Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Disagreement

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“Because of… well, his work, which is… a bit inadequate, we rejected his plan,” another officer explained, “Still, what he said was informative. Taking into account all the information we have, we believe that the Land of Inheritance holds more meaningful discoveries than we originally thought. This old village, too, might provide us with valuable records of that era, such as rare documents that allow us to look into Daoism…” a staff member from the Confederation Office added.

“Hold on. Didn’t you say that the settlement is somewhere abroad?”

The one who spoke was a young man who was wearing a pure white shirt and pants. He had a puzzled look on his somewhat cold face, and his hair was tied behind his head in a ponytail.

Judging from his appearance, it was very likely that he dabbled in some kind of artistic work.

“It was an ethnic Chinese resident currently living in Ameagle!”

The faces of the officers from the Confederation Office darkened.

The beta players finally understood.

Why was the Confederation Office in such a hurry to gather everyone? The settlement in the Land of Inheritance was obviously not built based on the nationality.

In other words, if their completion of the mission was too slow, there was a possibility that some places with famous cultural backgrounds would be snatched by other countries!

“Everyone, it’s not that we don’t believe in your abilities.”

“All of you have passed the trial, and each of you are top talents of our Yang City.”

“However, based on the intelligence, this settlement mission is far more related than we expected… As the Yang City’s Confederation Office, we definitely hope to improve the completion rate of the settlement mission.

We should keep the cultural heritage of Chidragon in our own hands!”

The man in white spoke again, more seriously and with greater aplomb this time, “Did you all notice something? Up to this point, we have been working in the Land of Inheritance alone, without running into others. It’s safe to assume that the rules require us to display our individual abilities.

The white-shirted man with long hair suddenly spoke in a cold voice.

“If there’s a high-quality reward only for those that complete the mission alone? Could it be that receiving help from the outside world would lead to a poor evaluation despite successfully completing the mission?”

The moment he said that, the analysis experts, Ling Chen, and the leaders of the office were stunned.

The embarrassed looks of the specialists meant that they had obviously not considered such a problem.

Hence, their expressions turned slightly awkward!

“I disagree.”

A voice eased the atmosphere. It was Fatty Zhu, who was sitting with Ji Ye.

“The previous talent trial was indeed targeted at individuals. However, don’t forget that the main mission this time is aimed at the human settlement in the Land of Inheritance. The goal is to get rid of the future latent dangers! The two goals are different. The standards of judgment will definitely not be the same. “Besides, I believe everyone should have noticed this over the past few days. Our physical strength as humans in the Land of Inheritance does not have any advantage over other creatures. However, compared to these non-intelligent creatures, humans have an obvious advantage. They know how to work together… I don’t know about the rest. Anyway, the difficulty of this settlement mission that I’ve personally received is very high. If it’s just me, I can’t guarantee that I can complete it within ten days…”

Fatty Zhu shook his round watermelon-like head and looked at the cold and long-haired artistic man sitting opposite him.

“Mr. Zhu makes sense! Although you are all the best in your fields, this mission is different from the previous trial. It is very difficult to resolve the problem using the knowledge and skills of a single profession. Today’s meeting will also allow everyone to gain a lot of inspiration and exchange information with one another to come up with ideas!”

The only female member of the Special Affairs Bureau was apparently a member of the Municipal Secretariat. Her eyes were filled with gratitude.

“I can resolve it myself. I don’t need anyone’s help!”

The long-haired man said coldly before he got up and left.

“Hehe, what a character… So cool…”

Among the three female “beta players”, one of them had short, frizzled hair. She kept chewing gum.

After the long-haired artistic man left, she stood up and left after saying with a giggle, “Leaders, I really don’t need any help with my mission. I just need to find some information online to resolve it! So, thank you for your kind intentions. I’ll be having my meal.”

“Uncle Zhou, I will need help for my mission this time… Can you find me a few experts in classical music?”

However, the rest of the people stayed. As the son of real estate, Mu Rong smiled and addressed the middle-aged man respectfully.

“Mr. Zhu, please feel free to tell me if you have any requests…”

Fatty Zhu, who had helped out, was also treated well. The female staff of the municipal government helped him record it down.

Ji Ye agreed with Fatty Zhu’s point of view from an overall standpoint.

It was very simple because in the settlement mission’s information, there was a saying, “no matter how powerful an individual is, it cannot lack the support of their species and the civilization that produced them.”

To a large extent, this indicated that he could borrow the strength of Earthlings!

However, perhaps because of his profession, Ji Ye was more used to following his train of thought, therefore, he did not participate in the meeting’s discussion regarding the mission strategy.

However, he did not reject the good intentions of the Confederation Office. Instead, he found Ling Chen, who was his point of contact.

“Can you help me contact a few professionals who know about snakes, as well as ancient flood dragons, snake demons, and other myths?

“It’s a plus if I get to dissect a snake and learn about its anatomy!”

“That’s no problem.”

Faced with Ji Ye’s request, Ling Chen did not find it troublesome at all. Instead, he was happy to help.

Speaking of which, as the theoretical high and mighty special department, it was lowering itself in front of this group of “players”.

This was extremely rare.

Apart from the Confederation and the media supervision, it was also because of the special nature of the Land of Inheritance. The “beta players” who passed the test could develop in ways no one could foresee!

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