Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Feverish Forum

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“What do you mean he should have succeeded?”

Inside Yang City’s player base, Ling Chen asked Xing with a frown. He had just been “kicked out” of the livestream.

“Because I didn’t see whether the Black Serpent died even when the livestream ended. But I do think he succeeded based on the situation.

“I mean, everything below the Black Serpents head was charred black. It likely won’t live for long!”

There was still fear in Xing’s eyes.

Having been placed in the livestream, he felt powerlessness when the dark cloud poured down at him, inundating him with the stench of venomous blood.

“So you can’t tell for sure?”

“Logically speaking, it’s dead because it’s heart—or at least I think it is—was roasted. It would be dead if it was from Earth.”

Ling Chen had been there listening to the exchange between Ji Ye and the snake expert, so he had also learned something about these creatures.

“But this is the Land of Inheritance. Will that Black Serpent have any healing means?

“From what we’ve learned so far, monsters from the Land of Inheritance may have extraordinary powers, but nothing too powerful. We can assume a 90% chance that the Black Serpent is dead. Which means… he has completed the settlement mission.”

After some hesitation, Ling Chen finally felt that there was a high possibility of a successful kill. At the thought of this, a look of joy appeared on his tanned, squarish face.

“He? Do you know who he is, Boss? And what did you mean by me being surprised?”

Xing asked, puzzled.

“Figure it out by yourself. I’m heading to the dorms. You should find the data management team and start recording what you can remember from the stream.”

Ling Chen ignored him, shaking his head as he turned around, and ran towards Unit One where the “players” lived.

Although he had already determined his guess to a large extent, he did not see the face. He still had to get final confirmation.

Was the person in mind the one who completed the mission?

“Ah? Another report. Boss, I haven’t slept for twenty hours. I’m very sleepy…”

Xing, who was still wearing his pajamas, wore a saddened look.

The subforum used by Yang City almost exploded thanks to the surge in users.

“That was amazing!”

“Awesome, awesome!”

“He was running across walls at the final scene. The way he moved is so much better and realistic than those 3D movies!”

“Believe it or not, my legs went numb when he took the jump. I thought he was committing suicide. Seriously…”

Almost all 100,000 viewers of the stream rushed to the forum as soon as the stream ended.

They excitedly expressed their thrill as well as the breathtaking experiences they underwent from the livestream.

“I was spooked big time. Most of that Black Serpent’s body was burned to a crisp, yet it was still moving. My goodness, the Land of Inheritance is no joke.”

“I don’t think everything in the Land of Inheritance is that strong. Besides, our Yang City player finished it, so they aren’t any better than humans, right?”

“That Black Serpent was sick. Shattering a rock with one bite and all. But I don’t know if it was killed… If I remember correctly, this was the first stream in the world depicting a direct confrontation between a player and a monster in the wilderness, right?”

The entire forum section of Yang City was spammed by posts regarding this matter.

When the server couldn’t take this many users, a part of them chose to visit the provincial subforum or the subforums of other cities to express their joy, and of course, to show off.

“Hey, stop all that amazement. Tell me what happened in the end!”

“Yeah. Why did you guys stop speaking all of a sudden. Now all of you are back, and I can’t even keep track of the flood of posts?”

Irritated, those who failed to enter the stream had no choice but to urge the viewers to spill what they saw.

“I’ll put it simply. The point of view was switched so we were looking through the streamer’s eyes. This person was using a crossbow and managed to hit the Black Serpent from more than a hundred meters away… The wounded serpent was infuriated… As the Black Serpent moved very quickly, the third shot missed its abdomen and hit its back instead. The Black Serpent was really huge. It was shot three times in a row, but it didn’t die… Finally, he used a silver bolt with extraordinary power. It unleashed potency akin to a rocket, paralzying the Black Serpent… However, it actually faked its death…”

Some people started to describe their understanding of the matter to those who hadn’t watched the stream.

“So that’s how it is… That silver bolt was probably imbued with fire magic!”

“Why do I feel that it should be some equipment from a cultivation civilization?”

“What I’m concerned about is that if that’s the case, we can collect the manufacturing methods for modern weapons on the Internet. When we enter, we can create them and not be afraid of the monsters.”

“Neat idea. Didn’t we see how important a weapon was in this livestream.”

The Yang City citizens who understood the process could not help but start discussing after their doubts were resolved.

“No, you guys don’t understand a thing!”

However, there was a rebuttal under the post.

“Actually, the process isn’t what you think!”

In a large shed with thousands of snakes reared in it, Jiang Wenming couldn’t help but type, his fingers trembling.

As a professional breeder who had been dealing with snakes for over 30 years, he had just recently been escorted back to his home half an hour ago, after a visit to the Yang City’s player base.

Originally, he was planning to retire for the night. He had been working under a confidentiality agreement at the base, and could not reveal the hardship to the public. It was when he suddenly received a notification about the livestream.

As soon as he joined the stream and saw the Black Serpent, he knew what was going on.

It’s him!

When he saw the location of the mysterious attacker’s first bolt, Jiang Wenming was even more certain.

“Actually, the target of his first arrow is where the heart for most large snakes is located. It’s also known as the ‘seven-inch’ spot. For example, the heart of the cobra is at that spot. But after being hit, the Black Serpent did not die, implying that its heart wasn’t there.

“Then he went for the 48th ventral scale down at the Black Serpent’s abdomen. This is where the heart is for smaller snakes.

“However, it was a pity that the Black Serpent’s heart wasn’t there. Moreover, the Black Serpent’s perception was beyond imagination. It actually discovered the attacker a hundred meters away after two shots and quickly chased after him.

By this point, the snake stayed to the ground so he couldn’t get any clean shots at its stomach, so he hit its backbone instead. It’s also where the ‘three-inch’ position is. After snapping it, snakes can no longer hurt anyone!

“In fact, this shot was definitely the most difficult!

“Just think about it, he needed to land the bolt right in the middle of the snake’s vertebral column from over a hundred meters away while the target was moving at full speed. How fascinating was that? It was not a miss as you all believed!

“Thanks to this attack, the snake carelessly arched its body and exposed its abdomen again, allowing the fourth silver bolt to deal the fatal blow.Otherwise, with the Black Serpent’s final display of its potent vitality, even if it were to be hit in the heart, it might still have the ability to counterattack!”

Compared to those posts depicting pure amazement and shock—all of which were similar—

Jiang Wenming’s professional opinion was soon recognized by the admins and was pinned for everyone to read.

“Oh my God, if that’s the case, that’s way too amazing!”

“Attitude, shooting skills, and professional knowledge, it’s impossible to accomplish that feat with any missing. Is he still human?”

“No wonder he was streamed live. I knew it. If he could have really killed that fierce Black Serpent with that last silver bolt, only a fool would leave it until the end.”

“Previous poster, I remember that in a post you just posted, you said it should have been used earlier. Don’t skimp on it… F*ck, it’s been deleted! You are fast!”

After the post was pinned, it naturally caused a huge sensation.

By this point, most people were convinced that the battle was more complex than simply relying on a single silver bolt.

“But do any of you know who the person is?”

“Yeah. We couldn’t find him from high above. We couldn’t see his face when we went to first-person view.”

“That’s got to be Qin Yueyu, our national archery champion. She definitely is qualified to enter the Land of Inheritance…”

In addition, there was naturally a discussion about the identity of the mysterious person who had not shown their face on the livestream.

As the only female archery champion in Yang City all these years, and because of her youthful and beautiful appearance, Qin Yueyu, who had once been chosen as the ambassador of Yang City, became a guess of many people.

“It’s not Qin Yuyu, it’s…”

Jiang Wenming felt the unstoppable urge to reveal the answer,

yet he couldn’t. He had signed a non-disclosure agreement with the base.

“It’s not me. I wasn’t chosen to enter the Land of Inheritance. Besides, I won’t be able to pull off that shot!”

However, at this moment, a person with the ID “Moon’s Feather” posted a reply.

With the help of an administrator, people soon learned that Moon’s Feather was none other than Qin Yueyu herself. Most people in Yang City knew about her also because she was the brand ambassador of the Tristar Museum.

“Note that he was using a crossbow, not a bow.”

“A crossbow was once the king of weapons in the cold weapon era. After the Ming Dynasty, it was gradually replaced by firearms. In our country’s ancient times, the well known ones were the Divine Arm Crossbow, Great Yellow Crossbow, Qin Crossbow…”

“And what he used was a repeating crossbow similar to the legendary Zhuge Repeating Crossbow. This is the most shocking thing to me. It should be known that this kind of crossbow does not have any precision to speak off, much less pull off an accurate shot from a hundred meters…”

As an ambassador to a museum, she didn’t forget her job and started to talk about bows and crossbows on the forum.

“More importantly, didn’t you notice those are the arms of a man? My arms don’t have such strength…”

Towards the end, Qin Yueyu even joked.

In fact, no one really saw it clearly because Ji Ye was wearing the Mantis Invisibility Cloak. His entire hand was camouflaged.

However, Qin Yueyu’s appearance and explanation on the forum undoubtedly showed how extraordinary the mysterious person was.

“So that’s how it is. Thank you, Beauty Qin, for your explanation. I didn’t think much of it before, but now I really want to offer my knees to Mr. Crossbow’s awesomeness!”

“What Mr. Crossbow? That sounds as lame as that Miss Panda from the capital. At the very least, he should be called Crossbow King.”

“Crossbow King is not enough. He should be Crossbow Emperor!”

“It’s easy for people to be jealous of the title of the Crossbow Emperor. I think it’s better to call him the Crossbow Sage!”

“He should be called Crossbow Dog… F*ck, damn you autocorrect!”

Some of the youths with delusions of grandeur couldn’t contain the excitement in their eyes any longer.

On the forum, they discussed a domineering and cool title for the first player in Yang City to have a livestream, especially after his stunning performance.

Thankfully, Ji Ye was not there to look at all the awkward monikers for him, all because of his weapon of choice.

Otherwise, he’d never admit he was the one fighting the Black Serpent after a momentary daze!

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