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Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Soul of Civilization

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“Wait up,” Ji Ye interrupted as he suddenly noticed something from the old man’s explanation, especially the “killing a tiger” and the “framed by a politician” parts. As a citizen of Chidragon, those were enough to give him an initial clue about who this warrior was.

“Does this second leader have ‘Wu’ in his family name?”

“Ohh, I didn’t think you knew him, sir. Yes, he’s called Wu Song.”

“Do you know each other well?”

“No. But I… used to be his admirer.”

Ji Ye was more than glad to hear about such a familiar character taken from the famous novel, Water Margin. This had told him that “Twin Dragons’ Rest” was not a random place that nobody had heard of. It should also be referenced somewhere in the book.

The problem was, traditional literature was not his cup of tea. He had only read two of the four “Great Classical Novels,” which did not include Water Margin. He could remember several outstanding names and places, while this “Twin Dragons’ Rest” was definitely not one of them.

Speaking of Wu Song, this man was a star who played an important role among the 108 heroic outlaws. Of course Ji Ye was thrilled to see him.

As the government claimed, “NPCs” generated inside the Land of Inheritance would inherit their original characters’ traits, directly copied from where they came from. This meant Wu Song was none other than the muscular warrior who could pummel an adult tiger to death. While drunk.

“Elder Hu, you mentioned there are three leaders in the clan, is that right?” asked Ji Ye, as he wondered what kind of powerful people were on the same level.

“Our first leader is Lu Da, sir, while the third in command is Mister Yang Zhi.”

“Hm. ‘Flowery Monk’ Lu Zhishen and ‘Blue Faced Beast’ Yang Zhi? I see.”

“My word… you have heard of all of them, master?”

“That’s right. Now I really want to meet with them…”

This explained why someone as mighty as Wu Song was willing to be under another person’s command. Of course Lu Zhishen, as a former garrison major of a city, was more fit to become a true leader. Not to mention that Lu Zhishen also valued justice more than anything else in the world.

As for Yang Zhi, he wasn’t as preeminent as the previous two. Though he was still better than the majority in the entire Water Margin story.

This place was a treasure vault of good men!

“*Sigh* As I said, they disappeared along with a group of our brothers not long after the calamity hit us.” Hu Feng shook his head. “This mountain used to be… beautiful, and rich in resources, until that black snake came. Now, half of our population either went missing or were eaten alive. Only old men, children and sick ones who can’t escape remained behind…

“Earlier today when the mist was still there, that abomination came again and claimed another eight lives, including two of our youngest ones. That was why we couldn’t take it anymore and decided to fight it, even if it would probably get us all killed.”

Ji Ye smiled and glanced at the item he had just looted. “Let’s head back to the clan. I know where to find the missing people.”

“Of-of course, you’re the Chosen One, sir! I’ll take you there right away!”

An hour later, the group arrived at the south side of the mountain, where a few dozen hay houses were enclosed by a simple wooden fence, creating an elevated settlement ground easy to defend, as long as potential enemies did not come down from the sky.

The forum spoke truly.

The only seemingly proper building was a temple-like structure made of bricks and wooden support, which was placed at the center of the settlement. Right then, Ji Ye was taken to one of the temple’s sub-buildings which was adorned by a tattered door tablet that read “Shrine of Loyalty.”

[Twin Dragons’ Rest, Settlement Core]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-1]

[Rarity: Special]

[The core of a settlement is the heart of a civilization’s fortune and health. Throughout the passage of time, it will summon all sorts of heroic figures akin to passed-down legends spoken by the locals.]

The first player who had secured a human settlement was a Chidragon resident who currently lived in Ameagle. After some investigation, people found out that Ameagle had intentionally omitted part of the truth. When that player entered this “Ren Hamlet,” the leader of the settlement, “Ninth Uncle,” was not found there. Just like the three leaders of Twin Dragons’ Rest, he also went missing. Otherwise, such a legendary exorcist would have made quick work of any monsters in the vicinity and leave the visiting player with nothing to do.

That player also found a corresponding “core” in the Ren Hamlet with the same function as the one in Twin Dragons’ Rest.

Most of the time, the core could bring historical or sometimes fictional people who were highly related to the settlement. In special cases, it might bring completely irrelevant people as well.

A price had to be paid if they wanted to summon a new hero, namely, an “offering.” An offering of a higher quality had a better chance of summoning stronger helpers. This was where Ji Ye’s “Serpent Soul” came in.

Apart from the offering, he also needed to use an item called the “Soul of Civilization.” Every settlement was supposed to possess one upon establishment.

“Let me see…”

Ji Ye entered the shrine and immediately saw an orb made of fog, floating at the other end of the room instead of a temple statue he was expecting. The orb was glowing slightly thanks to a small, white ember burning inside it.

Using his superior eyesight, he caught glimpses of small shadows occasionally projected from the ember. He saw an old man patiently carving ancient characters upon a piece of turtle shell, a traveling herbalist using his own body to test the properties of plants and materials, a dedicated teacher lecturing a group of rowdy children, scientists who sought to measure the land, the stars and all the elements… Each time the ember pulsed brighter, he could see more shadows waiting in the unlit darkness where the light couldn’t reach.

[Soul of Civilization]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-1]

[Rarity: Commander]

[When the spirit of a hero descends, the Soul of Civilization will grant them a corresponding body and wisdom.]

Ji Ye slightly bowed to the floating orb in great respect, before placing the “Serpent Soul” onto a small stand below the orb.

Then he retreated to the entrance of the shrine and waited.

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