Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Shocking Turn of Events

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This luck of mine… is really a little bad!

In the Land of Inheritance, Ji Ye watched the Black Serpent collapsing and drawing its last breath somewhere about 50 meters away from him, after being shot four times.

His expression was a little disappointed.

He had learned that the exact position of the heart might vary depending on the species. And it wasn’t helpful at all when this serpent with flood dragon blood was an aberrant.

That was why he had to make three viable assumptions about the possible vital locations beforehand.

The first two shots, also the safest shots, went after two of the most “probable” spots he had guessed. As it turned out, those weren’t correct.

And unfortunately, two shots were enough for the Extraordinary Black Serpent to detect his position!

With the serpent heading his way, Ji Ye soon commenced his “Plan B”, which was to go for the serpent’s “three-inch” spot.

The viewers might have believed that the third shot was a failure. But to him, that hit was flawless.

By using the Heavy Bulldozer Crossbow which he was most familiar with thanks to the Fusion skill, the bolt precisely lodged inside the serpent’s spine where the structure was the weakest—even when the serpent was moving at high speeds.

However, most of the time, the reason why the plan was called a plan was because there were inevitably variables in the actual execution.

The bones of this flood dragon-blood serpent were much sturdier than Ji Ye expected; even the heavy bolt which was as powerful as a large-caliber bullet failed to break its central spine and immobilize the serpent after its momentum had been dampened by all the scales and flesh.

Thankfully, he had made preparations accordingly just to deal with such an outcome.

When the bolts hit the target, the “Black Wasp Venom” applied on them did wonders, spreading the numbing bane across the serpent’s neuro system.

The creature lost control of its body when its central nervous system below its brain was shut off, and could no longer extinguish the intense flame brought by the fourth Flame Burst Bolt, which soared higher and higher thanks to the mountain wind.

Most importantly, the third spot Ji Ye picked was exactly the Black Serpent’s heart.

The piercing impact of the bolt, added with the bluish-yellow flames, made quick work of the serpent’s bloodflow and oxygen transfer.

Soon, the only part that was still moving, albeit struggling—was the serpent’s head. It quickly slumped on the ground.

“What kind of arrow is that? It actually exploded?”

“It gave me a fright. I thought I had a gas explosion at home!”

“Are these extraordinary items in the Land of Inheritance? I don’t know if it comes under magic, technology, or cultivation… It actually killed the black snake with one shot!”

As for the spectators, they finally recovered from the explosion.

They all stared at the unmoving serpent amidst the soaring bluish-yellow flames with their eyes widened in awe.

Even across a few dozen meters, they felt as if they could register the smell of roasted snake meat carried by the wind.

No, it was not as if—they could smell it!

The livestream in the Land of Inheritance seemed to be able to provide for sensory experiences of the surroundings to a certain extent. It was far from what a livestream on Earth could compare with.

“That thing was like a miniaturized rocket. I guess even these creatures in the Land of Inheritance don’t stand a chance against modern technology.”

“This seemingly ordinary arrow actually has such potent force!”

Many of the spectators were excited.

Naturally, they didn’t have the faintest clue about Ji Ye’s careful planning regarding the four seemingly simple shots.

They all believed that it was the special silver bolt in the end that dealt the killing blow.

As everyone thought that the battle had ended, a sudden turn of events happened!

The head of the still Black Serpent which a large portion of its body had been already charred black by the bluish-yellow flames suddenly moved. In an instant, it turned to the shooter and opened its maw, exposing a set of dagger-like teeth.

Sizzle! Sizzle…

Several drops of black venom seeped out of the fangs and landed inside the serpent’s mouth, rapidly burning through its own flesh.

It was some kind of super venom that even the serpent itself couldn’t resist!

“It’s not dead yet!?”

“What powerful vitality!”

“That was scary. I heard about snakes that could still attack people even after having their heads removed. It’s some kind of reflex.”

However, because the snake’s back was facing the sunset, the changes in the Black Serpent’s mouth remained well concealed.

None of the hundred thousand viewers paid attention to what was going on inside the serpent’s mouth. They were only startled by the sudden movement.

It was more than 50 meters away from Ji Ye. Not even the biggest king cobra found on Earth could attack people effectively at such a distance by shooting their venom.

Could it be that the Black Serpent could still spit the venom onto Ji Ye at such a distance?

This was indeed the case on Earth.

However, this was the Land of Inheritance.

The Black Serpent was an Extraordinary Rank-1 creature that possessed extraordinary power.


A surge of bright red blood came from the serpent’s newly-opened wound caused by its own venom.

Instead of doing something about the wound, the serpent made an inhaling move and somehow drew all the blood around it into its mouth, which in turn joined the black venom, producing a dark crimson liquid that reeked badly.


Next, it threw a maddened gaze at Ji Ye’s direction with its slit pupils and spat a large splash of “blood venom” at him.

After spewing about ten meters from the monster’s mouth, the venomous blob spread out according to the laws of physics.

It was clearly enchanted by some kind of supernatural power, as it defied gravity and kept traveling to Ji Ye’s position like a reddish-black cloud, corroding several plants and even rocks on its path. Black smoke emerged on the rocks that were splattered with the venom!

At least this had settled a dispute currently going around the forum; this Black Serpent was a serpent and not a python, since pythons were not venomous by Earth standards.

“Ah! Look out!”

On Earth, 100,000 viewers from Yang City were watching the livestream with a first-person view.

For the first time, they could not help but shout in unison.

Some even covered their eyes!

This was because, in the livestream, the reddish-black venom, which carried a thick stench and snake blood, came up-close to those watching from a first-person view. The venomous blood fog covered most of the rock where the attacker was. There was no way to avoid it at all!

“It’s over. A single drop of such venom will kill anyone!”

“Is the first livestreaming player of our Yang City going to die just like this!?”

“Please no!”

Inside their respective homes, the viewers yelled in greater anxiety than ever.

It was like when watching their national football team last time, when they just needed a draw to enter the group matches, yet in the last 15 seconds, a player ended up kicking someone and broke the rules. When the opposing team was given a free penalty kick by the referee, the whole city was filled with anxiety and despair.

The only one remaining calm was the streamer himself, which seemed to be always the case.

As if everything had been planned, he turned around and allowed all the viewers to see what was behind him as soon as he saw the venom coming—the edge of an abrupt cliff with a descent of over 70° and more than 50 meters above the next footing.

A commoner standing there might have gone limp in the knees upon seeing this.


The owner of the vision, however, took a step forward and jumped off without the slightest hesitation, making a lot of viewers scream in fear yet again.


He plummeted down amidst the cutting mountain wind.

His feet were covered in a pair of ox-hide boots, allowing him to land steadily on a platform about six to seven meters tall.

From there, he dashed down along the side of the mountain like a gazelle. The surface was at a 75° angle.

That’s got to be him!

While sitting on her sofa in her apartment, Su Nongying mumbled with a wide-eyed look of surprise.

The coffee in her hand had already been placed on the table. Her expression was in no way calm as she muttered to herself.

Even though the “camera” was shaking like mad during all the wall-running, she could see that the runner was adeptly keeping a perfect balance.

The view was almost like being captured by the most expensive motion camera. Watching it reminded her of Night Legend.

Night Legend!

The stream was cut off at this point.

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