Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Prelude to the Serpent Slaughtering

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It was a cloudless day in the Land of Inheritance.

Ji Ye had reached the thousand-meter-tall mountaintop again and was crouched motionless behind a rock.

The Mantis Invisibility Cloak on his body had automatically changed to the same color as a rock. Even the vision at the level of an Ordinary Rank-9 Golden Condor would find it difficult to quickly locate his location.

“Hiss, hiss…”

About a hundred meters away, the black, horned dragon-blood serpent with the thin flood dragon bloodline was casually swimming toward the shore.

A snake-type creature’s heart is the most fatal part of its body. It is also why there’s a saying to hit a snake seven inches from its head.

As it is responsible for blood transfusion, a snake will die as long as the heart is destroyed!

In addition, three-inches from its head is also a vital point. This is because the spine of the snake at this spot is most fragile and most easily snapped. And once it is snapped, the channel connecting the nervous central system and the other parts of the body will be damaged. It will greatly lose its mobility.

Of course, due to the difference in size and species of snakes, the specific ‘three-inch’ and ‘seven-inch’ spots are different. I can’t rigidly calculate the length from the head, but rely on rich experience to judge!

Ji Ye’s eyes stared at the Black Serpent swimming in the water as he recalled the information.

As a professional survivalist, Ji Ye naturally had some understanding of “seven inches” and “three inches” regarding snakes.

However, it was not as thorough as it was now.

With Ling Chen’s help, he performed dissections on almost a hundred different snakes over the past few days.

Ji Ye looked at the Black Serpent in the pool that possessed the blood of a flood dragon and was able to swallow the Golden Condor and other powerful creatures. It was as if he was looking at a bowl of steaming snake soup with some green onions on it!

Speaking of the level of “Extraordinary”, the discussion forum had created more detailed statistics.

Magic, True Qi, superpowers, firearms, electronic devices…

To a certain extent, these objects represented powers that exceeded human attainment. The Land of Inheritance rated all of them as Extraordinary!

However, according to the discussion forum, an object at the Extraordinary level doesn’t mean that it’s definitely stronger than the Ordinary level!

For example, a magic apprentice with a particularly weak body might have already grasped a trace of magic power through meditation; thus, giving him the right to call himself Extraordinary.

However, this trace of magical power could not even be used to cast a single spell. Even an ordinary person who was strong could kill him with a punch.

Even if he could cast magic, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be smashed to death. This was because magic didn’t equal defensive magic, or even if he had mastered defensive magic, it didn’t mean that he could cast it before someone got close to him…

The Black Serpent was an Extraordinary Rank-1 creature, and it was a Commander-level creature that was stronger than Elites. It would still be fatal if it was hit in the heart by an Ordinary Rank-9 Bulldozer Crossbow!

Wait, a Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow!

With this in mind, Ji Ye glanced at the camouflaged Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow he placed on the ground under the Mantis Invisibility Cloak.

Speaking of which, this Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow was indeed very powerful in his testing. Even if it flew 150 meters away, it still dealt powerful damage.

However, the relative weight was a little ludicrous. It was more than twenty kilograms. The strength of an ordinary person’s arm on Earth was not enough to hold it up for aiming, let alone use it for battle!

However, this did not concern Ji Ye because his current attributes had increased significantly compared to a few days ago when he killed the Bronze Bull.

[Alignment: Human (Earth)]

[Talent: Fusion (Inheritance)]

[Level: Ordinary Rank-9 (Elite)]

[Skill: Bulldozing Force (Flawless), Seven-Sided Mantis Fist (Adept)]

[Inventory: Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow, Black Stinger bolts, Flame Burst bolts, Violet Jade Dual Blades, Bull Leather Combat Boots, Mantis Stealth Cloak Mark-1…]

[Exp: 0]

After learning some of the special properties of the settlement during the offline meeting five days ago, Ji Ye had decided to complete the mission.

To facilitate his plan, he even spent all his experience points and boosted Bulldozing Force to the level of “Flawless”.

As a result, his level also reached Ordinary Rank-9 (Elite)!

He knew he still didn’t have what it took to fight the Black Serpent head-on, since two mighty Golden Condors that had also reached Rank-9 ended up with one death and one injured during their joint attack. The latter even ended up coming to his doorstep and benefiting him.

Therefore, Ji Ye’s true trump card was placed next to the Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow. They were large bolts of two different colors and shapes!

The silver one was “Flame Burst” and the other four bolts had black arrowheads.

The effect of the silver Flame Burst Bolts naturally did not need to be mentioned. The black arrowheads were the result of another round of experiments after his Fusion finished the cooldown.

[Black Stinger (Crossbow Bolt)]

[Level: Ordinary Rank-9]

[Rarity: Superior]

[Description: A special-grade crossbow bolt that has fused with the Black Wasp Venom. After hitting the target creature, it will quickly cause the nerve paralysis in parts of its body.]

Although they were only Ordinary Rank-1 creatures, each of them was the size of a fist and could easily gather hundreds of them in a swarm. Ordinary Rank-8 and Rank-9 creatures had to avoid the Purple-Eyed Black Wasps’ venom.

The bottle of cologne he had collected, which he had originally planned to sell to newbies, was really worth it!

“Hiss, hiss…”

As Ji Ye recalled this matter, the Black Serpent had already swam out of the pool. After it climbed ashore, it fully revealed its more than fifteen-meter-long body.

The creature suddenly headed in a certain direction at a speed faster than it was in water!

Hmm? It’s going inside the fog again?

Upon seeing this, Ji Ye’s expression changed.

Over the past few days, apart from preparing for the Black Serpent, Ji Ye also tried to spend some time searching for the “the only human settlement” mentioned in the mission description.

However, he did not succeed.

For one, this mountain was huge and there were lots of random Rank-7 to 9 monsters lurking all over the place, including Extraordinary ones.

Secondly, there was a large area to the south of the mountain that was perpetually covered in fog. He did not dare enter rashly without knowing the situation inside.

However, in the past few days, the Black Serpent would crawl into the fog for a period of time every day. When it returned, its stomach would bulge and its movements would be much slower.

It was obvious that this Black Serpent entered the fog to hunt for food.

After all, Golden Condors did not often come knocking on its door like the first day, but its appetite was far greater than those snakes on Earth who could simply eat rats or frogs to fill their stomachs for a month!

That’s why I said that the best time to act is when it returns after leaving the pool and entering the fog to eat!

Ji Ye was not in a hurry to take action.

Instead, he watched as the Black Serpent entered the churning fog and chose to continue lurking on the rock.

On the way, because he felt thirsty, he drank the bottle of Nestlé mineral water that had dropped after killing two flaming-red sparrows that were more than a foot long.

However, to be honest, Ji Ye preferred to drink Nongfu mineral water.

Although mineral water tasted the same to many people, the latter actually tasted a little sweet1 if one sampled it carefully!

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