Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Fusion: Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow

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In the forest, there was a tragic beast roar.

A bull that was close to the height of an adult’s body and had fur that was similar to bronze crashed into a two-meter-tall rock.


Its saber-like horns easily left two punctures on the surface of the granite rock, sending several shards flying.

The bronze bull collapsed a few seconds later; three bolts that almost resembled its skin color were currently lodged inside its throat, eye and heart, while letting out dark-violet blood through the blood grooves rapidly.

[Killed Bronze Bull (Ordinary Rank-8, Elite). EXP gained: 80.]

This collision force is indeed not something that tiny bull from before can match…”

Thankfully, I chose a rock instead of a tree. Otherwise, I might have been hit by it!

After sensing the victory message in his head, Ji Ye jumped down from the deformed granite and looked at the corpse of the adult Bronze Bull on the ground with a look of relief.

Nearly 70 hours had passed since his second incursion to the Land of Inheritance. If nothing went wrong, he could return to Earth in another two more hours.

However, just as Ji Ye was about to return to his “cave abode” to prepare to go offline, he unexpectedly bumped into this Bronze Bull that was much larger than the one he killed previously. It was an adult Rank-8 Elite Bronze Bull!

After seeing him, the bull seemed to have been angered. Its eyes turned red as it chased after him.

However, Ji Ye had already reached Ordinary Rank-9. His eyesight was only at that standard, so it was somewhat inflated.

However, superhuman vision was a perfect addition to his current long-range weapon.

After a series of collisions in the forest, a large number of trees fell to the ground. After that, he successfully killed the red-eyed adult Bronze Bull.

As for why this bull went crazy—based on the situation of the two Golden Condors seeking revenge against the Black Serpent, it was obvious that the monsters in this world also had wisdom and familial ties.

The Bronze Bull was most likely the biological father of the Bronze Bull who he killed a month ago by laying shameless traps and food temptations!

And the reason why it attacked him crazily the moment it saw him could be because there would be a kind of “Revenge Mark” in the eyes of blood-related monsters after a player killed a monster.

Of course, it was also possible that both the Golden Condor and the Bronze Bull came from the same dimension, and the creatures of this dimension all had the ability to sense their enemies who killed their loved ones…

Ji Ye guessed.

However, logically speaking, the Bronze Bull was a creature that belonged to the trial region. He should have already “switched” maps.

Would such wild monsters switch maps due to the aggro? Or was it because of other reasons…

Looking at the Bronze Bull that had been killed by four bolts, Ji Ye pondered over some questions.

It was not entirely because he was bored, but also because he was waiting for the spoils of war to take shape.


Having completely defeated the ferocious Rank-8 Elite creature in a head-on battle, the spoils of war from the adult Bronze Bull naturally would not be watered down like the Golden Condor.

White light emerged from the creature’s curved and blade-like horns, one from its chunky bum, and one from its sturdy sinew.

Three fist-sized grayish-white orbs appeared.

[Obtained: Bull Leather Combat Boots. Five Bulls-branded cigarettes!]

When Ji Ye touched the first two light orbs with his hand, information automatically appeared in his mind.

The boots appeared rather similar to those cowboy boots often seen in western Ameagle movies.

The style was a bit odd on him, but Ji Ye was glad that he could throw away his old footwear—a pair of poor, hand-made straw sandals.

In the second orb, the cigarette pack were Five Bulls-branded cigarettes.

It’s actually a carton of cigarettes…

Ji Ye wasn’t surprised that items from Earth were dropping, perhaps because he was a player from Earth.

He had lighters and cigarettes, and there were ten packs of Five Bulls-branded cigarettes from the southwestern cities of Chidragon.

However, if one packet was only worth 2.50 yuan, then it was obviously not as valuable as the previous bottle of cologne he didn’t use at all.

Most importantly, Ji Ye did not smoke at all!

But speaking of which, these two things are definitely not useless.

According to current speculation, the second batch of people who enter the Land of Inheritance should have appeared in a human settlement!

When the time comes, these things might become rare and valuable, especially these few packs of cigarettes. For some people who need them, these cigarettes might be even more valuable than firearms and weapons!

Looking at the item in his hand, the corners of Ji Ye’s lips curled up slightly as a smile that resembled a profiteer appeared on his face.

[Obtained: Bronze Bulldozer Crossbow!]

Compared to the other two, the item in the third orb surprised him more.

He broke the orb open and revealed a crossbow that looked almost identical to his previous one; it was just a little bigger in size.

[Bronze Bulldozer Crossbow]

[Level: Ordinary Rank-8]

[Rarity: Excellent]

[Description: Forged out of the best materials scavenged from an adult Bronze Bull, including its unbreakable horns, bones and sturdy sinews.]

This one had been dropped by an adult Bronze Bull of a higher level and was clearly the real deal. It had both a higher level and a higher rarity—from Refined to Excellent—compared to the older one which came from a small, Rank-6 calf.


He fired a test shot against a tree nearby and was thrilled to see how the calf-sized trunk was easily penetrated by the bolt.

That shot was at least 50% more potent than his previous weapon.

The power of this larger Bulldozer Crossbow should be enough to pierce through the Black Serpent’s black scales at a distance of 70 meters.

However, it’s still not enough. The area around the pool is relatively empty. I need at least a hundred meters to ensure my safety. That way, even if I can’t kill the Black Serpent, I still have time to retreat…

Furthermore, with the large Bronze Bulldozer Crossbow, the smaller one is no longer needed…

He held the identical weapons in his hands and suddenly got a new idea.

What would happen if he used Fusion to combine these two crossbows?

The cooldown timer—in the form of an hourglass—of Fusion already finished on the third day he logged in. Since he had such thoughts, Ji Ye did not waste any time.

Using the Violet Jade Blades, Ji Ye cut off the tender and smooth flesh on the Bronze Bull’s body. Following that, Ji Ye returned to his cave abode.


As he called out, the crossbows became two shining orbs and began approaching each other.

About an hour later, the white orb dispersed after fusing into one.

What appeared in Ji Ye’s hand was a rather exaggerated-looking bronze Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow that was akin to a ballista installed on ancient war chariots!

[Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow]

[Level: Ordinary Rank-9]

[Rarity: Superior]

[Description: A Superior crossbow forged out of two Bronze Bulldozers. Unleashes devastating mid-range to long-range attacks.]

It seemed that because both of them were Bronze Bull Crossbows, they automatically gave birth to a name after fusion. The quality of the combined Ordinary Rank-9 and Superior was testament of its power even without any further information!

However, just like the first fusion, the most important harvest for Ji Ye wasn’t just the Rank-9 heavy crossbow.

Instead, after the fusion,

He had received the full knowledge for recreating the heavy crossbow, such as its inner structure, weight and necessary materials.

He was even aware of the crossbow’s internal specs like their center of gravity, the angle of their tips, and how they were affected by the wind when shot.

He knew everything!

What did this mean?

A modern sniper who went through countless aim training sessions

might be able to master everything about his weapon and his bullets in order to make his shots accurate.

Yet they were unlikely to learn about every single part and component in their gun, how these parts were worn through usage, or how much gunpowder was used in different bullets.

But Ji Ye could!

At this moment, he had the Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow.

Ji Ye even had the feeling that he would dare to shoot a real flood dragon, let alone a Black Serpent with a black flood dragon’s bloodline.

Of course, he wasn’t that arrogant. It was just that the fusion of the Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow had indeed boosted his strength greatly.

Ji Ye’s shooting skills were not bad to begin with.

During his first trial in the previous month, he had spent a great deal of EXP practicing aim, which ultimately allowed him to learn several clever moves such as landing four bolts on the same spot at close distance. This was enacted when he snapped the Rank-7 Violet Jade Mantis’s neck.

The new weapon undeniably made him better than before.

Furthermore, there was another problem that had been solved. It was the Ordinary “Flame Burst Bolt” that had been fused previously. As it was too thick, it could not be fired through the small Bronze Bulldozer Crossbow.

But now, he could completely load it into this larger Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow.

Furthermore, he had originally planned to experiment with it, so he had specially installed eight Bronze Bolts before the fusion. Now, all of them had fused together, turning into four large Heavy Bolts!

And judging from the battle between the Black Serpent and the Golden Condor, the Black Serpent’s scales were no longer enough to defend against such a large Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow and bolts.

Welp, it’s about time to log off.

Three days had passed. There should be a lot of new information regarding the settlement mission on the forum.

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