Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 10 - Discovery of The Brigand

Jiang Li sat down and flipped through this case file to understand the situation of the case.

It was only simple information.

He was a student helping the police with hard labour. He wouldn’t have

inside information on the actual case.

The files only registered a criminal who had hypnotising abilities and was

committing crimes on the go. He came from another city and was extremely cruel

and cunning. Now, police from all different areas had all placed a bounty on

his head. However, it was difficult to grasp his tracks.

For three months in a row, he hid in this city committing multiple crimes.

When humanity united, each city was enormous. The city Jiang Li was in was called Xing Hua City. Its population was well over 100 million. Not only Earth but also the Moon, Mars and many other planets in the galaxy had huge human cities established. If people wished to go to these places, they had to apply for wormhole travel. They could buy an expensive ticket aboard the galactic spaceship only after the government’s permission.

Ticket prices were expensive, however, and only the rich could afford them. It was extravagant to go on holidays at the residential areas on other planets and it was very difficult for normal people to pass the application and thus many earth inhabitants never had the opportunity to go to other planets for the majority of their lives. This was similar to many people never leaving their home country 200 years ago.

“This person has a very strong battle power with an estimated life force of over 1. But the bright side is, he has no weaponry.”

Seeing that Jiang Li got to know the case, the middle aged policemen opened a big screen and immediately projected a three dimensional projection. It was a lively youth that was younger than 30 years. His face was stern yet cold. There was evil in his eyes as he stared coldly at everyone.

“You’re all students therefore it is unnecessary for you to engage in combat. All you need to do is be responsible for a region of search. If you find this person, alert us immediately and at the same time keep an eye on him from a distance. You must not be discovered or you will be in peril.”

“Yes!” Jiang Li stood up, “I will follow your orders.”

“We also follow your orders!” A few university students said.

The middle aged policeman nodded, “This is a test for you. We will assess you on your performance. If you perform well, there will be a record in the files. If you’re interested after graduation, you will have bonus merits in the policeman entrance exam. As for salary, if the criminal is not found, you may get 10 star coins. If he is found and you have alerted me you will all be rewarded 300 star coins regardless if he is captured or not. If you found the criminal and we apprehended him, then you may receive 5000 star coins as a reward. If…..”

The middle aged policeman paused for a bit, “If an accident is to occur, the police department will at most pay some money to your families. Therefore, you need to try to best to protect your own safety, do you understand? If you agree, then sign a temporary electronic agreement!”

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison

“Good, from now on, you are backup policemen. I will make some arrangements. There are six people here, and I will give each of you your respective missions.” The middle aged policeman scanned the people in front of him, “Jiang Li, you and Moona Lin will be in a group. Pretend to be lovers and search the pedestrian streets. Be careful, this is where the criminal may appear the most. As for the others, scatter out and search the commercial areas, residential areas and the stations….”

“You want me to act like lovers with a high school student?” Moona Lin was a female university student, her mouth was like a cherry and her face was very exquisite. It was full of shock

at this moment.

“What? Do you have a problem?” The middle aged policeman looked over with penetrating eyes.

“I will follow your orders!” Moona Lin replied hurriedly. If she didn’t comply, it would be very likely that she lost this part time job and receive a negative record. It would be difficult if she wished to apply to become a policeman after university.

“Okay, let’s move out now. Remember, report immediately if you find anything suspicious.”


All the students were on form and of high quality.

When they left after being allocated their duties, the middle aged policeman responsible for the case sighed, “The quality of the students is getting higher and higher now. When we were in high school, there wasn’t anyone in any school capable of cultivating [Boneless Jujitsu].”

“Yeah, the life force of those few university students is very strong. They can become the core members of the police force.”

“However, this time, we’re responsible for this case. The criminal is a member of the Sovereign State Recovery Organization. What if something happens while we let the students participate…..”

The other conservative policeman had objections.

“They are all outstanding students. According to government policies, they may go out for experience.”

The middle aged policeman scanned with his eyes, “Don’t underestimate these students. We can’t find a match in the normal police force for those geniuses with a life force of 1 in Xing Hua High School. Only military instructors could match them. They would not come even if we asked them for help. We’re lacking personnel for this case. They are only helping us search and we’re not relying on them for the arrest so there is little danger involved.

“My son is also in Xing Hua High School but his life force just won’t go up. It’s still 0.7.” A policeman sighed.

“Lao Huang, your son is only year 10, it’s still early. Maybe in year 11 it will be 0.8 and 0.9 in year 12 and after graduation he comes for police academy and ends up with a position above you.”

“Hopefully so.”

“Oh yea, last year there was another group that hired a few students for assistance. They actually managed to capture the rebelled sergeant. What was that students name again…..”

“He was Jiang Tao.” The middle aged policeman flicked through the record, “Jiang Tao is in year 11 at Xing Hua High School and is ranked in the front. His current life force grade is 0.98, fist power is 0.9 tonnes, and 100 metre sprint is 5.5 seconds. Oh yea, that Jiang Li from before is his big brother.”

“He’s only in year 11 and his fist power is 0.9 tonnes? Doesn’t that mean that no one here is his match?” Another policeman exclaimed, “Life force 0.98, he’s about to reach 1. That’s the seed for Astral University.”

“Haha, entering Astral University is like one step to the heavens. Our Xing Hua city head of police department graduated from Xing Hua Univeristy and he was those students who were almost unable to graduate due to their grades. Yet, he has such a high status.” A police said in admiration, “If my son could get in, he would bring glory to our ancestors.”

“So that Jiang Tao has a boundless future. I wonder what his brother is like?” The middle aged policeman searched the records, “Also, publish another temporary job mission in the school and attract more outstanding students to participate in this case. We don’t have enough people. We need large numbers of people to search all the places. It would be best if it were girls as that criminal targets girls specifically.”


Nighttime, the lights were mesmerizing in the central business district. The skyscrapers that soared into the clouds were magnificent constructions that could rotate. It bewitched people. Only the wealthy people could afford expenditure here. Everything was expensive and civilians could only watch as onlookers.

“Junior schoolmate, we have searched for three nights and still haven’t found anything.” Moona Lin sat down, “Let’s rest for a bit before we continue our search.”

“I don’t need to rest.” Jiang Li said calmly, “Senior schoolmate, your stamina can’t be that bad, your life force should be 0.8.”

“Hmph!” Moona Lin rolled her eyes, “I meant that if we continue searching like this, we’re only wasting our efforts. 5000 star coins is enticing but we must find him first and let the police capture him before we get it. I don’t think our hopes are very high.”

“Let’s go to the shop in front and have a look.” Jiang Li pointed at the shop on the floor above, “It’s all exorbitant items there, and many wealthy ladies would be shopping there. If the criminal wanted to assault someone, he would select there.”

“Wow, Ancient Dragon leather products, world class brand.” Moona Lin seemed lively again and jumped up, “Let’s go, let’s go, and see what new models are there.”

She dragged Jiang Li upstairs as she talked walking into the huge shop. The decorations of this shop seemed to be fromwas very science fiction. The deep sea blue wall was embedded with bright spots. It was as if you were coming into outer space with all sorts of light rays intertwining around each other, making people feel as if they were in a crystal palace.

There were clothes, cosmetics, and leather products. Each one of them weren’t cheap. The lowest was a few thousand star coins, some tens of thousands. This wasn’t something that the working class could afford.

The average monthly salary of the working class was around 10 to 100 star coins.

Many female students were looking here as well, and they couldn’t afford it so they only looked to satisfy their eyes.

“Wow, I love every leather product here. Too bad I can’t afford it.” Moona Lin looked everywhere and strolled, staring at the extravagant products, “Look at the bag, if any guy buys that for me, I will be his girlfriend.”

“That bag is worth 50000 star coins, and I wouldn’t be able to afford it even if I went bankrupt.” Jiang Li knew that Moona Lin also came from a normal family otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken this job.

“Excuse me, is the Space Lizard bag I ordered here yet?” A voice traversed into Jiang Li’s ears. It was a girl with shades followed by two men in black. They seemed to be bodyguards and had strong life forces.

This girl was definitely from a wealthy family. A bag made from Space Lizard skin must be custom made. It was extremely expensive and each one was worth more than 100, 000 star coins.

Even normal wealthy people couldn’t afford it, and only the seriously wealthy could.

“It’s here miss.” A few pretty female waiters came and carried a pretty handbag. It was glamorous, elegant and had superior temperament. Mounted on it were precious beads. It looked like a magnificent piece of art and many people looked on with admiration.

Those beads weren’t actually mounted. They are unique to the skin of Space Lizards.

“My lord….” Moona Lin was dumbfounded when she saw the bag, “Junior schoolmate, junior schoolmate, I want this even in my dreams. This is a classical fantasy. I would accept no matter who gave it to me as a proposal.”

“Focus observing the surrounding….” Jiang Li reminded Moona Lin. Although he saw Moona Lin was infatuated, she remained vigilant some of the times and did not forget her job. From this, it could be seen that she wasn’t stupid.

“Miss, this design of Space Lizard bag is a fantasy classic. I also want to order one, would it be possible for me to have a look?” A graceful young man walked towards the wealthy lady in

shades. He wore noble clothes especially the T-shirt. A small ‘s’ was embroidered on it. This was a world class symbol. People who often roamed the exquisite shops would know it. This was made from the silk of a Snow Silkworm from another planet. It was very famous and precious costing around many tens of thousands of star coins.

The youth was 1.9m tall and had a very handsome complexion. His smile was capturing and had a imposing demeanor as he talked. The two bodyguards knew he was an important figure and therefore didn’t obstruct him.

However, suddenly, a sense of horror rose in Jiang Li’s heart.

This was the sixth sense he acquired from frequent cultivation in Fetal Respiration.

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