Dual Cultivation

Chapter 26 Acting Like a Dog in Hea

Once inside the house, Su Yang brought her directly to his room.

Li Xiao Mo looked around with a disgusted expression. "You always do your business in this cramped space? Just being in here makes me want to puke… how distasteful."

Prior to arriving here, Li Xiao Mo had already planned on making Su Yang her servant. Just hearing how much customers he received for the past few days caused her greed to surface, as she believed that Su Yang was making hefty money.

Even an Inner Court disciple like her could not help but stare at Su Yang with envy in her gaze from a distance at the number of Premium Points he was earning every day. If he worked for her, then all that money would go to her, easily making her rich.

With her status and power as an Inner Court disciple, Li Xiao Mo truly believed that her plan was perfect with no flaws, hence why she approached Su Yang alone.

"Lay down, we will begin right away." Su Yang said to her in a nonchalant voice after closing the door.

"Is that how servants speak to their Masters?"


Although Su Yang has seen a fair share of arrogant and annoying women in his life, this one really takes it to the extreme. However, because he has plenty of experience with these types of women, Su Yang also knew how to deal with them.

"Master, please lay down so this lowly one can make you feel good," said Su Yang in a clear and sincere tone, sounding as though he really acknowledged her as his master.

Even Li Xiao Mo was taken aback from his sudden change in demeanor. "V-Very well…"

She laid her chest on the bed with her back facing Su Yang.

"Hurry up, I don't have much time here."

Su Yang sat beside her, and he suddenly closed his eyes.

When he opened them again a moment later, a profound light flickered within, and the tip of his fingers glowed with golden lights.

"Master…" Su Yang mumbled as his fingers approached her back, "If you can still act so arrogant after this, then I will call you my mother."

Su Yang's words dumbfounded Li Xiao Mo, who was clearly taken aback. And just as Li Xiao Mo prepared to open her mouth, an explosive wave of pleasure overwhelmed her body, causing her to feel as though she was struck by a heavenly tribulation.

Li Xiao Mo's mind instantly blanked, her eyes rolled backward, and a sharp moan escaped her mouth, sounding like a beastly howl; it was an otherworldly feeling that could not be described by words.

The moment Su Yang's fingers touched her back, the golden light disappeared into her body. The light ran rampage within like a dragon exploring the starry sky; it even caused her body to emit a faint golden glow, as though it was a holy aura.

This technique was created by the leader of some evil cult in Su Yang's previous life, who used it to enslave the bodies and break the minds of those experienced it from pleasure. The technique's only purpose was to create slaves — slaves to pleasure, and it had fallen into Su Yang's grasp when he raided and demolished the cult after he learned of the cruelty and inhumane experiments they did on humans.

Su Yang's forehead was covered in sweat as he executed this forbidden technique. He wasn't used to using such a vicious technique since he has only used it a few times in his lifetime.

Su Yang stopped a few minutes later, his gaze at Li Xiao Mo who was twitching like a fish out of water.

"This should be more than enough…" Su Yang wiped the sweat from his forehead.


Li Xiao Mo suddenly held onto his robes tightly, and she stared at him with an intense gaze filled with lust.

"I want it… give it to me…" Li Xiao Mo mumbled as she crawled towards Su Yang, her red face slowly approaching his crotch area with drool leaking from the corner of her mouth.

Su Yang lifted an eyebrow at her actions. "What do you think you are doing?" he spoke in a calm voice, seemingly unfazed by the sexy expression on her beautiful face that would make any men go crazy and jump on her without hesitation.

"Please… give it to me… I want it… I will do anything you want…"

Su Yang removed her hands from his robes and coldly snorted. "Hmph. What a disgraceful sight. Look at you, acting like a dog in heat. Who's the dog, now?"

"Me… I am the dog… I will be anything you want, just give me your thing…"

However, despite her constant pleading, Su Yang only stood there silently.

"I would rather not stick my precious brother into dirty places it does not belong."

Su Yang shook his head and turned around.

"W-Wait… where are you going?" Li Xiao Mo began panicking when she noticed Su Yang walking towards the door.

"To watch the stars, of course. You can use my bed to satisfy yourself in the meantime, but I want you gone by the time I return."

"N-No! Wait! Please, don't leave me here like this! You can't! Not after making me feel like this!"

Su Yang suddenly showed her a handsome and kind smile. "I just did…" he said as he walked out of the room.

The door closed, leaving Li Xiao Mo alone, dumbfounded, and wet.

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