Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Commotion in Yang City

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A livestream?

Su Nongying was stunned.

She was naturally familiar with the “livestreams” in the Land of Inheritance.

However, the chances of a livestream were too low.

As of now, the entire southwestern province only had one “broadcast,” which was only available in Guan City, the provincial capital with a population of over 10 million.

Now, a selected tester in Yang City had triggered a livestream?


Su Nongying hesitated slightly before accepting the invitation as her curiosity got the better of her.


She felt her vision change in the next second.

She was high in the sky, looking down at the barren mountain peak which was filled with beast roars and bird tweets.

There was white fog rising that made everything look heavenly. There was a crater filled with clean water in the middle that appeared beautiful as a blue mirror. Beside it was a waterfall that flowed down, reflecting a rainbow light under the setting sun!

This is so pretty… and so real!

The viewers on the forum weren’t lying. Watching such a livestream feels like I’m inside it.

Su Nongying watched the lovely scenery with a surprised look.

Wait, that’s—

Soon, she noticed a moving object in her view, which was slowly moving towards the water pool from the fog-covered edge of the area.

A black snake?

That thing’s more than ten meters long. That isn’t something from Earth, is it?

Her black eyes widened in great shock. She almost screamed out loud in her room.

Thankfully, her tolerance for scary things was more or less tempered after watching Night Legend’s survival videos, so she managed to hold back her outburst without alarming her housekeeper who was living downstairs.


“That thing’s scary. It even has horns on its head! And look at those teeth! Those are sharper than shark teeth!”

“Heavens, is that a python? It’s going to grow into a flood dragon at this rate.”

Many citizens of Yang City who also chose to watch the livestream turned pale-faced as soon as they saw the creature.

The fear for such reptilian predators was written in the depths of the human genome.

Most people couldn’t expect to be like Ji Ye, who could dissect a hundred snakes while maintaining a perfect poker face and even learned how to cook pretty good snake soup out of it.

Not to mention that this one with a body length of over 10 meters was big enough to fully occupy a small classroom, even though the number itself didn’t look like much when compared to other monstrous entities in certain stories.

How many people could remain calm when they saw it with their own eyes?

“But where is the streamer? No, I mean the protagonist!”

“Where is he? Why do I only see a black serpent with long horns but no human?”

Due to the fear of the Black Serpent in their vision, many people tried to divert their attention to look for the “beta player” who triggered the livestream.

In the end, all of them came up empty-handed!

This was because Ji Ye was covered by the Mantis Invisibility Cloak. Coupled with his meticulous disguise, he had completely fused with the surroundings.

Even a Golden Condor with amazing eyesight might not necessarily be able to find him. In the setting sun, even the Yang City audience, who were high in the sky, could not even see a single trace of a person!

What… was going on?

“What? A livestream?”

While many of the Yang City people entered the livestream immediately wore puzzled looks,

Ling Chen, who just returned to the “player base” after completing a mission, looked at the short-haired young man in his pajamas in surprise.

“Yeah! Boss. That’s what I heard when I was about to sleep.”

After being knocked unconscious by Ji Ye, the short-haired youth who had just been discharged from the hospital where he was forced to stay for a few days. He nodded solemnly.

“Did you see who’s the streamer? Is it anyone from this base? Is he one of those who cleared the trial?”

Ling Chen asked a series of questions anxiously.

“Not yet.There’s only this huge black serpent, probably the enemy. Trust me, I tried until my eyes were sore, but I didn’t see a shadow of a person.”

Xing shook his head and grumbled.

A livestream display was hovering in front of him with rather high quality-of-life features. He could adjust the ratio, and as long as he was in a stable environment and didn’t do too much exercise, he could guarantee that he wouldn’t be “kicked out” from the stream.

“A black serpent? Are you sure about that!?”

Ling Chen asked anxiously while his eyes almost glowed in excitement, seemingly having thought of something.

“Yeah. Perhaps it’s python? You know I’m not an expert on snakes. Boss. I’m not a zoologist that deals with snakes!”

Xing was stunned for a moment before replying with a troubled look.

“Right. You’re not. I just sent a snake expert home…”

“Stop grumbling. Focus on the stream and find that streamer. This is an order. Hehe, perhaps you’ll be surprised…”

Ling Chen wore an excited look.

His final sentence to Xing was spoken in a meaningful tone.

“Quick… report the situation to the higher-ups… Apply for help from the online department and prepare to create a confidential file!”

However, regardless of whether they could see the person clearly or not, because of this livestream, the entire Yang City player base was already bustling with activity!

The management even reported the news to the higher-ups.

This was because any new livestream represented—to a certain extent—the birth of a player with potential.

More importantly, up till now, the number of livestreams in the entire Chidragon only reached two digits. Many of them had appeared in the capital and the tier-one cities.

For a tier-4 city like Yang City, having such a streamer was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise.

“Wait, someone in Yang City has triggered a Land of Inheritance livestream?”

“For real? Why haven’t I heard about it?”

“Didn’t you read the Confederate government’s update? The livestream notification is only announced to people who are at home or in safe conditions!”

“I’m going home right now! Boss, I’ll want it to go… Holy sh*t! Boss, where are you!? I haven’t paid yet!”

In fact, it was not just the player base in Yang City—the entire Yang City was shaken by this livestream.

As the livestream could only be watched in safe and sound conditions, many people who were walking on the streets and enjoying their night life rushed home after a momentary daze.

In an instant, the bustling streets of Yang City’s streets were emptied out.

Apart from being curious about the Land of Inheritance’s livestream, the bigger reason was that the Confederate government had already explained that it was highly likely that a second batch of people would soon be selected into the Land of Inheritance.

Now, if they could watch the Land of Inheritance through a livestream with their own eyes, this might be able to save their lives in the event they were selected.

Unfortunately, there was obviously a limit to the number of people who could livestream the situation in the Land of Inheritance. Only 100,000 people were allowed to watch it at the same time. For Yang City, which had more than three million people, this was undoubtedly far from enough.

Therefore, after a large number of people returned home, they could only log onto Yang City’s and the southwest province’s local forum.

This was because the people who had the ability to watch the livestream were constantly recounting what was happening via text!

“I see a really big and beautiful mountain. The scenery is no less impressive than some of the best tourist spots on Earth!”

“Wow, there’s a black serpent. You won’t believe how big it is! Most importantly, there are two horns on its head. It’s about to turn into a flood dragon!”

“Don’t tell me this livestream is about slaying a dragon… Ah…”

At the exact same time, the storytellers all halted their updates.

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