Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Rare Honor and Talent Level Up

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Huff… huff…

On the mountaintop in the Land of Inheritance.

At the bottom of the cliff which was equivalent to seventh floors, Ji Ye’s breathing was hastened.

Turning around, he saw that on the top half of the cliff behind him, there was an intense stench of blood that was spewed out by the Extraordinary Black Serpent. It rapidly corroded and withered vegetation and left rocks billowing with black smoke.

Ji Ye could not help but feel gratified and satisfied with his preparations.

He had specifically chosen this rock as an ambush spot because he had considered the possibility of danger and thus provided himself a path of retreat.

However, the Black Serpent’s final move was indeed unexpected.

Ji Ye had deliberately attacked the Black Serpent when it was unable to approach the water source. He believed that he had neutered the Black Serpent’s water-controlling powers.

However, he did not expect that the Black Serpent was far more cunning and vicious than ordinary low-intelligence beasts.

First, it feigned death and tried to lure him close. When it realized that it had failed, it forced out all its blood and mixed it with the venom to launch a fatal attack!

Fortunately, Ji Ye did not let down his guard from the start.

Because he had a good understanding of snakes, he knew that such creatures would have reflexive attacks even after their death.

There had been many cases on Earth in which someone had received a full dose of venom from a severed head and ended up dying because of it.

Against a Black Snake that was at the Extraordinary level, he naturally had to be more vigilant. And this vigilance was clearly rewarded.

[Killed Black Serpent (EXP bar Rank-1, Commander). EXP gained: 299. Honor gained: 5]

This message finally came when he had waited under the cliff for over ten minutes.

[You have eliminated the great threat endangering the human settlement. Honor gained: 100. Rare Honor gained: 10.]

[Rating: Perfect]

[Additional Reward: Inheritance Talent Skill leveled up. Currently, you can fuse two Extraordinary elements or special elements.]

Furthermore, it wasn’t just a notification of his kill.

At the same time, two other pieces of information appeared in Ji Ye’s mind.


Rare Honor?

Thankfully, the message also came with a detailed explanation regarding Honor and Rare Honor.

As the name suggested, “Honor” was a quantified measurement that represented merit and glory!

Generally speaking, only by doing something that could help one’s race or civilization could they earn Honor.

In this case, he successfully killed the Black Serpent that occupied a water source and secured a place for a human settlement.

This was undeniably a meritorious service towards humanity; thus, he was rewarded with Honor.

However, killing wild monsters wasn’t the most effective method to obtain Honor. In fact, if the wild monsters didn’t pose any threat to one’s race or civilization, killing a high-level monster wouldn’t earn one any Honor!

Also, there might be occasions in the future that required players to kill other players to safeguard their own species or civilization. This was also a source of Honor points.

In fact, it was already proved that there were players of different civilizations and species in the Land of Inheritance, some of which might be in competition with humans, or even hostile to them!

Honor points had many different uses.

The most simple one was to convert them into EXP points based on a certain ratio for cultivation, or as currency in certain situations for direct spending.

Or, one could even use Honor to come under the tutelage of mysterious people who appeared in the Land of Inheritance, or seek their help to deal.

In fact, those who had sufficient Honor would receive “special treatment” after they died and logged in again.

This… I feel like this is something similar to the power of karma in the mythical worlds? Could it be that Honor is based on this…

Ji Ye guessed.

Rare Honor was also a type of Honor,

but it was just like Rare talents and Rare items. Compared to Honor, the difficulty of obtaining Rare Honor was much higher!

Apart from doing everything possible with ordinary Honor points, Rare Honor points had another important advantage, one that could affect the original dimension and universe.

For example, by spending Rare Honor points, one could even project some of the things in the Land of Inheritance onto the planet and continent he was on.

Project it on my planet!

Faced with this piece of information that could easily cause a sensation on Earth, Ji Ye’s expression didn’t show any excessive surprise.

Ever since the forum was established, a popular topic involved the question of whether players could bring their possessions from the Land of Inheritance.

Experts, professors, academics from different fields had debated this to no end, raising various examples to prove their hypothesis.

In fact, it had developed to the point of fighting like cats and dogs.

The most ridiculous thing about the debate and sharing of their research, many of these experts and professors were basically not in the Land of Inheritance!

After all, those in the Land of Inheritance were fighting for their lives every day. How could they have the mood to argue with others on the forum?

The Land of Inheritance can somewhat cause an impact to the real world. This is what the experts expected.

But directly materializing things, including martial arts, physique, superpowers, magic… far exceeds expectations!.

According to the opinions of those experts and scholars, Earth should belong to a technology-based dimension, which is different from worlds with magic and cultivation civilizations… Is it because Earth is connected to the Land of Inheritance that this effect arises?

Ji Ye sensed the information in his head and frowned thoughtfully.

But if that’s the case, the situation where technology is valued by the various countries will change.

It’s no wonder. In theory, someone has already completed the settlement mission before me. They should know the existence of Rare Honor. However, the Confederation did not disclose this information.

Ji Ye thought.

There were already players who shared the knowledge regarding Honor points on the forum, yet there was not a word about Rare Honor. It was obvious that the Confederation had covered up the relevant information.

After all, the impact of this news was immense!

It was also because it was extremely difficult to obtain Rare Honor; therefore, they could keep this information under wraps until now.


Ji Ye was slightly stunned.

Next, a thought emerged in his mind.

The information that temporarily surfaced in his mind did not mention the other ways to use the two types of Honor, but Ji Ye believed that he would figure it out in the future.

As for the Fusion Talent Skill, it seems like I need to perform perfectly in such a special mission to level it up… The difficulty of leveling it up is a little too high.

Hence, Ji Ye focused his attention on his talent.

The quick level up of Talent Skill had undoubtedly surprised him.

Initially, he thought that it would be similar to the settings in certain games that required a certain number of usage before it could level up.

However, this level up condition was undoubtedly extremely harsh.

To be able to kill the Black Serpent in a “perfect” manner was not only because he had made sufficient preparations, but it was also because the Black Serpent was only an Extraordinary Rank-1 creature after all. It didn’t possess many extraordinary powers.

And in the future, the enemies he encountered in missions would definitely not be as easy to deal with as the Black Serpent. How could it be easy to obtain another “perfect” evaluation?

Phew, nothing is impossible!

After all, ‘perfection’ in the Land of Inheritance does not require absolute flawlessness. That would be really impossible.

However, Ji Ye was not a person who was afraid because of difficulties, so he quickly threw it to the back of his mind.

He already leveled up his Fusion skill. There was no point worrying about the future.

He noticed that the hourglass icon next to the Fusion talent was gone after it leveled up.

Oh, so the cooldown resets when the skill gains a level?

This meant he could immediately use the Fusion skill again to create another Extraordinary item!

Although he only possessed the Extraordinary Flame Burst Bolt, strictly speaking, it was not on him, but on the Black Serpent’s burning corpse at the top of the mountain.

However, it was obvious that he would soon have more than one Extraordinary item in his hands!

Ji Ye raised his head and looked at the mountain peak that had stopped burning. His eyes were filled with fervor.

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