Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Twin Dragons’ Rest

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“The truth is, eight days ago, we heard a message from the heavens. It told us that a ‘Chosen One’ had descended upon this mountain. If this man was successful in taking the monster snake down, we should invite him to our clan and treat him as our most honored guest.”

As the old man spoke to Ji Ye, the other clan members began skinning the dead snake using their simple blades.

“Just a few moments ago, yet another message reached us and said that we should accept you as our master.”

“I see…” Ji Ye slowly nodded.

I guess this is the “privilege” I received for finishing the settlement quest.

It seemed that “players” didn’t necessarily need a quest to enter a human settlement. In fact, Ji Ye already had a hunch about the location of the settlement before confronting the serpent. If he chose to risk his life entering the mist zone without fighting the serpent, he might have already discovered the settlement earlier, while perhaps finding some extra help from those people so he could approach the serpent with more tools up his sleeves.

That was exactly what the confederation government had suggested; that players who had recently met with a game over should seek such settlements before doing anything else, since they wouldn’t possess any items or weapons upon rejoining the game.

Of course, the final rating would be pretty bad if a player were to complete a quest this way.

Someone from the forum had already claimed that completing quests with higher ratings was equal to receiving amazing bonuses from the “settlers.” Although this much was pretty obvious.

For example, the overseas Chinese who completed the mission first. His starter item helped him in killing an Extraordinary monster that was wreaking havoc, thus saving the village head’s daughter. After entering the Ren Hamlet, he received the gratitude of the entire village. As the village chief, Old Master Ren was even prepared to marry his daughter to him and promised to groom him into becoming the next village chief!

This opening was undoubtedly far better than those who chose to use the powers of NPCs to complete the mission. However, compared to him, the other party undoubtedly paled in comparison.

As for this “fort master” job, it did sound better than being the manager of a hamlet.

This had to be one of the privileges for getting a perfect score. Although Ji Ye still had some questions about this matter.

“If I become the fort master, what about you?” he asked while carefully observing the old man’s response.

“Oh ho, I’m not the master, kind sir. I’m just an old sack of bones who has read more books than common folk, so they asked me to take care of some affairs in the clan for the time being.”

Hu Feng didn’t appear worried in the slightest. To him, electing Ji Ye as their master was a decision made by the Gods. He wouldn’t go against that for any reason.

Besides, he knew that not even all of his people banding up would be a match for Ji Ye after they saw the dead snake up close.

At this moment, several bulky settlers were trying to chop up the snake’s body to vent out their rage. But their cheap daggers and swords could do nothing more than make several sparks upon hitting the hard scales.

As a matter of fact, they had learned how to peel the snake’s skin just because Ji Ye had amicably told them how to.

“Is there a name for our place?” Ji Ye had decided to take this new job. Controlling and managing a new community sounded fun.

“Yes, master. This mountain is called the Twin Dragon Mount. While our home… we named it the Twin Dragons’ Rest.” Hu Feng bowed his head to show his complete obedience. As an “NPC” taken out of traditional literature, he would never disobey divine judgment.

“Twin Dragons’ Rest? Hmm…” Ji Ye was a bit disappointed.

According to what was disclosed to players by the government, most of those “human settlements” had been based on existing human literature such as movies or stories, although common players wouldn’t easily recognize them unless they had read a lot of books. Since many of such spots were random, insignificant addresses or places of interest were only mentioned once or twice in their respective books.

Experts presumed that more famous settlements would show up only after players knew how to defeat stronger enemies. This meant they didn’t have access to powerful NPCs at this moment. Anyone who wished to meet strong and valuable NPCs had to work in a group, no matter what they wanted from them.

The old man saw Ji Ye’s frustrated look and quickly added, “Master, we used to have three leaders, each of whom possessed extraordinary skills, enough to fend off that monster. Unfortunately, those three along with several hundred of our brothers went missing during an expedition. Otherwise, although this demonic snake is ferocious, it wouldn’t be able to eat the people from our village. It would definitely be killed by our leaders.”

Being good at reading someone from their body language, he could tell that Ji Ye seemed to be a little disappointed with the village. However, the old man named Hu Feng was a little anxious as he said.

“Oh! Really?”

Ji Ye’s eyes lit up.

Although human settlements in the Land of Inheritance were not necessarily famous, every settlement would definitely produce an outstanding person who was equivalent to a Commander like “Ninth Uncle”!

However, according to Hu Feng,… could there be three of such people in this small clan?

Elder Hu continued with a serious look. “Trust me, sir, while I cannot show you proof about the truthfulness of the tales in which they bare-handedly maimed monsters, I did see the second brother once wrestle with a ferocious tiger and survived in the end. Because of it, the local office of his town granted him a lofty place among the authorities.

“But he was later framed by some filthy politicians and ended up at our settlement as a roamer. Such a great pity… he used to have a bright future in the city.”

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