Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Golden Condor’s Boon

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The male Golden Condor with messy feathers was lying in the bushes. Its pair of yellow-black eyes were staring at Ji Ye as it cried out as a stern warning!

“If you simply came at me instead of yelling there, I might really hesitate!”

Standing more than ten meters away, Ji Ye grinned after finding the wounded bird by following the river.

After being strangled by the Black Serpent, most of the male Golden Condor’s bones had already shattered. It was then washed off the cliff by the waterfall.

After that, it fell a few hundred meters along the mountain spring. After struggling to reach the shore, it was almost exhausted of all its strength.

Regardless of having been a fearsome predator in the sky among Ordinary creatures, how much actual combat strength did the wretched creature have left?

“And you chose to come here of all places?”

Ji Ye glanced at his hidden cave entrance behind the Golden Condor and shook his head. The tree nearby still had several white fish scales stuck on it.

He couldn’t help but have a somewhat odd expression!

After all, the Golden Condor that was washed away by the waterfall was faster than him.

By the time he chased down the mountain, he had already lost its trail. Considering the dangers in the mountain, Ji Ye had already decided to give up on this cheap opportunity.

He did not expect to run into this ‘surprise’ that landed next to his door!

“Caw! Caw!”

Seeing Ji Ye not retreat at all, the male Golden Condor’s cries became shriller and more rapid. Its two claws that were as sharp as daggers left a few messy deep marks on the ground!

Ji Ye, who had noticed this, naturally wouldn’t let his guard down.

After all, he had seen with his own eyes that the sharp claws of the Golden Condor were like tempered steel knives. Even the layer of black scales on the Black Serpent could not withstand them!


Hence, Ji Ye stopped approaching.

When he was more than ten meters away, he raised his crossbow and aimed the weapon at the Golden Condor’s head.


Seeing that its bluff had failed, it seemed to sense a deadly crisis.

The male Golden Condor’s let out random cries as it flapped its wings with all its might, trying to escape to the side!


However, a bolt that was dozens of centimeters long had already flown more than ten meters away with the impact of a bullet.

The bolt pierced through its neck and then pinned it to the trunk behind it!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Three consecutive shots landed on the injured Golden Condor with precision like doing target practice.

The bolts that hit its eye, chest, head, as well as the bolt at its neck had directly killed the overlord of the skies!

[Killed wounded Golden Condor (Ordinary Rank-9, Elite). EXP gained: 30!]

Unsurprisingly, it was indeed an Ordinary Rank-9 existence.

Even though its level is higher than mine, the EXP I obtained is relatively low after killing it.

Looks like the discussion forum is correct. The EXP obtained from killing in the Land of Inheritance is not only related to the target’s strength, but also determined by the killing process!

A single glowing orb emerged from the Golden Condor’s eye.

Just one?

It seems like the spoils of war are affected by the difficulty of the battle. This kind of act of picking up cheap kills will cause the rewards to shrink to a certain extent!

He put a hand on the orb to see what was inside.

Hmm, it’s actually…

Thankfully, the item in the light orb still roused Ji Ye’s spirits. He even revealed a look of surprise.

It was a pale gold color under the sunlight with metallic structures on both ends. It was a high-tech injection injector.

[Cell Enhancer (Golden Condor’s Boon)]

[Level: Ordinary Rank-9]

[Rarity: Refined]

[Description: Targets cells around the eyes and grants the user improved visual ability.]

Cell Enhancer!

Ji Ye held the golden syringe with a surprised expression.

Ji Ye had found something similar before, which was the Bull’s Might syringe, so he knew how this thing worked.

It was rarer compared to skill books, and generally more useful and superior

since using the item would quickly strengthen the cells in some parts of his body, thereby directly enhancing the quality of the human body. It was easier and more direct than techniques!

Besides, martial arts like the Seven-Sided Mantis Fist had different speeds of mastery depending on one’s perceptivity and understanding, even though they consumed the same amount of EXP.

Furthermore, there were differences in the upper limit.

However, this technology-based Cell Enhancer was not affected by perception.

Of course, the most important thing was that this was the spoils of war that inclined towards technology!

Compared to the esoteric cultivation, magic, and fantasy items, the possibility of such technology being replicated on Earth was much higher!

However, Ji Ye didn’t intend to use this syringe—Golden Condor’s Boon—for replication research.

It wasn’t difficult for him.

Theoretically, he only had to wait for the cooldown timer of his Fusion skill and use the skill to fuse the Golden Condor’s Boon with his body.

Then he would be granted the necessary knowledge for reproducing it, just like when he created the Flame Burst Crossbow.

This was not his plan, though. After disposing of the Golden Condor’s corpse, he entered his cave, sealed the entrance, and stuck the tip of the injector into his arm without a second thought.

[Use experience points to immediately absorb Cell Enhancer?]

After the injection, a message similar to learning the Seven-Sided Mantis Fist appeared in his mind.

Although it was a technology-based item, after injecting the Cell Enhancer, it was impossible to complete the transformation of the entire body’s cells in an instant.

However, just like cultivation techniques, in this Land of Inheritance, he could use experience points to speed up the process of the fusion.


[EXP: -8, -8, -8, -8…]


About an hour later, he reopened his eyes.

His pair of eyes were obviously different from before. His pupils were as clear as a limpid pool of water, yet his gaze was as sharp as a sword.

Everything in the cave his eyes saw seemed to have changed from “high definition” to “Blu-ray” quality. The sand, grains, and the fine patterns on the vines in the corners of the cave could all be seen clearly.

Even the floating dust trails in the air could be clearly seen under the sunlight cast by the light coming from the entrance.

And when he walked out of the “cave”, he could see that within a ten-meter radius, there was a bird with soft feathers the size of a fist flying at high speeds. Even from a hundred meters away, he could still see the overlapping leaves on the ground!

So this is the effect of something given by a Rank-9 Golden Condor. It’s a lot more potent than that Bull’s Might. I feel like I have a superpower like in those urban stories.

He couldn’t help but appreciate the great improvement in both his dynamic and static vision.

He knew it was only almost equal because he had not reached the level of having superpowers.

According to the discussion forum, superpowers should be at least at the level of Extraordinary.

His current level was still at the Ordinary level.

However, the original Ordinary Rank-8 (Common) in his stats window had already become Ordinary Rank-9 (Common).

I see. Just like the forums said, a player’s level is determined by one main aspect, with the overall attributes being evaluated as support.

In other words, my ‘vision’ has already reached Rank-9. However, because the other attributes are still not up to standard, I’m only at the lowest ‘Common’ evaluation!

Next up, I can try to obtain more experience points and level up my Bulldozing Force. When that happens, I should be given a rating of ‘Elite’!

Then, I’ll consider killing the Black Serpent at the mountaintop!

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