, I believe it. If you weren't as good as they say you are then there wouldn't be so many people talking about it, now would there?"

"Su Yang, I'd like to experience it – your techniques," she said without beating around the bush.

"It would be my pleasure to serve a lady as beautiful as you," Su Yang said with a friendly smile. "It will be 100 Premium Points–"

However, before Su Yang could continue, the young lady sighed loudly: "Aiya! I nearly forgot! I have recently spent all of my Premium Points on a Profound Yin Pill, so I am currently low on Premium Points! Su Yang, if you don't mind, would you allow me to experience your profound techniques free of charge this time? I, Inner Court disciple Li Xiao Mo, will owe you a favor!"

Su Yang showed a smile once he realized the type of game this Li Xiao Mo was playing at.

"I apologize, but I do not work for free. If you are low on Premium Points at this moment, then you can always come back later when you have enough."

Although Su Yang refused to serve her for free with a gentle and respectful tone, Li Xiao Mo saw it as a slap to her beautiful face. How could he, a mere Outer Court disciple, refuse to serve her, an Inner Court disciple? Does he not the consequences for offending an Inner Court disciple? Unlike the Outer Court, offending a disciple in the Inner Court meant offending all of them!

"Is this how you treat a senior? Do you have any idea how much effort it took me to walk myself to this trash-filled court? Or is a favor from an Inner Court disciple such as myself not worth your effort?" Li Xiao Mo said with a disgusted frown, her demeanor taking a sudden 180.

"One word from my mouth and the entire Inner Court will become your enemy! Once I turn around from this place, you can forget about living a peaceful life after today. What will it be, Su Yang?"

"..." Su Yang turned silent, seemingly speechless.

Li Xiao Mo saw his silence as fear and grinned: "Although your name may scare the Outer Court disciples, you are nothing but an ant in my eyes! If you serve me like a dog from now on, then I will turn a blind eye your rude behavior just now."

"Who knows, if you manage to satisfy me with your service, then I may treat you less of a worthless dog and more as a slave…"

Su Yang closed his eyes and sighed. When he opened his eyes, a profound and vicious light flickered deep within.

"Very well… follow me."

The grin on Li Xiao Mo's face widened, who was feeling quite proud of herself after seeing Su Yang surrender.

"Good dog…" she mumbled as she followed Su Yang, unaware of the change in atmosphere the moment she stepped inside his house.

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