Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Night Legend

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The sun was slowly but steadily gliding toward the horizon.

By the time it turned from dazzling yellow to a dim orange, a slithering shadow finally appeared in the fog, before the Black Serpent returned from its hunting grounds with a plumper body.

Here it comes…

Ji Ye watched as his eyes gleamed with concentration.

Click, click.

He briefly thought about his plan and loaded five special bolts into the Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow in a certain order.

However, at this point in time, Ji Ye only raised the Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow in his hand and aimed it at the Black Serpent from afar. The arrowtip followed its figure, but he held back from immediately attacking.

This was because if he attacked too early, and the Black Serpent noticed something amiss and immediately returned to the fog, then the settlement mission would most likely fail!

And yet… he couldn’t wait for too long, either. If the Black Serpent returned to the pool where it could control the water, his trump card—Flame Burst Bolt—would be useless.

There was a rocky, open area without any cover that the Black Serpent had to cross before returning to its lair. That was the perfect spot for him to commence his assault.

While Ji Ye was patiently aiming at his prey with his loaded crossbow inside the Land of Inheritance amidst the setting sun, Earth’s Yang City had already embraced nightfall.

Previously, citizens at this hour would usually hang out at nightclubs or food stalls to begin their night lives, or be in bed, chatting, reading a web novel, or watching a movie on their phones.

Recently, however, all of them had picked up a new habit, which was to read the “Land of Inheritance” forum managed by the Confederate government.

The global population had almost reached 10 billion. More than a third of them had already registered as users.

In order not to clutter everything up, the forum had been divided into different sections based on provinces and cities.


Inside an expensive apartment room, Su Nongying had just had a bath and was enjoying a cup of coffee on a sofa, after wrapping her black hair in a white towel.

However, she did not log onto the Inheritance forum immediately. Instead, she habitually launched the “Balibali” app on her phone!

“Damn. No updates.”

Disappointed, she checked the personal page of her one and only favorite streamer she followed, but without finding any updates.

Su Nongying’s expression was filled with disappointment, showing even more worry.

This streamer, whose ID was “Night Legend,” always posted videos that captured his extreme sports challenges, or survival shows in harsh conditions such as scorching deserts or snow mountains.

Su Nongying may be a woman, but this did not prevent her from liking the exciting videos created by Night Legend.

Probably because of her taxing and dull life which was all about work, company, friends, schoolmates and age… watching those survival videos made her feel exceptionally relaxed after a day’s toll.

The dangerous slides along a bumpy slope shown by a shaky camera, high cliffs above a bottomless abyss, bird’s eye view captured from the tip of skyscrapers… Sometimes, Su Nongying found her heart racing when watching such scenes and would often look away while covering her mouth.

And yet the thrill was real. At least she could hardly find anything else equally exciting from other types of sports.

After watching every new video uploaded by Night Legend, she would feel showered with excitement from head to toe. Of course, she made sure that she liked, shared and supported every video as well.

Right then, however, the most recent video she had watched was from over three months ago, whereas the longest break Night Legend had ever taken between challenges never went beyond the two-month mark.

Su Nongying clicked the last video again to check whether Night Legend had answered to any of the comments left by other viewers.

“Is this streamer all right? When is the next one coming out?”

“Could an alien have kidnapped him?”

“Night, please! I need an update to watch when eating!”

“Hehe, could he have been hit by lightning while out in the wilderness like in those stories and traveled back in time? Night, can you post a video about those ancient times? I want to see the first emperor of China and Zhao Feiyan!”

“Those two weren’t even from the same dynasty. Go read more web novels if you aren’t good at history…”

Most of the earlier comments were either joking or demanding for updates as usual.

But like always, there were people who seemed truly worried about Night Legend’s safety since his videos were filled with risk.

“He’s been offline for so long. Did something happen for real? Does anyone live in Yang City and knows his address?”

Su Nongying wanted to post a reply and tell them that she was living in Yang City.

But… she had never met Night Legend in real life before, let alone know his address in the city!

“Sh*t! I was hearing weird things just now. A voice in my brain said something about the Land of Inheritance…”

“You aren’t dreaming, dude! I got it too!”

“Yeah. I’m in Mountain City!”

“I’m from another Sea City. I also heard it!”

As Night Legend neglected his channel for a long time, fewer and fewer people were leaving their comments.

But about six weeks before, things had taken a big turn.

It was because of the notification that the Land of Inheritance had been activated. It sounded in the minds of the people around the world. After the initial doubts and hallucinations, and after confirmation, many people didn’t panic. Instead, they immediately took out their phones and logged onto social media platforms to express their “surprise”. This kind of situation was probably similar to immediately taking a photo and posting it on their WeChat Moments the moment they were in a car accident.

The comment section remained inactive after that day.

Half a month ago, the Confederate government declared that only the top elites and experts of their fields were selected to enter the Land of Inheritance.

That was when the viewers of Night Legend suddenly rushed back.

“I’ll tell you all a secret, I know where Night disappeared to!”

“Come on! We all know, don’t we? He’s definitely been selected to enter the Land of Inheritance!”

“We should’ve known earlier! Knowing his skills, he has more chances than most people in this world to get picked!”

“I know right? What did I say? He’s a professional! it’s world-class! My words are proven!”

The comments were filled with excitement. Many people believed that the Night Legend was definitely selected to enter the Land of Inheritance, which was why he had been inactive for so long!

The Land of Inheritance!

But knowing this didn’t help Su Nongying feel much better. Instead, the unconcealed look of anxiety was still exposed under her thick eyebrows.

Unlike most people, who regarded the Land of Inheritance as an amazing place and considered it a great honor to become a tester—

she had personally seen a “beta player” who had almost suffered a mental collapse after encountering a death incident in the Land of Inheritance. She knew that it was filled with more challenges and danger than extreme sports!

Is he in trouble?

“Stop it, losers. Are you all in heat or something? Are you so full of yourself?

“Just based on the standards of the domestic amateurs in extreme sports, can Night Legend be considered a top expert? Is he qualified to be chosen to enter the Land of Inheritance?”

“Keep bragging! Any random professional overseas would be able to leave him in the dust! There is no such thing as professional extreme sports in Chidragon!”

However, as a streamer with more than 100,000 followers, there were naturally some anti-fans. A person with the ID “Caesar X” suddenly sent a series of replies.

“Holy f**k, it’s this guy again!”

“Night Legend, you there? Ban him already.”

“Come on, Night usually doesn’t manage comments. And it’s not like he can do it from the Land of Inheritance. Just report this bastard.”

In the face of such comments of “the grass being greener on the other side”, many people were peeved. However, as Night Legend wasn’t around, all they could do was report the comment and temporarily silence him.

“Haha, why? Are you guys still going to stubbornly insist?”

“Night Legend hasn’t shown up till now, which means that even if he were lucky enough to be chosen to enter the land of inheritance, he definitely didn’t pass the trial. Furthermore, because you guys are flattering him too much, he’s afraid that it’ll be embarrassing if the truth is revealed. In my opinion, he probably won’t be online in the future… Mocking.JPG.”

However, in today’s latest comment, “Caesar X”, who had just finished serving his ban, appeared again. He spoke smugly and even uploaded a few provocative and mocking emojis!

The trial in the Land of Inheritance had ended for several days, but Night Legend had not yet made a comment.

[A chosen one in this city is now eligible to stream in the Land of Inheritance. Watch the stream now?]

Just as Su Nongying could not control the anger in her heart and was about to refute the anti-fan, a message suddenly popped up in her head.

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